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HOUSE OF one corner of the first leaf of the list is this note,

" recepi, 1621, December, H. Elsynge."

Then follow the 130 leaves of Selden's collection.

The following papers have been bound up with Mr. Selden's collection, apparently with the object of preserving them :

1. Copy of a letter (translated into English) from

Lord Chancellor Reventlaw to Richard Jenks and Thomas Skynner, Commissioners of the Lords and Commons of England: desires to know, for the information of his master, the subjects in dispute between the King and Parliament; if the King were intending to propagate the Catholic religion or infringe the privileges of either House of Parliament; the King of Sweden wd • dehort” his royal kinsman: sends the letter directed to the commander of the East Indian ship. Copenhagen, 1645, May 1.

Report by Jenks and Skinner, of their answer, viz., that the chief differences between the King and the Parliament were about religion, privileges of Parliament, and liberty of the subject, &c.

1645, May 2. 2. “Translation of the letter written by the Duke

“ of Lorraine to the Peers of England in Parlia" ment:" desires to preservế the good intelligence which has always existed with England, has therefore directed Mr. Fortescue to return as his “ Resident," being unable to make choice of any man fitter for the post than he who for so many years has acquitted himself so well therein.

[Fm. Brussels.] 1646, May 2. 3. Certified extract from Rolls of Parliament re

specting petition of Dean and Chapter of Lich

field. Hill. term, 18° Ric. II. Rolls, III. 33la. 4. Extract from Rolls of Parliament respecting manor of Tyntenhull. So Ric. II. Rolls, III.

194a. 5. Extract from Rolls of Parliament, 1 Hen. IV.

No. 17, respecting oath, &c. taken by the King.

Rolls, III. 4176. 6. Extract from Rolls, 28 Edw. III., memb. 3. Re

versal of judgment on Roger“ de Mortuo Mari”

Mortimer). Rolls, II. 256a. 7. Extract from Rolls, 2 Hen. IV., memb. 11, No.38,

respecting petition of Esmond Basset. Rolls,

III. 461a. 1621, Dec. 19.-Commission for adjournment of Parliament. L. J. III. 200. In extenso. (Seal.)

1621, Dec. 20.–Certificate from Elsynge, that Sir John Bennett, Knight, had, pursuant to the condition of a recognizance entered into by the order of the House of the 1st of June, attended the House from day to day. See L. J., III. 151.

1621, Dec. 21.-Bond by Nicholas Asheton and others for payment of 251. to Richard Crompton.

[1621, ].--Copy of grievances of the agents of the Commissioners for gold and silver thread; com. plaining of infringement of the patent by refiners, wire drawers, and others, and suggesting remedies. At the end is a copy of a letter from the King to the Commissioners; desires the redress of the grievances of the agents of a business in which he is interested; thinks the long vacation will afford them a good oppor. tunity to consider and amend the said grievances. Noted, Ma. Wood his papers.” See L. J., III. 49.

[1621, 3.-" The grievance of the gold finers “ under the grant of gold and silver thread to Fowle " and o’rs."

[1621, 3.-Particular of charges to be paid to Sir Giles Mompesson for some business unmentioned. [1621,

].-Notes respecting amount of gold and silver required for making certain quantities of thread, respecting amount made weekly, &c. Endorsed, " Wood's Notes." [1621,

].--Order from Sir Giles Mompesson to Mr. Bredson to tell Sir Nicholas Salter that money is to be taken " out of the chest at the common charge “ for the following of this business at the Parliament house," Mr. Villiers and Sir Edward to bear their shares equally, Mr. Wood to have the money and to give an account for it.

[1621, ].-Petition of Wm. Bruen and others, merchants, to the House of Commons: imported 515 papers of Venice gold and silver thread, after paying the customs dues, were forced to compound with the patentees for the said manufacture by payment of 38.4d, per packet and 1s. 6d. per packet for sealing, besides payments amounting to about 601. corruptly extorted by the officers of the said patentees; pray for relief and reimbursement.

[1621, ].-Memorandum by Mr. Martin of House of amount paid by Peter Rychaut, merchant, for 200 papers of gold and silver thread; for customs and for compositions with the patentees of the manufacture.

[1621, ]. - List of goods seized by the Commissioners of gold and silver thread, with memorandum of the cases in which the goods have been returned.

(1621, ].-Memorandum of goods seized from workers of gold and silver thread, of "the names of the " undertakers that hath been,” of “those that now “ are,” of “ persons committed by Sir Giles Mompesson, " Sir Francis Michell, and Sir Henry Yelverton."

].--Petition of Eliz. Cockren (or Cockerell), Mary Fitch, Jane Ewe, and Anne Mitchell ; imprisoned first in Finsbury Prison, and then in Newgate by Mathias Fowles upon the bare suspicion of spinning of gold and silver; pray for redress.

[1621, ].—Copy of bond by Robert Moore to observe certain conditions respecting the sale of gold and silver thread. Noted with a memorandum that the bond was wrongfully assigned over into the Exchequer, the money having been paid pursuant to the conditions.

