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yearly rent of 3 shillings, towards the support of the Grant by John Pecche to William de Martynseye and
AXBRIDGE. Chantry of St. Mary, in the church there. He also by Cristina, his wife, of two houses, and a vacant place for

these presents pays them one penny, in the name of a third, adjoining, which he had of the gift and grant of
seisin of the said rent. Witnesses, John Deneys, the Thomas de la Welle, called “ Doucebelle” (see the re-
then Reve, John Tayllour, Bailiff, Nicholas de Bartone, mark in p 305, col. I.]; such houses being in the burgh
Walter atte Pulle, John Wylteschyre, John Mercer, of Axebrigge, in the lane called Twychenelane. Wit-
Stephen Monour, Walter Gisle, and others; date 35th nesses, Edward Jordan, William Crok the Elder, Robert
Edward III. The seal is perfect, but the impression is Trippe, Robert de Fonte (Atwell], William de Berghe,
somewhat indistinct. To all appearance, it is the head John le Mercer, Robert Cogan, Chacepolle (Catchpoll],
of a Roman Emperor, with the chlamys looped on the and others. Executed at Axebrigge, in the 14th year

of Edward II. This deed is beautifully written, and
Grant by John Mercer, burgess of Axbridge, to the seal is in excellent preservation.
Thomas Spyere and Alice, his wife, of a shop there Grant by Edmund Malerbe, son and heir of William,
situate, at a yearly rent of one silver penny; 39th to Andrew le Cane, of Axbrigge, of 3 acres of arable
Edward III. There are preserved the two interchanged

land in the West field of Cheddre; one such acre lying
parts of this indenture, the seal attached to one being in in a place called “ Brochol," between the land late of
fair state of preservation, that of the other in fragments, Gervase Godyng and that of Cristina Wylles; another
though evidently originally sewed into a little linen acre in the place called “Hauekescombe," between the
bag, filled with wool. The great interest of these two land late of John atte Zoo and that late of Agnes Here-
deeds lies in the fact that they are both written with a ward; and the third acre on the west side of Ayles-
light blue ink.

berwe, between the land late of John atte Folde, and
Release by Agnes Cherletone, and John Coke, her that of Walter Malerbe. Witnesses, Sir John de Clyve-
husband, to John Snel and Agnes, his wife, of a done and Sir John de Actone, knights, John de Hanam,
messuage in East Street in Axebrigge. Witnesses, Robert atte Boxe, William Fyzwater, John atte Hall,
William Huche, the then Reve, John Brewere, John John Symon of Schepham, and others. Executed at
le Mersour, Henry Angulseye, Richard Mersour, and Axebrigge, 19th Edward III. The seal is in good
Robert le Mersour. The year is given as the “quadra- condition.
“ gesimo decimo" of Edward III., the forty-tenth, Grant by Anselm de Gurnay, lord of Overe, to Adam
meaning probably the fiftieth. The seals are in good Jurdan, of Netherwere, of all the messuage, curtilage,
condition; one (which has been met with in three or and land, which he had of the gift of John Garlond, in
four instances besides) has the three nails of the Cruci- the burgh of Were, the same being half a burgage;
fixion for its impression, but the word forming the also, a vacant place opposite to such messuage, between
legend around them appears to be undecipherable. the causeway (calcetum) of John le Smyth and the

Release by Roger Brekebec to John Langelond of a causeway late of Geoffrey de Mackesmulle, at Were
tenement in the manor of Cheddre, which he had of the 20th Edward II. The seal is lost. The village of
gift and feoffment of Richard de Wakelee and Alice, Weare, near Axbridge, it may be remarked, was once a
his wife ; 40th Edward III. The seal attached is in borough and market-town, and (through the influence
fair condition, but the impression is imperfect.

probably of the Gournay family) returned members to
Grant by John Wylteschyre, trader (mercator) of Parliament in the 34th year of Edward the First.
Axebrigge, to Sir Robert Alewy, Rector of the church, Grant by William Le Porter, of Wherewelle, "bar-
and Sir Robert Snaylham, Vicar of the church of bitonsor (barber), to Nicholas Schaward and Alice,
Were, of a tenement in Axebrigge, situate between that his wife, of a cottage and curtilage situate between the
of Henry Angelsy and that late of John Cogan; a tene- mill late of Sir Hugh de Langelond and the tenement
ment in that borough, between the tenement of John of William Crok; also 5 acres of land, 4 lying in Over-
Brekebek and that of Robert Gylle; a morhay which tuddel, and one in Nethertuddel; all being in the manor
he had of the gift of William de Draycote; a shanıble of Ceddre. Executed at Axebrigge, 10th Edward III.
for selling flesh (schamul pro carnis vendendis) in the The seal is lost.
same borough, which he had of the grant of John le Grant by Adam, son and heir of John Dameanney-
Leche; half an acre in Portmanmede, which he had soune, to John Moune of a vacant piece of ground in Axe.
of John Oldeweye ; an acre and a half in Stobbyng- brugge, which she (Dame Anneys) had of the gift and
ham, in Westforlang. Witnesses, John Denys, the then feoffment of Ralph Coke of Llarnewetone; 8th Edward
Reve, Nicholas de Bartone, Andrew Cane, John Tay. III. The seal is in fair condition.
lour, Walter Gille, Edward Gille, Stephen Monour, and Grant by Nicholas de Cumptone to Simon, his son, of
John atte Mulle; 31st Edward III. Î'he seal is in fair a burgage in the vill of Axebrigge, situate near the
condition, but the impression is indistinct.

