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16 catio ecclesia de Assherugge," from which we may 4. De vicariis et ministris provincialibus hoina nro.

STOTY. suppose that this book once belonged to the church of vinciæ.

COLLEGE. Abridge in co. Bucks. From a table on fol. 126 it 5. Series vicariorum et ministrorum provincialium would appear to have been written about 1380.

super Fratres Reformatos, ordinis FF. Minorum S. A volume, in 8vo, upon vellum. ff. 87. (No. 46.) Francisi de Observantia, provinciæ Hiberniæ, ab A.D.

Psalterium, cum Calendario et Canticis. 14th cen. 1460 usque ad præsentem annum.

6. Prophetia fratris Julii Mancinelli, S. J., de regno
Å volume, in 4to, upon vellum. ff. 117. (No. 51.) Angliæ ; ex Italico de verbo ad verbum.
Psalterium, cum Calendario et Canticis.

7. Status ac conditio Catholicorum Hiberniæ ab anno
Probably of German execution. 14th century.

1652 ad anno 1656, scripta et transmissa per R. Patrem
A volume, in 12mo. ff. 502. (No. 52.)

Quyn, S. J., superiorem Missionarium.
Breviarium, ad usum Sarum.

Inc. Profligatis Catholicorum per Lageniam et Mo-
Mutilated at the beginning. Of English execution. moniam nuper.
14th century.

8. Articulus alterius cujusdam authenticæ relationis
A volume, in 12mo, upon vellum. ff. 141. (No. 54.) de eadem re.

9. De statu Missionis Hiberniæ Societatis Jesu, et
Imperfect at beginning and end, and mutilated de rebus quibusdam notabilibus quæ in ea contigerunt
throughout. Of excellent English execution. 14th ab anno 1641 usque ad annum 1650.

Inc. Missio Hibernica, una de primis Societatis
A roll of vellum, 6 feet long by 4 inches broad. nostræ.
(No. 66.)

The history of Pope Gregory VII. and of his times,
The Book of Esther, in Hebrew, without vowel points. by Professor J. Voight, translated into English. In

A beautifully illuminated initial letter O, apparently two bundles.
of Venetian workmanship, and ascribed by a note on The history of Pope Innocent III. and of his times,
the back to Perugino. Size of the letter either way, by the Abbé Hurter, translated into English from the
51 inches, and length of the whole ornamentation nearly original German. In three bundles.
8inches. It is of late 15th or early 16th century. (No. “The history of Pope Pius VII., by the Chevalier

“ D'Artaud,” in English, in six volumes, in folio.
Á volume, in 4to, consisting of original signatures of A volume, in large folio, pp. 18.
various eminent individuals, chiefly English, but with Exemplification of the Charters of foundation, by
a few foreign names introduced.

King Edward the Confessor, and subsequent confirma-
A volume of modern transcripts, containing

tions by kings of England, of Westminster Abbey. The
1. Letter from Father Gerard to Father Thomas Exemplification dated 7th Sept. 1693.
Owen. Rector of the English College at Rome, dated A volume, in 4to, consisting of 70 pp.
last of January 1614, and signed Jo. Nelsonus.

Transcript of Guido de Arezzo de Arte Musica, from
2. Letter from the same to the same, dated 3rd a MS. in the Library of St. John's College, Oxford,
January 1614, and signed Jo. Nelsonus.

collated with a second copy in the Library of Balliol
3. “ Paper concerning F. Persons, addressed to F. College.
“ Coffyne, by a brother of F. Persons."

Transcriptum bullæ de canonizatione B. Thomæ Here-
Begins - My brother, F. Persons, was brought up at fordensis episcopi. Dat. Avenione, xv. kal. Maii, pont.
“ school in the town where he was born, called Nether nostri anno iv.
“ Stowey."

“ The genealogy of the family of Aylward, of Ayl.
4. Fragment, ascribed to 28th January 1606, con- “ ward's Town, from A.D. 1400 to 1746."
sisting of the reasons which induced the writer to act A volume, in 4to, upon paper, bound in old calf, with
as he had done, in concealing the matter whereof be the Royal Arms of England within the Garter on the
was accused.

binding, and the letters E. F. on the sides. It contains-
5. Wonders at the death of F. Garnett. 1606.

“A Treatis contayning the Lyf and manner of death
6. Short account of the conversion of Mr. Percy, alias “ of that most holy Prelat and constant Martyr of
Slingsby, S. J., who died a scholastic at Naples, being " Christ, John Fysher, Byshop of Rochester and Car-
an extract from a letter of F. Persall to F. Ployden, “ dinall of the Holy Church of Rome.”

Beg.: “In the year of our Redemption, 1459 ...
7. Fragment of a letter of F. Baldwyn, giving an

“ this holy Father and profound Doctor was borne and account of his delivery from the Tower, 29th Sept. “ christened at Beverley in the province of Yorke, a 1618.

“ towne distant from London northward about eight8. Relation of the sufferings and death of Thomas

“ score miles, where sometimes the blessed." Woodhouse (sent to Rome by F. Garnett), who died Ends : “And after in the worlde to come glorifie Him 19th June 1573.