11621, . ]. -Petition of Richard Lee, of Herriott, in the county of Southampton, for redress against Sir John Howard for unjustly granting an appeal to the widow of petitioner's brother, Elizabeth Lee, alias Arthur, with whom petitioner has long been in litigation. Annexed, 1. Acknowledgment from Richard Lee to Thomas Geers for 401. paid for costs in suit in the Audience Court of Canterbury, deducting 161. due by Mr. Pickover, a lawyer, for costs of con

tumacy. 1621, March 14. [1621, "].—Precedents in Elsynge's handwriting : (i.) of proceedings at the opening of Parliament.

3 Hen. VII. Election of Speaker of House of

(ii.) touching the bringing in of a writ of error.

22 Edw. III.
[1621]. - Petition of 12 East Indian mariners : can-
not fulfil the order of the House that they should give
an account of all proceedings in their cause against
the East India Co., without a warrant from the House
for the masters of the Trinity House to attend and
bring with them the order they received from the
Council Board.
1. Brief of grievances; had been seized and im-

prisoned by the “Hollanders” when trading to
the East; the East India Co. had promised them
satisfaction, but though a large sum had been
received by the Co. from the Hollanders, the

petioners had received nothing.
[1621]. - Petition of the distressed prisoners in the
King's Bench and Fleet, and all others His Majesty's
distressed subjects now prisoners within His Majesty's
realm of England and Wales. Acts have been passed
for relief of maimed soldiers and for relief of the poor,
but none for poor prisoners, of whom there are 3,500 in
the 15 prisons in and about the city of London, able
subjects for His Majesty's service. Pray for consideration
of the annexed Bill, and for the passing of some measure
for their relief.
1. Draft of “An Act for the better and more

“ speedier payment of debts from men imprisoned
“ now and ever hereafter in any of His Majesty's

prisons wheresoever within the realm of Eng-
“ land and dominion of Wales, and for release.
“ ment and discharging of prisoners and all
“ others in danger thereof for the better employ-
ments and service to His Majesty and realm."
In no other country is perpetual imprisonment
the punishment of debt; it makes men unfit for
any service, “misery by custom growing into
habit," and gives the creditor no chance of
payment. Justices to visit gaols and examine
debtors, creditors, and witnesses on oath, to
discover to the uttermost debtor's means, and
having a conscionable regard that the debtor be
not ever afterwards burdensome to the parish, to
pay the creditors part and part alike according to
their claims, the debtor to be thenceforth free.
If debtor's estate be nothing worth, debtor to be

set free, his detention being only hurtful. [1621].-Petition [to H. C.] of creditors of the late Thomas Frith, in his life time scrivener in London. Have long been proceeding in Chancery for recovery of their debts, where the matter was referred to some of the masters of that Court, who “met only (as it seemed) to receive fees.” Pray for relief. Noted, “The peti


HOUSE OF " tioner must accuse some particular of bribery or corLORDS. “ ruption, else rejected. Rejected.” (See C. J., I. 579.

1621, April 18. Bill for sale of lands, &c. of Thos. Frith for payment of his debts.]

[1621].-Draft of “ An Act for the sale of the lands " of Thomas Coxe, the father, and Thomas Coxe, the « son, gentlemen, to the intent that the money raised " thereby may be distributed amongst his creditors." Endorsed, “ Private Bills not passed.” Not mentioned in Journals.

[1621]. – Draft of “ An Act for the relief of for“ feitures of recognizances taken for the peace or good behaviour, by default of appearance by reason of “ sickness or infirmity of body." There is no relief for such forfeitures except by special pardon from the King under the great seal. Judges and justices to have power on the evidence of two witnesses to remit forfeitures. Not mentioned in Journals.

(1621).- Draft of “An Act for the naturalizing of “ Horatio Prowde, Charles Prowde, Mary Prowde, " and Katherine Prowde, the children of Wm. Prowde, “ gentleman," born whilst Wm. Prowde, captain of a company of foot, was serving in the Low Countries.

11621]. - Notes respecting effect of naturalization and denization, with reference to some case not mentioned. (Fragment.]

[1621]. ---Petition of Company of Grocers of London and of divers Apothecaries of the said city [to H. C.] The grocers are an ancient company consisting of merchants, retailing grocers, apothecaries, and others of divers trades. The apothecaries' medicines and compositions have been yearly viewed by the president and censors of the College of Physicians and also by the wardens of the company assisted by some skilful apothecaries ; about seven years ago divers apothecaries petitioned His Majesty for a new corporation of apothecaries only; the petition was referred to the now Lord Chancellor and Sir Henry Yelverton, who in May 1614 reported in favour of a separate company, against law and to the disturbance of trade. The King, thus misinformed, issued a warrant for a patent for incorporating apothecaries members of the grocers or any other companies within seven miles of London into a company, and to free them from their oaths and taxes to their several corporations, giving also to the new company the sole right of selling apothecaries' wares and sundry drugs, conserves, and distilled waters, to the great injury of the grocers, comfit-makers, and distillers. The late Lord Chancellor Egerton never affixed the great seal to the patent, but after his death it was done by the present Lord Chancellor. Disputes arising between the grocers and the new company, the grocers and others petitioned the King, by whom the matters were referred to the Lord Chancellor and Sir Henry Yelverton with others, when they two, without report to the King, made an order restraining the grocers in many particulars of their trade, and a proclamation was issued, 4th Aug. 1620, that none but members of the new company should make any medicinal recipe, or sell or distil oils or waters within seven miles of London, and that none should presume to petition His Majesty for alteration of the same. Pray for the repeal of the said patent and for examination of the means by which it was obtained. See C. J., I. 756. 6th April 1624.