great well (magnum fontem) in the market-place there,
Grant by William Packere to Thomas Saleman, of and a croft which lies between that burgage and the hill
Cheddre, of a messuage and shop in the burgh of Axe- called “Kalue”; also, a morhay in the moors below
brigge, with 2 acres in socage, one morhay, 3 perches Axebrigge, which was held therewith, and which he
of meadow in Portmanmede, and 13 acres in Stubbyng- gave to Cecily, his daughter, in free marriage, when
ham, in the manor of Cheddre, all which belonged to Elias de Syburne married her; the said Simon to ensure
John Skyrel, now deceased. Witnesses, John de Lange payment therefrom of 4 shillings yearly for ever, for
lond, Robert Cheddre, William Coker, Richard Dennys, celebration of Mass in the church of Axebrigge. Wit-
John Oldemyxene, and others; executed at Axebrigge nesses, Edward de Fonte [Atwell], John Oldewey,
in the 48th year of Edward III. The seal is in fair William de Clofford, John Venes, Adam the Dyer, Ro-
condition. This is the same

" Thomas Salamon," pro- bert Horn, Richard le King, John le King, Stephen de
bably, whose manumission we have read fourteen years Leng, and many others; without date, but probably of

the earlier part of the reign of Edward the first. The
Grant by Thomas Spere to John Tonge, Chaplain, deed is finely written, but the seal is lost.
John son of Alan Hickesone, John Wolf, William Siper- Exchange made by Martin Le Byere, of Cramfelde,
toft, Richard Sweneford, and Walter Tolle, of a tene- with Thomas Gobioun, of Wotton Bourne, and Matilda,
ment at Axebrigge, between that of John atte Mulle and his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, of 10 acres of land
the shop of John Mercer; 45th of Edward III. The and meadow, lying in Wotton Bourne, in Magescroft,
seal is lost.

opposite the gate of John Elyot, and above the Milledele,
Release by William Skaward of Axebrigge, son and for 10 acres of land and meadow, lying in the field called
heir of Adam, to William Furnour, of a messuage and Kempstone Bourne. Witnesses, John Mareschal, John
curtilage in the manor of Cheddre, between the mill of le Sweyn,

Robert atte Bourne, Roger Taillour,
John de Langelond and the messuage of Alicia Bailiff and others; 27th Edward III. The seal is lost, and the
[elsewhere named as the wife of Richard de Wakeleigh); writing so faint as to be almost illegible. This docu-
also, of a morhay in the burgh of Axebrigge, between ment seems to bear reference entirely to places in Bed-
the morhay of Walter Frybey and that of Zyvay le fordshire; and it is difficult to say how it came into the
Walsche ; 2 acres and a rood of land in Portmanmede, hands of the Corporation of Axbridge.
between the meadow of John Mersour and that of Grant by William Skaward to William le Fornour of
Andrew Cane : half an acre between the lands of John two shillings of silver yearly rent, arising from a tene-
Langlond and John Wilteschire; and an acre of reed. ment in the Morelane, near Axebrigge, situate between
bed in Stobyngham in West Furlong, lying between the mill of John de Langlond on the south, the tenement
the land late of John Skurel and that of Henry Angelsy; of Alice Denys on the north, the Forlang of the Rector
also, an acre in the manor of Comptone, in a place of the Church of Axebrigge on the east, and the common
called “ Gotacre.” Witnesses, John de Langlond, way to the Moor on the west. Witnesses, John Lang-
Nicholas Bartun, John Wylteschire, John Mercer, and lond, Nicholas Bartone, John Wylteschyre, John Mercer,
John atte Mulle ; 43rd of Edward III. The seal is Andrew Cane, and others; 43rd Edward III. The seal

is broken.


Grant by Richard Hot[ale] of Axbrigge to William welle, John Somerwelle, John Canynge, Thomas Gode, CORPORABRIDGE. Martyneseye in pure and free marriage with Cristina, William Berwyke, and others. Executed at Axbrigge ABBRIDGE.

his daughter, and the heirs of their bodies lawfully 9th Richard II. The three seals remain attached.
begotten, of a moiety of an acre, for building a house There is also a Letter of Attorney, executed by the
thereon, situate between the tenement of Elyas, son of grantors, at Bristol, empowering John Walych to give
Elyas Wyllam, and that of Walter Lylyan; also, his livery of seisin ; also, with 3 seals, the impression of one
croft towards Calewe; also, a morhay, bought of Wil- of which is apparently the head of a Roman Emperor.
liam Cogan, below Axebrigge, between those of Walter The name of Canynge (and perhaps that of Somerwelle
Oldeweye, Robert de Vayr, William Calebat, and Stephen or Somerville) deserves remark.
de Legge. Witnesses, Robert Canon, Robert Tryp, Grant by Adam Chepman, of Lamport, and John
William de Berghe, Walter de la More, Henry de Ca- Spryng, of Axebrigge, to Richard Hylp of that place,
mera (Chambre), Elias le Dayghere [Dyer), the then of a messuage and arable land in the plain of Cheddre,
Reve of the borough, Thomas de Fonte (Atwell], Clerk, and a virgate of meadow in Portmannemede, near Axe-
and many others; 33rd Edward I. This deed is beau- brigge. Witnesses, John Yeman, Reve of the vill
tifully written, but somewhat defaced by damp, and the aforesaid, William Orchard, Bailiff, John Tripp, Elias
seal is lost. The hill named “Kalue or Calewe, ” Jonys, Thomas Lyrybek, and others; 7th Henry IV.

