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Rev. F. 1649, Sept. 20. Commission by 0. Cromwell, Lieut.- charged 2,2651. 28. Chairmen's bills. Bills for places . BET, E.
HOPKINSON. General of the forces under the Lord General Fairfax, at the Theatres. In September to December 1674 she HOPKIX80N.

appointing John Raymond, Lieut.-Colonel, to be captain saw the Tempest four times, Macbeth once, Hamlet
of a company of foot in the regiment whereof Col. once, and, in June 1675, Lear once. Treasury orders
Isaacke Ewers is Colonel and also Lieut.-Colonel of the for payment to her. Her autograph initials are on one
same regiment. (Signature and seal.)

document. (Most of these seem to have been noticed
1649, Nov. 17. Order for payment to Francis Rush by Mr. P. Cunningham in his Memoir of Nell Gwyn.)
worth, apothecary, of 301., for his pains and expenses in 1674, Nov. 24, 0. S. Arlington (at the Hague) to
attending the late King Charles as apothecary from Mr. Bulstrode. Arrived not here 'till Friday night,
14 Feb. 1646 to 11 Nov. 1647. And receipts by Rush yet finds three of his letters. Thanks him and tells

bim to continue his correspondence. Is sorry to see
1649, Feb. 7. Order for payment of 2501. to Henry the difficulties he (Bulstrode) meets with in prosecuting
Rolle, Lord Chief Justice of the Upper Bench, in our Merchants' concerns. Has no orders at present,
respect of his salary of 1,0001.

so shall not intermeddle. Advises him not to fail to
(11649.] Henry (Lord) Jermyn to Prince Rupert. Is give Mr. Secretary Conway distinct account from time
distrest in condition, and asks Rupert to allow the Duke to time of his (Bulstrode's) proceedings therein, so that
of Buckingham to repay money lent by Jermyn to the further instructions may be given.

1676. Horoscope of Isabella, daughter of James,
1652, July 7. Order by the Navy Committee that the Duke of York. (She died in 1680.)
Mayflower, of which Captain Woolters is Commander, 1678, May 17. Council letter, signed by Ormond,
be continued in the service of the Parliament for Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, and the Council, approving
three months from the expiration of her last contract. the election of Alderman Peter Ward to be Mayor of
Signed by James Nelthorpe, Carew Ralegh, and


1678, Dec. 20. Deed (on paper) under the hand and 1653, Aug. 3. Henry Hatseli (at the Hope) to the seal of the Earl of Lindsey. Memorandum, that the Commissioners of the Admiralty. News of ships come deed settling the Earl's estate during his life upon the into harbour.

trustees of his Countess, was intended as an escrow to
1654, Feb. 15. Large printed proclamation against take effect only in case his estate was confiscated; the
Quakers, Ranters, and others. (In this the Protector deed was drawn by Matthew Johnson, in the height of
speaks of the royal law of love and Christian modera- Oates's plot, who was privy to the design for which it

was drawn.
1655, Nov. 24t. Orders that after 1 Dec. 1655 no 1679, Oct. 29. Holograph letter from John Locke
person who was in arms for the King or his son was to (at London) to M. Toinard (at Paris). It is nearly all
keep arms in his house or elsewhere. No person to in French, but a few passages are in Latin. It is
keep as Chaplain or Schoolmaster any sequestered or written small and close, and occupies 24 pp. folio.
ejected Minister, Fellow of College, or Schoolmaster. In consequence of M. Toinard asking him for the
No person who for delinquency or scandall has been publication, “De modo Conficiendi Adversaria," of
ejected or sequestered is after the 1st January to preach which he notices that he gave, when at Paris, a descrip-
in public or private.

tion in French, but promises to send another more full.
c. 1658?). A 17th century memorandum of State- In reply to a question about a cipher, he mentions
ment by the Duke of Ormond, seeing the King, when he one of Lord Bacon's invention, and another of which
was with the Duke, Ormond, Hyde, Bristol, and Bennett, he spoke to T., which required special paper of diffe-
in Spain about 1658, at Måss at the High Altar. A few rent colours ; but sends inclosed * one which is easy to
days afterwards Bennett asked him to use his interest to write and difficult to decipher, and asks T.'s opinion
persuade the King and Duke to declare themselves, as of it. Hopes for the success of M. de Hautefeuille's
then they would get help from the French and Spaniards machine. Recommends alum water for paper that will
to a restoration. The Duke of Ormond said he was a not carry ink. Asks for the recipe for ink in powder
true Protestant; tho', if they were Papists, he would or tablets. Refers to T.'s insinuation that the Last
rather see them restored such than not at all. Bennet Supper was not a Paschal celebration by Christ, because
assured him they were reconciled to Rome. Then the Virgin and Mary and other women were not pre-
Bristol came and said that two or three hotheaded sent. Urges him to publish quickly his Harmonia,
fellows wanted the King and Duke to declare them which is much enquired for. Has spoken to-day with
selves; he swore if they did they would never be his friend who had made observations on the setting
restored, and desired he would use his interest against sun, with an instrument which had a radius of 3 miles;
it. When the King came in, Ormond and Hyde were i.e. he had a telescope and he made observations against
afraid the priest would divulge it, and they contrived the setting sun over ground marked out with stakes;
the Act whereby it was made treason to say the King his observations were made 27 years ago at Farnham,
was a Papist.

co. Hants. A steel punch for type making is the only This Dr. Hough, Bishop of Worcester, told me the thing in printing matters which he has not brought Duke of Ormond told him with his own mouth.

