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Horsi oi concerning the treaties with Spain. In extenso. L. J.,
HI. 250.

1. The King's answer. In extenso. L. J., III. 250.

1623-4, March 8.—Petition of Robert Playle, a poor prisoner in the Fleet. Is imprisoned for arresting John Scott and Dame Alice Dome, his wife, at the suit of William Fawcett, not knowing that they were protected as servants of the Earl of Holderness. Prays for discharge. L. J., III. 251.


1. Similar petition. 9 March 1623-4.

1623-4, March 10.—Draft of " An Act for the confir"mation of a decree in Chancery made by the consent "of the lord of the manor of Painswick, in the county "of Glocester, and the customary tenants of the said "manor." Read 1". L. J., III. 254. 21 Jac. I. c. 16. in list of Private Acts, 8vo. edit.

1623-4, March 11—"A list of debts owing by the "King." Headed "Spent by His Majesty since "Michaelmas 1619."


1. List of sums received, headed, "Reed, by His "Majesty towards these expenses."

1623-4, March 13.—Petition of Sir Edward Osbaldeston, Knight, prisoner in the Fleet, to the Earl of Pembroke, Lord Chamberlain of the Household. Was arrested by Thomas Banckes at the suit of the executors of the late Robert King. Pembroke being a servant of the Earl of Derby, prays the Earl to move the House that he "may have the privilege of my Lord's service." L. J., HI. 261.

1623-4, March 13.—Draft of " An Act to enable James "Ward, alias Farmer, to sell and dispose a messuage "and certain lands in the parish of Ibstock, within the "county of Leicester, for and towards payment of his "debts and provision of his younger children." Read 1* C. J., I. 684.


1. Proceedings of the Committee on the Bill in H. C. 16 March, C. J., I. 687. No further proceeding.

1623-4, March 15.—Draft of "An Act for the revers"ing, altering, or correcting of erroneous sentences, "judgments, decrees, or orders, in Courts of Equity." Provides for appeal from any Court of Equity by Writ • of Error to the Courts of King's Bench or Common Pleas. Read 1". C. J., I. 737. Committed, 14 April, C. J., I. 766. No further proceeding.

1623-4, March 18.—Draft of " An Act for the better "and more speedier payment of debts from men im"prisoned, and for releasement and discharging of "prisoners and also others in danger thereof for the "better employment and service of His Majesty's "realm." Read 1*. C. J., I. 739.

Bill rejected, 20 April 1624. C. J., I. 771.

1623-4, March 18.—Draft of " An Act for preventing "of unnecessary suits about precedence between "citizens and burgesses within their corporations." All questions of precedence to be settled by the charter and custom of the corporation; any person bringing a suit against another on a question of precedence, shall forfeit one hundred pounds. Read 1*. C. J., I. 739. No further proceeding.

1623-4, March 18—Petition of the late Scottish East India Company, that Sir Thomas Smith, Kut., Alderman Hammersley, and the Old Muscovy Company, and Sir James Cuningham, may be ordered to pay to petitioners certain monies in compliance with an order of the Privy Council.

1623-4, March 19.—Engrossment of "An Act con"corning brewhouses in and about London and West"minster:" nuisance is caused by the burning of seacoal fires in brewhouses; no coal to be burnt in any brewhouse within one mile of any house in which His Majesty's Court or the Court of the Prince of Wales shall be usually held (except the Tower of London), or in any street or place westward from London Bridge, or from the street leading directly thence to Bishopsgate. Read 1*. L. J., III. 269. Passed through all its stages in H. L. and was sent to H. C, where it dropped with the session.

1623-4, March 19. — Memorandum of amendments desired by Sir Francis Englelield on the Viscount Montagu's Bill for settling certain lands and manors for the payment of his debts and raising his daughters' portions. See L. J., III. 266.

1623-4, March 20.—Draft of "An Act for the better "repressing of drunkenness and restraining the in"ordinate haunting of inns, alehouses, and other vic"tualling houses." Read 1*. L. J., III. 271., 21 Jac. I. o. 7.

1623-4, March 20.—Draft of "An Act concerning Eovuoi "probate of suggestions in cases of prohibition." Lobdb. Read 1*. L. J., III. 271. Committed, 8 April, L. J., III. 295. No further proceeding.

1623-4, March 20.—Draft of "An Act for natural"izing of Philipp Burlamachi of London, merchant." L. J., III. 272. 21 Jac. I. c. 2. in Private Acts.

1623-4, March 20.—Draft of "An Act for natural"izing of Giles Van de Put of London, merchant." Read 1*. L. J., III. 272. 21 Jac. I. c. 3. in list of Private Acts.