ear Axbridge, in these ancient documents, is still The two seals are nearly perfect.
called by that name.

Conveyance by John Fytz and Alice, his wife, to The preceding deeds are in Latin, the following is Thomas Wauder, Roger Wodeward, Henry Savyer, and written in French :-A grant by Robert atte Boxe, of John Oldymexone, of their lands and tenements in AxeCeddre, that Monsire Hugh de Langelonde, his heirs brugge, Cheddre, Comptone, ana Loxtone; 24th Henry and assigns, and all other the commoners of Axebrigge IV. The two seals are still appended. and Ceddre, may have peaceably, at every season in Release by Walter Rodeney, knight, as to a tenement the year, common in the land of La Butmes, formerly in Axbrugge; 37th Henry VI. The seal is perfect, called "Laghewodez," in the parish of Ceddre; which representing a boar's head. land he had of the grant and of the livery of Sir Grant by John Fitz, burgess of Axebrigge, and Alice, John de Drokenesforde, late Bishop of Bath and Wells, his wife, to William Payne and Thomas Payne, “ Mas and which the present grantor had had enclosed, against “ ters of the Commonalty of the Guild of Axebrigge," the will and assent of the said Sir Hugh de Langelonde that they may make holes in the wall of the house in and the commoners. Executed at Ceddre, the 4th year which Thomas Nony and Margery, his wife, now dwell, of Edward III. ; witnesses, Sir John de Actone, Sir and may put the timber and beams therein, called John de Clyvedone the Younger, John Teysaunt, Hugh “somerys," of the new house, about to be built at the de Dreicote, and others. The seal exists, but with a end of the Guild Hall of Axebrigge; in compensation blank impression.

for which, the Masters aforesaid shall make a leaden Conveyance (in Latin) by William Harewell (pre- gutter between the roofs of the said houses, and keep it viously noticed) and Agnes Barton, his wife, to Thomas in repair at their own expense. The said John and Saleman and Alice, his wife, of a shop in Axebrigge ; Alice are also to have easement in the curtilage (or 14th Richard II. The seal, which apparently repre- court-yard] of the new house aforesaid, for putting a sents the Virgin, with a lily, is in good condition. ladder there for tiling, spiking, and covering, the rooms

Richard Oldemixon, by deed having given to Robert of the said tenement in which Thomas Nony and MarLeigh and Alice, his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, gery dwell, at fit and proper times, they carrying away a rent of one rose, arising yearly from a tenement held the dust and refuse therefrom at their own costs ; 25th by Robert Seward, Giles Barton, William Huche, Henry Henry VI. The two seals appended, belonging appaAnderseye [PAngelseye], William Oldemixon, and Robert rently to John Fitz and Alice, his wife, are perfect. Oldemixon, for the term of the life of Agnes, wife of Notices of, or allusions to, the ancient Guildhall of William Harewelle, with remainder to the said Robert Axbridge are of extremely rare occurrence. and Alice after the death of the said Agnes, they now Another deed, relating to the same property.-Release attorn to the tenant for life ; 1st Richard II. The six by John Fitz, of Axebrigge, and Alice, his wife, daughter seals are still appended. A Richard Oldemixon, pro- and heir of John Martynsey, and cousin and heir of John bably the person named here, attests deeds at Axbridge Trippe, and by John Martynsey, of Chedder, to John in the 13th and 15th years of the same reign.

Yevan, Thomas Waudre, Roger Wodeward, William Grant by Cristina Codeworth [Cudworth] of Lym- Payn, John Hayne, toukere (fuller), John Crodmede, plesham (now Lympsham, in Somerset), to Juliana, Thomas Payne, William Harpere, Elias Silly, William her daughter, of all her property, moveable and im- Pryse, Thomas Westley, Henry Sawiere, and John Wymoveable, at Lymplesham, aforesaid. Given at Lym- ther, and their heirs, of their right and claim "in all that plesham, 16th Richard II. Witnesses, William Bounche, “ tenement, with the appartenances, which is situate Thomas Codeworth, William Pody, William Boyer, “ between the hostelry (hospitium] called ' Nonyesyne' William Prat, and others. The seal is still attached. [Nony's Inn) on the east side, and the Guild Hall of

Conveyance by John Hayward and Alice, his wife, to “ the same vill on the west; and also, in the said Guild
William Sambrok, Richard Copulstone, Robert Canone, “ Hall, and in all that tenement, curtilage, garden, and
Roger Seward, and William Dier, of a tenement in lands, with the appurtenances, which John Crodmede
Axbrigge. Dated at Cheddre, 16th Richard II. The now holds, extending from the said Guildhall, on the
seal is lost.