with him. Acknowledges books which T. had sent him.
1659, Aug. 6. The Parliament appoints Matthew Wants to know what T. has spent for him in books. Has
Alured Colonel of a regiment of horse and Captain of lately seen at Mr. Digges, near Canterbury, some dogs
a troop in the same regiment. Signed by W. Lenthall, in a wheel drawing water from a deep well, for the use

of the house. Mentions the case of an English noble-
*1660, Jan. 9. Council letter (signed by Southamp- man, whose stammering was aggravated by change of
ton, Dorchester, Manchester, Northumberland, Denzil, wind to east or south-east. Sends him a table of foreign
Holles, and others) to Sir W. Compton, K, Master of weights and measures. Asks his acceptance of a small
the Ordnance, to deliver to Sir John Bois, K', 100 telescope, sent by the hands of Mr. Tufton, brother of
muskets with bandoliers, a barrel of powder, matches the Earl of Thanet. In a postscript he says, “Here is
and bullets; and Bois is to return the muskets and a catalogue of books printed in London since my
bandoliers as soon as the settlement of the present “ return."
disorder permits.

1680, April 27. Prince Rupert's receipt for 1,5001.,
1663, May 21. Receipt of Edward Backwell, Alder- in full for his two pensions due Lady-day last.
man of London, for 5001. in part of 14,7391. 28. 9d. for 1680, Nov. 8, 32 Car. II. Receipt from Baptist May,
coining money, amounting to 177,8501. 14s. of coin, of Keeper of the Privy Purse, to Sir Thomas Vernon,
the late Usurper, stampt with Harp and Cross, the Bart., one of the Tellers of the Exchequer, for 1041.3s. 9d.
coinage of which his Majesty was pleased to take upon in full of an order for 2,0001., for providing crown gold

for healing medals for his Majesty's use in healing.
1663, March 3. Order by F. Southampton to Sir 1680, March 14. Letter by Hyde, Ernle and Stephen
Robert Long, Bar, Auditor of His Majesty's Receipt Fox to Sir Rob Howard, Ki, Auditor of the Receipt of
of the Exchequer. The King has appointed J. Ban- the Exchequer. By virtue of a Patent for an annuity
nester to choose 12 out of 24 violons to be a select band of 6,0001. to the Duke of Monmouth, they order 4,0001.
to wait on His Majesty whenever he has occasion for in part.
musick. Pay 6001. for Bannester and the 12.

1681, May 2. Order by the Lords Commissioners of
1662–1666. Various bills of Watts, a tailor, against the Treasury for various payments out of Excise money;
Anthony Hamilton, Thomas Killigrew, Sir Edward amongst others, to Dr. Ball, Master of the Temple,
Spragge, Lord Musgrave, Lord Abercorn, James 371. 68.
Hamilton, Lord Colpepper, Sir R. Billing, Lord Napier, 1682, Nov. 28. Certificate by Edward Pulling, Rector
and Duke of Newcastle.

of St. Martin, Ludgate, that James Wynne, M.A., had
1674, &c. Various bills against Nell Gwyn. In a
silversmith's bill silver ornaments for her bed are

It is not with the letter.

Rev. F. been, for four years last past, Reader and Lecturer at how cheerful and frank and with what resolution our REV. F.

St. Martin's, Ludgate, and was of unblameable life and Highlanders convene at this time for their King and HOPKINSON.
conversation, conformable to the Church of England, country ; in short, you'll see sparkles of fire in their
a faithful and loyal subject, and sufficiently qualified eyes, expecting and wishing to meet the enemy every
for the ministerial function. Certified by Jo. Tillotson. minute. Take care, Duke William : no more beef or

1683, July 3. Receipt by W. Roberts for 4201., part pudding.
of an order for 4,0001., for the purchase of lands and 1749, Sept. 22. Archibald Cameron to Evan M‘Pher.
tenements, and for making an avenue between Windsor son of Cluny. Is obliged to leave the country in haste;
Castle and the Great Park.

has raised 6,0001. from the place the Prince Regent's
1685, Dec. 8. A. B. C. D. to an M.P. News letter of money lay : promises to account to the King and the
parliamentary proceedings. On the other side is a Prince for it; the situation of his nephew's estate and
mem., June 23, K.B., 1684, of prisoners tried and sen. family required it ...being in such a hurry.

MfPherson cannot be surprised at this action, especially
1685, Dec. 12. Order, signed by Rochester and as he knows that Cameron had as much of the trust and
Ernle, for payment to George and Anne, Prince and charge of that money as M'Pherson had, or rather
Princess of Denmark, of 3,0001. in part of 16,0001., his more, from the person who gave it them in trust.
Majesty's free gift.

1748, July 16. Copy of a proclamation headed C.P.R.,
1688, Aug. 16. Copy of a letter by Thomas [Sprat, C. P. of W., R. of G. B., &c. &c. It protests against
Bishop of Rochester, declining to be on a Commission the proceedings at Aix-la-Chapelle and all conventions
to proceed against those who would not read the Decla- contrary to engagements with him and his father. 13

pages, folio. Dated at Paris. (This is supposed to be
1690/1, Feb. 13. Order, signed by La Sydney, to the in the handwriting of the Prince.)
Keeper of Newgate, that Mr. Thomas Robson might 1755, Sept. 29. James (the old Pretender) to M‘Pher-
have access in private to Lord Preston, a prisoner under son of Cluny. Acknowledges a letter: is well acquainted
sentence of death for High Treason.

with his zeal and sufferings, of which he will always
1696, May 2. Sign manual of King William III. to find him very sensible; has perused the paper sent
a safe conduct (in Latin) for Lorenzo Soranzo and Giro. about the French money sent into Scotland; but as it
lamo Venier, noble Venetians, Ambassadors from the was sent to and designed as a supply to the Prince, he
Republic of Venice, leaving England. Countersigned never would enter into what related to that matter.-
by the Duke of Shrewsbury.

