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Hous3 01 III. 68. Also respecting “ Concealments.” See L. J.,

III. 62; and March 26, L. J., III. 70.

1620-21, March 23.-Draft of “An Act for confirma“ tion of a decree made in the Court of Chancery upon “ cross bills, in the one of which bills George Morgan, of London, mercbant, is plaintiff, against William “ Meggs, Richard Bowdler, Thomas Jones, and others, “ defendants; and in the other of the said bills, the “ said Richard Bowdler is plaintiff, against the said George Morgan; and to assist the said Court of “ Chancery in the execution of the said decree." Lecta 1. C. J., I. 570, but no further proceeding.

1620-21, March 23.-Examination of Thomas Norton upon oath for the particular compositions under the patent for gold and silver thread. Annexed, 1. Norton's confession.—“The truth of the proceed

“i ing in the gold thread when I was solicitor and

“ Ireland messenger." 2. List of seizures made by Ireland. 1620-21, March 23.—Examination of Jervis Unwon, touching the gold and silver thread business. 1620-21, March 23 1 Minute Book of proceedings in

}House of Lords, written appa18 May 162), ) rently by one of the Clerks of the Table, and frequently containing matter not in the printed Journals. See Report on House of Lords MSS. p.l of this Appendix. See also 1623–4, Feb. 12, infra.;

1621, March 26.-Petition of Thomas Norton, solicitor to the Commissioners for gold tbread, committed close prisoner till he should be examined by Judge Lawton and Mr. Baron Denham. Now that that has been done, prays that he may be bailed. See L. J., III. 72.

1621, March 27.-Draft of “An Act against secret “ offices and inquisitions to be taken on His Majesty's “ behalf, to the prejudice of his subjects.” Many persons having been ejected from land, &c., under pretence of secret inquisitions, without having the opportunity of producing evidence for their defence, the Bill enacts that, in future due notice shall be given by the Court out of which the writ or commission is issued before any inquisition be found. Read 1* C. J., I. 576. Re-committed, 632, May 30. No further proceeding.

1621, March 30.-Order for Mr. Thomas Knyvett " to " repair to the Tower, and to all other places where his Majesty's records are kept, to peruse the same re“ cords, and take such notes out of them as he shall “ think good, without any fee for the same." See L. J., III. 65. On the same sheet is a “ Collection of prece“ dents respecting proceedings in Parliament against “ Richard Lyons and others, temp. Edw. 3." Annexed, 1. Extracts from Parliament Rolls of the proceed

ings against Lyons, Latimer, and others. 2. Bill for 246. 138. for copies of documents de

livered from the Tower into the Parliament

House for His Majesty's service. 1621, March 30.-Printed copy of proclamation for banishment of Sir Giles Mompesson. See message from the King, L. J., III. 73.

1621, March 30.—Printed copy or proclamation repealing letters patent for the grant of monopolies of -(i) Inns and hosteries." (ii) Alehouses. (iii) Gold and silver thread. See King's Speech, March 26. L. J., III. 69. [Printed by Bonham Norton and John Bill.]

1621, March.-Petition of Thomas Fuller, Clerk, to the House of Commons, complaining of Sir John Hall, Knight, for unlawfully dispossessing him of the rectory of Upton Gray, in the county of Southampton. Annexed,

1. Statement of his grievances against Hall.
2. Petition of Hall.- Is by the indirect prose-

cution of Fuller, upon supposed contempt, de-
tained prisoner in the Fleet. Prays that upon
security being given, he may have his liberty to

instruct his counsel. 3. Statement of Hall's grievances against Fuller.

See C. J., I. 534, &c. 1621, March.-Petition of the customary tenants of Thornbury and Ouldbury, in the county of Gloucester, praying for the reversal of a decree in Chancery, pri. vately and suddenly obtained by Edward Stafford, Esquire, son and heir of the Lord Stafford, by which they are deprived of their ancient privileges. Annexed,

1. Statement of their grievances. 1621, April 4.—Draft (in Elsynge's handwriting) of proceedings against Sir Giles Mompesson. Headed, * The manner how to certify the proceedings of this " Parliament against Sir G. Momp.” Endorsed, “My

“ own instructions which I showed Mr. Serjeant Crewe. HOUSE OF
" 4 Apr. 1621.”

1. Another draft with same heading.
2. “ Processus contra Egidium Momp., Mil." Eu-

dorsed, “ Sir Giles Mompesson my draught

“ begun."
3. Brief of offences committed by Sir Giles Mom-

pesson, and the names of the witnesses to provo

the same.
4. Another copy.
5. Abstract of proceedings against Sir G. Mompesson

and others respecting gold and silver thread.

Signed by Elsynge. (May 1621.] 1621, April 11.-Order of the Sub-Committee for grievances, for the attendance of the farmer of fines imposed by the clerk of markets and other patentees with their patents.

1621, April 17.-Draft of “ An Act for the freer “ liberty of fishing and fishing voyages to be made and “ performed in the sea coast and places of Newfound. “ land, Virginia, New England, and other the sea coasts “ and parts of America." The free right of engaging in fishery tends greatly to the increase of the number of ships and mariners, but of late some attempt has been made to interfere with this freedom. All British subjects to have free right of fishing on the shores of America, and to select their places for curing fish according to priority of arrival, with liberty to take wood for fuel and repairs. Read 1a in H. C. on date. C.J., I. 578. Passed in H. C. but not sent up to H. L.