“south side, as far as the hill called 'Calowe,' on the Grant by William Wynyscomb to Helyas Jonys and “ north side;" as also, in a yearly rent of two shillings Matildis, his wife, of a messuage in West Street in Ax- arising from a tenement in which Robert Blakedone brigge. Witnesses, John Brown, William ate Schete, dwells, situate in West Street, in Axebrigge, between Walter Wylkyn, Alexander Togod, John Wheler, Tho- the tenement of the Bishop of Bath and Wells and the mas Togod, and others. Given at Axbridge, 10th cottage of John Hayne, tanner. Witnesses, Richard Col. Richard II. The seal is perfect.

verhous, Thomas Penryn, William Frost, John GoodGrant by John Horn, Parson of the church of Weston man, John Powne, and others. Executed in the 34th supra Mare, and Robert de Odyngton, Parson of the year of Henry VI. The three seals appended are in a church of Thorn Faucon [Thorne Falcon, near Taunton] perfect state. to Richard de Oldemyxen of a tenement in Axbrigge, Grant by John Oldemyxone and John Frost to John formerly belonging to Henry de Lye; 1st of Richard II. Fitz and Lucy, his wife, of all their lands, tenements, One of the seals is lost, the other remains, and is meadows, pastures, morhayes, rents, and reversions, in perfect.

the burgh of Axebrigge and the manor of Chedder : 2nd Grant by Thomas Salmon, of Cheddre, to John Smiythe, Edward IV. of that place. and Magota, his wife, of his cottage called Conveyance by Thomas Seyntmaur, knight, to Richard “Knyghtescote,” in Oheddre, with the garden thereof: Wyche, Richard May, and Hugh Forster, of all his the grantor to supply housebote and heybote (necessary rights to lands in Axbrigge, Cheddar, and Bishop Comptimber and hay] to the grantees, who are to work for ton, formerly belonging to Thomas Gurdeler, Clerk. him two days in autumn, and to pay a yearly rent of Witnesses, Richard Chok “Justiciar of the Bench,” 6 shillings, and heriots, as accustomed, when they fall Thomas Rodeney, esquire, John Fitz-James the Elder, in; the grantor to find them the necessary meat and esquire, John Porter, Nicholas Hervy, and others. drink on such two days: 8th Richard II. The two seals Given at Axbrigge, the 9th of Edward IV. The name are perfect, but the impressions were originally bad. of a Thomas More frequently occurs as a witness to

Grant by William Sydbury, Nicholas Tyntunhulle, deeds towards the close of this reign. 'and Robert Gy, Chaplains, of Bristol, to. Alice Denys, Deed poll, by which John Sterlyng, of Devizes, in and Sir Thomas, the Chaplain, her son, and to Robert Wiltshire, gives to John Ficchet, Thomas Shete, and Mulle and Alice, his wife, of a 'messtage in Axbryge, Roger Barker, lands in Axebrigge, Nether Were, and situate near Hornyslane.“ Witnesses, William Somer- Welles. Witnesses, John Seyntlow, knight, Thomas



CORPORA. Overey, Canon of Wells, Richard Vowell, John Atwater, Berwick Bridge, Account Books respecting-
William Curteys. Executed at Axebrigge, the first year


1768–1774. of Edward V. There are counterparts of this deed, in


1774-1775. the wax of the seal of one of which platted rushes are


1775–1779. neatly inserted. The brass of the above Roger Barker,


1778–1779. it may be here remarked, is the only one now exist


1781-1782. ing in the Parish Church of St. John the Baptist, at


1785. Axbridge.


Conveyance by John Sterlinge and Agnes, his wife,

to Thomas Gyles, of Axebrigge, of certain tenements Berwick Bridge, Weekly Bills concerning.
there, among which the Christopher Inn, near the High

Cross, is mentioned; also a tenement in Wells, near the

fountain called “Jacob's Well.” Of tbe same date as
the preceding deed, 15th of May, 1st year of Edward V.

Berwick Bridge, Roger Bennet's accounts respecting.
Rushes were formerly inserted in the seal, but are no

Berwick Bridge, Accounts of building and repairing, longer there. “The Common way which leads to Le

from 1634.
Court Yate" is mentioned in a deed of the 10th of Bonds, cancelled, from 1740.
Edward IV.

Bonds for safe delivery of convicts, from 1743.
Duplicate copies of the will of Thomas Lerbek, bear- Bonds for payment of rent, from 1760.
ing date 6th of March 1429. In it, be desires to be

Bonds to indemnify the Corporation against strangers buried in the porch of the Church of St. John the Bap- inhabiting within the Borough becoming burdensome. tist, at Axbridge, which porch he had lately built.

or using any trade prejudicial to the burgesses, from The borough of Axbridge, it deserves remark, was

left unaffected by the Municipal Corporations Reform

Boro'-meal book.
Act, 5th and 6th William IV., Cap. 76.