“ in His heavenly kingdome; where He raigneth for 9. Narrative of the conversion and death of James

“ ever and ever. Amen.”
Brightmot, who lived four miles from Richmond, in

This treatise was written in the reign of Queen

10. Letter from Ralph Sherwin to Mr. Bickley, dated

A volume, in 4to, containing11th June 1580.

Collections respecting the history of the Reformation 11. Part of a letter written by John Body to Mr.

in England, consisting of extracts from Heylyn, More, D Ely P] and Mr. Reynolds, a little before his execution,

the Book of Common Prayer, and various other authoin behalf of his brother ..... at Rheims. Dated,

rities. “ from our School of Patience," 16th Sept. 1583.

12. Part of a letter from John Mundyn to his cousin A work in three volumes, in folio, entitled, “CerDuche [?], written the night before his execution, 11th

" tamen Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ," whereofFeb. 1584.

Vol. I., containing pp. 1178, bears the following title: 13. Letter from Lady Katherine Copley to her " De rege Henrico VIII. aliisque summatim tractatis ; nephew, Father R. Southwell, dated Dunkirk, 8th

“ prior pars tomi hujus usque ad tractatum regis de April 1585.

“ divortio cum Catharina, id est, usque ad an. 1529 • 14. Letter from the Rev. Christopher Buxton to the

" continuatur ; altera continebit alia quædam certamina Rev. W. Holt, Rector of the English College at Rome,

" quæ illud tempus subsecuta sunt.”
30th May 1587.

Vol. II., unpaged, extends from A.D. 1536 to 1546.
A volume of modern transcripts, consisting of the

lume of modern transcripts. consisting of the Vol. III., unpaged, extends from A.D. 1547 to the
following articles relative to the history of the Irish

end of 1552

A volume, in 8vo, containing-
1. Jacobi Viti, presbyteri Hiberni, Doctoris Theologi, " Effigies, nomina, cognomina, loci, anni et dies
Vicarii Apostolici Lismorensis et Waterfordensis, de “ martyriorum 183 sæculariorum sacerdotum in Anglia
rebus gestis a Catholicis utriusque ordinis in regno “ ab anno 1573, quo cruenta sub Elizabetha regina
Hiberniæ statim a morte Elizabethæ, quondam Angliæ “ persecutio potissimum sævire cæpit, ad annum 1609."
reginæ, summaria, brevis et vera narratio, ad Clemen. Auctore Thoma Moro, presbytero Anglo.
tem papam octavum (A.D. 1592-1605].

· Prefixed are & Dedication to Cardinal Scipio Bor-
Inc. Quam dura et intollerabilis fuerit conditio regni. ghese, Extracts from Baronius, Yepez, and Bozius, with
2. Nonnulla respicientia episcopatum Hiberniæ. a list of the authors quoted in the volume.

3. Brevis synopsis provinciæ Hiberniæ Fratrum Mi The earliest incident mentioned is the death of Thomas
norum Regularis Observantiæ, auctore, ut videtur Woodhouse, executed 19th June 1573, and the latest is
Fratre Francisco Vardæo.

Matthew Flather, 21st March 1608.
Inc. Pro distincta cognitione bujus provinciæ, scien- A volume, in 8vo, imperfect at beginning and end,
dum est.

consisting of 16 pp., containing


Catalogus martyrum in Anglia sub Elizabetha regina, ab anno 1577 usque ad annum 1584.

A volume, in 4to, containing various papers concerning the history of the Society of Jesus in England, whereof the more important are the following:

1. Instructio data P. Roberto Parsonio et P. Edmundo Campiano, fundatoribus Missionis.

2. Instructio pro Henrico Garneto et P. Roberto Sotuello, anno 1586, Martii 24.

3. Memoriales Superioribus datæ post primam congregationem viceprovincialem, 1662.

4. Memoriale eodem tempore datum Superiori Mig. sionis Londinensis.

5. Aliud Memoriale missum ad Superiores post Provinciam formatam.

6. Epistola P. N. Claudii [Aquavivæ] ad patres nostros in Anglia, data Romæ, Jan. 9, 1607.

7. Excerpta ex variis literis Generalium, 26 Jan. 1636; 16 Maii 1648; 8 Aprilis 1651; 24 Maii et 14 Junii 1653.

A volume, in folio, unpaged, containing“ Loci communes Theologici Edmundi Campiani, sua “ manu conscripti."

A volume, in 4to, consisting of 86 pp.

A translation into English of Campion's Decem Rationes, contemporary with the original Latin. The preface is signed R. P., and the same initials occur at the end.

A volume, in 12mo, containing

A translation of Campion's Decem Rationes into English. It is an entirely different version from the preceding copy, and is as old.

A volume, in 4to, containing poems, &c. in the autograph of Father Campion. It consists of the following pieces :

1. Draft of a dramatic poem, "pro die Corporis " Christi." Lat. 6 pp.

2. A poem, De Anima, consisting of 43 lines. Beg., Et merui et fateor, neque tam punitus acerbum.” 4 pp.

3. Versus, “ in festo Corporis Christi. Manus propria “ beati patris Edmundi." *4 pp.

4. “În primitiis sacerdotis de Societate habita. “ Oratio S. patris Edmundi, tum nondum sacerdotis.” 8 pp.