1621, April 17.-Draft of “An Act for the restitution of the true and necessary use of writs Ad quod “ damnum, or commissions in nature of the same.” Read 1a. C. J., I. 579. Annexed, 1. List of Committee in H. C. 21 Nov. C. J., I. 641.

No further proceeding. [1621, April 17].-Petition of Mathias Fowle, now prisoner in the Fleet, that he may be heard respecting the accusations made against him.

1621, April 18.-Draft of “ An Act for the naturaliza" tion of James De Best, of the parish of St. Nicholas, “ London, merchant.” Read 12 C. J., I. 579. Committed, 614. May 8. No further proceeding.

1621, April 18.-Draft of “ An Act against usury.” No money to be lent at a greater rate of interest than 8 per cent. per annum. Read 1°. C. J., I. 579. To be ingrossed, 29 May. C. J., 1.631. Annexed,

1. Engrossment of the Bill. No further proceeding. . 1621, April 18.-Sir Randolph Crew's brief of the charges against Sir Henry Yelverton. See L. J., III. 77. Annexed, 1. Sir Randolph Crew's brief of the charges against

Sir Francis Michell and Mathias Fowle. April

26. L. J., III. 89 and 91.
2. Abstract of patents relating to gold and silver

thread, with notes thereon.
3. Rough notes of speeches, &c. in the matter.
1621, April 19.-Petition of many of the creditors of
the late Thomas Frith, in his lifetime scrivenor in Lon-
don. Complaining of a decree of the Court of Chan-
cery, corruptly obtained for the benefit of only three of
the creditors.
1. List of persons to be examined touching the

above petition. 1621, April 19.-Draft of An Act for reversing of “ decrees in Courts of Equity upon just causes.” Read 14. C. J., I. 582. No further proceeding.

1621, April 19.-Draft of “ An Act for avoiding of “ vexation by colour of process taken out for appear“ ances in Courts of Equity.” Read 1*. C. J., İ. 582. No further proceeding.

1621, April 19.-Draft of An Act for payment of “ costs in prohibitions for tythes. Read 1 C. J., I. 582. No further proceeding.

1621, April 19.- Draft of “ An Act for the better “ execution of judgments given in the Court of King's Bench.” Read 1". C. J., I. 582. No further proceeding.

1621, April 20.-Draft of “An Act for avoiding of vexatious delays caused by removing actions and suits out of inferior courts." Read and committed. C. J., I. 583. No further proceeding. Annexed,

1. List of Committee in H. C. 1621, April 21.-Draft of “ An Act for the better in“creasing of the decayed rates of corn, cattle, and " other country commodities by repeal of some branches


HOUSE OF “ of the Statute of the 5th Edward VI. against regra. Annexed,

“ tors, forestallers, and ingrossers, and for preventing 1. Another petition to the same effect.
" of usurious contracts to be made thereof." Read 14. 1621, April 28.-Petition of John Nanton to Thomas
C. J., I. 584. No further proceeding.

Lord Cromwell. Was arrested by John Francis and
1621, April 24.-" The humble submission and sup- John Johnson, notwithstanding he showed his protection
“ plication of the Lord Chancellor.” [Copy.) L. J., as servant to Lord Cromwell. Prays his Lordship to
III. 84. In extenso.

excuse his absence and take steps for his enlargement.
1621, April 24.-Draft of “An Act to make void a See L. J., III. 97.
“ decree in Chancery made in a cause there lately de- 1621, April 28.-Petition of Jeffery Passmore, prisoner
“ pending, wherein Francis Verzelline, son and heir of in the Fleet, praying for his discharge, having been
“ Jacob Verzellire the elder, esquire, deceased, was committed for arresting Booth, one of His Majesty's

plaintiff, and Peter Manning, Elizabeth his wife, servants. L. J., III. 97.
“ Michaelí Palmer, Mary his wife, now deceased, and Annexed,
“ Jacob Verzelline the younger, now also deceased, 1. Another petition of Passmore to the same effect.
“ were defendants." Read 1a. C. J., I. 588. Com 1621, April 28.-Draft of “An Act for the reviving
mitted, 623. May 17. No further proceeding.

“ and explanation and amendment of the laws made for
1621, April 24.-Draft of “ An Act for the better re " the preservation of game by reason of the inordinate
“ pressing of drunkenness and restraining the inordi. “ shooting in pieces.” Imposes penalties upon any
“ nate haunting of inns, alehouses, and other victualling person under the degree of baron who shall "shoot in
“ houses.” Brought from H. C. L. J., III. 82. Passed *any piece or gun whether it is with bullet, hayle shot,
through all stages, but did not receive the royal assent. “ or powder only." Read 14. C. J., I. 595; but no fur-
Similar to the Act 21 Jac. I. c. 7.

ther proceeding.
1621, April 24.-Draft of “An Act for the free trade 1621, April 28.-Draft of “ An Act for the naturalizing
" and traffic of Welsh cloths, cottons, friezes, linings, " of Abraham Hull, gentleman." Read 1°. C. J., I.
" and plains in and through the kingdom of England.” 595; but no further proceeding.
Brought from H. C. L. J., III. 82. Passed through 1621, April 28.-Draft of “ An Act for impropriations
all stages, but did not receive the royal assent.