(Signed) James R.
1696, Aug. 11. Order by the Lords Justices, Tho. 1763, Oct. 23. W. Stukeley (at Queen Square) to
Cantuar. (Archbishop Tenison), Pembroke (8th Earl), (the Rev. John Hutchins). On Antiquarian matters :
Shrewsbury, and Somers, to pay to Lieutenant Abraham he wishes success to the History of Dorsetshire.
Cookley 1501., to Richard Morris 401., and to Joseph 1767, June 10. Cardinal York (at Frascati) to ...
Pearce 101., for apprehending Robert Fielding, pur My brother was here last Sunday and is to come back
suant to an Order in Council of 234 July last. Signed on Saturday to see the Ordination. I am persuaded we
by Charles Montague, J. Smith, and Thomas Littleton should gain ground as to every thing, were it not for

1697, Dec. 28. The Earl of Manchester (at Venice) the nasty botle, that goes on but too much, and cer-
to Mr. Montagu. Has just arrived ; ten days in snow. tainly must at last kill him. Stafford is in desolation
Preparing for an audience. Difficulty in getting a good about it, but has no sway.
house, which at last he had agreed on at near 6001. for 1779, Nov. 3. Rd. Kempenfelt (on board the Victory)
three months, ready furnished. Has received his lady's to Robert Digby, Rear Admiral of the Blue. Mem. on
letter of the 19th November, with account of the King's the importance of siguals being attended to. Asks vigi.
entry. The French Ambassador very forward in senda lant attention to the Victory, as well as to the Flag of
ing home a complaint which he (Manchester) returned their own division, so that signals should be seen and
Is at present at the Consul's house. Does not hear that answered.
Lord Portland is beginning his journey to France, nor 1 786, Oct. 16. Charles Marquis Cornwallis to ...
who is to reside there afterwards. If the King intends Anderson's letter gives me great concern. I can not,
an Ambassador, and Montagu thinks it proper for him, however, ask him to stay and dic in this country ....
he would like it well enough. Is apt to think Lord 'I am inclined to think it will be necessary that we
Lexington has some thoughts of it, in case he can not should have a resident with Scindia. I should be glad
do better in England. Hopes to act so in the embassy to know his sentiments upon it, and much obliged if he
as to have the King's approbation.

could point out a person whom he thought likely to
1702, April 11, 1 Anne. Order for a gown of scarlet manage the business well and be agreeable to Scindia.
cloth, with a badge and Her Majesty's cypher on it, for Tell him how sincerely I regret, on account of the
the Strewer of Herbs to Her Majesty, as was provided public, his being obliged to quit a station of so great
at the last Coronation.

1705, May 9. George, Prince of Denmark, to Charles,
Earl of Peterborough and Monmouth, and Sir Cloudesley

My best thanks are due to Mr. Hopkinson for his
Shovell. Kt., joint Admirals and chief Commanders of continuous hospitality and kind attentions.
H.M. Fleet. Order for them with the fleet under their

command to follow such orders as Her Majesty shall

1715, Oct. 25. Printed proclamation by James the
old Pretender. Dated at Commercy, 25 Oct., in the 15 THE MANUSCRIPTS OP J. H. Lee, Esq., OP REDBROOK

J. H. LEE, year of our reign.


Esq. 1721, May 6. Copy of a letter by Wm. Churchill, Marquis of Blandford (eldest son of Henrietta, eldest

Mr. Lee sent to London for examination a trunk condaughter of John Duke of Marlborough). A long letter

taining documents which had been for many years part giving an account of his interviews with the Pretender of the papers belonging to Philip Henry Warburton, and his wife, their persons and conversation.

Esq., of Assheton Grange, Cheshire, and Broad Oak, in 1742, Dec. 8. Philip Doddridge (at Northampton) to

the county of Flint.
Sir John Robinson. Rebukes him for last night using

Excepting the documents described below, the con-
God's name lightly, in needless appeals made to him.”

tents of the box are of no interest to the public.
1746, Sept. 18. Copies of Orders by Charles, Prince A large folio volume of 363 leaves of vellum, measure
Regent, to MʻPherson of Cluny. If you are let into ing about 15 inches by 10 inches, contains Year Books
the secret where 27,0001. of our money lies, of which of the reign of King Edward III., written in the Law-
we have taken 3,0001., you are not to give away one French of the time, in the latter half of his reign.
farthing of the said sum until you have particular The first 62 leaves are absent, and the leaves which
directions from us in writing.- Sept. 20. Has arrived should be between fo. 86 and fo. 99, and between fo.
aboard the vessel; another is along with her; the first 167 and fo. 203, are absent. The original numeration
is of 36 guns and the other of 32; orders moneys for of the leaves does not go beyond fo. 223. The present
the clans. “I forgot to speak to you of my things numeration is 63-86, 99-167, 203–372. The volume
“ which you have hidden :-There is a box full of now commences with a case in the middle of Michael-
“ rings and also sel's (seals) which I have a value for, mas term, 3 Edw. III. Then follow reports for the
“ and would have particular care taken of.”