1623-4, March 20.—Petition of Mary Lough, sister to Edward Barton, Esquire, late Ambassador to Queen Elizabeth of famous memory, and the Agent in Turkey for the Turkey merchants, administratrix of his goods and chattels. William Horborne was the first Ambassador to Turkey, all his charges being paid by the Levant Company. Barton succeeded him, to the great advantage of the merchants and Christians in general, and to the great dismay of the Turkish nobles, who fearing the Grand Signior would become a Christian, procured Barton's death by poison. The Levant Company refuse to pay the late Ambassador's charges. Petitioner prays assistance from their Lordships.


1. Catalogue of the special services rendered by
Barton in protecting Christians.

1623-4, March 22.—Petition of parishioners of St. Katherine's Christchurch, alias Creechurch, next within Aldgate, London. That the Master and Fellows of Magdalene College, Cambridge, may be directed to repair the chancel of the church.


1. Another petition to the same effect

1623-4, March 23.—Draft of "An Act for the relief "of patentees, tenants, and farmers of Crown lands "and Duchy lands, or of lands within the survey of "the Court of Wards and Liveries, incases of forfeiture "for not-payment of their rents or other service or "duty." Read 1". L. J., III. 281. 21 Jac. I. c. 25.

1623-4, March 24.— Draft of "An Act against depo"pulation and decay of farms and conversion of arable "mto pasture." Directed against the practice of pulling down farm houses and houses of husbandry. When any farm house is pulled down the yearly value to be paid for the use of the poor of the parish until such house is rebuilt and a fine of two shillings an acre per annum is to be paid upon all arable land converted into pasture. Read 2". C. J., 748.


1. List of Committee in H. C. C. J., I. 748. No further proceeding. 1624, March 25.—Last sheet of draft of "An Act "concerning petty larceny and the punishment of the "offenders therein." Read 1". C. J., I. 750. Committed, 8 May, C. J., I. 785. No further proceeding. 1624, March 25, ] Journal or Day Book belonging to to y Daniel Boimel; apparently a Dutch

12 June 1629. J merchant; contains entries of his mercantile transactions.

neo i A -ii T Minute Book of proceedings in 1624, April 1 | Houso of Lordg P yide *upra_

Ik-uc uiM- t 11620-21, March 23, and 1623-4, 15 March 1624-5. I j, ^'

1624, April 1.—Writ of summons to Parliament to [Richard] Viscount Tonbridge.

1624, April 2.—Draft of " An Act for the establishing "of the lands of John Stratford upon John Hopkins, "his heirs and assigns according to the several agree"ments between them touching the same." Read 1*. C. J., I. 752.


1. List of Committee on the Bill in H. C, April 3.
C. J., I. 753. No further proceeding.

1624, April 3.—Draft of "An Act for continuance of "the Statute made in the 7th year of the King's "Majesty's reign against burning of lingo and heath "and other moor burnings in the county of York, Dur"ham, Northumberland, Cumberland, Westmoreland, "Lancaster, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, and the "dominion of Wales at unseasonable times of the year, "and for some addition to be made thereunto." Continues Act 7 Jac. I. c. 17., and extends its provisions to Wales. Readl'. C. J., I. 754. Rejected, 791, May 19.


1. List of Committee on the Bill in H. C, with minutes of proceedings, April 13. C. J., I. 764. 1624, April 3.—Draft of "An Act concerning the "purveyance and taking of horses, carts, and carriages "by land or by water for His Majesty's service." The

n°TMEOF King finds from tho complaint of his Commons, that' great oppression is practised under the name of purveyance ; in future no purveyor to take any horses, carts, &'c. for tho King's service, except he be authorised by commission under the Great Seal, and services to bo duly allotted and paid for. Read 1». L. J., III. 287. Reported, 306, April 15. No further proceeding. Annexed,

1. List of Committee on the Bill in H. C. C. J., II. 679. March 8.

1624, April 3.—Draft order respecting fines imposed by tho House. L. J., III. 287. In extenso.

[1624], April 3.—Petition of Sir Gilbert Hoghton, Knight; that Sir Wm. Cockayne, mortgagee of the manor of Walton in le Vale, Lancashire, may, in order to save litigation, be called upon by the House for an account of his receipts, &c, and thereupon, after satisfaction of his just claims, ordered to re-convey tho residue of tho said manor to petitioner.

1624, April 5.—Petition of the House of Commons to the King for severe measures against Popish recusants. Sent up for concurrence of the Lords. L. J., III. 289. In extenso.

1624, April 7.—Draft of "An Act for tho general "quieting of the subject against all pretence of con"cealments whatsoever." Brought from H. C. L. J., III. 293. 21 Jae. I. c. 2.

1624, April 7.—Draft of "An Act to prevent and "punish tho abuses in procuring process and superse"dcas, and for the peace and good behaviour, out of "His Majesty's Courts at Westminster, and to prevent "the abuses in procuring writs of certiorari out of the "said Courts for removing of indictments found before "justices of the peace in their general sessions." 21 Jac. I. c. 8. Brought from H. C. L. J., III. 293.