“ belonging to bishoprics, colleges, and cathedral

“ churches to be let to the vicar's incumbents." Read 14.
1. List of Committee on the Bill in H. C. 2 March ' C. J., I. 595. Endorsed, rejected.
1621. C. J., I. 534.

1621, April 30.-Draft of An Act to establish two
1621, April 25.-Draft of “An Act for enlarging of a " judge's. assistants in the Court of Chancery, and to
“ Statute made in the 8th of Elizabeth, intituled An « lessen the charge of suits in that court.” In con-
“ Act concerning sea marks and mariners.” Empowers

quence of the great increase in the number and quality the Trinity House to erect and maintain lighthouses at

of suits in the Court of Chancery, the Lord Chancellor Dungeness and Winterton Ness, and to levy tolls upon and the Master of the Rolls cannot alone undergo the all ships passing. Read 1a. C. J., I. 590. Re-com

burthen. The Bill provides for the appointment of two mitted, 628, May 26; but no further proceeding.

additional judges, and reduces the charges in certain Annexed,

proceedings. Read 1°. C. J., I. 596; but no further
1. List and proceedings of Committee in H. C.

7 May 1621. C. J., I. 611.
1621, April 26.-Petition of Sir Henry Fynes, Knt.,

1621, April 30.—Draft of “ An Act for the avoiding of
Gentleman of the King's Majesty's Privy Chamber, to

“ the great charge daily increasing upon the inhabitants
" in cities and towns corporate for the relief of poor

be discharged, having been arrested at the suit of

“people.” The Bill is directed against the increasing
William Tulley, merchant tailor, of London, notwith-
standing his privilege as the King's servant. L. J.,

practice of poor people coming into cities and corporate
III. 89.

towns for residence. No person to come into any city 1621, April 26.-Draft of the charges against Sir

or corporate town to dwell unless he possesses property Francis Michell, with the proofs of the same and his

of the clear annual value of 40s. Endorsed, “Upon

" question rejected.” Read 1". defence. L. J., III. 89. In extenso. And the judg.

C. J., I. 596. ment pronounced May 4. L. J., III. 108. In extenso.

1621, May 1.—Commission appointing Sir James Ley,

Chief Justice of the Pleas, to be Speaker of the Upper
1. Rough draft of proceedings, April 26, in Elsynge's

House in the absence of the Lord Chancellor. L. J.,

II. 103. In extenso. (Seal). handwriting.

Annexed, 1621, April 26.—List of grievances sustained by

1. Copy of preceding. Francis Broade through the unjust dealing of Richard

1621, May 2.-Petition of Sir John Michell, Kt., one Dike and Mathias Fowles, who having learned from him

of the Masters of the Court of Chancery in ordinary. the mystery of making gold and silver thread under

Was arrested at the suit of Anthony Collett. Prays pretence of obtaining a patent for the same in which he

hich he

that hem

that he may be brought up by writ of Habeas corpus, should be joined, obtained the patent, but without in

and that Collett may be ordered to answer for his cluding him, and then prevented him from practising

contempt. his trade. Noted, “ Broade to take his remedy by a due

1621, May 2.-Petition of John Bird, servant to the
“ course of law.” See L. J., III. 90.

Bishop of Rochester. Was arrested at the suit of John
1621, April 27.-Petition of Francis Broade, complains Gillett, notwithstanding he claimed privilege as the
of arrest by John Broade, when returning from the Bishop's servant and was wearing his Lordship’s livery.
House, where he had been ordered by their Lordships to Prays for discharge. L. J., III. 106.
attend from day to day.

1621, May 2.-Draft of “An Act to reverse and make
1621, April 27.--Draft of “ An Act to enable Owen - void one decree made in the Hon. Court of Chancery
“ Sheppard and John Smyth, Esquires, to make sale of " in the term of St. Michael in the 15th year of the
* diverse lands, tenements, and hereditaments, late of " King's Majesty's reign of England, in a cause then
" Sir Christopher Heydon, Knt., lying and being in “ depending in the said Court, wherein John Farwell,
“ Baconstrop, Bodham, Hempsted, and other towns ad- “ then Esquire (and now Knight), and Elizabeth his
“ joining in the county of Norfolk.” Read 14. C. J., " wife (one of the daughters of George Baker, late of
1. 593 ; but no further proceeding.

“ London, Esquire, deceased), were plaintiffs, against
1621, April 27.-Draft of “ An Act for the confirmation “ Alexander Baker, Esq., defendant." Read 14. C. J.,
“ of an agreement made between Thomas Tiffin and I. 602. No further proceeding.
“ John Tiffin his brother, sons of Robert Tiffin, late 1621, May 2.-Draft of “An Act against the mis-
“ of Kingston-upon-Thames, brewer, deceased, and “ employment of lands, tenements, and hereditaments
“ diverse persons, for payment of diverse debts and “ given for the maintenance or repair of causeways
“ sums of money for which they became bound as " and highways." All property given for the above
“ sureties for their said father.” Read 14. C. J., I. purposes to be let at the best yearly rent; leases for a
593; but no further proceeding.

longer term than 5 years to be void, and notice to be

given in the parish church when any such property is
1. Petition of Robert Locke to the House of Commons, to let. Read 19. C. J., I. 602. No further proceeding.

praying that he may take his due course of law 1621, May 2.-Draft of " An Act for the freeing and
for the recovery of a debt due to him under a " discharging of fishermen of and from the payment
bond entered into by Robert Tiffin, deceased, “ of customs, subsidies, tonnage, and poundage for tish
Thomas Tiffin, and Thomas Hayward.