Boundary papers.
I have much pleasure in acknowledging the courtesy

Capture of a French ship, called The Prince Charles,

1746. which I experienced at the hands of Richard Lewis, Esq.,

Castlegate, houses demolished in, A.D. 1715. the Worshipful the Mayor of Axbridge, and the Cor

Catholic Religion, return of persons professing.
poration generally, at whose request this inspection of

Charters, viz. :-
their documents and records was made. I am no
less indebted also to George W. Millard, Esq., Town

Inspeximus (18 Feb. 22 Edw. IV. [A.D. 1483]) of a

Charter of Edward III. (4 Aug. 30 Edw. III. (A.D. Clerk, for his unremitting attention, in the way of giving 1356]), which had been carried off by Robert a Brus," me every possible facility for the completion of my task,

on the taking of the town by the Scots, and which had and so enhancing the pleasure I derived from my visit.

again been confirmed

when it was given by Edward III. HENRY THOMAS RILEY. to Edward de Baillolo, late King of Scotland, dated

Westminster, 28 March, regni nostri Angliæ [blank]
Franciæ vero 17 [A.D. 1356]. The seal is gone, but the

silken cord to which it was affixed remains. Town


Another Inspeximus of the above by King Henry V. BERWICK The liberality of the Town Clerk and Treasurer of

Dated 29 Nov. 3 Hen. V. [A.D. 1417]. Broken seal, in ON-TWEED.

the Corporation of Berwick-upon-Tweed having enabled green wax.
me to inspect the documents belonging to that ancient

Another Inspeximus of the above by King Henry VII. and important Border Town, I have great satisfaction

Dated 6 Nov. 2 Hen. VII. [A.D. 1486]. No seal. in presenting to Her Majesty's Commissioners the fol

Another Inspeximus of the above by King Henry VIII. lowing Report upon the books and papers now in the

Dated 19 April, 1 Hen. VIII. [A.D. 1510]. No seal. custody of these two Officers.

Another Inspeximus of the above by King Edward VI.

Dated 1 June, 1 Edw. VI. [A.D. 1547]. No seal ; but Books and PAPERs in the custody of the Town CLERK of

a contemporary drawing of the King.

Another Inspeximus of the above by Queen Mary. BERWICK-UPON-TWEED.

Dated 25 April, 1 Mary (1554]. No seal; but a con1. A volume in large folio, containing various memo- temporary drawing of the Queen. randa respecting the town, of which the

more important Another Inspeximus of the above by Queen Elizaare the following:

beth. Dated 4 May, 1 Eliz. (A.D. 1559]. No seal; but Oaths of the Mayor, Aldermen, &c.; Proclamations a contemporary drawing. from the reign of Elizabeth ; Letter to James I. of 26 Charter by King James I. Dated 16 April, A.D. March 1603, from the Mayor and Aldermen, with the 1603. King's answer, 27 March; Divisions of the town for Coldmartin, deeds and papers respecting, from A.D. Inspections ; Copy of the testimony of the town of 1647. Grantham in favour of Dr. Eyston going to visit his Committee Books, from A.D. 1735. friends in Edinburgh, 20 May 1610; Opinions of counsel Council, proceedings of, from 19 July 1601 to 8 Oct. on various law suits from the time of James I., with 1603. A fragment, being the leaves numbered from Instructions for the same; Letters of the Earl of Dunbar

folio 144 to folio 153 inclusive. and others on the falling of the Bridge and about the Council Book, containing proceedings against Scots rebuilding of the Church, 24 Feb. 1607 ; Orders for the living within the town; respecting false measures, building of the Bridge, 27 May 1611; Correspondence scandals, &c. with the King on a riot committed in Edinburgh, 16 Court Books, a series of, viz. :June 1611; On the pieces of ordnance to be set up in


1681-1685. 1633; various Leases and Proclamations; Documents


1685–1687. about Fishing waters; Note of the Bounds and Marches


1687-1690. of Tweedmouth and Spittal ; Commitments to prison for


1690–1691. misconduct in 1616; Proceedings against Wm. Gent,


1691-1694. miller, for erroneous opinions on Baptism, Confirmation,


1680–1708. and the Lord's Supper, with his recantation, 6 March


1694-1697. 1616; “Table of Duties to be taken for all manner of


1697-1699. “ Commodities, and confirmed by orders of Gild,” no


1699-1703. date.

The several classes of books and papers may be

Court Declarations, from A.D. 1752,
arranged as under:
Actions and Summonses in Berwick Court, from 1705.

Court Papers, &c., from. A.D. 1744.
Actions and Affidavits, from 1731.

Court Minutes and other papers, from A.D. 1747.
Admissions to the Freedom of the Town, from 1715. Declarations in Berwick Court, from A.D. 1765.
Affidavits and appearances, from 1726.

Dock, papers about cleansing, from A.D. 1765.
Assignments of prisoners, from 1758.

Demises of Fishing waters and lands, from A.D.
Assizes of Bread, from 1758.

Annuities, grants of, from 1742.

Enrolments, on parchment, 1083 in number.
Bail bonds, from 1737.

Enrolments, on parchment, irregularly numbered,
Bailiff's Court Book, 1600.

from A.D. 1736 to 1739. Bells, Letters about the purchase and setting up of,

Books of, 1570. 1754

Books of, 1574–1634.