5. Draft of an address in prosc and poetry, on the arrival of the Bishop of Wratislaw.

A volume, in quarto,
Oratio R. P. F. Campiani in festo Corporis Christi.

At the end : “ Hæc oratio inventa fuit in cubiculo P. Silvestri de Petra Sancta in domo professa Romæ, “ post ejus obitum ; et mihi data a P. Nathaniele “ Southwello, 1647."

A volume of transcripts, containing

1. Vita Odvardi Throgmortoni, qui obiit Romæ in Collegio Anglicano, 18 Nov. 1582.

In the title, as it originally stood, the authorship is ascribed: “ Roberto Sotoello, martyri ;" but these words are erased, and in the margin is written, “De “ Authore valde dubitatur.”

Inc. Etsi permulti in Ecclesia sanctissimi homines fuerint.

2. Extract from a letter from George Talbot, afterwards Earl of Shrewsbury, to Father Thomas Owen, dated Munich, 16th Nov. 1611, concerning the life of the same Edward Throckmorton.

3. A letter of Father George Grey to Father Richard Barton, of the death and virtues of Richard Blundell; dated Rome, 21st Dec. 1649.

4. Quædam de Ricardo Blondello, Seminarii Anglorum Romæ alumno, excerpta ex litteris annuis ejusdem Seminarii, A.D. 1649.

5. Copy of a letter sent from Rome to St. Omer's, concerning the death of John Brookes, student in the English Roman Seminary, 24th Aug. 1647. :

A volume, in 8vo, consisting of 49 pp. A history of the English College at Rome, written A.D. 1582, in Italian. Tit. Breve ragiamento dell'origine et progresso del Collegio dell'Inglesi nella citta di Roma dall' anno del Signior, 1578.

A MS., in folio, to which F. Christopher Grene has prefixed the following title:

1. “P. Oswaldus Tesimundus, alias et ficto nomine “ Phil. Bemondus, de sua missione in Angliam," in A.D. 1597. It consists of 24 pp. in Italian.

2. “De fratre Joanne Collino, Christopherus Ander. “ sonus.”

Inc.Admonitus a superiore ut darem breviter scripto “ si quid in F. Joanne." It consists of 2 pp.

3. Narrative of the journey of Sir John Attwood, of Attwood, co. Stafford, into the Holy Land, his captivity

and restoration to liberty, as narrated by Captain Ber. STONY rington to the writer, Edward Travis (probably about


COLLEGE. A.D. 16197. It consists of 4 pp.

4. Christopherus Andersonus de Patre Carolo Bar. retio.

5. Letter [by George Grey] sent from Rome to St. Omer's, 24th Aug. 1647, concerning the death of John Brookes (11th Aug. 1647), student in the English Seminary. 2 pp.

6. John Campion, alumnus at the English Seminary at Rome, to his father, on the motives of his conversion, 26th Sept. 1634. 4 pp.

7. De morte P. Johannis Walkeri, ex litteris datis 28 Jan. 1632.

8. Della priggionia, essami, tormenti et essilio del P. Tomaso Strangio. Ital. 4 pp.

9. Extracts from various decrees against the English Catholics. Ital. 6 pp.

1 0. Capitolo d'una litera scritta da una Provincia d' Inghilterra, 25 Dec. 1606.

11. Copia d'un editto publicato in Hibernia, 4 Juglio 1605.

12. Copia d' alcune litere d'Hibernia, 3 et 4 Octobre, toccante alla persecutione contra li Cattolici, 1607.

13. Initia et progressus Collegii Anglicani de Urbe ab A.D. 1578 (quo primum institutum est) ad an. 1587. Lat. 11 pp.

14. “Il modo que si puo procedere et trattare con “ tutte sorte di persone per convirtirle et vidurle à “ meglior vita, secundo l'ordine et modo che tennero " il P. Roberto Personio et P. Edmundo Campiano," 1583. Ital. 14 pp.

15. Report upon the ecclesiastical condition of Eng. land, more especially with regard to the Catholics, written during the reign of Charles I. Imperfect at the beginning. Ital.

A tract, of 10 pp., in folio, containing

Disceptatio cum Collino, etc. de loco Sancti Ephraem controverso et allato ad impugnandam Sanctorum invocationem. Auctore et scriptore P. Thoma Fitzherberto.

Another copy of the above; a fair transcript.
A volume, in 8vo, containing the following treatises :-

1. Here foloweth the Pystell of privat counsell, the which dependeth upon the Clowd, and of the selfe Clowdes making much profitable to contemplatiffe men to come to divine love.

2. Here begynneth a book of Contemplation, the which is caled the Clowd of Unknowing, in the which a sowle is united to God.

The Prologue is dated 15th April 1584.
A volume, in folio-

Narrative, in Latin, by Father William Weston, of his adventures in England from the date of his arrival until 1594, after having been imprisoned for 11 years in Wisbeach Castle.

The author's holograph, fair copy, but much injured by damp. The concluding leaves have entirely perished.

A volume, in 4to, consisting of 136 pp.

A modern transcript of the above; deficient at the end.

A volume, in small 4to, upon vellum, consisting of 29 ff.

Arms (tricked), of such of the knights of the Order of the Garter as were foreigners, from the institution of the Order to A.D. 1594.