following terms and years, viz. :-Hilary, 4 Edw. III.,
1746, Feb. 17. Donald M‘Donald to Donald M‘Pher fo. 66: Easter, 4 Edw. III., fo. 70: Trinity, 4 Edw. III.,
son, Quarter-Master-General of H.R.H. Armies. I fo. 766.: Michaelmas, 4 Edw. III., fo. 81, ending im-
march about 12 o'clock this day, and will be this night perfectly on fo. 866.-Easter, 5 Edw. III., begins im-
at Glenmore. I believe I'll be tomorrow at the head of perfectly at fo. 99: Trinity, 5 Edw. III., fo. 103b. :
400 pretty fellows. It gives me inexpressible joy to see Michaelmas, 5 Edw. III., fo. 111.–6 Edw. III., Hilary,

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fo. 117: Easter, fo. 120: Trinity, fo. 126: Michaelmas, lution of the Monasteries, Henry VIII. granted the . 1. LEE,
fo. 131.-7 Edw. III., Hilary, fo. 142: Easter, fo. 1476 ; manors of Vale-Royal, Weverhall, and Over to Sir
Trinity, fo. 152: Michaelmas, fo. 158, ending 1676. Thomas Holcroft in fee; which grant was confirmed
8 Edw. III., fo. 203a contains the last page of the by King James, July 15, 1646,-the subscribing
reports for this year.--9 Edw. III., Hilary, fo. 203b: persons confirm the same, viz., H. Brooke, G. Booth,
Easter, fo. 208: Trinity, fo. 212: Michaelmas, fo. 216. Ph. Manwaring, Th. Sanley, Rob. Duckenfield, John
10 Edw. III., Hilary, fo. 225: Easter, fo. 233; this ends Leigh, Edw. Hide, Jonat. Bruen, George Spurlow, Gil.
on fo. 2366, where occur the words Hoc autem volumen Gerrard.
finitum est.–14 Edw. III., Hilary, fo. 237: Easter, fo.

239 : Trinity, fo. 2426 : Michaelmas, fo. 247.-15 Edw.
III., Hilary, fo. 2521: Easter, fo. 256: Michaelmas,
fo. 259.-16 Edw. III., Hilary, fo. 267 : Easter, fo. 269b :

Trinity, fo. 273b: Michaelmas, fo. 278.-17 Edw. III.,

LEGJ, Ese.
Hilary, fo. 288b, imperfect.—18 Edw. III., Hilary, fo.

290 : Easter, fo. 2946 : Trinity, fo. 2976.-19 Edw. III., Among these are a papal bull (temp. Henry VI.)
Hilary. fo. 302: Easter. fo. '309b: Trinity, fo. 314b: annexing the revenues of certain hospitals to Magdalen
Michaelmas. fo. 322b.-20 Edw. III., Hilary, fo. 3296: College, Oxford ; and the earliest known copy of the
Easter, fo. 3346 : Trinity, fo. 339 : Michaelmas, fo. 345. alliterative poem intituled “The Scottish Field.”
-21 Edw. III., Hilary, fo. 3570: Easter, fo. 363b: Among the letters, which are mostly of the 17th
Trinity, fo. 3686.

century, are several giving domestic and parliamentary
The printed Year Books do not contain any reports · and foreign news. A letter in 1640 directs Catholics to
for the years between 10 and 17 Edw. III., or for the fast every Saturday and pray for the intention of Queen
years 19 and 20 Edw. III. The present MS. contains Henrietta Maria. This was by her request, and was
reports for the years 14, 15, 16, 19, and 20.

probably because either of the intended persecution of The editors of the old editions apparently took, from

Catholics or her own approaching confinement. In 1659 other manuscript copies, cases not contained in their we see the undaunted William Prynne again take his principal manuscript; these additional cases do not seat in the House of Commons, with a basket hilt sword. seem to be in the manuscript above described; but it The Earl of Derby of 1679 took a special interest in often gives names in full where the printed editions racing, but the stakes he proposed would raise a smile give only Initials.

if now mentioned on a race-course.

There are notices of the Duke of Monmouth, and a
A 4to volume of 70 leaves. This seems to be the

short satirical poem upon him; of the Earl of Essex's
note-book of a practising barrister. It contains pretty death in the 'I'ower; "a good letter by Edward Hyde
full notes of cases at the Assizes; the first entry being (afterwards Lord Clarendon); list of Sir Stephen Fox's
Oxford, July 1616, and the last being Salop, 23 July pensioners in Parliament; account of James II.'s entry
1618. The places and dates are as follow :--Oxford, July into Cork in 1689.
1616; Abington, 24 July 1616; Gloster; Monmouth; Below are notes of all the documents of interest.
Hereford; Bewdley ; Salop; Stafford ; fo. 21, Quadra 1437.-A bull of Pope Innocent VIII., dated at Rome.
gesima, 1616, Judge Warburton and Serjeant Crew, After stating that there had been presented to him,
Justices d'assises; Mr. Stenden, vic. Com. Berks :