1624, April 7.—Draft of "An Act against such as "shall levy any fine, suffer any recovery, knowledgo "any statute, recognizance, bail, or judgment, in tho "name of any other person or persons not being privy "and consenting thereto." 21 Jac. I. c. 26. Brought fromH. C. L. J., III. 293.


1. List of Committee on the Bill in H. C, 1624, April 3. C. J., I. 754.

1624, April 7.—Petition of Philip Page, prisoner in tho Fleet, in consequence of unjust decisions against him in courts of law, obtained in one case by the influence of Sherborne and Day, two servants, upon their master, the Lord Chancellor St. Albans. Endorsed, "7 April, recepi a comite Bridgwater."

1624, April 8.—Draft of "An Act for the restitution '*' of the possession, and the establishing and settling, "of the manor of Prees, and other lands in the county "of Lancaster, unto Robert Wolferstone, Edmond "Wolferstone, and Charles Wolferstone, and the heirs "of the said Robert, according to tho conveyances to "them thereof made by John Skillicorne, and for the "reversal and making void of a decree and other orders "made in the Court of Chancery against them in tho "behalf of the said John Skillicorne touching the said "lands." Read 1". C. J., I. 758. Reported, 795, May 26. No further proceeding.


1. Narrativo of the case.

2. List of Committee on the Bill in H. C, April 14. C. J., I. 766.

3. Names of members added to Committee. April 20, &c.

1624, April 8.—Draft of " An Act for the establishing "of the possessions unto Dame Marie Buckley, widow, "of all and singular the messuages, lands, tenements, "and hereditaments, leases, and terms for years here"after mentioned, and for the restoring to her the "rents, profits, and arrearages thereof, and every part "thereof, according to her right and title in tho same." Read 1\ C. J., I. 758. Committed, 764, April 13. No farther proceeding.


1. Narrative of tho case.

1624, April 8.—Petition of Thomas Norton, gentleman, surveyor of His Majesty's ways. Is unable to keep tho highways in repair in consequence of the many defects in the statutes relating thereto. Prays for a committee to inquire into and correct the same." Noted, " It cannot be done by petition. Therefore the "Lords thipk he may tako some other course by Bill "in tho House or otherwise."

1624, April 9.—Draft of " An Act concerning the "tithes or tenths of and for lead ore and lead mine "digged for, gotten, and to be digged for and gotten "within the manor and hundred of the High Peak and

"the precincts thereof, in the county of Derby, and Hotjbe Op

"other places within tho said county. Great ad van- Lords. tages arise to the kingdom from the digging of lead ore, while most of the miners are very poor. No tithes to bo demanded for lead ore obtained in the places mentioned. Read 1\ C. J., I. 758. Rejected, 787, May 12. Annexed,

1. List of Committee in H. C, and minutes of
proceedings, April 17. C. J., I. 769.
1624, April 9.—Petition of Sir Edward Osbaldston,
Knight, servant to the Earl of Derby, for relief from
an outlawry unjustly obtained by Matthew King (for
whom Petitioner had become surety) and Thomas Banks,
the outlawry being now pleaded in bar of a suit in
Chancery brought by petitioner. L. J., III., 296.

1. Petition of the said Sir Edw. Osbaldston on the
same subject. April 16.

2. Duplicate of preceding.

1624, April 13.—List of Committee in H. C. on the Bill " for the quiet establishment of the customs of the "manor of Benister," with minutes of proceedings. C. J., I. 764.

1624, April 14.— Petition of Gricell Rogers, an oppressed widow, exhausted in estate, and herself and her orphans exposed to ruin by tho unjust persecutions and vexations of Sir Arthur Ingram, Knight, and his agents: for redress. L. J., III. 303 & 415.

1624, April 14.—Draft of "An Act for the relief of "the artizan clothworkers of the city of London." Regulates the number of apprentices and journeymen to be employed by each master, the rate of wages, &c. Readl'. C. J., 1.766.


1. List of Committee on the Bill in H. C. C. J.,
I. 767. April 15. No further proceeding.

1624, April 14.—Draft of "An Act to prevent the "greatcharge, expense, and other inconveniences which "divers of His Majesty's subjects dwelling in counties "remote from London and Westminster are put unto "by prosecuting and bringing of actions of debt, co"venant, account, fause imprisonment, trespass of "assault and batteries, and other personal actions "against them in London and Middlesex, and not in "the proper counties where the causes of such actions "did arise and grow." Road 1\ C. J., I. 766. Re- * jected, 3 May 1624. C. J., I. 782.

1624, April 15.—Engrossment of "An Act concern"ing the fees to be taken in cities, boroughs, towns, &c, "and the tabling thereof." Great exactions are practised in market towns and ports by the imposition of pretended fees for porterage, wharfage, cranage, stallage, &c. In future no fees to be charged which were not customary before the 40th year of Eliz., or which have not since been legally authorised. A table of fees to bo kept in each market town or port, and set up in some open place. Read 1". C. J., I. 767. Dropped after third reading. C. J., I. 795.