“ taken in the seas upon or near the coast of Ireland,
1621, April 28.--Petition of William Tully, committed “ or for the importing, making, salting, saving, or pack-
for arresting Sir Henry Fynes : submits himself and “ing of the said fish in the said kingdom, or the ex.
prays for his discharge. L. J., III. 96.

porting of the said fish by any such fishermen out of

[blocks in formation]

" the said kingdom.” Read 1a. C. J., I. 602. No further proceeding.

1621, May 3.--Draft of " An Act for the establishing " of some manors in the several counties of Cornwall, " Devon, and Dorset upon John Mohun, Esquire, son “ and heir apparent of Sir Reignold Mobun, Knight and “ Baronet, according to the true intent and meaning of former agreements between them had and made." Read 14. C. J., I. 605. Committed, 623. 17 May. No further proceeding.

1621, May 3.-Draft of “An Act against the trans“ portation of iron mine, cast iron ordnance, and cast “ iron shot.” Makes it felony to transport any of the above articles for the use of foreign countries. Read la. C. J., I. 605. Committed, 14 May 621. Annexed, 1. List of Committee on Bill in H. C. No further

proceeding. 1621, May 4.-Draft of An Act to make void a de. " cree made in Chancery wherein Johan Smith, widow, “ and her son and daughters, were plaintiffs, against “ Sir Baptist Hickes, Knt. and Bart., and others, defen" dants, as concerning the sum of 9141. 10s." Read la. C. J., I. 606. No further proceeding.

1621, May 4.-Draft of " An Act concerning days of * hearing and orders in the Court of Chancery and “ other Courts of Equity at Westminster.” No cause to be heard except during term time or within 5 days after the last day of term, and all persons interested to have free access to the court during the hearing of a canse. Endorsed, “Lecta 1", May 4.” Not mentioned in Journals.

1621, May 4. — Examinations of Lettice Harris, Alexander Harris, and Elizabeth Broughton, touching contemptuous speeches of Edward Flood against the Princess Elizabeth and the Elector Palatine. See L. J., III. 132.

1621, May 5.-Draft of “An Act concerning petty “ larceny and the manner of punishment of the “ offenders therein." The Bill provides that corporal punishment by whipping or stocking should be inflicted upon persons convicted of petty larcenies. Read 14. C. J., İ. 609. No further proceeding.

1621, May 7.-Draft of “An Act concerning women " convicted of small felonies." L. J., III. 113. Passed through all stages but did not receive the royal assent. Similar to the Act 21 Jac. I. c. 7.

1621, May 7.-Draft of “ An Act for the naturalizing “ of Sir Robert Douglas, Knight, Treasurer of the “ Prince's Highness household." Read 1*. L. J., III. 113. Passed through all stages, but did not receive the royal assent.

1621, May 8. -Petition of Sir Ralph Hansby, Knt., that his examination touching the charges of corruption against the late Lord Chancellor may be kept secret, and not furnished to his adversaries, who have endeavoured to procure a copy of the same from the Clerk of the Parliaments. See L. J., III. 99.

1621, May 9.-Draft of “ An Act for the declaring of “ the uses of a fine levied by Robert Hogar, His Ma. “ jesty's ward, during his minority and dying before his “ full age. And for the preventing of fines, recoveries, “ and assurances to be had and obtained from infants “ being wards." Read 14. C. J., I. 615. No further proceeding.

1621, May 9.-Order of the House referring Jacobson's Naturalization Bill to the Lord Treasurer. L. J., III. 118.

1621, May 11.-Affidavit of Ann Leaminge, that Sir Christopher Parkyngs received from Ann Adlington “ a night cap wrought with gold of forty shillings price " to do her right justice.'

1621, May 12.-Draft of "An Act concerning mono“ polies and dispensations with penal laws and the “ forfeitures thereof." Brought from H. C. L. J., III. 119. The Bill was read a first time in H. C. March 12, 1621. “A Bill to be drawn to cut off monopolies by “ the root." C. J., I. 549. The Bill, which is much amended, and with many provisoes added, was finally rejected, and a new Bill brought in. See Act of 1623, 21 Jac. I. c. 3.

1621, May 12.-Draft of “ An Act for the ordering " and settling the manner of buildings, and for restraint of inmates and dividing of tenements, in and near “ the cities of London and Westminster.” The fore. front and outer walls of all new buildings to be of brick or stone. No tenement to be divided into several habitations unless it be worth 201. per annum. London Bridge is excepted out of the provisions of the Bill. Read 14. C. J., I. 619. No further proceeding.