[1621].-Petition of the master and company of the ship called the “ William and Thomas ” (to H.C.] Had agreed to go with Captain North to the river of the Amazons to form a plantation. They started 15th March 1619-20, were eleven months away from England, had received no wages, the captain saying that the goods on board the ship from which they should have been paid had been seized by the customs officers. Can obtain no relief in any court. Pray for redress.

1621-2. Feb. 24.-Draft of “ An Act for the repair of * the great road and highway to London from the north " part of England, between Biggleswade and Baldock.” The road is so worn by carts, wains, and “ drifts” of cattle, &c., that it is almost impassable, though the adjacent inhabitants give their labour for its repair according to statute; tolls to be levied for repair of the road. Endorsed, Lecta 1", 24° Feb., 19° Jac., on which day Parliament, according to the Journals, was not sitting. Bill not mentioned in Journals.

1621–2, Feb. -Petition of Jeoffrey Little and Abigail his wife to Francis, Viscount St. Albans, Lord High Chancellor of England, that the said Abigail and her child, both born at Hamburgh, may be naturalized, on payment of single fees, in regard they are poor.

1622, April 13.-Grant by Lady Anne Acton, widow, of Elmeley Lovett, in the county of Worcester, and

Ralph Clare, of Cawdewall, in the said county, of the HOUSE OF second presentation to the rectory of All Hallows, Worcester, to William Barkeley, of Cotheridge, in the said county. [See 1619, April 30.]

1622, April 19.-Receipt by Anthony Bourchier, on
behalf of the Remembrancer of the Exchequer, to Mr.
Elsynge, “ for three several commissions with diverse
“ inquisitions and depositions thereunto annexed, pro.
“ secuted by Sir Giles Mompesson, Knight.”
1. Receipt to Martin Botheby, one of the clerks in

the office of Thomas Fanshawe, Remembrancer of
the Exchequer, for the above-mentioned commis-
sions, &c., signed “W. Hakewill, Jo. Pym,
“ Committees of the House of Commons,” dated
1620, March 4. This receipt is noted with a
warrant from Sir Thomas Coventry, Attorney-
General, to Mr. Elsynge, to deliver the commis-
sions in question to the Remembrancer. Dated

1622, April 19.
1622, Sept. 30.-Duplicate of letter of James I. to the
_ Jacobus Dei gratia Magnæ Britanniæ, Franciæ, &
Hiberniæ Rex, fidei defensor, &c., Sanctissimo Patri
Gregorio Papæ XV°; Salutem, omnimodamg fælici-

Sanctissime Pater. Mirabitur fortassis sanctitas Va nos in re Religionis a vobis discrepantes, litteris nostris vos primum jam compellare. Ea vero est animi nostri inquietudo propter calamitosas istas discordias ac cædes quæ Christianum orbem superioribus hisce annis tam misere dilanierunt, tantâ curâ & sollicitudine quotidie tenemur, vt istis malis quantum in nobis est tempestive occurratur, vt ne diutius quidem abstinere potuimus, dummodo eandem Sacro sanctam adoramus omnes Trinitatem, nec aliunde quam ex sanguine & meritis vnius Domini & Saluatoris Jesu Xpi speramus salutem, quin, rupto silentio, Sanctem Vam humaniter & serio his litteris interpellaremus, vt negotio tam pio, tam Christiano Principe digno manum nobiscum præbere dignemini. Optandu certe est, at% imprimis enitendum, ne vlterius hoc serpat malum, verū vt cessantibus his demum procellis, ac amotis, quibus sussitabantur odijs, Principum, animi quorum aliquo modo intersit, firmâ atqz immutabili amicitiâ reduniantur, ac, quâ fieri potest arctioribus quam antea vinculis colligentur. Hoc in votis nos semper habuimus nec non vt efficeretur operam hactenus impense atenixe dedimus, haud dubitantes quin Santas Va pro egregiâ sua pietate, & qua pollet apud singulos authoritate, idem insigniter etiam promovere et possit & velit. Vix aliâ viâ melius quis mereri poterit de Christianâ Repub. quod si in vestris diebus vestris auspicijs desiderabilem sortietur effectum, merito tam præclari operis debită Sanctas V« reportabit merite gloriam & mercedem. Quod reliquum est de hac re a nobis dicendum, fusius vobis exponet nobilis hic subditus noster Georgius Gagius, ei vt plenam adhibeat in omnibus fidem Sancttem Vam imprimis rogamus, cui incolumitatem, cætera omnia bona a Deo ter Opt. Max. animitus precamur.

Datum ex Palatio nostro Hamptoniensi pridie Ca-
lendas Octobris, 1622.
this letter is drawin by 1
oure expresse order [The King's handwriting.)

James R. S
præsentibus nobis.
sontibus hiss Charles P.