A volume, in 4to, consisting of 408 pp.

“The Hundred Meditations of the Love of God," by Robert Southwell; copied from his autograph and dedicated to the Lady Beauchampe, for the use of whose mother they had been written,

A volume, in 8vo, consisting of various pieces in poetry and prose, in the handwriting of Father Robert Southwell.

1. Peter's Playnt, a poem.
The champion stout which did with oath avow,

Amid a thousand pikes and bloody blades,
At his dear Master's side to yield the ghost,

Perceiving that he conquered of two maids.
2. A fragment, in Latin verse, beginning
Ex luctu populus redditur ipse chalybs.
3. Elogia octava. Begins--

Dic, ubi nunc quod amo est? Ubinam quod semper amavi?

4. Elogia nona, cui præfigitur titulus, “ Umbra regina “ nobiles viros docet quod sit de rebus hisce fluxis sen“ tiendum.” Imperfect at end.

5. Filii Prodigi porcos pascentis ad patrem epistola.
Inc. Si tam longinquis rogites quis scripsit ab oris.
6. “ Ad Deum in afflictione eligia.”
Inc. “Tu tacitas nosti lachrimas, tu saucia cernis.”




7. "Ad S. Catherinam virginem et martyrem." Inc. “Tu Catharina mei solatrix, unica luctus." 8. “In renovationem votorum, festis Natalis Domini.” Inc. “Vita venit vitæ cum votis obvius ito.” 9. “In festum Pentecostes, A.D. 1580, 21 Maii.” Inc. “Postquam Tartarei spoliis ditatus Averni.” 10. Certain prayers, in Latin pross. 11. Elogium upon Mary Maudelyn. 12. De Sacramentis, annotationes. 13. Poema de Assumptione Beatæ Mariæ Virginis.

Inc. “ Cum cælum, et tellus, et vasti machina “ mundi."

14. “Mcditationes in Adventu ” Domini.
15. Meditation upon the loss of a friend.
Begins : Alas! Why do I lament his loss P”.
16. Miscellaneous extracts and prayers, in Latin.

A volume, in folio, in a Spanish hand, unpaged, containing

Apologias o discursos en respuesta de lo que Ysabel reyna pretensa de Inglaterra y sus ministros hereges en su edicto falsissimo heretico dizen contra nuestra santa religion Catholica, y contra el Papa, y contra su Magestad.

Por el doctor Antonio Gomez.

No notice of this work occurs in the Bibliotheca Hispanica of Antonio.

A volume, in 4to, imperfect at beginning and end.

A collection of “ Pageants,” in English verse, upon the history of the Old Testament.

A volume, in folio, consisting of 207 leaves, in the handwriting of Father Christopher Grene, S. J., consisting of collections from various sources, printed and manuscript, respecting the history of such Catholic priests and others as suffered death. It was begun A.D. 1690, and finished about A.D. 1695.

Two volumes, in 4to, irregularly paged and closely written by Father Christopher Grene, S. J., consisting of copies of various letters, papers, &c. relative to the English Catholics, with extracts from others upon the same subjects. These collections appear to have been begun about A.D. 1689, and are chiefly from original papers at that time in the Library and Archivium of the English College at Rome.

A volume, in 4to, in the holograph of Cardinal Bellarmine, formerly marked 0. 9. It contains his treatise De dono Lacrymarum.

A volume, similar to the above, formerly marked 0. 10.

1. De officio Principis Christiani. 2. Vitæ et virtutes Sanctorum Principum. A volume, similar to the above, formerly marked 0. 11. Ascensio mentis ad Deum. A volume, similar to the above. De septem verbis a Christo in Cruce prolatis, libri duo. A volume, similar to the above.

De æterna fælicitate sanctorum, libri quinque ; ad Illmum. et Rmum. D. Cardinalem Farnesium.

The above five volumes are entirely in the hand. writing of Cardinal Bellarmine, and are the first drafts of the works which they contain. They abound in corrections, many passages have been cancelled, and numerous additions have been made throughout.

A volume, in 4to.

“Catalogus defunctorum (quotquot reperiri potuerant) “ Provinciæ Anglicanæ Societatis Jesu, in menses et “ dies distributus, ut, recurrente anniversaria eorum “ commemoratione, vel nostris suffragiis opem illis “ feramus, vel eorum precibus apud Deum adjuvemur.”

Written at various times and by several hands.
Another copy of the above.
A volume, in 4to, consisting of 266 pp. containing-

“Narratio Patris Joannis Gerardi de rebus a se in “ Anglia gestis. Authentica apud Sanctum Andream “ in manibus patris Francisci Sacchini."

Inc. Cum ea omnia quæ a superioribus præcipiuntur.

Expl. in quam insertus, incipiam tandem aliquam fructum facere.

Another copy of the above ; incomplete. A volume, in 4to. “Rev.Patris Henrici Garnetti scripta de Philosophia;" autographa.

A tract, in 15 pp. quarto, containing-
Oratio in anniversario R. Patris P. Roberti Personii.
A volume, in 8vo, containing-

The manner of proceeding against Mr. John Rigby, a Catholick gentleman, put to death in London. A.D. 1600. 44 pp.