1. Draft of preceding.

1624, April 16.—Petition of Peter Reade. Furnished a suit of clothes to Sir James Cuningham, who has since gone to Ireland. Prays that he may be paid out of the money ordered by the Privy Council to be paid to Cuningham by the Muscovy Company.

1624, April 16.—Petition of Thomas Gabriel and others, that certain debts due to them by Sir James Cuningham may be paid out of the monies ordered by the Privy Council to bo paid to him by the Muscovy Company.

1624, April 16.—Petition of Mary Lough: complains that tho Company of Levant Merchants have not yet answered her petition, and prays that counsel may bo assigned her to argue her case.

1624, April 16.—The answer of tho Governor and Company of Merchants trading to the Levant Seas to the petition of Mary Lough.

1624, April 16.—Petition of John Blakeden. Having purchased and fitted up a ship about eight years ago, was bound to the West Indies, and brought his ship to Southampton. At the instigation of the East India Company a warrant was issued under the great seal of tho Admiralty, and a letter sent to the Mayor of Southampton to arrest petitioner on the plea that ho was about to sail to the East Indies. He has suffered great damage by these proceedings, and prays for redress.


1. Another petition to the same effect, 25th April,

Horsi op 2. Copy of preceding.

2. Copy of the Admiralty warrant referred to in the petitions, 20th June 1615.

1624, April 16. — Petition of Francis Carew, Esq., Prothonotary of His Majesty's Court of Chancery, "both in his own and the behalf of diverse clerks in "his office." The only benefit of his place, and the means of livelihood of his clerk, was " the writing unto "the Great Seal of process and- supersedeas for the "peace and good behaviour," which by a Bill before Parliament is absolutely taken away. Prays relief.

1624, April 16.—Petition of the heir and executors of Sir James Cuningham, of the realm of Ireland, lately deceased, that the money due to him from the Muscovy Company may be paid to the Clerk of the House, and remain in his custody until petitioners have made out their claim to it.

1624, April 17.—Draft of "An Act to restrain the "worsted weavers within the county of Norfolk and "city of Norwich from buying or using any other yarn, "to be employed in the manufacture of worsteds, other "than such as been of wools of Norfolk growth and "wrought within the said county of Norfolk and city "of Norwich." Bead 1*. C. J., I. 769. Bejected, 23 April. C. J., I. 773.

1624, April 17.—Draft of " An Act for the naturalizing "of Jaques De Beste." Bead 1\ L. J., III. 312. No further proceeding.

1624, April 19.—Draft of '' An Act to restrain butchers "from grazing of cattle." No butcher to keep any cattle or sheep on grass for more than 30 days after buying the same before killing. Bead 1". C. J., I. 770. No further proceeding.

1624, April 23.—Petition of" distressed prisoners in "the common gaol in general, and living only upon the "charity thereof," detailing the hardships they have endured during the past winter, and praying for a more equal distribution of the charities contributed towards their support. Noted, " This petition is to be considered "of when the money in the box is to be divided."

1624, April 23.—Petition of Bichard Lewis, merchant. Complains of a judgment given against him by the Company of Eastland Merchants, touching a ship. The company are empowered by their charter to judge certain causes. Prays for a commission of enquiry. Noted, "Bejected."

1624, April 23.—Petition of John Sharpc, one of the Yeomen Ushers of His Majesty's chamber, that a debt due to him from Sir James Cuningham may be paid out of the monies due to Cuningham from the merchants of London.

1624, April 23.—Petition of Thomas Northon that the Muscovy Company may be ordered to pay petitioner 10Z. 10s. for casks seized by them out of a ship employed by Sir James Cuningham's Company.

1624, April 23.—Petition of Benjamin Crokoy that his Bill for the restoration of the Free Grammar School at Wootton-nnder-Edge, Gloucestershire, may be received and read without any further payment of fees.

1624, April 24.—Petition of George White, of the city of Exon, gent. Was plaintiff in the High Court of Star Chamber in a suit against John Norcote, justice of the peace, and Thomas Pcarce, a constable, "for "smothering a murder committed by the said con"stable's son." Damages and costs were given against petitioner, for the non-payment of which he was committed to the Fleet. Prays for a hearing.

1624, April 26.—Draft of "An Act for the better ex"planation of a Statute made in the 7th year of King "Edward IV., intituled An Act for the election, oath, "authority, searching, and sealing of the Wardens of "Worsted weavers in Norwich and Norfolk, and for "some further addition to avoid divers abuses in the "Baid trade, and for the better ordering thereof." Bead 1*. C. J., I. 775. No further proceeding.

1624, April 27.—Draft of " An Act against the expor"tation of wool, wool fells, mortlings, shortlings, yarn "made of wool, wool flocks, fullers earth, and fulling "clay." Great mischief being caused to tho country by the exportation of native commodities, the Bill enacts that the exportation, or assisting in the exportation of any of the above articles shall be felony. L. J., III. 322.