1621, May 12.-Draft of “An Act of repeal of one HOUSE OF “ branch of the Statute of 34 Hen. VIII. entitled An

LORDS. “ Act for certain ordinances in the King's Majesty's “ dominions and Principality of Wales." Repeals the clauses in the recited Act, which gave power to the King to make laws for the Principality of Wales without the authority of Parliament. L. J., III. 119. Annexed, 1. List and proceedings of the Committee in H. C.

13 March: C. J., 1.551. Bill passed through all

stages, but did not receive the royal assent. 1621, May 14.-Draft of “An Act for establishing “ only of English brokers between merchants and “ others within the realm of England.” Limits the number of brokers. No person to exercise that office unless he be English born, and be chosen and sworn in the manner provided by the Bill. Brokers to keep a register of all business transacted by them. Read 1a. C. J., I. 619. No further proceeding.

1621, May 14.-Writ of error in the cause Stafford v. Stafford. See L. J., III. 121. Annexed,

1. Petition for bringing in the writ.

2. The Record in the cause. 1621, May 14.-Petition of Mathias Fowle, imprisoned in the Fleet on charges touching the gold and silver thread business. Prays for his discharge upon sufficient bail.

1621, May 14.-Petition of Sir Francis Englefylde, Baronet, praying to be heard against the Bill for settling certain of the Viscount Mountague's lands for payment of his debts.

1621, May 16.—Draft of “ An Act for the selling of " the lands, tenements, leases, rents, and annuities “ of John Mayle of the city of London, scrivener, for “ the payment of his debts and relief of his creditors “6 and sureties.” Read 14. C. J., I. 621. No further proceeding.

1621, May 16.-Draft of " An Act to make void a “ decree made in the High Court of Chancery against " the customary tenants of the manors of Twiford and Merwell, in the county of Southampton, concerning “ the certainty of their fines.” Read la. C. J., I. 621. No further proceeding.

1621, May 17.-Petition of Nicholas Stafford, defendant in the Writ of Error Stafford v. Stafford, that a Scire facias may be awarded for him to appear “at a day “ certain," otherwise as be resides in Ireland he would be utterly undone if the Parliament should be adjourned before the said Scire facias be wanted. L. J., III. 126.

1621, May 18.--Petition of Henry Earl of Northumberland that his writ of summons may be sent to him. In extenso. . L. J., III. 128.

1621, May 18.-Draft of“ An Act for the more indif“ ferent hearing of all causes, and the counsel towards “ the same, in all courts.” The Bill is directed against the practice of giving pre-audience to certain counsel. Read 1a. C. J., I. 624.* No further proceeding.

1621, May 18.-Examinations of Henry Pennington, John Broughton, and Abdias Cole, touching the contemptuous speeches of Edward Flood against the Princess Elizabeth and the Elector Palatine. See L.J., III. 132.

1621, May 18.- Michael Jenyson to Henry Earl of Huntingdon, complaining of his treatment in the Fleet and of the licence allowed to Edward Flood, who was ordered to be kept close prisoner.

1621, May 18.–Petition of Elizabeth Skory that Sir John Bennett may be ordered to repay 1,1001, which she delivered to him to keep for her until she should otherwise dispose of it. L. J., III. 128.

[1621, May 18].-Petition of Sir John Kennedy, Knight, for review of proceedings in Chancery between him and David Dromond and Timothy Pinnkney, respecting Barnelms.

1621, May 24.-Draft of “ An Act for the abbreviation “ of Michaelmas term." Read 1in H. C., May 24. C. J.. I. 625. Annexed, 1. List of Committee on the Bill in H. C. 1621,

Nov. 20. O. J., I. 641. No further proceeding. 1621, May 24.--Examinations of Edward Aldred and George Hardman, touching the contemptuous speeches of Edward Flood against the Princess Elizabeth and the Elector Palatine. See L. J., III. 132.

1621, May 24.-Draft of "An Act for the confirmation “ of several decrees in the Court of the Duchy of Lan" caster for and concerning lands and tenements, parcel “ of the same Duchy of Lancaster, and for the per“ fect creation and confirmation of all the same lands “ and tenements to be copyhold and customary lands,


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" according to the tenor of the same decrees." Read 18. Viscount St. Albans, late Lord Chancellor, Henry Yel-
C. J., I. 625. Committed, Dec. 1. C. J., I. 653. No verton, Francis Michell, and Edward Flood.
further proceeding.

1621, May 30.-Schedule of fines levied by the Upper
1621, May 25.—Order of the House in the Writ of House of Parliament, 18° Jac. L. J., III. 143." In
Error Stafford v. Stafford. L. J., III. 132.

1621, May 25.–Petition of Sir James Cunningham, Annexed,
of Glengarnock. The King granted to him under 1. Copy of preceding.
letters patent the privilege of whale fishing at Green. 2. Copy of Mittimus of preceding fines. 16 June
land, but at the suit of the Muscovy Company after-

wards withdrew that privilege to petitioner's great loss,

1621, [May].--Petition of Thomas Jermy, son and
he having expended large sums in fitting out ships &c. heir of Sir Thomas Jermy, Knt., deceased, (to H. C.)
The King afterwards appointed certain Lords of the That Sir Cutbert Halsal may be ordered to make speedy
Privy Council to nominate a commission to estimate payment of 2,0001. due to petitioner under a decree of
petitioner's loss, who certified that the company should the Court of Chancery. Noted, “ Rejected."
pay 9241. 108. Prays that they may be ordered forth 1621, [May].-Petition of Thomas Heaton, for him
with to pay him that sum. L. J., III. 131.

and divers of his kindred, (to H. C.] Complains of a

judgment given in the Prerogative Court by Sir John
1. Copy of commission appointing Sir Robert Knap. Bennett touching the will of John Heaton, deceased.

per, Sir Allen Apsley, and Sir Marmaduke Endorsed, “Rejected.”
Dorrell to estimate Cunningham's loss. March 18, [1621, May]. -Petition of George Geldart, prisoner in

the Fleet by their Lordships order, for release.
2. Estimate of Commissioners.