A volume, in 4to, consisting of 69 leaves, containing

“A trewe storie of the Catholicke prisoners in Yorke " Castle, theire behavioure, and defence of the Catho“ licke religion when they were hailed by force to the

“ Protestants' sermons, anno Domini 1600. With a “ confutation of Cooke the minister's sermon by C. J., “ Priest."

Prefixed are,-
The Preface to the Reader.

The author's request for the Prisoners' allowance of his labours ; dated in Cath. S. Petri Apostoli Antioch., 1601, and signed W. R.

The Prisoners to the author, on approving the work. The names of the Prisoners.

The names of the preachers that laboured to seduce the Catholick Prisoners, hailed to their sermons.'

A table of the preachers' untruths, and other notes of their evil consciences and course.

The treatise is dated at the end, 8 Dec. 1600. Notes of Documents in the State Paper Office, by Mr. John Gage and Mr. Charles Butler, in 1823, respecting the Gunpowder Plot; with office copy of the “ Assertions “. of Henry Garnett," 28th April 1606.

Similar notes, made in 1824, respecting Watson's Plot. A volume, in 4to, consisting of 56 pp.

“A relation sent from Father Provincial of the " Societie of Jesus in Japonia, in March of the years " 1609 and 1610, to our Father General, Claudius Aquaviva, of the glorious death of nine Christian “ Japonians, martired for the faith of Christ in the “ kingdoms of Fingo, Sassiema, and Firando."

A small volume, in 12mo, consisting of 10 pp., containing

“Elucidatio aliqua circa Missionem Hibernicam, A.D. “ 1610.”

A volume, in folio

Compendio delle vite et scritti da Giorgio Vasari, “ da Gaspare Celio Romano, dell'abbito di Cristo," written A.D. 1614, and dedicated to Giovanni Vittorio de Rossi.

A volume, in 4to, consisting of 308 pp.

“Responsio ad calumnias contra P. Josephum “Creswelum, scripta ab ipso P. Creswelo anno 1614, " paulo postquam ex Hispania Romam venisset.”

Original of the above, with correctious by the author. A volume, in 8vo, consisting of 90 pp.

A collection of papers in vindication of F. Joseph Cresswell, written (apparently) in A.D. 1615, after his death.

1. Quædam exponenda Rdo. Patri Vicario in rem Societatis.

2. Narratio de accusationibus in eundem Cresuellum falso prolatis.

A MS., in 4to, consisting of 45 pp.

A history of the English College at Rome, written by C. [Father Creswell P1 Lat.

Beg. Narratio hæc particulari necessitate exorta est, quod.

A MS., in 4to, text consisting of 33 pp., containing

“The Jesuitis Apologie for my lord Bishop of Calcedon, and of his episcopal authoritie over lay “ Catholickes, even in time of persecution."

Prefixed is a Preface and table of contents.
A volume, in 8vo, consisting of 29 pp., containing-

“ Annotationes breves in libellum quendam seditiosum " et infinitis calumniis refertum, presbyterorum quo“ rumdam nomine editum, qui inscribitur ; Declaratio Motuum."

A volume, in 4to, containing

John Barclay's Parenesis, or Exhortation to the Sectarys.

A volume, in 8vo, consisting of 21 pp. It contains

“ Vita e morte del fratello Tomaso Stilintono, novitio “ Inglese della Compagnia de Giesu, morto in Messina, “ 15 Sept. 1617.

To this title, F. Christopher Grene has added the following note:

“Hæc est scriptura P. Ambrosii Corbingtoni, insignis “ plane viri, qui obiit confessarius Anglicani Collegii “ de Urbe, 1649 die 11 Aprilis.”

“Testamentum Hippoliti Curle, filii domini Gilberti Curle et dominæ Barbaræ Mombray, dat. Antwerpiæ, “1 Sept. 1618."

A certified copy, dated 4th April 1765.

A volume, in 4to, containing the following historical treatises :

1. A letter from Winifred, Countess of Nithsdale, to her sister, the Rt. Hon. the Lady Lucy Herbert, Abbess of the English Augustinian nuns at Bruges, giving an account of the escape of the Earl of Nithsdale from the Tower. 13 pp.

2. A letter from Sir Henry Tichborne, Bart., to his son Sir Henry Joseph Tichborne, containing a history of the family, and especially of his own adventures [He died A.D. 1689.] 14 pp.



A MS., in 4to, formerly marked A. 33, consisting of 39 pp., containing,

"The second combat of F. Ralph Corbie, S. J., who “ alsoe was crowned with victory at London, 7th Sept. “ 1644."

A volume, in 8vo, consisting of 155 pp., in the handwriting of F. Christopher Grene. Collections for the lives of various persons who suffered and died for the Catholic faith in England, from A.D. 1534 to about 1649. Compiled from various sources, printed and manuscript.

Dr. Plott's account of the apparition at Woodstock which terrified the Commissioners soon after the murder of King Charles I. Imperfect at the end.

“ See the Gentleman's Magazine for Feb. 1762." A volume, in 8vo, consisting of 524 pp.

“ The Ideot's Devotions, or the Desires of Love, com" posed by the most Rev. Father Augustin Baker, priest " and monk.” With certain preliminary and supplemental observations.

Commentaria in diversos Veteris et Novi Testamenti libros, per Jacobum Bonfrerium, S. J.