1. List of Committee in H.C. 6 March 1624. C.J., I. 730. Committed, 24 May 1624. L. J., in. 403. No further proceeding. 1624, April 27.—Draft of "An Act to enlarge and "make perpetual the Act made for ease in pleading "against troublesome and contentious suits prosecuted "against justices of the peace, mayors, constables, and "certain others His Majesty's officers for tho lawful

"execution of their office, made in tho 7th year of His House Op "Majesty's most happy reign." Bead la. L. J., Ill, Lo^B322. 21 Jac. I. c. 12.

1624, April 29.—Petition of Mary Overton. Petitioner advanced 1,300/. to the Muscovy Company, of which they have only repaid 500/. The company have since obtained a protection, and she cannot therefore proceed against thorn in any legal course. Prays for relief.

1624, April 30.—Petition of Susan Dansyc, widow, for relief against Anthony Blewett, by whom she has been unjustly ousted from tho possession of the manor house and certain lands at Somerby, in the county of Leicester.

1624, April 30.—Petition of Thomas Hackwell and others, twelve very poor men employed by tho merchants and company trading to the East Indies: were surprised by the Dutch, imprisoned in loathsome vaults, and exposed to such horrors that many of the prisoners died; and the petitioners at length freed had lost to the value of 3,630/. 10s. In 1620 their case was heard by the Committee of tho House, and the East India Company then promised them satisfaction whenever the Dutch should make restitution. The Privy Council also ordered them satisfaction and directed the Trinity House to examine the matter, but the East India Company having got the matter referred instead to the Admiralty Court, the petitioners could get nothing but their wages. Pray for relief.


1. Copy of order of Privy Council abovo referred
to. 1622, Jan. 7.

2. Petition of Thomas Harkwell and eleven other
mariners [to the Prince His Highness], that he
would commend their petition for relief against
the East India merchants to the Lords Committees

•for grievances, according to his promiso made
on his voyage from Spain. 1624, May 14.

3. Brief of the mariners grievances.

4. Another brief of the grievances.

5. The names of the twelve mariners.

1624, May 1.—Draft of " An Act for tho restitution in "blood of Carew Baieigh, son of Sir Walter Baleigh, "Knight, late attainted of high treason." Brought from H. C. L. J., III. 335. Passed through all stages in both Houses, but did not receive the royal assent.


1. List of Committee in H. C. April 8. C. J.,
I. 758.

1624, May 1.—Draft of "An Act for tho naturalizing "of Peter Verbeake." Brought from H. C. L. J., III. 335. No further proceeding.

[1624], May 3.—Petition of Captain John Freeman. Sir Edward Burton, of Eastbourne, in the county of Sussex, outlawed upon actions brought by petitioner in the Court of Common Pleas, has, with others, been guilty of fraud and violence towards petitioner. Prays that they may have no benefit of a pardon deceitfully obtained from the King.

A slip of paper attached is thus noted, "The Lords "think the petition full of ill language, and that if the "suggestions therein bo true, the petitioner may have "remedy elsewhere, and leave him to be advised by "his counsel."

1624, May 4.—Draft of "An Act for tho further "description of a bankrupt, and relief of creditors "against such as shall become bankrupts, and for "inflicting corporal punishment upon the bankrupts in "some special cases." Brought from H. C. L. J., III. 340. 21 Jac. I. c. 19.

1624, May 4.—Draft of "An Act for enabling of the "sale of the manor of Bampton, in the county of Cam"bridge, and of divers lands and tenements in Bamp"ton, Wivellingham, and Cottenham in the same "county, now or late the freehold or inheritance of "Edward Alcocke, Esquire." Brought from H. C. L. J., III. 340. 21 Jac. I.e. 31. in list of Private Acts, 8vo edition.

1624, May 4.—Petition of tho poor oppressed inhabitants of Great Tewe, Oxon. In March last they presented a petition against Sir Lawrence Tanfield, Lord Chief Baron of tho Court of Exchequer, to the House of Commons ; but on enquiring tho issue, Mr. Wrighte, tho clerk of that House, told them that one of tho House, he knew not who, had taken it out of the House, and they must present another if they wanted any relief. Pray for consideration of their grievances.


1. Grievances of inhabitants of (Great or) Michael
Tewe. Have time out of mind enjoyed right of
pasture over Cowhill pasture, containing about
300 acres; but Sir Lawrence Tanfield .having
bought the manor of Michael Tuo about 10 years

