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E OF sick of an ague, after 20 days he became senseless by such provisions for the household use of the Earl of

DUKE OP HUN reason of the same sickness, and by the visitation of Northumberland as have been provided, with the prices NORTHUM. God died 19 March 1595-6. (1 p.]

paid for the same. Total, 3461. 17s. 3d. [39 pp.) 1596, May 29. Greenwich.-Proclamation of Queen 1600, Nov. 22. Barwick. - [The President of the Elizabeth concerning the true and lawful winding of Council in the North ; Thomas Cecil, Lord Burghley] to wools. [2 printed pages.]

Queen Elizabeth. On the state of the garrison there, 1599, Aug. 17.-Muster roll for the rape of Bramber, and defending his own character. [Copy. 2 pp.] co. Sussex, certifying the names of the persons charged [1600 ?].- A project how to bring the Irish into one with furnishing lances, light-horse and carbines, who kind of language, manners and civility with the English put in appearances. (1 p.]

and to convert their lands to the best profit, and to in1599, (Aug. 17]. -The like for the rape of Hastings, crease merchandise and manual trades. 3 pp.) co. Sussex. [1 p.)

[1600 P7. - Robert Earl of Essex] Lord Deputy of 1599, Aug. 17.-Muster roll for co. Essex, certifying Ireland to Queen Elizabeth. Begins The cause why of the names of the persons charged with furnishing lances, late I have so often troubled your Highness with my and the names of the riders, viewed at London. Total long letters. On Irish affairs; and defending himself 45 lances, besides the officers belonging to the band. amongst other things from the machinations of Henry [Long strip of paper.]

Bagnall, a follower of the ruler of Machiavelli and not [1599, Aug. 17.)-Similar to the preceding. [Broad his (Essex) friend, since his sister was married to the sheet.]

Chancellor's son and heir. 13 pp.] 1599, Aug. 18. London.-Letter of authorisation to (1600?]. – Demonstration how the wars of Ireland George Gill, Captain of the Horse, in co. Herts, to return may be maintained with little or no charge to her home with his troop, but to keep them in such readiness Majesty or the realm of England, but by Ireland itself, as upon one day's warning he may be here [in London] whereby the means of the rebels to maintain wars shall to be employed for her Majesty's service as shall be be much abridged, the crown of England enriched withthought fit. [Draft. * p.].

out prejudice to the realm or traffic, and the trade of 1599, Aug. . Essex House.-Several orders by Ireland re-established. [5 pp.] Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, to William 1600–1, Feb.7. Westminster.-Proclamation of Queen Meredith, Vice-Treasurer of Her Majesty's forces lately Elizabeth at the suit of the clothiers of Suffolk, Norfolk, erected, to deliver to various captains (named) Her and Essex, for the mitigation of the statutes 5 & 6 Majesty's prest for certain soldiers and attendants. Edward VI., and 4 & 5 Philip and Mary, regulating

1599, Aug. 20.--Muster roll of the names of the the manufacture of woollen cloths, whereby the trade of owners and of the riders of the volunteer lances and clothing in those parts is like to be overthrown, the light horse, as also of trained horse, within the division clothiers being continually molested by informers and of Sir Philip Parker and Sir Anthony Wingfield, co. searchers. [Printed copy. 1 p.] Suffolk, and under the charge of George Brooke, com- Annexed.--Orders to be observed by the clothiers of mander both of the ordinary and volunteer cavalry for Suffolk, Norfolk, and Essex, in the making of woollen that division. Total volunteer horse, 36; trained, 73. cloths, so that in future they shall not be sued or Dorso. Warrant for pay given the 22 of August. 3 pp.) molested by any alnager, searcher, or informer for not