This collection consists of 20 volumes in 4to. It belonged in 1659 to the Library of the Jesuits at Douay.

Copia epistolæ Joannis Junei [Young), anno 1661, de unione Missionis Hibernicæ cum Anglicana. Imperfect at the end.

A volume, in square 12mo, containing 72 pp.

“ The Genealogie of the Mackenzies, preceeding the “ year 1661." Written in the year 1669 by a person of quality.

A volume, in 8vo, imperfect at the beginning, con


3. Narrative of the escape of Father Blount, S. J., from Scotney Castle, co. Kent, written by William Darell, who was in the house at the time, and who died A.D. 1639. 10 pp.

4. Narrative of the manner in which the house of the English Benedictines at Dieuleuard was broken up. pp. 59.

5. Narrative of the seizure of the Benedictine Dames of Cambray, of their sufferings while in the hands of the French republicans, and of their arrival in England, by one of the Religious, who was an eye-witness of the events which she relates. 20 pp.

6. Narrative of the sufferings of the English Benedictine nuns established in the Rue de Champ de l'Allouette, in Paris, in 1792. 61 pp.

7. Imperfect copy of the above. 9 pp.
A volume, in folio, containing 356 pp.
The History of the Sacred Virgin Mother.
Beg. Those which employ themselves to form wits.
A volume, in folio, pp. 103, containing-

A collection of Medical and other Receipts, written in the 16th and 17th centuries. A portion of it is entitled, “My Lady of Rutland, her Receipts."

Athick volume, in 12mo, containing various treatises in ascetical theology; on the fly-leaf prefixed to which is the following note :-“This booke, belonging to the English Colledge at Liege, was written by brother William Browne, my lord Montague's brother; who “ lived and dyed a very holy man, in the quality of a “ lay-brother of the Society of Jesus at Liege.”

A bundle of papers, letters, &c. concerning the Oath of Allegiance and Supremacy.

A holograph letter from Cornelius a Lapide to Francisco de Picolomini, Secretary of the Society of Jesus. Lat.

A volume, in 4to, consisting of 46 pp. “ The description and use of His Majesty's Dialls in " Whitehall Garden.”

On the title page is written “ Thom. Dischingtoune, " 1625, March 3, London, the gift of the Author;" and in another hand, “ Given me by Mr. Ashton, Nov. 25, “ 1678. M." The treatise itself was written in 1623.

A volume, in 8vo, consisting of 111 pp.

“ Descriptio regni Hiberniæ, Sanctorum Insulæ, reg“ nante Carolo I. rege, per R. P. F. Antonium Brodinum, “ Hibernum, Lectorem Jubilatum, &c."

This treatise was printed at Rome in 1721.
A volume, in 4to, consisting of 69 pp., containing-

“Dr. Carrier (Chaplain to King James of happy “ memory), his motives of renouncing the Protestant “ Religion and embracing the Catholick Roman faith; “ directed to the same King's Majesty. Permissú “ Superiorum, 1632.” The treatise is dated at the end, 11th April 1669.

A series of transcripts from MSS, at Rome concerning the affairs of England, cousisting of 536 pp. in 4to. It contains the following articles :

1. Cagioni per le quali Urbano mando alla Regina d'Inghilterra Gregorio Panzani, e suoi negozianti. p. 1.

Panzani's correspondence extends from A.D. 1635 to Oct. 1636.

2. Spedizione di Giorgio Coneo in Inghilterra, col raconte della sollevazioni di Scozia. p. 113.

The narrative extends from A.D. 1636 to 1639.

3. Spedizione in Inghilterra del Conte Carlo Rosetti, e suoi negoziate par la religione Cattolica. p. 253.

The narrative extends from 1639 to Dec. 1641.
A volume, in folio, consisting of 44 pp.

Relazione dello stato della religione Cattolica in “ Inghilterra data alla santita di N. S. Urbano VIII., “ da Gregorio Panzani nel suo ritorno de quel regno " l' anno 1637.”

A modern transcript.
A volume, in folio, containing-

“ Diurnall Occurrences, or heads of the proceedings “ of both Houses of Parliament, from 6th Nov. 1640 to " 1641.

A volume, in 8vo, containing 1. De pie orandi meditandique ratione. 2. Opusculum de mentali oratione. At the beginning, on the fly-leaf, occurs this note :

“ Hic liber totus est scriptus manu beatæ memoriæ “ P. Thomæ Hollandi, martyris, dum Leodii studuerat, ego vero ibidem éssem Conf. domest., ipso non tantum “ sponte sua se ad id offerente, me nihil minus cogi" tante, sed et efflagitante, ut qui ex humilitate sua “ minus se idoneum ad studia Theologica judicaret, "huic operi aliquid temporis pie et utiliter impenderet. “ Th. Colfordus."

A volume, in folio, ff. 256.
Procés criminal fait à MM. de Cinq Mars et de Thou.

J. Wi's account of his conversion to the Catholic faith; wherein are narrated his interviews with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Buck, Dr. Dolbene, Dean of Westminster, &c.

A volume, in folio.

Copia d' una lettera mandata dal S. Tomaso White (ò Albio) a sua Santita, da Amsterdamo, 3 Fev. 1662. Ital.