G. Buckingham.
Endorsed. “ 30 Septemb. 1622. Draught of a letter
“from his Maty to the Pope, done by his Mats expresse
commandment and pervsed and signed in the presence
“ of the Prince and my Lo of Buckingham, who have
" attested the same by the subscription of their names.
“ The faire coppie agreing wth this verbatim, signed
“ by his Maty (they also being present), and directions
given by his Maty to MGage for the disposing of it,
“ to whom, by his commandment, it was deliuered.”

There is a copy of this letter in the Public Record Office, State Papers Vol. 133, p. 505, and a translation is published in the Cabala, pp. 376-7. See Lingard's History of England, vol. ix., p. 274, edition 3rd. The letter is in the handwriting either of Calvert or Calvert's secretary.

1622, Aug. 1.-Patent establishing an office for the due viewing, searching, and sealing of buff and chamois and certain other kinds of leather. Grants the said office to Sir Thomas Glover, Knight, his executors and assigns, for 21 years. Sir Thomas is to seal properly wrought leather with the King's arms, and counterfeit leather


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with a C, on receipt of certain fees; gives him power to " and making perpetual of one Act made in the 39th search vessels in the ports, and directs the customs " year of the reign of the late Queen Elizabeth, intituled officers to assist him : Sir Thomas to pay 131. 68. 8d. “ An Act for erecting of hospitals and abiding and yearly to the Exchequer.

“ working houses for the poor.” 21 Jac. I. c. 1. Read
1622, Dec. 20.-Bond by Nicholas Ashton for payment 19. L. J., III. 216.
of 51. to Richard Crompton.

1622–3, Feb. 19.-Writ of summons to Parliament to 1. Commons draft of same amended.
John Lord Mordant.

1623-4, Feb. 24.--Writ of summons to Parliament to
1622–3, March 15.-Counterpart of indenture of lease John Bishop of St. Asaph,
of the tithes of Bawnton, in the county of Gloucester, 1623-4, Feb. 26. - Draft Report from Committee
and rectory of Cirencester, by Anthony Bourchier to appointed to take consideration of the orders and
Thomas More and others, for three years, from the feast customs of the House, recommending certain additions
of the Annunciation, the tithes of two farms in Bawnton to the standing orders. Assistants of the Lords not to

cover themselves until permitted by the Lords, &c. 1623, June 30.-Petition of Sheriffs of London. See L. J., III. 219. Had arrested Charles Lord Lambert, a Baron of Ire. Annexed, land, at the suit of Oliver Luke and others, for debt, 1. Draft of proposed additions, endorsed “ Orders and placed him in safe custody, notwithstanding an

" for decency,” 26 Feb. 1623 (4). outrageous attempt at rescue made in open day by a 2. Copy of the orders of the House. Endorsed, number of persons armed with swords and pistols,

" Order, ao 18 Jac. Rg. Original orders of the which, by the power of the county suddenly raised, was

“ House of Parl.” successfully resisted. On the following day an order 1623-4, Feb. 26.--Draft of “ An Act for making of was sent by Richard Lord Roberts, for the release " the estates of attainted persons liable for the payment of the prisoner, on the ground of privilege: but of their just and due debts." Gives power to the the creditors, members of the House of Commons, Courts of Chancery and Exchequer Chamber to pay the threatened to sue the sheriff's for their debts, if the debts of attainted persons out of their forfeited estates, prisoner were released on any less authority than an upon petition and proof. Read 14. C. J., I, 719. Comorder of the House of Lords. "The petitioners desire in mitted, 10 March 1623–4. C. J., I. 732. No further their dilemma to know the pleasure of the House.

proceeding. 1623, Dec. 30. The Hague.-The Elector Palatine to 1623–4, Feb. 26.--Draft of “An Act for the passing the King of England. [Copy.)- Acknowledges letter " of the accounts of sheriffs, escheators, collectors of from the King, of the 29th of November, delivered by “ subsidies, tenths, fifteenths, and aids without charge Lord Carleton; will answer it point by point. 1st. " or delay." Sheriffs and others who do great service Combats proposal that he should make a personal sub. without remuneration are put to unnecessary trouble mission to his enemies (accepting a safe conduct from and expense in passing their accounts at the Exchequer; the Emperor), or cede the Electorate to the Duke of any officer of the Exchequer exacting any fee (except Bavaria : reminds the King of the advantage taken by the ordinary fee for writing out the accounts) to forfeit the Emperor of his (the Elector's) conditional renun ten times the amount of such fee, and to be disabled ciation of the Crown of Bohemia in 1621, and of his from holding any office in the Exchequer. Read 14. ratification of the suspension of arms in the past year ; C. J., 1. 719. Committed, 8 March, C. J., I. 731. No submission might be a reason for others to approve of further proceeding. the unjust act by which he had been placed under the 1623-4, Feb. 27-March 2.--Draft of the declaration ban of the Empire. 2nd. Spain had long held out made by the Duke of Buckingham on the 24th of Feb. hopes of complete restitution, and in November 1622, to both Houses of Parliament assembled at Whitehall, when the marriage question was not far advanced, he respecting the breaking off of the Spanish marriage. had received assurance from Madrid that if restitution Reported to H. L., Feb. 27 and March 2. L. J., III. were refused, the King of Spain would join with 220 et seqq., 234, 239. In extenso. England to compel the Emperor by force to make resti- 1623-4, March 2.--Draft of “An Act for free liberty tution; instead of which the Electorate had been trans. " for buying and selling of wools and woollen yarn." ferred to the Duke of Bavaria, and the Upper and Read 19. C. J., I. 724. No further proceeding. Lower Palatinate dismembered, besides outrages on his 1623–4, March 3.-Draft of “An Act against secret subjects and followers ; he must therefore have some “ offices and inquisitions to be taken on His Majesty's guarantee for restitution before entering into any new “ behalf to the prejudice of his subjects.” The subengagements or treaties of marriage, which Austria