1599, Aug. 22. Barbecon.-Several pass warrants performing the said statutes. [Printed copy.] not filled up for captains, in this form.—The companies 1601, Oct. 19.-Account by William Wicliffe of his hereabout are many, the town pestered, and your place expenses and losses when taken prisoner by the Scots, of abode not far hence, you are therefore to depart 19 Oct. 1601 ; for which he prays to be relieved, and to home, where your charge of horse with the owners may have the (Earl of Northumberland's ?] warrant for be better kept, but to take such order that upon one allowance thereof. Amongst other items are 2361., paid day's notice you may be here with your company.

to the Scots for his ransom and charges. 1599, Aug. 22.]-List of the names of such captains 1601-2, Jan. 6.-A full narrative or description of the as have pass for the country.

reception and entertainment of the Muscovite am1599.-Several muster rolls of the names of persons bassador and of an Italian nobleman, the Duke of charged with the furnishing of various troops in Suffolk, Brachiana, who were received at the Court of Queen Sussex, and Surrey and several other counties.

Elizabeth, together with the names of the noblemen in (1599, Aug.].-Note of the number of soldiers, foot attendance on her Majesty at her dining abroad upon and horse, to be supplied by the several counties named Twelfth-day January 6, 1601-2. [Much damaged at the to the army at London, with the places of their ren edges by fire. 6 pp.) dezvous : total, foot 17,000, horse 1,280. For the army 1602, April 8. Cork.-Sir Richard Percy to Edmond of Kent, to be furnished by Kent and Sussex: total, Powton. I understand of the conclusion almost of my foot 10,000, horse 680. Mem. That letters be written suit by your great care and industry. . . The rebels to provide for the quartering and supply of victuals for have made me so poor by intercepting all my carriages, these numbers. [1} p.]

that I shall be new to begin the world again. [1 p.)

1602, April 20. — Brief abstract of nine several

accompts of the household expenses of (Henry Percy, VOL. VI.

Earl of Northumberland during the two years and four 1572 to 1590.

weeks ended 27 March, 1602. Total 24,6741. 17s. 1591-2, January. This volume contains various illus [2 pp.) trative documents relating to the trial of Sir John [1602, April 20].-A more condensed abstract of the Perrot, Lord Deputy of Ireland, in 1591 and 1592.

same expenses. (1 p.] Comprising the defence prepared by Sir John Perrot,

[1602, April 20].-Brief accompt of the expenses of with copies of several letters of and to the Queen and

the (Earl of Northumberland] whilst in the Low CounCouncil, and a series of papers originally arranged in tries, by the space of 33 weeks, during the years 1600 bundles distinguished by the letters B, C. Besides

and 1601. Total, 4,0131. 19s. 2 d., besides 1,1217. 18s. 10d. numerous other papers of a cognate character, chiefly

for purchase of horses. [2 p.] relating to the character of the informer, Sir Dennis 1602-3, Feb. 1. Prague.-Commission from the O'Roughan, priest, and Henry Byrde, who are shewn to

Emperor of Germany, Rudolph II., to Ernest Count have forged the Lord Deputy's signature, and to be in

Shaumburg and Baron a Minckewitz, investing them other ways unworthy of credit. The Calendar continues with full powers to negotiate the treaty of Bremen, retherefore to distinguish these papers in the same way,

gulating the privileges of the merchant adventurers of indicating also those which at the present time are

England in Germany, and of the citizens of the Hans missing. Several of these papers appear to be identical

Towns in England. [Latin copy. 2 pp.) with those mentioned in “A note of certain writings

1602-3. Feb. 22. Dublin Castle.-Copy of act of “ required by Sir John Perrot," being a list of papers

oblivion or general order by the Lord Montjoy, Lord which, by the Queen's command, he delivered to the Deputy, and the Council in Ireland, for all spoils done Lord Admiral and Lord Buckhurst, or left at the Lord in the late rebellion prior to 1 Nov. 1602. 2 pp.) Chancellor's when he was examined, or at the Lord

1602-3, March 15.- Protestation on the part of the Treasurer's when committed to the Tower. See Calendar

envoys and commissioners deputed by her Majesty of State Papers, Domestic, Eliz. Vol. CCXLI. 15.