Another letter from the same to the same. Ital.

A volume, in 4to, containing 363 pp., with the following title :

“ Liber præfecti studiorum, in quo ea successive “ notantur quæ successerunt circa studia ab anno 1665 “ quando mense Maio ego Antonius Terillus incæpi " præfectum agere,” usque ad mensem Augusti 1691.

Lettera d' un mercante di Londra ad un mercante di Amsterdam intorno alla guerra tra l'Inghilterra e l' Olandia, A.D. 1667. Folio, 15 pp.

“ The establishment of ordinary wages, fees [&c.), " yearly allowed by us to our officers ... from 29th “ Sept. 1671 to 29th Sept. 1672,” by Queen Catherine. Signed by R. Bellings. Copy.

À volume, in 4to, consisting of 83 pp.

Observationes in commentarium Philippi Bonamicii de vita et rebus gestis V. Servi Dei Innocentii XI., Pont. Max.

A volume, in folio, ff. 10, containing

Epistola P. Ferdinandi Verbiest, Vice-Provincialis missionis Sinensis, anno 1678, die 15 Augusti, ex curia Pekinensi in Europam ad socios missa.

A MS., in folio, containing

“The Meditations of Father Hayneuf, translated (into “ English] by Father Thomas Whitebred, martyr. T'is “ in his own handwryting. He suffered at Tyburne, “ 30 June, 1679."

(Concerning Father Whitebread, see Challoner's Missionary Priests, ii. 370.)

“Copies of documents purporting to relate to Jacques “ de la Cloche, a natural son of Charles II.”

Appended is an original letter from Dr. Lingard to the Rev. F. Lythgoe, in which he questions the truth of the story.

A volume, in large folio, containing

“Rome victorious, or a rejoinder to the unerring, un“ errable Church, by J.S., against Dr. Andrew Sall's “ reply, entitled 'The Catholic Apostolic Faith of the " • Church of England.'”

(J. S. is probably John Sergeant, among whose writings, however, the above treatise is not mentioned.)

A volume, in 4to, consisting of 58 pp.

Arguments upon Sir Edward Hale's case, with the opinions of the judges thereupon, 2 Jac. II.

A volume, in 4to, consisting of 404 pp.

“ The second part of The Gentleman instructed, in " which are proved the existence of a God, &c.”

" Autographum auctoris, scilicet, R. P. Guilelmi " Darell."


"An account of Landen fight," written from Brussels, 2nd Aug. 1693. 2 pp. fol.

“ An account of the Smyrna fleet, and of the fight at “ Landen;" written from Paris, 5th Aug. 1693.

A volume, in 4to, containing-
1. A catalogue of printed books.

2. Copies of two certificates relating to Dr. Granville, Dean of Durham, by King James II., the former of 28th Aug. 1695, the latter of 29th April 1702.

3. Mr. Kettlewell to Archbishop Sancroft, dated Coleshill, 15th Nov. 1684.

4. Francis, Bishop of Ely, to the Archbishop of Can. terbury, dated Ascension day.

5. Extract from a letter of Mr. Tho. Innes to Mr. James Edgar, dated 23rd March 1736.

6. Charter of Prince Henry, son of David I., King of Scotland, copied by Tho. Innes from the cartulary of S. Andrews. ' f. 92.

7. Various monumental inscriptions.

8. Copy of a Greek instrument of orders, 17th Aug. 1738.

9. “An account of the habits [42 in number) of the “ pope, cardinals, bishops, priests, and deacons that I " caused to be made in small, exactly after the model of the larger ones that are now used at Rome, A.D. “ 1739.”

13. “ An account of the Greek habits, which I caused “ to be made in small, exactly after the model of the “ larger ones which are now used in the church of the 66 Greek nation at Rome, A.D. 1739."

11. Copies of various documents,

12. Diary of the principal ecclesiastical events in the life of Henry Benedict Mary Clement [Cardinal York], born at Rome, 6th March 1725. It extends to 24th Aug. 1765.

A volume, in 4to, consisting of 134 pp.

Letter to the Duke of Perth by the Rev. J. Serjeant, giving the history of his own controversial writings. It is dated at Paris, 3rd November 1700.

Remarks upon Bishop Burnet's doctrine respecting divorce, sterility, and polygamy, with copies of certain papers written by him upon these subjects. 4to. 14 pp.

* Articles of agreement, [&c.], made betwixt Sir “ Nicholas Shireburne of Stonyhurst, Bart. on the one “ part, and Richard Rydeing of Waddington, co. York, “ mason, on the other part” (dated 2nd June 1712), as to the building of two cupolas at Stonyhurst, for 501.

A volume, in 4to, consisting of 22 pp. It contains

A paper left by Mr. Burnet of Carlops, some time “ before he was executed for being in arms at Preston. " With a letter from him to his friend the publisher;" dated Jan. 10, 1714-5. At the end :-"A Paris, chez Jean Boudot, libraire, rue de S. Jaques, au Soliel * d'or, MDCCXVII."

Copy of a circular letter sent to almost all the English convents in France, Flanders, and Germany, at the holy death of Sister Cicely Clare Arundell, of the Poor Clares of Rouen, who died, æt. 82, on June 18, 1717. 6 pp.