on the behalf of Richard Mayeux the president, and
apud Readinge; Oxford; Gloucester; Stafford; Here- the scholars of Magdalen College, Oxford, a petition to
ford; Worcester ; 24 (or 14) March 1616, Salop; Read the effect that John, Bishop of Lincoln,-considering that
ing, 18 July 1617; Oxford, 21 July 1617; Gloucester, the income of the college (in which were the president
27 July 1617; Worcester, 4 August 1617; Hereford, and 80 scholars, and 16 choristers, and 13 servitors, in
11 March 1617; Worcester, 16 March 1617; Salop, several faculties, especially in theology), was so small
19 March 1617; Stafford, 23 March 1617; Chester

that the president, &c., could not fittingly be supported,
Assizes, 13 April 1618; Oxford, 3 July 1618; Abing, and that in the houses or hospitals of St. James and
ton, 6 July 1618; Gloucester, 9 July 1618; Monmouth, St. John in Brackley, and the same saints in Aynho, in
13 July 1618; Hereford, 15 July 1618; Worcester, past times and now hospitality was not used, and that
20 July 1618; Salop, 23 July 1618.

if they were annexed, the president, &c. could be more
The volume most likely contained a few more leaves fitly supported-had commissioned Richard, prior of
at the end. At many of the places the writer states the Priory of Newstead (de Novo Loco) of the Augustine
the pame of the sheriff. At nearly every Assize town Order, in the diocese of Winchester, to annex the two
he commences with the motto, Deus providobit et mag- hospitals to Magdalen College, and that it was so done ;-
nificabo eum. At fo. 206 he seems to enter his receipts he (the Pope) confirms it, and allows Magdalen College to
thus, “Ile summer Assizes, 1616, [£]38. 8. Laus Deo take the revenues, notwithstanding the Constitutions of
“ donatori.” At Reading in July 1617 (see 356), he Otho and Othobon, and others. Leaden seal.
does not seem to have had much business; the entries A long roll of vellum containing a copy (imperfect a
occupy only part of a page, and he adds the significant the beginning) of the alliterative poem, "The Scottish
note, Sorte tua contentus abi. Graviora tuli. These Field.” This copy (the earliest known) was collated
things show that the notes are not those of a judge. by the editors of the Percy folio, printed by the Early
At fo. 566-58 is a long note of the case of Walthall v. English Text Society. The poem was not printed by
Richardson; it was a case of Ejectio firma, the plaintiff Bishop Percy in his Reliques, although the celebrated
declaring on a lease made by Peter Warburton of a folio manuscript contains it.
honse in Appleton, and the title to the manor of Apple. (15..) 1 May, Greenwich.-Henry VIII. Cotemporary
ton is deduced from Sir Geoffrey Warburton, 23 Edw. copy of the King's letter to Sir William Fitzwilliam,
III., to Peter Warburton, the lessor of the plaintiff. Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, with the oath to
This Peter Warburton was a Justice of the Common

be taken to ensure succession to the Crown pursuant to
Pleas from 1603 to 1617, and was, I believe, an ancestor Statute.
of Mr. Lee, the owner of the volume now under de 1580-8.-Letters from Henry (Earl of) Derby to Sir

Peter Legh.
The notes are in the barbarous Law-French of the 1584, Nov. 19.-R. (Earl of) Leycester, to Sir Piers
time, but they are by a practised hand. A peculiar Legh.-Thanks him for the hounds and bind.-Assures
mark shows (apparently) for which side the writer was him of his well wishes and favour. •
counsel. The names of attorneys and witnesses are 1588, Sept. 2.-H. (Earl of) Derby, at Alport to Sir
given, with the nature of the evidence and the verdict. Peter Legh (about money matters and business).
1602, Oct. 7, 44 Eliz.—Thomas Holcroft, of Vale-

1609-11.- Ten letters from Richard Taylor at Brasen
Royal, Co. Chester, Esq., appoints Humphrey Daven.

Nose.—He seems to have had charge of Sir Peter port, of Gray's Inn, Co. Middlesex, Esq., learned in Le

Legh's son. the law, Steward of the Manors or Lordships of Over

1610.-Thomas Singleton to (Sir P. Legh). — He and Westerham, Co. Chester, for life, with a yearly

announces the coming of Sir Peter Legh's son to Lanfee of 31. 68. 8d., and a power of distress.

caster for his health.

1614, June 22.–Chyppenham.-Gerard to Sir Peter
A 17th century copy of a document to the effect Legh (his brother-in-law).-The King was near, and
that whereas Edward I. granted to the Abbot and every day expected there, “ for so he tells me; and no
monks and tenants of the Monastery of Vale-Royal and “ place he hath to hawk in but in my orchard pools."
to the manors of Over, Weverhall, and Darnball free --(There are some curious family matters in it.)
passage through all his dominions free from any 1623, July 5.-Thomas Cromwell to his father (in
customs; and jurisdiction in criminal matters; and the law ?) Sir Peter Legh, apologizing for not paying a
assize of ale and bread; and that the grant was con- debt " which shall be paid in four days (God willing, if
firmed by succeeding Kings; and that at the disso. " I live and breathe),"


GH, ESQ. subject.

1623, April 26.-The same to the same, on the same "all sides as could be done, for I am sure I don't desire W.J.

LEGH, Esq. any advantage, nether would I willingly others should.. 1625, Nov. 5.- Simon Asgall to Lord . .