stance of every writ or commission for the finding of would turn to her own advantage, as she had done in

any oifice or inquisition to be set up in the Court out the case of his predecessor, Frederic II. 3rd, and

of which such writ or commission issues; the writ or lastly. In answer to the King's wish that he should

commission to be also entered in the book of the county estimate the means at disposal for obtaining restitution,

clerk, and to be read publicly by him one fortnight at he enumerates the Continental powers, from whom

least before the finding of the same. Mutilated. Amendassistance may be expected—with whom and with the

ments attached. Read 19. C. J., I. 677. great power of the now united British Islands, the King

Annexed, might lay down the law for Europe ; expresses, in con

1. List of Committee on the Bill. March 8. C. J., clusion, his gratitude for the King's kindness, especially

I. 679. No further proceeding
in giving his eldest son education at the English Court.
Postscript.--Hears that the Elector of Mayence and

1623-4, March 4.—Engrossment of “ An Act for the other Princes of the Papal League are urging the Elec

.". quiet establishing of the right and interest of certain tors of Saxe and Brandenburg to recognise the Duke

“ lands and tenements of Henry, now Earl of Oxford, of Bavaria as an Elector of the Empire. Earnestly

“ and his tenants, according to two several decrees in desires the prompt interposition of the King. [In

“ Chancery, and His Majesty's Royal pleasure signified French).

“ under His Highness Privy Seal exemplified, and one 1623, Dec. 30.-Writs of summons to Parliament to

“ other decree in His Majesty's Court of Wards and Henry Earl of Kent.

" Liveries.” The Act confirms the Earl of Oxford in Charles Earl of Nottingham.

possession of certain lands called the Great or Covent William Lord Evre.

Garden in Bishopsgate without, at a yearly rent of 15l. 16237.- Writs of summons to Parliament to

under a lease from Queen Elizabeth against the Master Lord Gray of Warke.

and Fellows of Magdalen College, Cambridge. Read 1°. (Lord Russell de Thornhaugh].

L. J., III. 244. The Bill passed through all its stages 1623-4, Feb. 12,7 Minute Book of proceedings in

in the House of Lords, but was dropped in H. C. to

House of Lords. Vide supra. 1620-1, 1623-4, March 6.--Last sheet of draft of “An Act 25 March 1624. J March 23.

“ for punishing of abuses committed on the Lord's Day, 1623-4. Feb. 16. -- Commission for prorogation of " called Sunday.” L, J., III. 248. The Act passed Parliament. See Note, L. J., II. 426, where this pro- through all stages, but did not receive the royal assent. rogation is mentioned as entered in the “Minute Book,” 1623--4, March 6.-Draft of " An Act to prevent and but not in the “ingrossed Journal Book.” (Seal.) “ reform profane swearing and cursing." Read 1". 1623–4, Feb. 23, Minute Book of Committees, or

Bel of Committees or L. J., III. 248. 21 Jac. I. c. 20. .

Book containing lists of Committees 1623-4, March 6.-Draft of “An Act for the ease of 26 May 1624. J appointed between the above dates, " the subject concerning informations upon penal times of meeting, &c.

" Statutes." Read 1". L. J., III. 248. 21 Jac. I. c. 4.
1623-4, Feb. 23.--Another Minute Book of Commit. Annexed,
tees, beginning same day but ending March 9.

1. Amended copy of preceding.
1623-4, Feb. 24.-Draft of “ An Act for the reviving 1623-4, March 8. --Advice of both Houses to the King

HOUSE OF concerning the treaties with Spain. In extenso. L.J., 1623-4, March 20.-Draft of "An Act concerning HOUSE OF LORDS. III. 250.

“probate of suggestions in cases of prohibition." LORD8. Annexed,

Read 1". L. J., III. 271. Committed, 8 April, L. J.,
1. The King's answer. In extenso. L. J., III. 250. III. 295. No further proceeding.
1623–4, March 8.-Petition of Robert Playle, a poor 1623–4, March 20.-Draft of “ An Act for natural-
prisoner in the Fleet. Is imprisoned for arresting John “ izing of Philipp Burlamachi of London, merchant."
Scott and Dame Alice Dorne, his wife, at the suit of L. J., III. 272. 21 Jac. I. c. 2. in Private Acts.
William Fawcett, not knowing that they were protected 1 623-4, March 20.--Draft of An Act for natural-
as servants of the Earl of Holderness. Prays for dis “ izing of Giles Van de Put of London, merchant."
charge. L. J., III. 251.