A proposal for a Concordat betwixt the orthodox and Catholic remnant of the British Churches, and the Catholic and Apostolical Church. 4to.. 22 pp.,

At the end is this note :

This Concordat was signed and sealed by two nonjuring bishops, viz., Jeremiah Collier (for and in the name of the English Church), and Archibald Campbell, Esq. (in behalf of the Church of Scotland), and delivered into the hands of the most Rev. Arsenius, Archbishop of Thebais, in the presence of Francis Lee, M.D., and John Sharp, D.D. Vera copia. Ita testor,

Jonn SHARP. Audomari, Junii 27, 1720. The attestation and signature are originals.

A volume, in 4to, formerly the property of “ Wm. “ Pepper, O.S.B., Wircebourg,"containing

Collections concerning the history and topography of the kingdom of Scotland, made at Fetternier in 1721, at Park and Old Aberdeen, in 1722 and 1723, and at New Aberdeen, from 1723 to 1727. The contents are arranged as under. Concerning the Country in general.

the particular Shires.
the Royal Burghs.
the Regalities.
the Burghs of Barony.
the Titles of Nobility and hereditary

Offices. A volume, in 4to, containing 52 leaves. " A friendly conference about religion, between two

“ civil gentlemen, a Roman Catholic and a Protestant, Story. " 1723."


COLLEGE, With many corrections and additions.

A volume, in 4to, pp. 55, written in a minute and beautiful hand.

An answer to the four & twenty Letters entitled, ". The secret policy of the English Society of Jesus,' “ containing a letter to the author of the same; & five “6 dialogues, in which the chief matters of fact con“ tained in these letters are examined.”

The author of this “ Answer” was F. Thomas Hunter, S. J. [who died 21st Feb. 1725]; the Letters were written by Dodd, the historian.

A volume, in 4to, consisting of 185 pp.
The original corrected draft of the previous article.

A volume, in 4to, consisting of pp. 257 and 370; containing

“ The Stratagem discovered, or an Essay of an
Apology for F. le Courayer's late work in four vo-
“ lumes, entitled, ' A defence of the Dissertation upon
" • the validity of the English ordinations,' wherein
“strong instances are produced to show that he writes
Booty, & is only a sham defender of those Ordinations,
" while he very much confirms the judgment of their
“ invalidity; & at the same time all that might seem
“ seriously urged by him in their defence is seriously
“ answered. By Clerophilus Alethes” si. e. F. Con-
stable]. Finished Dec. 30, 1727.

The author's corrected copy.
A volume, in 4to, consisting of 50 pp.

A short account of the Expulsion of the English “ Jesuits out of S. Omer's.” In the handwriting of F. Hoskins.

A volume, in folio, containing

Official Daybook of the English College at Liege, from 1st Oct. 1767 to Dec. 1775, containing an account of the execution of the Brief of Suppression, &c.

Copies of letters from Father Thorpe, from 9th May 1767 to 12th Aug. 1768.

Various papers and letters, chiefly in Italian, collected and written by Father Thorpe, from 1767. Several are addressed to Mr. John Jenison at Wardour Castle.

Seven portfolios, in 4to, containing copies of letters written from Rome by Father Thorpe, S. J., in which he gives an account of the chief occurrences of the time. The earliest date is 11th Sept. 1707, the latest is 1st Nov. 1774.

A volume, in folio, containing

“ Discurso de las enfermedades de la Compania par el “ P. Juan de Mariana ; con un Disertacion sobre el " autor y la logitimadad de la obra," 1768. Span. Prepared for publication.

A volume, in 4to, consisting of 88 pp.

An account of the destruction of the English Colleges at Bruges in 1773, collected and copied in 1807 from Memoirs written in 1773 and 1774, by an eye-witness of the whole transaction (Richard Charles Plowden.

Another copy of the above, pr. 40.
A volume, in 4to, 30 pp.

Notices of the re-establishment of the English Pro. vince of the Society of Jesus, from A.D. 1773; in the autograph of F. Brookes, S. J.

A MS., in 8vo, consisting of 166 pp. “ Some observations on Rome," made during the years 1738, 1739, and subsequently, chiefly with reference to the Ecclesiastical Antiquities of that City. It contains copies of various epitaphs, inscriptions, &c.

A volume, in 4to, consisting of 242 pp.

Advice in reply to Dodd's Apology or Reply to the Specimen of Amendments upon his History, by Clerophilus Alethes [i. e., John Constable], dated 3rd January 1742-3. Original draft, with corrections.

A bundle, containing :

Advice to a late Apologist upon his pretended Reply to “A Specimen of Remarks” on what he calls The Church History of England, by Clerophilus Alethes, A.D. 1743.

Original draft, with the author's corrections and in his holograph.

A volume, in 8vo, consisting of 37 pp.

De vita, virtutibus et morte Gulielmi Crouche, qui defunctus est 23 Feb. 1753; auctore Raphaele Hoskins, S. J.

Another copy of the above.
A volume, in 4to, pp. 88.

History of the “ Expulsion of the Jesuits from their “ College at St. Omer's, A.D. 1762," written by Rev. Joseph Reeve, S.J.

The above is the author's autograph.
A volume, in 4to, pp. 136.
The original corrected draft of the previous article,


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