Books of, 1640–1677.
Weights and measures, sealing of, from 1763.

Books of, 1677-1729.
Writs of Capias, &c., from 1743.


Books of, 1729–1778.
Books of, 1778–1840.
Besides the above there are in the office of the Town

Clerk about 100 bundles of undated documents, the
Estimates for repairs, A.D. 1772–1775.

exact nature of which has not een fully ascertained. Fee farm rent, letters and papers respecting, A.D. Those which have been examined were found to contain 1759, 1760.

a very miscellaneous collection of papers, extending Feoffments, from A.D. 1598.

from about A.D. 1680 to the end of the last century.
Gaol, regulations respecting.

In the same office is an important volume, in folio,
Garrison, rules, &c. respecting, temp. Elizab. ff. 18. • lettered, “Council Book, from 1574.” It is imperfect
Garrison-wall, application for 5 feet of ground along

at the beginning. It contains, among other matter, the quay for rebuilding the quay, A.D. 1766-1767.

Presentations by Jurors appointed for the regulation
Grammar School, papers on, A.D. 1750.

of the town, with lists of offenders, and suggestions for
Gild Books, * a series of, viz. :-

the better management of the streets, &c. 1509-1568.


Lists of Forestallers, with particulars as to the 1568-1576.


manner in which they evaded the law. This curious 1576-1584.


paper has no date, but it was drawn up early in the 1584–1595.


reign of Queen Elizabeth. 1588-1589.


Lists of Scottish men and women who were resident 1595-1598.


in the town, and whom the Jurors wished to banish.

They present that there is a vagabond woman in


[the] house with Gracy Pearson. She is sister unto 1614–1615.


“ Nicolas Pott's wife.' Opposite this entry occurs 1615-1628.


the following note in the margin by another hand,1627-1643.


“ To be whipt out of the town.'

They present that Goodchild's children do run

abegging through the town." Marginal note :Gild Minute Book, from 1724.

“ Set them awork, or they to be banished out of the

66 town.” Gild Papers, petitions, &c., from 1742.

They present that Widow Clarke is an idle vagaGrant by Queen Elizabeth, 1 Sept. 1560, to Cuthbert “ bond whore, who hath a child the last year to Gardiner, of a waste tenement in the Nesse.

" Mr. Kingarnel's son, and now she goeth abegging Grant by Thomas Shute to Matthew Johnson, Mayor through the town, with the child in her arms. of Berwick, and Richard Clarke and William Selby, Marginal note :-" To be taken and punished, and put Preachers of the Word of God there, and their suc- out of the town; and he to be punished.” cessors for ever, of a burgage with a garden in the "Item. Isabella Pickering, who hath her relief Nesse for four poor widows, from time to time to be “ forth of the Benevolence, doth neglect to repair to chosen. Dated 20 April 1600.

“ the Church, as well on the Sabbath day as otherGrant by Indentures of Lease and Release between “ wise." Marginal note :-" To be punished, and to the Earl of Suffolk and others and the Corporation of " have no relief." Berwick, of the Manor of Tweedmouth and Spittal. Then follows another set of Presentments, dated

Grant of Correction-house garden on which to build 22 March 1592, similar to the above. the Vicarage. 1749.

John Alexander's wife is a scold and a troubler of Highway papers, from 1762.

“ her neighbours."

“ John Preston doth great wrong, for that he buyeth Indentures to Parliament, from 1685.

“ salmon, and packeth them for London, contrary to Leases, from 1585.

“ the common wealth and privileges of the town.” Letters Patent for Collection for losses by the fire Proceedings in the Bailiff's Court, 23 Oct. 1594, which on 8 June last destroyed 35 houses, and property respecting slanders, evil living, Scotsmen resident in worth 3,0001. Dated 29 July 1659.

the town, scolds, dirt, dunghills, supply of water, and Licence of Alienation by the Dean and Chapter of various matters connected with its sanitary condition. Darbam to Thomas Dickenson and James Scott, of The Presentments are 106 in number. their Rectory of Berwick, with the tithes belonging to Another series of Presentments of a similar character, the same, without forfeiture of lease ; 28 July 1662. 70 in number. Licences

for persons in indigent circumstances to ask Another series, dated 1598. relief. A.D. 1747-1753.

Proclamations from 1568 on public and private affiairs
Licence-book for Brewers, 1685–1710.

by the Lord Governor and Council of the Town.
Manure, removal from Streets 1740.

Suits in the Council Chamber before the Governor,
Meadow entry books, from 1758.

the Mayor, Gentleman Porter, and other Officers, from
Meadow bonds, from 1780.

29 July 1573.
Meadows and stints, papers relating to, from 1761.

Orders touching Meadows and the adjudication of
Merse road bill, 1762.

suits respecting Town Lands, &c.
Mortgages, from 1706.

The volume ends with the year 1602.
Polls, from 1750.

My thanks are due to Robert Douglas, Esq., the
Quay, agreement for rebuilding, 1772.

Town Clerk of Berwick, through whose kindness I

obtained the freest access to the Records in his custody, Returns to Corporation, from 1660.

and who personally afforded me every assistance during Resident rolls, from 1778.

their examination.
Returns on the Habeas Corpus Act, from 1774.