Housb op ago, has thrust out the inhabitants from the

0BD3, enjoyment of the said pasture, claiming it as his

"waste." That not daring to contend with him they submitted to his mercy, but soon tasted the misery thereof, getting little or no compensation for their rights. Sir Lawrence has enclosed seven parcels, the best feeding on their known common, and impounds any cattle straying therein. He has digged up their "mcarstones "and marks," which must breed dispute and enable him to get possession by little and little of lands on which some of the petitioners ancestors have lived for 400 years. That under their leases the tenants are granted great timber for repairs, but now are denied the timber, and yet fined for not repairing. That Sir Lawrence threatens to root them out if they will not do his pleasure. That he refuses to pay any duties to the church " for 36 yard lands of his own demesnes." "That the lady, his wife, saith that the inhabi"tants of Tu are more worthy to be ground to "powder than to have any favour shewed them, "and that she will play the devil amongst "them." That Sir Lawrence and his lady said they should never improve their revenue till they had "sunk" John Iliron, one of their tenants. That they brought an action against him in the King's Bench for petitioning the Prince against them, and got a verdict by default, Hiron being unable to retain counsel. That Sir Lawrence obtained an injunction from the Lord Keeper that he might enjoy the manor without disturbance of the inhabitants. That Sir Lawrence has inclosed many pieces of Hiron's known lands, and thereby stopped his right of way to other of his lands, forcing him to go a mile round to them, and has impounded his cattle without cause, while Sir Lawrence's cattle and swine arc constantly straying. When Sir Lawrence bought the manor there were 26 plough teams, but now the inhabitants are so impoverished by his oppression that there are but 12. That ho has taken the lead from the chancel of the church to make pipes and gutters for his own house, has pulled down the churchyard wall, and thrown part of the churchyard into a pasture of his own. That he will not give the allowance of straw which the inhabitants have had for many years from the parsonage barn for them to kneel upon in church. At his courts leet Sir Lawrence puts his servants and unfit persons on juries, and has further oppressed the inhabitants by seizure of crops and horses under colour of legal proceedings.

2. Draft order of Lords Committees for petitions, for Sir Lawrence Tanfield to take copies of the petitions of Warmstrey and the inhabitants of Great Tewc, and return answer thereto. May 4, 1624.

3. Answer of Sir Lawrence Tanfield to the petition exhibited in the name of the inhabitants of Great Tue. That no petition was presented by the said inhabitants to the House of Commons, but only

* one of John Hyorno [PHiron], who has alone got up the present petition, but not dared himself to sign it. Prays that some petitioner may bo called upon to avow the petition, the truth of which he denies, and annexes a short answer to the material parts. Answer annexed,

John Hyorno [niron] is a man very malicious, "of "a violent spirit, and extremely audacious, "daring to affirm things untrue for truth, with"out fear of God." Has been justly punished in law for his violent conduct and false accusation of Sir Lawrence. Thero have been disputes between the lord and the tenants, but they have all been settled cither by course of law or by arbitrament of friends, two for the lord and two for the tenants. He conceives that such matters are not parliamentary business. 1624, May 4.—Petition of Wm. Warmstrey. Holds one third of the parsonage of Bleddington, Oxon, for a term of years not yet expired. He sublet the same at 45Z. per annum for four years, some 12 years ago, to Thomas and John Mackerill, who again sublet the last two years of their tenancy to certain persons for the benefit of Sir Lawrence Tanfield and his wife, who having got possession refuse to quit, or to pay any rent. Prays for relief. Endorsed, "'Agreed on by "consent of parties." 1624, May 5.—Petition of Humphrey Low, seven years

prisoner in the Fleet. His misfortunes are the conse- Horsx 0 quence of his loyal services in helping to arrest Sir Lords. Everard Digby and others concerned in the Gunpowder plot. Prays for relief. Noted, "Rejected."

1624, May 8—Draft of " An Act for relief of creditors "against such persons as die in execution." Brought from H. C. L. J., III. 362. 21 Jac. I. c. 24.


1. List of Committee on the Bill in H. C. C. J.,
I. 769.

1624, May 8.—Draft, of "An Act to prevent the de"stroying and murdering of bastard children." Brought fromH. C. L. J., III. 362. 21 Jac. I. c. 27.

1624, May 8.—Draft of "An Act for explanation of "the Statutes made in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th years of "King Edward the Sixth, concerning the traders of "butter and cheese." Brought from H. C. L. J., III. 362. 21 Jac. I. c. 22.


1. Pair copy of Act.

2. List of Committee on the Bill in H. C. April 3,
1624. C. J., I. 753.

1624, May 8.—Draft of "An Act that the county "palatine of Durham shall have knights, citizens, and "burgesses to serve in the Commons House of Parlia"ment." The county of Durham to return two knights to Parliament, the city two citizens, and the couuty or borough of Barnardcastlc two burgesses. Brought from H. C. L. J., III. 362. Passed through all stages, but did not receive the royal assent.


1. Two lists of the Committee on the Bill in H. C.
C. J., I. 749. March 25.

1624, May 8.—Petition of "Theophilus, the poor "Bishop of miserably spoiled Llandatf," touching the lordship of Llandaff and other lands claimed by Wm. and George Mathewe. L. J., III. 363.

1624, May 8.—Petition of John Andrews for relief against Sir Lawrence Tanfield. Lord Chief Baron, who forced a sale of foreclosure of the rectory of Astall and Fulbrook, Oxon, mortgaged by the petitioner, though the mortgagees hail promised him further time for payment. Bought the same himself, and has never paid a large part of the purchase money.