1621, June 1.-Order of the House of Commons
3. Answer of the Muscovy Company to Cunning. touching their privileges during the approaching ad-

ham's petition. Enclosing the following: . journment. C. J., I. 634.
4. “True copy of the estimate" of Cunningham's Annexed,

1. Copy of preceding.
5. Order of Lords of the Privy Council to the Mus. 1621, June 2.-Order for the attendance of Richard

covy Co. to pay Cunningham the amount awarded. Kilvard to produce his proofs against Sir John Bennett.
9 July 1618.

In extenso. L. J., III. 153.
6. Order of the House appointing a committee to 1621, June 2.-Draft of “An Act for the keeping

consider Cunningham's petition. L. J., III. 131. " and holding of the assizes and gaol deliveries in the
1621, May 25.-Draft of " An Act for the reviewing " chief and principal towns of every county in Eng-
~ and setting afoot of the last will and testament of “ land.” Read 14. C. J., I. 635. No further pro-
“ Thomas Lacye the elder, gent., notwithstanding a ceeding.
“ decree and sentence in the high and honorable Court 1621, June 2.-Petition of Elizabeth Skory, that Sir
“ of Star Chamber.” Read 1a. C. J., I. 626.

John Bennett may be ordered forthwith to give bonds

for payment of his debt to her, in compliance with the
1. Petition of Wm: Smyth and Mary his wife, to order of the 31st of May. See L. J., III. 152.

H. C., praying to be heard in favour of the Bill. 1621 [June 2].-Notes, in Elsynge's handwriting, of
1621, May 26.—Warrant to the Sergeant-at-Arms and points on which he wished for the direction of the sub-
the Warden of the Fleet to see the sentence of the committee for privileges respecting the entries to be
House executed upon Flood for his scandalous speeches. made in the Journals ; viz., the King's speech, 24 April,
L. J., III. 134.

&c. See L. J., III. 81.
1621. May 26.-Draft of “ An Act against such as 1621, June 4.-General orders, respecting petitions
“ sball levy any fine, suffer any recovery, knowledge

w fine. suffer any recovery. knowledge In extenso. L. J., III. 157.
“ any statute, recognizance, bail, or judgment in the Annexed,
" name of any other person or persons not being privy

1. Draft of preceding.
" or consenting thereunto," Read 1*. L. J., III. 135.

1621, June 4. - Petition of William Mathewe, of LlanSimilar to the Act 21 Jac. I. c. 26. Passed through all daff, Esquire, praying for the reversal of a decree in stages, but did not receive the royal assent.

Chancery, touching the manor of Llandaff. 1621, May 26.-Draft of “ An Act concerning the

1621, June 4.- Copy of declaration of the House of “ transportation of butter made and to be made in the

Commons, touching the Palatinate. See O. J., I. 639. " dominion of Wales and county of Monmouth.”

1621, June 4.-Order upon report from the ComThe monopoly recently “ procured by two men" for the

mittee in the cause of Sir James Cunningham v. The transporting and sale of Welsh butter to cease at the

Muscovy Company. L. J., III. 156. end of the present Parliament. Brought from H. C.

1. Copy of preceding, with note by Elsyng, to the L. J., III. 137. Bill passed through all stages, but did

Company, to forward to him 1241. 108., for distrinot receive the royal assent.

bution among certain poor men, in compliance

with the order. 9th June.
1621, May 26.-Draft of “An Act for the perfect

2. List of the poor men to whom the money is to be
“ selling and confirmation of the estate and customs
" of the customary tenants of the High and Mighty

3. Memorandum by Elsyng, that the warrant is to
“ Prince Charles of His Highness' lands called Rich-

be addressed to Alderman Hugh Hamersley, the
" mond Fee and Marquess Fee, within the barony of
“ Kendall in the county of Westmoreland." Brought

Governor of the Company, and others.

4. Hammersley to Elsyng. Prays his patience until from H. C. L. J., III. 135. No further proceeding.

the Company shall meet to consider the order. 1621, May 26.-Draft of “ An Act for confirmation of

11 June 1621. " the copyhold estates and customs of diverse copy

5. Same to same. Believes all the poor men were " holders of the manors of Stepney and Hackney,

satisfied before the order was made. “And if “ according to certain indentures of agreements and a

“ any there be incontented, if they shall repair “ decree in the High Court of Chancery made between

“ unto me I shall take notice of their demands." " the lord of the said manors and the copyholders.”