Sachevrill's trial, papers connected therewith.

Sacramental certificates and sessions papers, from 1689.

Scire facias, from 1747.
Sessions books, from 1685.

Books and PAPERS in the custody of the TREASURER of TREASURER,
Sessions papers, from 1714.



ON-TWEED. Stint books, from 1760.

A series of volumes containing Inrollments connected Town house, proposals for building, reports, letters, with the Office of the Treasurer of the Corporation. agreement, &c., from 1750.

The first is in ancient binding, and contains the follow-
Treasurer's vouchers, from 1740.

ing documents :-
Treasurer's account books, from 1665.

Notes of Indentures of Apprenticeship to Burgesses,
Warrants on writs, from 1737.

from 1637. Copies of Deeds of Sale and other papers,
Warrants to constables to prevent destruction of prefixed by a more modern hand.
salmon, from 1741.

The ancient writing begins on fol. 43, and consists of 63 folios. It contains “A general survey of all the

Queen's Majesty's town of Berwick-upon-Tweed, and • At least one Guild Book of an earlier date than that with which the

“ of all and singular Her Majesty's castles, messuages, series now commences was formerly in existence. In the “Book of [&c.] within the same, made 2 Oct. 4 Eliz. [A.D. 1562] " Memoranda " described above occurs a reference (fol. 64 b) to "the “ Gildbooks from 1498, where all the Orders of Guild, or By-laws for

“ before Valentine Browne, esquire, and Roger Mayn. “ the government of the Corporation, are recorded."

waringe, gentleman,” by a Commission dated West


“ suche.

TREASURER, minster 11 May, 4 Eliz. (A.D. 1562], which is here set ter of the House of Motyndone, in the Diocese of Can- CORPORA.
ON-TWEED. out at length. The Survey is very minute and contains terbury, and Provincial of the Order of the Holy Trinity
particulars of much local interest, such as notice of in England, for the ransom of captives

in the Holy
tenure, descent of property, boundaries, measurements, Land, incarcerated by the Pagans for the Faith of Jesus
&c. A few Charters are noticed, the earliest is dated Christ; date 1494. By virtue of powers granted to
in 1388.

him, all the brethren and sisters of the Order may
Appended is a Survey of the Fishing waters in the yearly choose their Confessor to absolve them, in all
river Tweed, with their boundaries and measurements. cases but those reserved for the Apostolic See, and once

“A boke of Inrolments appertaynynge to the Quene's in their lives from all sins whatsoever, even in cases
Magesties Towne of Berwicke-uppon-Twede of all reserved for the Apostolic See, ecclesiastical sepulture

and charters as hathe passed under . not being denied to such, even in time of Interdict;
Her Highnes' Chamberleyne seale in the custodye of sueh privileges having been confirmed by Alexander VI.,
“ the right worshipfull Sir Frauncis Russell, knt., Her “Papa modernus," the present Pope (Roderigo Borgia).

Majesty's Chamberlayne of the Towne aforesaid synce By this document he receives John Davy and Elinor, he entreyd into the saide office." The documents his wife, into the fraternity. On the back of it are extend from 1576 to 1598.

written three forms of Absolution from sin. The " seal
“The Presentment of the Court Leet held 7 Dec. " of the brotherhood,” with which it was sealed, is lost.
“ 1616."

The order of Trinitarian Friars was a modified form of
Notices occur of persons who do not go to Church the order of Trinitarian Monks, founded by John de
on the Sabbath-day; who sell goods on the Sabbath- Matha and Felix de Valois, about A.D. 1198. Their
day; who sell fish to Strangers, to the disadvantage of especial mission was the redemption of captives in the
Burgesses ; who scold and quarrel with their neighbours, hands of the Pagans in Palestine.
&c. Also particulars respecting the decay of the walls; Bond, executed by William Ffounes, " of Brugge-
pulling down of portions of the same; the defective water, marchaunt," and Julio Redengis, “of the city
supply of coals to Burgesses ; swine going in the streets ; of Luxbone (Lisbon), marchaunt,” to John Davy,“

dunghills and other nuisances; scant supply of water; Bruggewater, marchaunt;" date 34th Henry VI.
streets badly paved, &c.

The two small seals attached are in perfect condition.
This volume is considerably injured by damp.

Conveyance (in English) by John Hamond of Bridg-
The second Book of Inrolments, also in folio, extends water to Robert Blake, of a tenement in Estoyer, at
from 1640 to 1677.