I think if every horse that runs should put in 208. or written from the army in Cales. About the Earl of " (I leave it to you) it may cause more sport." Essex and Lord Valentia. (The first page is gone.) He is more desirous because the world would be glad to

1636, April 13. — Jo. Bradshawe (at Chester) to run for something than the bare plate. (- Legh) – After compliments to the house of Lyme 16–, February 2.—London. Edward Hyde to R. he writes, “Upon Saturday next in the afternoon a Legh.—“I like not the proceedings : they go into the " great cause stands referred to the Earl of Derby and " very method of '41, and except matters be speedily " the judges between the Company of Brewers (for “ adjusted it will make worse for the Church. The " whom I am) and the houses and innes of the city.” " design is to kick up the heels of the Church. The

. . “On Easter Sunday after evening prayer 1 “Lords agree not with the Commons, and the mob say “ shall post to Warrington and attend you the next “ the Lords shall comply with them. I writ to Ned “ morn.”

“ Downs last post. I drink your health with Sir Phil. 1638, June 29.-Charles R.-Order to the ranger of " Egerton to-day. He bid the town adieu and came Delamere Forest to kill and deliver a buck to bearer. “ down. In we shall all go together by the ears if they

1640, Aug. 25. — Ant. Champenay to all secular " do not take speedie care." clergy. He has received a letter in Italian from Count 16.-, May 24. – Jo. Beresford to . . . . News. Rossetty, stating that the Queen has commanded that he Proposed impeachment of Danby. Sir Stephen Fox's should notify to them that they should give to under. verbal list of the pensioners whom he paid (26). More stand to all Catholics under their spiritual charge to they say there are to the number of 40. He had not fast every Saturday until further advised, and pray for his books and accounts; prevented, they say, by the the Intention of Her Majesty ---He therefore commends Chancellor. Her Majesty's pious desire and good intentions.

(Mr. Seymour had 1501. every session, besides 51. per 1641. Account of death of Peter Legh. (He was day. Rand. Egerton, 3001. or 4001. a year.) wounded on 27th of January 1641.)

1680, November 23.–From Ri. Sterne * to . . . . 1641, Feb. 1.--Will of Peter Legh, signed by him " We sat till four, and then vote upon information and attested.

given at our Barr. Sir W. Jones, Mr. Sacheverell, 1645.-Several certificates regarding the charge on " Col Birch, Coll Titus, Sir Francis Winnington, and the inheritance of the Leghs for the maintenance of " Mr. Hamden were ordered to withdraw into the soldiers.

" Speaker's chamber to frame the Question, viz., that 164-, June 24. — Clement's Inn. - Elias Ashmole to “ the discharging the Grand Jury by a Judge before Francis Legh at Mr. Hollawayes, Oxford.—Contains " the end of the Term, Assizes, or Sessions, while Parliamentary news.—Yesterday's debate on the king's “ matters are under their consideration and not preanswer to the 19 propositions. (1 p.)

" sented, is arbitrary, illegal, &c.” It passed nem. con. 1658, Jan. 31.-Thomas Mainwaringe to ... -Proposed impeachment of Scroggs.-** The King told Proceedings at Chester.—Quarter sessions.-Notices a “ the Lords of a great victory at Tangier ; 3,000 enemies petition for laws against clandestine marriage.

" were slain, 1,500 taken prisoners, and all their cannon 1659, August 12.-Letter by G. Boothe, H. Brooke, “ and baggage taken.-On our side Sir Palmer Fairbourn and J. Booth to Pierce Legh, col. of a regiment of " and 100 more killed.—The Earl of Plymouth died of horse.—“The people having taken up arms in defence “ the flux ...,--Coll Titus moving for leave to bring “ of themselves and the known laws of the land," they “ in a bill for repair of the highways. Sir Nicholas authorize him to enlist.

“ Cary thirded the motion because it was to mend his 1659, Nov. 26.-Pass signed by Fletwood for Richard " way to Tiburn. Titus replied he passed by Tiburn, Legh to go with servants and horses to London.

" and hoped that Gentleman would do so too. I hear 1659, Feb. 18.-Robert Booth to . . . .-Account " that Lady Powis and Lady Abergenny are also withof proceedings in the House of Commons. (2 pp.) • drawn upon apprehension that Mrs. Collier, who is to

1659, Feb. 19.-R. Booth to .... “It is agreed " be tryed for High Treason, will sooner turn than “ on all hands that the house shall be recruited either

" burn. " by the old secluded or the new elected members; if it 1680, December 23.-Ri. Sterne to Richard Legh.“ come to a new election, and that the old members To-day the Lord Mayor invited his Yorkshire fellow" be not shut out by any previous vote, 'tis supposed members to a splendid dinner at Skinner's Hall. " in most places that they will be pitched on, and to Algernon Sydney intends to petition again; I doubt " that purpose encouragement hath been given by not he will turn out little Drake, who is newly returned " some in power to many of the old members to use and sword. - P.S. Our House ordered Dr. Burnet " their interest; if they go a new way to work then thanks for his poems, but not Dr. Sprat, who spent “ many of the boroughs will he deprived of their much of his powder against fanatics. “ ancient rights.-Affairs here are in a hopeful state. 1680, December 25.–The same to the same. The News that the Court of Aldermen have taken oaths Moors have made a six months peace with Tangier." that prove the Anabaptists endeavour to poison or The Prince of Orange, a fine young Protestant gentledestroy General Munck and his army.--He stays in man, is now come to court the Lady Anne.—The Duke " the country where himself and his soldiers are nobly of Grafton is newly arrived from sea. treated.--On Saturday night the town made some

1682, August 27.-Caryll Molyneux (at Croxteth) to " thousand of bone-fires to congratulate the accord Mr. Legh.-At Chester they are in consternation how between the soldiers and the city.”

to treat the Monmouth Duke. Some are for meeting 1659, Feb. 21. – Gray's Inn. - Robert Booth to him out of the town and bearing his charge; others are Richard Legh, Esq.--About admission of old secluded against it. You, I hope, are settled in your resolution members to the House of Commons.-Among the rest of entertaining him when he comes to Lyme, which (I Mr. Prynn with a basket hilt sword.-Monk to be heare) will be very soon. General, Lawson to be Admiral. . . . Bells and 1682, September 15.--Sir Leoline Jenkins to Richard bonefires.