1. Answer of Sir Lawrence Tanfield. That the
purchase was made at the importunity of the
parties; that the property was heavily charged,
and the full value paid for it; that Andrews
violently seized the tithes on one occasion, which
Sir Lawrence has been unable to recover; that
the other statements are untrue. 1624, May 20.
1624, May 8.—Petition of Sir Anthony Maine for
relief against his near kinsman, Sir Lawrence Tan-
field, Lord Chief Baron. Being engaged in a lawsuit,
he had consulted Sir Lawrence respecting the same,
who under colour of assisting him had got possession
of the property in dispute.

1. Answer of Sir Lawrence Tanfield. That he had
done much for Sir Anthony Maine to the neglect
of his own business. He details the circum-
stances of the cause, and declares that anything
he had received had been forced upon him by
Sir Anthony in gratitude for the pains he had
taken. 1624, May 20.

2. Replication of Sir Anthony Maine to the answer
of Sir Lawrence Tanfield. Denies the state-
ments contained in the answer. Sir Lawrence
was no counsel when the suit began. No account
of monies received could be obtained from him.
Sir Anthony's father at length proceeded against
Sir Lawrence at law. Was put to great expense
by the delays procured by Sir Lawrence, and
died before the conclusion of the suit. Sir
Anthony prays that Sir Lawrence may be called
upon to give a direct answer to the charges.

1624, May 11.—Petition of Edward Malton: for relief against Sir Thomas Mcwtys, Knight, his debtor for 40Z., protected, as petitioner fears, by privilege of Parliament against the ordinary course of law. Noted, "This petition is not thought worthy to be retained in "Parliament."

1624, May 11.—Petition of AVilliam Latham and James Provand. Sir James Keningham, deceased, promised to pay a debt due to them from him when he should receive money due to him from the Muscovy Company. Pray for payment from the funds of the said company.

1624. May 14.—Petition of Philip Smith, prisoner in the Fleet, against Sir Lawrence Tanfield. That in a Ioctj oi cause in which petitioner was plaintiff beforo him, Lady ljtps- • Tanfield received 201. from petitioner, and a promise of 20/. more if Sir Lawrence would do justice; but Sir Lawrence having received a piece of plate from the defendant, gave the cause against the plaintiff. That in another man's cause Lady Tanfield received 501. in a parse worth 31., before the plaintiff could get a hearing ; and in a cause in which petitioner is now engaged, he has been unjustly committed for contempt of court by Sir Lawrence. Noted, "24 May 1624. Ordered by "the Lords Committees for Petitions, that this scan"dalous petition shall be rejected." Annexed,

1. The answer of Sir Lawrence Tanfield. That Smith had petitioned the House of Commons on the same subject, but that his petition had been rejected; that the suits in question were many yeais ago, and that whatever was done in them was done justly; that the statements respecting presents to Lady Tanfield are utterly untrue. He details the circumstances of Smith's present cause, shewing that Smith was justly punished for contempt.

2. Order of the Grand Committee for Courts of Justice in H. C. for rejection of Smith's petition. Signed Jo. Wrighte.

1624, May 14.—Petition of William Weare, for relief against the unjust proceedings of one Mitcholl touching certain lands in Wiltshire mortgaged to him.

1624, May 14.—Petition of Katheren Holcombe, widow, for relief touching a sale by her trustees without her privity of certain lands held in trust for her.

1624, May 14.—Petition of Thomas Smethwick, that the judges may be directed to hear his suit in Chancery, which they have omitted to do for fear of the Lord Keeper. Noted, "This petition to [be] shewed to my "Lord Keeper." "The like to the Lower House, and "rejected."

1624, May 14.—Petition of Isott Bidwell, widow of Nicholas Bidwell, for relief against the Mayor and Commonalty of Exeter, touching divers leases, goods, and chattels seized by them after the decease of petitioner's husband. Has failed to obtain relief in the courts of law, owing to unfair practices and the injustice of Sir Edward Powell, Master of the Court of Requests. Noted, "The Lords Committees think fit "this petition be shewed to Sir Edward Powell, and "that he make his answer thereunto with all convenient "speed. Dated the 18th of May." Endorsed, " May it "please your Lordships, I have seen this petition, and "do in all humility for answer thereunto refer myself "to the decree of dismission annexed, having never "had anything to do in this cause but in open Court, "when, the Right Hon. Edward, Earl of Worcester, "Lord Privy Seal, hath been present, and others the "judges of the Court. Edw. Powell, 28 Maij 1624." 2. Bidwell v. the Mayor, Ac. of Exeter. Office copy of an Order of the King in Council confirming a decree of the 18th of May last past, by which tho cause was dismissed. June 1, 1622. 1624, May 14.—Petition of Thomas Bartram, for relief against Sir John Windham, touching certain lands in Norfolk mortgaged to petitioner's father. Noted, " Not to be retained."