Bridgwater, called “Le Three Crownes," and a barn
The third Book from 1677 to 1729, also in folio, on the south side of the Weare, between the tenement

These volumes contain a large collection of miscel. of John Sydenham, of Brumpton, Esquire, and that of
laneous papers connected with the history of the Cor. John Popham; 16th Elizabeth. The seal defaced. The
poration, such as indentures of apprenticeship, grants above Robert Blake was the grandfather of the cele-
of land, houses, &c., letters of attorney, verdicts, brated Admiral of that name.
judgments (among others, the sale of the Castle of Conveyance by Sir John Chokke, “knyght for the
Berwick for 3201. by James Earl of Suffolk to the Cor. * King's body," to John Pole, of his lands and tene-
poration, 9 Aug. 17 Charles I. [A.D. 1641]), mortgages, ments in Bridgwater, Huntworthy, Heygrove, Welles,

and Harptree Gornay, 21st Henry VII. The deed is in
In the same office are deposited several bundles of fine order, and has a large seal attached. Sir John was
papers, which have not been fully examined. Among probably son of Sir Richard Chokke, the Judge, who is
those wbich were inspected, occurred " The proposals mentioned more than once in the Report upon Axbridge.
“ made by Captain Thomas Philips, one of His Ma- A small parchment deed, whereby John Slopyr,

jesty's Engineers, to the Corporation of Berwick, Chaplain of the Chantry of St. Mary at Bridgwater, “ for the defence of that town, 17 Oct. 1715," and conveys to Walter Cosyn, and Alice his wife, and his Articles for building the Town House, 13 Feb. 1750.” son John, his half burgage in the street called “ Freren

strete,” situate between the land of William Gascoigne By the kindness of A. R. Lowrey, Esq., Treasurer and that of Thomas Skidipha. Witnesses, William of Berwick, the documents under his custody were Gosse, William Gascoigne, Richard Warde, John Warde, most liberally submitted to my inspection, for which Richard Dyut, and others ; 2nd Henry V. The deed is I beg to offer my best thanks.

in fair condition, and has a fine seal attached.

Conveyance by John Slopyr, above-named, to Thomas

Chamburleyn and Johanna, his wife, of a tenement with.
out the West Gate, situate between the half burgage,

late of John Riche, and the quarter burgage, late of CORPORA- TAE CORPORATION OF BRIDGWATER-SECOND REPORT. John Shepherd; 6th Henry VI. Three seals, in fair

condition, are attached. BRIDG

Since the date of my Report in 1869 upon the docu- A small parchment deed, whereby James de la More,
ments of this Corporation, a large quantity of additional son of William atte More, grants to John de Loveny his
deeds and papers have come to light; the fact of their half messuage without the West Gate of Bruggewater,
existence having been, in consequence probably of the as you go towards Le Westwayhur_[? West Wear],
shortness of the time I was enabled to devote to the between the half burgage of Hugh Halewey and the
examination of them, then overlooked. The deeds half burgage of Nicholas de Chedesie. Witnesses,
bearing reference to transfers of houses and land, David le Palmere and Eustace Topet, then Provost,
ranging between the reigns of Henry III. and Henry Walter Fitz-Stephen, Richard Maydus, Simon de la
VIII., are probably upwards of a thousand in number. Forde; 35th Edward I. The seal is mutilated.
As at Axbridge, they were deposited for safe custody, Deed whereby Robert Legh, of Haddeworthy, conveys
in all probability, at the office of the Town Clerk. After to John Cosyn and John Pytte, of Briggewater, his
they had served alike the object of the vendor and the tenement called “ “Moneistenement [Money's tene-
vendee, their existence, in the course of two or three ment], situate in the High Street, in “Le Bokourewe"
generations, would become forgotten. The following is [Butcher Row], between the tenement of the Lord la
a selection from these additional documents :-

Souche, on the west, and that in which Thomas Potter
A roll, about 7 feet in length, containing the “ Statute formerly dwelt, on the east; also, a vacant piece of
“ of Labourers," passed at Westminster in the 23rd ground and garden in the east corner of the King's
year of Edward III., A.D. 1349. It is preceded by an- highway, which leads from the south style (scalera) of
other Statute, in French, the title of which is torn off. the Church towards the Friars Minors, and which John
The third Statute contained in the roll is entitled, - Schote, helyar (tiler], lately held of him ; also, his bur-
“ Statutum de tempore Domini Regis Ricardi Secundi, gage without the West Gate, formerly belonging to
" ad potestatem [doubtful] custodum pacis pertinens." John Swopham; all which he lately had of the gift and
Except at the beginning, the roll is in fine condition, feoffment of John Kedwely of Briggewater. Because
and the writing is apparently of the time of Richard II. his own seal is unknown to most persons, he has pro-

A conveyance by John Bucklond, of Westharptree, to cured the seal of the Provostship (or Reveship, “Præ-
John Colford, of à tenement situate without the West positatus"] to be set thereto; and John Hille and
Gate of Bridgwater,—" by the Cross there"; 35th John Elys, the Provosts, or Reves, at his personal re-
Henry VIII.

quest, have each set his seal thereto. Witnesses, Wil-
J-etter of Attorney of William Atte Stone, perpetual liam Poulet of Melcomb, William Bosse, Thomas Mich-
Vicar of Tauntone, empowering John le Hayward to put elle, Richard Bretelle, and others; 2nd year of Henry
Richard atte Stone, his brother, in possession of a half VI. There are two seals, in fair condition, one with a
burgage at Bridgwater. Dated at Tauntone, 28th Ed- bird, the legend ending with “pole”; the other, larger,
ward III. The seal is in fair condition.

the seal of the Provosts, a one-masted galley, with two Brief, on a small parchment, of Friar Richard, Minis- men standing on it, back to back; which seal also occurs




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