Read 14. L. J., III. 272. 21 Jac. I. c. 3. in list of

Private Acts.
1. Similar petition. 9 March 1623-4.

_1623–4, March 20.--Petition of Mary Lough, sister to 1623–4, March 10.-Draft of “ An Act for the confir

Edward Barton, Esquire, late Ambassador to Queen “ mation of a decree in Chancery made by the consent Elizabeth of famous memory, and the Agent in Turkey “ of the lord of the manor of Painswick, in the county

for the Turkey merchants, administratris of his goods “ of Glocester, and the customary tenants of the said and chattels. William Horborne was the first Am“ manor.” Read 19. L. J., III. 254. 21 Jac. I. c. 16. bassador to Turkey, all his charges being paid by the in list of Private Acts, 8vo. edit.

Levant Company. Barton succeeded him, to the great
1623–4, March 11.-"A list of debts owing by the advantage of the merchants and Christians in general.
“ King.” Headed “ Spent by His Majesty since and to the great dismay of the Turkish nobles, who
“ Michaelmas 1619."

fearing the Grand Signior would become a Christian,

procured Barton's death by poison. The Levant Com-
1. List of sums received, headed, “Recd. by His pany refuse to pay the late Ambassador's charges.
Majesty towards these expenses."

Petitioner prays assistance from their Lordships.
1623–4, March 13.-Petition of Sir Edward Osbaldes- Annexed.
ton, Knight, prisoner in the Fleet, to the Earl of. 1. Catalogue of the special services rendered by
Pembroke, Lord Chamberlain of the Household. Was

Barton in protecting Christians.
arrested by Thomas Banckes at the suit of the executors 1623-4, March 22.-Petition of parishioners of St.
of the late Robert King. Pembroke being a servant of Katherine's Christchurch, alias Creechurch, next within
the Earl of Derby, prays the Earl to move the House Aldgate, London. That the Master and Fellows of
that he “ may have the privilege of my Lord's service.” Magdalene College, Cambridge, may be directed to
L. J., III. 261.

repair the chancel of the church.
1623-4, March 13.-Draft of “ An Act to enable James Annexed,
Ward, alias Farmer, to sell and dispose a messuage 1. Another petition to the same effect.
“ and certain lands in the parish of Ibstock, within the 1623–4, March 23.-Draft of “An Act for the relief
“ county of Leicester, for and towards payment of his " of patentees, tenants, and farmers of Crown lands
" debts and provision of his younger children." Read 18 " and Duchy lands, or of lands within the survey of
C. J., I. 684.

" the Court of Wards and Liveries, in cases of forfeiture

“ for not-payment of their rents or other service or 1. Proceedings of the Committee on the Bill in H.C.

“ duty." Read 14. L. J., III. 281. 21 Jac. I. c. 25. 16 March, C. J., I. 687. No further proceeding.

1623-4, March 24.- Draft of “An Act against depo1623–4, March 15.-- Draft of “ An Act for the revers

" pulation and decay of farms and conversion of arable “ing, altering, or correcting of erroneous sentences,

“ into pasture.” Directed against the practice of pull“ judgments, decrees, or orders, in Courts of Equity."

ing down farm houses and houses of husbandry. When
Provides for appeal from any Court of Equity by Writ

any farm house is pulled down the yearly value to be
of Error to the Courts of King's Bench or Common
Pleab. Read 14. C. J., I. 737. Committed, 14 April,

paid for the use of the poor of the parish until such

house is rebuilt and a fine of two shillings an acre per C. J., I. 766. No further proceeding.

annum is to be paid upon all arable land converted into 1623-4, March 18.-Draft of “ An Act for the better

pasture. Read 24. C. J., 748. “ and more speedier payment of debts from men im

prisoned, and for releasement and discharging of

1. List of Committee in H. C. C. J., I. 748. No
prisoners and also others in danger thereof for the
“ better employment and service of His Majesty's

further proceeding.

1624, March 25.-Last sheet of draft of “An Act “ realm." Read 14. C. J., I. 739.

“ concerning petty larceny and the punishment of the
Bill rejected, 20 April 1624. C. J., I. 771.

" offenders therein." Read 1a. C. J., I. 750. Com-
1623–4, March 18.--Draft of “ An Act for preventing mitted. 8 May, C. J., I. 785. No further proceeding.
“ of unnecessary suits about precedence between

1624, March 25,1 Journal or Day Book belonging to
“ citizens and burgesses within their corporations."

Daniel Bonnel ; apparently a Dutch
All questions of precedence to be settled by the charter

12 June 1629. J merchant; contains entries of his
and custom of the corporation; any person bringing a

mercantile transactions. suit against another on a question of precedence, shall

is Minute Book of proceedings in
forfeit one hundred pounds. Read la. C. J., I. 739. 1624, April 1

House of Lords. Vide supra.
No further proceeding.


5 7 1620-21, March 23, and 1623-4,
1623-4, March 18.-Petition of the late Scottish East 15 March 1624-5.

poo (Feb. 12.
India Company, that Sir Thomas Smith, Knt., Alder: 1624. April 1._Writ of summons to Parliament to
man Hammersley, and the Old Muscovy Company, and

[Richard] Viscount Tonbridge.
Sir James Caningham, may be ordered to pay to
petitioners certain monies in compliance with an order

1624, April 2.-Draft of “ An Act for the establishing
of the Privy Council.