Queen Elizabeth of England to the conference at
Bremen, with the envoys of the Emperor Rudolph II.

of Germany, against the subdelegation of his authority

by Ernest, Count of Shaumburgh, to the persons named,

who profess their words and writings to be of no 23 FEB. 1600 TO 1607.

authority. [Latin. Copy. lp.] 1599–1600, Feb. 23.—Inventory extracted from the 1602-3, March 16. -- Reprotestation of the Comaccompte of the year ended 22 Feb. 1599–1600, of all missioners deputed from the Emperor, Rudolph II. of

DUKE OF Germany, in reply to the protestation exhibited on the “ made his happy entrance into this kingdom, showing De
BERLAND. part of the English Commissioners. [Latin. Copy. 14 p.] “ the designs, escapes, and errors on both sides, with the NORTHE
See post, p. 153.
“ names of the Queen's ships and commanders.” It

1603, June 10. Greenwich.-Privy seal, being a commences with the voyage of Sir Francis Drake to
warrant dormant to the Treasurer and Chamberlains of the West Indies in 1585, and gives many minute parti-
the Exchequer to pay to Sir George Howme, Treasurer culars of the several naval expeditions and voyages of
of Scotland and Under-Treasurer of the Exchequer, all discovery which were undertaken during the succeeding
sums due for the diet of the Lords of the Council in years, until the accession of James I. The last chapter
attendance, or for the fees, wages, diet and rewards of is devoted to an inquiry as to the existence of a north-
the Treasurer, Chamberlains, Chancellor, Barons of the west passage, and the information derived from the
Exchequer, Under-Treasurer, and all other officers, return of Hudson's ships ; also how to proceed upon
deputies, clerks, &c., entitled to receive the same, and voyages of discovery.* [75 pp.]
payable at the receipt of the Exchequer, also for the (1603?].—List of proposed Acts of Parliament, entitled
rewards of the Judges, Sergeants, and Attorney and A calendar of laws which may be thought on, and
Solicitor-General, Customers, Comptrollers, and others; " out of which some may be chosen to be propounded
together with the cost of stationery, and other things “ for the general good of the king and the subjects."
necessary appertaining to their respective offices. [1603]. -Petition praying the king to grant one
[Copy. 34 pp.)

especial office of koeping register books of all licences 1603, July .--Articles of a treaty of peace con- and recognisances hereafter to be taken of any alecluded between James I. of England, and Henry IV. of bouse-keeper or victualer, the keeper to receive a fee of France, guaranteeing the independence of the Low 2s. yearly of every of them. Countries as against Spain, and arranging the con- 1603-4, Feb. 16. Cork.—Sir Richard Percy to Edmond ditions of mutual aid in the event of the King of Spain Wilson. (Philip III.) declaring war either against England or About some suit at court. “There is a flying report France. [Copy in French, certified by Sir Thomas of certain Dukes, Marquises, and Earls to be created Wilson. 4 pp.)

" the next Parliament amongst whom my Lord of
1603, Oct. 15. Aldingborn.-Bishop Watson of Northumberland is nominated ; of this and all other
Chichester, and Dr. John Drury, to the Lord Treasurer “occurrences let me be partaker." [1 p.)
[Thomas, Earl of Suffolk]. In this visitation it appears 1604, March 25.-A check-roll of the names of the
that Pearson, a lay Puritan, and divers others of that retainers and servants of Henry Percy, Earl of North-
sort have passed with great diligence through the shire umberland, amongst whom was Thomas Percy, after-
[of Sussex] and in some places by means of a schismati- wards concerned in the gunpowder treason. [1 p.)
cal minister have called together multitudes of the 1604, Nov. 10. Whitehall.--The Council to Sir Thomas
meaner sort of the people, and moved them by false Parry, English Ambassador in France. English cloths
reports to subscribe a petition, as we think, of the tenor at Rouen, to the value of 60,0001., having been seized
inclosed ; and another petition on the same subject is by reason of a few being faulty, he is to deal with the
conveyed to the Deputy Lieutenants, &c. [Copy. lp.] king and his council not only for the present release