1624, May 14.—Petition of bailiffs and burgesses of Chepstow. Sir Walter Montague left by will his house and grounds in Chepstow towards tho lodging of a preacher and 10 or 12 poor people, and for their maintenance one pasture field in Hanging-Houton, Northamptonshire. The Lord Montague his heir is attempting to set aside the said devise. Pray that he may bo informed of the contents of this petition, and persuaded not to hinder the devise, or otherwise that he may bo called upon to answer the premises. Noted, " Rejected and left to the ordinary course of, Ac."

1624, May 14.—Petition of Nicholas Botiller. That one Crewe and John and Robert Bridges may be required to account for certain moneys and certain lands in Gloucestershire.

1. Another petition of same. Complained in a former petition of the fraudulent practices of one John Bridges. Now complains of his executors.

2. Brief of the case in which, under colour of procuring and lending the petitioner money, the defendants had used his lands to serve their own turn.

1624, May 14.—Petition of John Martin, a poor distressed sailor. In his absence in the late Queen's service has been fraudulently excluded from certain lands at Tengmouth, in the county of Devon, which should

by deed as by law have descended to him. Prays for House Of relief. 'Lords.

1624, May 14.—Petition of John Ohapman of Whaplod, in the codnty of Lincoln. Anthony Irby has got possession of certain lands which should have descended to petitioner, together with the deeds relating to the same. Is unable to wage law with so powerful an adversary; that is potent both in purse and friends. Noted, "The petitioner may take his course as others "of the King s subjects do in other courts of equity, "this being not a fit business for the Parliament."

1624, May 14— Petition of Philip Page. Vouches for the truth of his former statements, and prays for a hearing that he may prove the same. See Petition, April 7, 1624.

1624, May 14.—Petition of Peter Watson, grocer of London, for redress of grievances set forth in annexed paper.


1. Statement of grievances touching the forcible
ejectment of petitioner from oertain premises
leased by him.
1624, May 14.—Petition of Ann Pike. Complains
of injuries at the hands of Frances, Countess Dowager
of Exeter, as set forth in paper attached. Prays for a
hearing. Noted, "Rejected."

1. Statement of grievances. Petitioner had been
induced to carry letters for the Countess of Exeter
to Sir Thos. Hughes, and to lend the Countess
money. A discharged servant of the Countess
having made known her intercourse with Sir
Thomas Hughes, she wished thnt the petitioner,
if called upon, should deny it, which she refusing
to do, had suffered cruel persecution and unjust
imprisonment, had not been repaid tho money she
had lent the Countess, and had been forced by
threats to sign the renunciation annexed.

2. Renunciation of all charges against the Countess
of Exeter.

1624, May 14.—Petition of Benjamin Deicrowe, agent for the Mnscovia Company. Has paid his share of the debts of tho company, but is still persecuted with suits by some of the creditors. Prays for consideration of his case.

1624, May 14.—Petition of Robert Salkeld, for relief against John Hutton, touching certain lands in the parish of Kirkswold, Cumberland: first claimed by Button's father, when petitioner was employed in the late Queen's service on the coast of Spain.

1624, May 14.—Petition of Henry Doddington, for relief against tho unjust and oppressive conduct of Sir Thomas Mansell, touching certain tithes and lands, parcel of tho lands of the suppressed monastery of Morgan, in the county of Glamorgan.

1624, May 14.—Answer of Sir Robert Mansell (endorsed Mansfield), Knight, Vice-Admiral of England, to the petition of Ann Toy, daughter of Rice Phillips, touching her right to the castle of Laugharne, &c. Noted, " The Petition rejected of Anne Toy."

1624, May 19.—" My Lord of Canterbury's notes of "the complaint of the Commons against tho Lord "Bishop of Norwich in Parliament." See L. J., III. 388

1624, May 20.—Draft of " An Act to avoid the extor"tions and exactions of customers, controllers, sur"veyors, collectors, searchers, waiters, clerks, and "other officers or persons employed in or about the "customs and subsidies of our sovereignLordthe King." Extends to all customs officers of whatever degree the provisions of the Act of the eleventh yeor of Edw. VI., which enacts that customers and controllers should not charge any fee for furnishing warrants, certificates, &c. when the custom dues have been paid. Brought from H. C. L. J., III. 393. Read 1\ 408, May 26. No further proceeding.


1. List of Committee on the Bill in H. C. C. J.,
1.747. March 24.

1624, May 20.—Draft of " An Act for the relief of the "master, wardens, and commonalty of the art or "mystery of Peltmakers in London against a decree "made in the High Court of Chancery at the suit "of Christopher Warwick, gent." Recites at great length the proceedings in the suit, and proposes to set aside the order of the Court. Brought from H. C. L. J., III. 393. Reported, 418, May 28. No further proceeding.


I. List and proceedings of Committee in H. C.
C.J.,1. 780. April 30.

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