16 June 1621. Brought from H.C. L. J., III. 135. Reported 2 June,

6. Memorandum by Elsyng of proceedings in the
C. J., III. 155. No further proceeding.

1621, May 26.-Draft of “ An Act for settling of cer 1621, June.--Note by Elsyng. Complaints have been
“ tain manors and lands of the Right Honorable Anthony made to him that James Halsey, servant to the Earl of
" Viscount Mountague towards the payment of his Suffolk, is impleaded in the Common Pleas in the Ex-
“6 debts and raising of his daughters portions." Read 14. chequer. Their Lordships having resolved that the
L. J., III. 135. Passed through all stages, but did not privileges of themselves and their servants should con-
receive the royal assent.

tinue, notwithstanding the adjournment of Parliament,
1621, May 28.—Draft of " An Act to charge the lands, he warns all persons to forbear their suits against
“ tenements, goods, and chattels of such persons as Halsey.
" shall die in execution.” Read 14. C. J., I. 628. No. Annexed-
further proceeding.

1. Draft of preceding.
1621, May 28.-Petition of Originall Bellamy, one of 2. Draft of letter to Sir James Ley, praying him to
the Yeomen of His Majesty's Guard. Was arrested at

take steps to stay the suits.
the suit of Brian Cooke, notwithstanding Cooke knew 1621, Oct. 11.-Indenture by Robert Ryece, of Pres-
it was contrary to privilege. Prays for discharge. L. J., ton, in the county of Suffolk, to Smyth and others.
III. 136.

Ryece, out of his desire for the service of God and his
1621, May 28.-Copy of writ of certiorari ; for record regard for Preston, where his ancestors have lived for
of proceedings in Parliament against Giles Mompesson, 120 years, and been buried, and where he has lived, and

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House op hopes to be buried, and also his regard for Emanuel 1621, Dec. 3.--Order of the House respecting Con Hom
LORDS. College, Cambridge, grants the rectory and vicarage of Conner, who holds a counterfeited protection from Lord LORDS.

Preston to Smyth and others, upon trust, within three Rochford. L. J., III. 179. In extenso.
years after his death, to procure the union of the said
rectory and vicarage, with all tithes, &c. in the person 1. The counterfeited protection, Nov. 30.
of the present incumbent, Thomas Willys, or in case of 1621, Dec. 3.-Draft of proceedings on Sir John
his death in such person as the Master, Fellows, and Bourchier's petition. L. J., III. 179. In extenso.
Scholars of Emanuel College should from time to time 1621, Dec. 3.--Draft of “ An Act to enable Richard
present to the said living; the trust further provides " Wyse, gent., to sell lands for payment of his debts
for the preaching of sermons during Lent, on certain

" and preferment of his wife and younger children.”
subjects, &c.

Read 11. C. J., I. 655. No further proceeding.
1621, Nov. 12.–Writ of summons to Parliament to 1621, Dec. 3.--Bryan Griffin to Mr. Elsynge. Has
Edward Lord Montagu.

been much disgraced and insulted in consequence of his
1621, Nov. 24.-Reports of Lord Digby's speech made imprisonment; prays acceptance of “this bail," as he
to both Houses of Parliament, November 21, respecting doubts not, but having some reasonable time, to produce
his mission to the continent, and the state of affairs the party which hath abused Lord North. See L. J..
there, made to the House, November 24. L. J., III. III. 170.
167. In extenso.

1621, Dec. 8.-Petition of Thomas Waringe : on ac-
1621, Nov. 24.-Writs of summons to Parliament to count of poverty is unable to procure the sureties
[Bishop of St. Davids].

ordered by the House, prays for mercy and acceptance [Bishop of Salisbury].

of such sureties as he can procure. L. J., III. 186. 1621, Nov. 26.-" The names of them that counter

1621, Dec. 10.-Draft of proceedings on the Bill con“ feited my Lord Stafford's hand and seal.” L. J., III.

cerning monopolies this day. L.J., III. 188. In extenso. 170.

1621, Dec. 10.--Draft of report from the Committee 1621, Nov. 26.--Counterfeit protection from Lord

for Privileges respecting Sir John Bourchier's petition.
North to John Gaunt, forged by Bryan Griffith. Noted,

L. J., III. 189. In extenso.
“ This protection was delivered to me, John Gaunt, by
* Brian Griffin, in Cursitor's Alley, over against Lin-

1621, Dec. 10.-Petition of Bulkeley Brandon : in
“ coln's Inn, and I gave him 40s. for it.” L. J., III.

suing Swettenham for an escape, had no intention of 170.

committing any breach of privilege towards Lord 1621, Nov. 26.—Copy of petition and remonstrance of

Stafford ; prays for discharge from attendance without

payment of fees, and that his action may be allowed to
the House of Commons to the King against popery, the

Spanish match, &c. Parliamentary Register, V. 487. In
extenso. Also copy of the King's letter to the Speaker


1. Reasons that moved the prisoner to bring his
in answer. Ibid. 492. In extenso. December 3.
1621, Nov. 28.-Draft of “An Act to admit the sub-

action against the bailiff for an escape.
“ ject to plead the general issue in informations of in-

2. Protection from Lord Stafford, in blank, dated “ trusion brought on the behalf of the King's Majesty.

1621, May 6. “ and to retain his possession till trial.” Brought from

1621, Dec. 11.-Draft of proceedings this day ; exaH. C. L. J., III. 174. Passed through all stages, but

mination of witnesses in Sir John Bourchier's case, &c.