“ of the lands of John Stratford upon John Hopkins, 1623-4, March 19.—Engrossment of “An Act con

“ his heirs and assigns according to the several agree“ cerning brewhouses in and about London and West

"ments between them touching the same." Read 1^. “ minster :" nuisance is caused by the burning of sea

C. J., I. 752. coal fires in brewhouses ; no coal to be burnt in any

Annexed, brewhouse within one mile of any house in which His

1. List of Committee on the Bill in H. C., April 3. Majesty's Court or the Court of the Prince of Wales

C. J., I. 753. No further proceeding. shall be usually held (except the Tower of London), or

1624, April 3.-Draft of " An Act for continuance of in any street or place westward from London Bridge, or “ the Statute made in the 7th year of the King's from the street leading directly thence to Bishopsgate. Majesty's reign against burning of linge and heath Read 1°. L. J., III. 269. Passed through all its stages

" and other moor burnings in the county of York, Durin H. L. and was sent to H. C., where it dropped with “ ham, Northumberland, Cumberland, Westmoreland, the session.

“ Lancaster, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, and the
1623-4, March 19.-- Memorandum of amendments “ dominion of Wales at unseasonable times of the year,
desired by Sir Francis Englefield on the Viscount " and for some addition to be made thereunto." Con-
Montagu's Bill for settling certain lands and manors for tinues Act 7 Jac. I. c. 17., and extends its provisions to
the payment of his debts and raising his daughters' Wales. Read 1". C. J., I. 754. Rejected, 791, May 19.
portions. See L. J., III. 266.

1623–4, March 20.-Draft of “An Act for the better 1. List of Committee on the Bill in H. C., with
“ repressing of drunkenness and restraining the in-

minutes of proceedings, April 13. C. J., I. 764.
“ ordinate haunting of inns, alehouses, and other vic 1624, April 3.-Draft of " An Act concerning the
“ tualling houses." Read 1". L.J., III. 271., 21 Jac. I. “ purveyance and taking of horses, carts, and carriages
c. 7.

“ by land or by water for His Majesty's service." The


[blocks in formation]

HOUSE OF King finds from the complaint of his Commons, that “ the precincts thereof, in the county of Derby, and

great oppression is practised under the name of pur- “ other places within the said county." Great advan-
veyance; in future no purveyor to take any horses, carts, tages arise to the kingdom from the digging of lead
&c. for the King's service, except he be authorised by ore, while most of the miners are very poor. No tithes
commission under the Great Seal, and services to be to be demanded for lead ore obtained in the places
duly allotted and paid for. Read 1a. L. J., III. 287. mentioned. Read 1”. C. J., I. 758, Rejected, 787,
Reported, 306, April 15. No further proceeding. May 12.

1. List of Committee on the Bill in H. C. C. J., 1. List of Committee in H. C., and minutes of
II, 679. March 8.

proceedings, April 17. C. J., 1. 769.
1624, April 3.—Draft order respecting fines imposed 1624, April 9.-Petition of Sir Edward Osbaldston,
by the House. L. J., III. 287. In extenso.

Knight, servant to the Earl of Derby, for relief from
[1624], April 3.-Petition of Sir Gilbert Hoghton, an outlawry unjustly obtained by Matthew King (for
Knight; that Sir Wm. Cockayne, mortgagee of the whom Petitioner had become surety) and Thomas Banks,
manor of Walton in le Vale, Lancashire, may, in order the outlawry being now pleaded in bar of a suit in
to save litigation, be called upon by the House for an Chancery brought by petitioner. L. J., III., 296.
account of his receipts, &c., and thereupon, after satis Annexed,
faction of his just claims, ordered to re-convey the resi. 1. Petition of the said Sir Edw. Osbaldston on the
due of the said manor to petitioner.

same subject. April 16.
1624, April 5.-Petition of the House of Commons to 2. Duplicate of preceding.
the King for severe measures against Popish recusants. 1624, April 13.-List of Committee in H. C. on the
Sent up for concurrence of the Lords. L. J., III. 289. Bill“ for the quiet establishment of the customs of the
In extenso.

“ manor of Benister," with minutes of proceedings.
1624, April 7.--Draft of "An Act for the general C. J., 1. 764.
“ quieting of the subject against all pretence of con- 1624, April 14.- Petition of Gricell Rogers, an
“ cealments whatsoever.” Brought from H. C. L.J., oppressed widow, exhausted in estate, and herself and
III. 293. 21 Jac. I. c. 2.

her orphans exposed to ruin by the unjust persecutions
1624, April 7.-Draft of " An Act to prevent and and vexations of Sir Arthur Ingram, Knight, and his
" punish the abuses in procuring process and superse- agents: for redress. L. J., III. 303 & 415.
“ deas, and for the peace and good behaviour, out of 1624, April 14.-Draft of “ An Act for the relief of
“ His Majesty's Courts at Westminster, and to prevent “ the artizan clothworkers of the city of London."
“ the abuses in procuring writs of certiorari out of the Regulates the number of apprentices and journeymen
" said Courts for removing of indictments found before to be employed by each master, the rate of wages, &c.
“ justices of the peace in their general sessions.” 21 Read 14. C. J., I. 766.
Jac. I. c. 8. Brought from H. C. L. J., III. 293.