Legh... telling him to get returns on oath to 1660, May 12. -- Edward Hyde to Richard Legh, certain questions about the Duke of Monmouth. M.P.-Congratulations on “the pleasing compliance 1682, September 20.-Examinations before Sir John “ between His Majesty and the great council.”

Ardern, Richard Legh, and Ed. Warrin. 1660, June 10. Samuel Bardsley at Marple to Original examinations of Edward Sherman and Samuel Richard Legh.—Commends the king's proclamation. Proudlove (signed by them and certified by the three

1666, November 24.–Official letter mentions order justices of the peace) about the Duke of Monmouth. to search for papists and arms; directs a stay of strict 1682, October 2.-Sir Leoline Jenkins to - His Maexecution by reason of the victory in Scotland.

jesty thanks them for their letter (against fanatics). His 1666, November 27. — The King Charles R.) and Majesty knows the association is deep rooted, and that Arlington to . . . . Directions to search out the those who contrived the meeting at Walesea had other disaffected, and take security for good behaviour.

designs than horse-racing. (34 pp.) 1676, February 6.-T. Chichely to Richard Legh.-Is 1682, December.--News letter. Sir William Smith going to Toulon to examine the French fleet: hopes the with a strong guard went to Stepney and disturbed Members of Parliament will attend to their own shores. Mr. Mead's meeting-house. He pulled down the pulpit

-News from Madrid. Don John is sent for to take the and broke the forms in pieces. Fearful rout in Lombard head of affairs. The Guards obeyed him whom pre Street among the bankers. The writer names several viously they were against.

who went off yesterday, and says that, if reports be true, 1679, June 14.- The Earl of Derby at Latham to several others will follow. Yesterday, after some few Mr. Legh at Lyme.—Is desirous that the plate should be run for again. “The entered is as fairly drawn for

Very likely he was a son of the Archbishop of York,


W.J. days indisposition, died the Earl of Nottingham, Lord 1685, Oct. 6.-Copies of Sunderland's and Jeffrey's LEGH, Esq.

High Chancellor, at his house in Queen Street ... letters regarding the mutinous behaviour of troops in His probable successor is Lord North or Sir Leoline the north. These are marked “Examined, R. B." Jenkins. His Majesty and His Royal Highness went 1686, Dec. 14.-Charles Gerard (at the Tower) to yesterday to Windsor, and are expected back to-morrow. R. Legh, of Lime.--Says that one Sherman, of Gos:... This morning an express sent to Spain; why, worth, has (as he is informed) spoke some ill words of not known.

His Majesty; and there are persons who will swear to 1682, January 9.-Names of the Justices of the Peace the words. He has ordered them to attend Legh for for Lancashire in August assizes last.

examination. Hopes ere long to receive the King's 1682, March 8.-Geo. Newton (at Prestbury) to Sir further grace and favour. John Ardern.—The bearer, Edward Longdon (a re- 1689, April 4.-King James's death denied. Accounts cusant), has called on him and wants to know how to from Bristol on oath of his having arrived at Cork (in escape penalties; . . . he has promised, by writing Ireland), and been received by the magistrates; girls before witnesses, to conform. Asks favour for him. in white dancing before him. Marshal Schomberg, bis

1683, July 14.-Peter Legh to Richard Legh.—Yes- son, and Bentinck took the oaths with a view to Natu. terday morning about 10 the King and the Duke of ralization. A proposed loan, to reduce Ireland. York went to the Tower for pleasure. In the meantime, 1695, Oct. 8.-W. Russell to his niece.-Sends a letter my Lord of Essex, having a guilty conscience, with a to his son, asking his support for a candidate for Newrazor cut his one throat; that the blood with a shower ton in Parliament. of rain together run down to the Traytor's Gate. The 1695 Oct 20 _The Forl of Derby

1695, Oct. 20.—The Earl of Derby to Peter Legh, same day my Lord Russell, Capt. Walcot, Rouse, and

asking his support.
Hone was try'd at the Old Balye: all were found guilty

1695, Oct. 22.-W. Russell to Peter Legh. Is sorry
of high treason.
1683, July 17.-London. News letter. One hundred

that he (Legh) is engaged, or is sure he would have

supported Sir James Shaen.
young gentlemen of good estates have resolved to form
themselves into a troop of horse to wait on His Majesty

1696, June 2.-C. Hurleston, High Sheriff of the as a guard. His Majesty is pleased, 'tis said, that they

county of Chester.-Order of release of certain persons shall serve under the command of the Earl of Ossory.

named, including Peter Legh, committed for high His Majesty is raising two troops of Grenadiers.-In

treason and treasonable practices.-In consequence of quest on the Earl of Essex.-Mr. Springall brought · His Majesty's gracious direction. up from New Sarum. Major Bearne brought to town 1696, March 24.-Donnington.-Huntingdon (Earl to be examined.—Lady Russell's two petitions to the

of) to Peter Legh, Esq.--Arrival of the French AmKing. Foreign news.

bassador at Delph:-great preparations at sea by the 1683. September 20.-Samuel Lowndes to Richard French. The Dutch admiralls Allamond and CalemLegh.-Will continue to send the Gazette weekly until burg are recalled from hence. The Abbé D'Estree is he receives countermands. Mr. Cholmondeley writes gone from Lisbon to Madrid on a private dispatch to word that the Court will not return from Winchester that court, so that we have great apprehensions of a until Wednesday next, and after three or four days stay separate peace. here His Majesty intends for Newmarket.