L. J., III. 190, 191.
did not receive the royal assent.
1621, Nov. 28.--Draft of “ An Act for making of the

1621, Dec. 12.—“ A catalogue of those petitions which
estates of attainted persons liable for the payment of

" have been read in this Parliament." Noted, " for the “ their just and due debts." All just debts of attainted

“ Earl of Bridgwater." persons to be paid out of their forfeited estates upon the

1621, Dec. 15.-Original MS. of“ Selden's Baronage," proof of the same in the Court of Chancery or Ex

Es being the book of collections of precedents presented to
chequer Chamber. Brought from H. C. L. J., III. 174. the House by the Archbishop of Canterbury, as “first
Committed, 182, Dec. 5; but no further proceeding.

“ of the Grand Committee for privileges" [L. J., III.
1621, Nov. 28.-Draft of “ An Act for ease in the 196]. This book being in loose quires, the House din
" obtaining of licences of alienation, and in the plead- rected that it should be bound. [L. J., III. 197.1
ings of alienations without licence, or of pardons of A note on an early page by Wm. Cowper, Clerk of
" alienations without licence, in the Court of Exche the Parliaments, states that the book was rebound by
quer or elsewhere." Brought from H. C. L. J., III. bis direction, in August 1738. Another note on the
174. Committed, 182. Dec. 5. No further proceeding. same page is as follows:--" This collection is printed in

1621, Nov. 28.-Draft of “ An Act restoring the free the 6th tome of Selden's works, in folio, page 1473,
“ trade of the merchants of the staple for the exporta " published at London, by D. Wilkins, A.D. 1726.”
tion of cloth and all other manufactures made of [Vol. III. Part II.] The exact number of leaves of this
wool, into parts beyond the seas.” The mayor, con- collection, viz. 130, is there mentioned. An old fly leaf
stable, and fellowship of the staple of England, who used is pasted on to one of the new sheets, added when the
to export great quantities of cloth to Flanders, Brabant, book was rebound ; on this fly leaf are the following
and other places, under the obedience of the Duke of notes :-" This is a booke of Presidents, touching No-
Burgundy, have of late years been greatly obstructed in “ bility, collected by authority and by special direction
their trade by the company of merchant adventurers of' “ or order of ye House of Peeres, & belongeth to
England, and other companies, under pretext of grants “ that office. Jo. Throckmorton. Witness Jno. Jen-
or letters patent; merchants of the staple to trade in “ nings." Under Throckmorton's signature is written,
future, without let or hindrance, to all places to which in Cowper's handwriting, “He was reading clerk in
they lawfully traded or might have traded in times “ Mr. Brown's time.” Then follows, “Note that in
past. L. J., III. 174. Committed, 184, Dec. 6. No 66 Hackett's Life of Archbishop Williams, Ed. London,
further proceeding.

1693, part 2, p. 155 and 157, sub imo in the ABp's. 1621, Nov. 30.-Order of the House respecting the “ argument for the Bp's. right of voting, &c., in case precedents of privileges belonging to the baronage col “ of blood, &c. mention is made of the precedent of lected by Mr. Selden. In extenso. L. J., III. 176. “ Wm. Courtenay, Archbp. of Canterbury, 11 R. 2, See L. J., III. 196, Dec. 15.

“ as inserted in The Book of Privileges wh. Mr. Selden Annexed,

collected for the Lords of the Upper House, which is
1. Bishop of Lincoln, Lord Keeper, to the House of “ undoubtedly this book, and the precedent cited is

Lords. The papers which Mr. Selden demands “ here pag. 92, & seqq.; with the passage out of R.
were delivered to the writer by the King's com Hoveden in ye margent mentioned to be in the Bp's.
mand; desires to have the same authority for " argument. Wm. Cowper, Cler. Parl. 28 Mar. 1737 :"
parting with them. Westminster College, 26 and at the bottom of the leaf, in Throckmorton's
Nov. 1621.

hand, “Selden's Colleccons, 14th Decemb. 1621."
2. Same to same. Has sealed up and sent by On the first leaf of the collection is a list of the sub-
bearer Mr. Selden's papers, some few private jects treated. A note by Cowper, in the margin, says
notes excepted, formerly delivered to Mr. Selden that this list is in the handwriting of Mr. Brown,

himself. Westminster College, 29 Nov. 1621. Clerk of the Parliaments. At the top of the leaf is this
3. Certificate by J. Selden, that he has received note, “This seems to me to be a collection of Mr. Sel-

from Elsynge, Cler. Parl., “277 leaves that were “ den's, which came to the hands of Mr. Elsynge, Clerk
“ part of the collections made of the privileges " of the Parliaments in 1621, and by that means into

" of the nobility of England.” Dec. 4, 1621. “ the Parliament Office. Wm. Cowper, Cler. Parlia-
1621, Dec. 3.—Draft of report made by the Lord " mentor. 12 Mar. 1736."
Keeper upon the Bill concerning monopolies. L. J., III. Then follows a list on smaller leaves, showing the
178. In extenso.

first and last words of each page of the collection ; in

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