Encloses.-Form of the petition said to have been snb of the said cloths, but also for the revocation of the
scribed by the commonalty in Sussex to the king. The late rigorous edict. [Copy. 2 pp.]
grievances are-1. Insufficient ministers; 2. the eccle 1604, Dec. 25, after.-Petition of the merchants of
siastical courts. [53 pp.)

Exeter and other towns in the West of England to the
1603, Oct. 18. Court at Winchester - The Council to Council, complaining that there is a greater rate de-
Bishop Watson of Chichester, and Dr. Drurie; acknow- manded by the farmers of the customs upon the cloths
lodge their letter of the 15th instant, and require them shipped out of the ports in the western parts than ever
to examine Pearson, and any other leaders or stirrers in has been paid until 25 Dec. 1604, last past, and praying
this matter, and to send him with two others in custody redress. [\ p.]
of the messenger to this court. [Copy. lp.]

[1604?].-" An Act for the continuance and presery-
1603 ?-Petition of Henry, 9th Earl of Northumber- “ation of the union of the realms of England and Scot-
land, to James I. on his accession. That Henry late “ land, and for the abolishing and taking away of all
Earl of Northumberland, petitioner's great uncle, was " the hostile laws, statutes, and customes that might
induced by the wicked persuasion of some of his own “ disturb or hinder the same.” [83 pp.] [? 1606,
servants, to disinherit his brother and heir, petitioner's stat. 4 Jac. I. c. 1.7
grandfather, and to give all his lands to King Henry [1604 P].--Several papers and petitions about woollen
VIII. after his own decease without issuo male ; and
thereupon after the Earl's death, his Majesty having the [1604 ?].—Bill of charges for portage of the Earl of
lands in his hands, gave the manors of Hupmanby, Northumberland's money to London from Topcliff in
Nafferton, Wanford, Gembling, and Kirk-Leventon in co. York. Total, 241. 128. 6d. 174 p.)
co. York to your Majesty's ancestors, Matthew, Earl of (1604 ?].-Note of the several sums given as New
Lennox, and the Lady Margaret his wife and their Year's gifts, by the Earl of Northumberland to the
heirs : afterwards Queen Mary, of her princely bounty, king, and various ufficers and servants at court. Total,
for the raising up of your subject's ancient house of 501, 5s. 2d. 8 p.)
nobility did not only restore petitioner's late uncle, 1604-5, Feb, 20. Dublin.-Proclamation by the Lord
Thomas, and his father Henry to their ancient titles, Deputy and Council of Ireland, against travelling with
but withall gave them all the possessions of the said armour or weapons. [Copy, broad sheet.]
earldom which then remained in the crown, and 1604-5, Feb. 20. Castle of Dublin.— The like revoking
amongst the rest the reversion of the manors above all commissions of martial law granted to any persons
named. Asks the King to bestow the said manors, being before the date of the proclamation.
part of the ancient possessions of his earldom, upon 1 604-5, March 1. Thetford.--Proclamation by the

king for the recalling of mariners from the service of
[Draft written on the fly leaf of a letter, addressed foreign states. [Printed copy. 2 sheets.]
to Sir Peter Fretchville, Knight, at Staveley. lp.] 1604-5, March. Greenwich.—The Council to the Lord

1603 ? - List of the persons in co. York who lent Treasurer. The merchants of London trading into
money to the late Queen Elizabeth upon Privy seals, France obtained in the time of Elizabeth an authority
with the amounts advanced by each and not yet repaid. for the levying of certain money upon all sorts of cloth
[Certified copy. 5 pp.)