1624, April 7.- Draft of “ An Act against such as 1. List of Committee on the Bill in H. C. C. J.,
shall levy any fine, suffer any recovery, knowledge

I. 767. April 15. No further proceeding.
“ any statute, recognizance, bail, or judgment, in the 1624, April 14.-Draft of “ An Act to prevent the
" name of any other person or persons not being privy “ great charge, expense, and other inconveniences which
“6 and consenting thereto.” 21 Jac. I. c. 26. Brought " divers of His Majesty's subjects dwelling in counties
from H. C. L. J., III. 293.

" remote from London and Westminster are put unto
· Annexed,

" by prosecuting and bringing of actions of debt, co-
1. List of Committee on the Bill in H. C., 1624, venant, account, fause imprisonment, trespass of
· April 3. C. J., I. 754.

“ assault and batteries, and other personal actions
1624, April 7.-Petition of Philip Page, prisoner in “ against them in London and Middlesex, and not in
the Fleet, in consequence of unjust decisions against " the proper counties where the causes of such actions
him in courts of law, obtained in one case by the “ did arise and grow." Read 1°. C. J., I. 766. Re-
influence of Sherborne and Day, two servants, upon jected, 3 May 1624. C. J., I. 782.
their master, the Lord Chancellor St. Albans. Endorsed, 1624, April 15.—Engrossment of “ An Act concern-
" 7 April, recepi a comite Bridgwater.”

“ ing the fees to be taken in cities, boroughs, towns, &c.,
1624, April 8.--Draft of "An Act for the restitution " and the tabling thereof." Great exactions are prac-
" of the possession, and the establishing and settling, tised in market towns and ports by the imposition of
" of the manor of Prees, and other lands in the county pretended fees for porterage, wharfage, cranage, stal-
" of Lancaster, unto Robert Wolferstone, Edmond Tage, &c. In future no fees to be charged which were
" Wolferstone, and Charles Wolferstone, and the heirs not customary before the 40th year of Eliz., or which
" of the said Robert, according to the conveyanccs to have not since been legally authorised. A table of fees
“ them thereof made by John Skillicorne, and for the to be kept in each market town or port, and set up in
“ reversal and making void of a decree and other orders some open place. Read 1a. C. J., I. 767. Dropped
"s made in the Court of Chancery against them in the after third reading. C. J., I. 795.
" 'behalf of the said John Skillicorne touching the said Annexed,
“ lands." Read 18. C. J., I. 758. Reported, 795, 1. Draft of preceding.
May 26. No further proceeding.

1624, April 16.-Petition of Peter Reade. Furnished

a suit of clothes to Sir James Cuningham, who has 1. Narrative of the case.

since gone to Ireland. Prays that he may be paid out
2. List of Committee on the Bill in H. C., April of the money ordered by the Privy Council to be paid
14. C. J., I. 766.

to Cuningham by the Muscovy Company.
3. Names of members added to Committee. April 1624, April 16.--Petition of Thomas Gabriel and
20, &c.

others, that certain debts due to them by Sir James
1624, April 8.--Draft of " An Act for the establishing Cuningham may be paid out of the monies ordered by
"s of the possessions unto Dame Marie Buckley, widow, the Privy Council to be paid to him by the Muscovy
“ of all and singular the messuages, lands, tenements, Company.
“ and hereditaments, leases, and terms for years here- 1624, April 16.-Petition of Mary Lough : complains
" after mentioned, and for the restoring to her the that the Company of Levant Merchants have not yet
“ rents, profits, and arrearages thereof, and every part answered her petition, and prays that counsel may be
" thereof, according to her right and title in the same." assigned her to argue her case.
Read 12. C. J., I. 758. Committed, 764, April 13. No 1624, April 16.-The answer of the Governor and
further proceeding.

Company of Merchants trading to the Levant Seas to the

petition of Mary Lough.
1. Narrative of the case.

1624, April 16.-Petition of John Blakeden. Having
1624, April 8.-Petition of Thomas Norton, gentle purchased and fitted up a ship about eight years ago,
man, surveyor of His Majesty's ways. Is unable to was bound to the West Indies, and brought his ship to
keep the highways in repair in consequence of the Southampton. At the instigation of the East India
many defects in the statutes relating thereto, Prays Company a warrant was issued under the great seal
for a committee to inquire into and correct the same." of the Admiralty, and a letter sent to the Mayor of
Noted, “ It cannot be done by petition. Therefore the Southampton to arrest petitioner on the plea that he
" Lords think he may take some other course by Bill was about to sail to the East Indies. He has suffered
66 in the House or otherwise."

great damage by these proceedings, and prays for
1624, April 9.--Draft of " An Act concerning the redress.
“ tithes or tenths of and for lead ore and lead mine Annexed,
“ digged for, gotten, and to be digged for and gotten 1. Another petition to the same effect, 25th April,
“ within the manor and hundred of the High Peak and


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