· 1696, April 8.-Copy of Privy Council order for 1684, December 14.-London. News letter. Tumults delivering certain persons imprisoned. at Brussels about the taxation of food. . . Oates 1696, April il.-Copy order by (Lord) Rivers to brought up yesterday to the Old Bailey. The Scotch deliver from confinement certain persons. Addressed Privy Council fining persons corresponding with rebels. to the High Sheriff. 1684–5, February 18.—Thomas Brekeley to Mr. Legh.

1698, Aug. 28.-Tunbridge Wells.—Lord Somers to --Has sent to Preston to make choice of Lord Derby's

the King.-- Regarding the proposals from the French brother and himself as Members of Parliament. He

for neutrality of England.—Sicily.-Spanish succession. wishes Chomley and Legh to stand for Cheshire, as they are desired at Court. (B. was Mr. Legh's son-in-law.)

1701, Oct. 28.—The Earl of Derby (at Knowsley)

to P. Legh.--Means to be at Preston this day sennight 1685, May 19.-Copy of the Earl of Sunderland's letter to [the Deputy Lieutenants). Tells them that

at noon; expects some friends to meet and join in the

address, declaring frankly that the French King never
three ships with arms are of late gone out of Holland to
Scotland, Cautions them.

pretended before, and has now a right no more than
1685, June 1.-The Earl of Sunderland to the Deputy

formerly to name us a king; for whatever gloss may Lieutenants.-The King thanks them for their diligence.

be put, this is the true state of the case. (There are

several other letters froin the Earl of Derby, but of The Gost of Mr. Rosse to his pupill the Duke of Monmouth. (a poem of 25 lines). Begins

no importance.) “ Shame of my life, disturber of my tombe,

_1703, April 25.- . . . . to P. Legh. The Base as thy mother's prostituted whombe.”

Roman Catholic part of the country were something Ends" Both hee and you were gloriously bright,

alarmed last week (at Manchester too) by means of a
The first and fayrest of the sonnes of light;

Commission which sat there on Tuesday last, directed
But when like him you offered at the Crown,

to Lord Willoughby and others, to inquire after the
Like him your angry father kicked you down." estate of persons attainted and outlawed. (Some of
1684-5; 1686, November 7; 1689, February 25; the proceedings are described.)
1699, November 12.--News letters of these dates con 1703, Jan. 22, Croxteth.-C. Molyneux to his cousin
taining parliamentary and foreign news.

(P. Legh).--I hear that our Chancellor, Sir Leveson 1685, June 13.—Sir John Chichely, M.P. (at Blooms- Gower, is endeavouring to get the castle of Leverpool, bury), to Richard Legh, Esq. (at Lyme).—The Duke of by which to deprive me of my just right.-Asks him to Monmouth landed on Thursday night last at 10 of the get Lawyer Blundell to see the Chancellor and state his clock, with about 200 gentlemen, all well armed. They right. took possession of the town and pitched his colours on a 1704. Aug. 15.--Henry Bunbury to Mr. Legh No place called the Bowlingrene. . . . He declares he comes against Popery and arbitrary power. (He gives

1710, Jan. 20.-(No names and mutilated.)-Alterathis news as from a man from those parts at the bar of

tions of offices. The Queen has promised the Duke the House.) About 10 the Duke of Albemarle's page

of Beaufort that there shall be a thorough remove, and came from those parts, where his grace had been these

Mr. Harley says the same.-It is believed Lord Sun10 days, to dispose the militia in the best order they

rder they derland and some others will loose their heads.—The

Joren could in case he should land on the Yorkshire coast, so

Commons have discovered great roguery among them that we hope ere this the two Dukes are met and try, a that victual the navy. One Rigde, of Southampton, each others strength. When the page came away the

cheated several 1000 tons of beare. He's rich ;-hopes Duke of Monmouth was within 2 miles of Taunton

they will squeeze him well. The pursers and other Dean, one of the most factious towns in all England, &c.,

officers of men of war are guilty in this cheat. &c. Sends the proclamation, come out this afternoon.

(1714?)-Letter recommending Sir Francis Leycester, 1685, June 20.-Copy of letter signed by King James

of Tabley, and Wm. Shippen, as members for Newton. and the Earl of Sunderland to Lord Derby, directing

-The latter in the last Parliament was made thrice a
him to secure and apprehend all disaffected persons.
1685, June 24.--Earl of Derby to Richard Legh.

commissioner for stating public accounts.
Mr. Kenson will give you my order to Capt. Needham

1714, Jan. 15.--Sir Francis Tabley promises to
to secure Lord Delamere. Thinks Stockport as fit a
place as any.

1743, April 30.-R. Wilbraham to P. Legh, junior.
1685, June 26.–The Deputy Lieutenants' answer, Poor Will Shippen is either dead or lies at point of
telling whom they have seized.


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