shipped bither, towards the great charges which the
[1603].-A Treatise or Discourse addressed to king said merchants sustained at that time, in prosecuting
James I. (on his accession] exhorting him to weed out the revocation of an edict set forth by the French king
abuses from the Commonwealth, which like caterpillers for confiscation of English cloths, supposed to be badly
are crept into this land, viz., bribers, &c., &c. The wrought or stretched on the tenter; as also by occasion
author refers to a book written by him to the late Queen of letters of marque granted against them, and likewise
Elizabeth, which book, with other matters therein ex of a law or custom there used, called “Droict d’Au-
pressed, was the cause of the afflictions of Gilbert beyne,” which authority being now void and out of
Wilkinson and himself, although they meant well to our force, by the decease of the late Queen, the merchants
prince, country, and commonwealth. [Unfinished have made suit that it may be at this time renewed. ..
copy. 3 pp.]

Ask him to give present direction to the officers of the
(1603 ?).-MS. treatise written by some person un- several ports, and of the customs, to cause the under-
named, but apparently of great observation and know mentioned dues to be levied on the several cloths,
ledge, entitled “A yearly observation of the English
" and Spanish fleets, which were set forth one to anoy

Sir Wm. Monson was the author; see Copies of tho Treatise in the
“ the other, from the year 1585, when the war with Spain

Collections of the Marquis of Bath and the Marquis of Westminster. " began until the year 1603, when his Majesty (James I.] A.J.H.


DUKE OF kerseys, baize, and other commodities exported for Elizabeth, the valuation whereof is now in effect reduced

France, and to pay over the same to Ottowell Smith, to the true value, viz. from 12d. to 3d. 121 pp.)

and Robert Bell, nominated by the merchants to receive (1605), or after.-Petition of William Davys, messen-
the same.

ger of the chamber, to Henry Percy, Earl of North-
Under written.--Rates of the dues to be levied upon umberland. Upon his petitioning the late Queen Eliza-
the several kinds of cloths, kerseys, baize, cottons, &c., beth for 1001., owing by the late Sir John Perrot to
exported to France. [Copy. 13 p.]

Foulk Robartes of London, skinner, which debt had
1605, March 28.-Copy of certain points extracted out become due to petitioner through his marriage with
of the Lords' letters, dated 28 March 1605, on the behalf Robarte's widow, her Majesty signified it to be ber
of the Earl of Tyrconnel, with the postils of the Lord pleasure that the Countess of Northumberland should
Deputy and Council of Ireland in the opposite column. pay the same out of that royal gift which her Majesty
[2 pp.)

had bestowed upon her Ladyship of Sir John Perrot's
1605, June 16. Dublin.--Act of composition agreed goods, debts, and leases; but petitioner had hitherto
upon between the Lord Deputy and Council of Ireland, been unable to obtain the same. Asks for commisera-
and the agents appointed by the nobility and chief tion.
gentry of the English pale, and entered in the council 1605-6, Feb.-[Henry, Earl of Northumberland P7 to
book. [Copy. 2 pp.]

. My Lord, it is very true I had received my
1605, July 20. College of Physicians at London.-The Lord Treasurer's answer. I thank you for your good
President and Censors of the college of Physicians, to wishes and travail in this cause, there is no harm done

that Mr. Lumkine Jenkins P1, Surgeon, but your Lordship's trouble. I cannot condemn your
was lately convented and convicted before us for his judgment in persuading me to put on foot such a
sundry bad practices in physic, contrary to the statutes matter, for it was reasonable in most men's expectations
of this realm and the privileges of our college, for though I gave it over, after three days, as an abortion.
which together with his uncivil behaviour before us we I fear (Captain] Whitlock has been too pressing.
thought it fit to commit him to prison, and fine him Nothing doubting that my Lord Monteagle will be any
according to the statutes ; notwithstanding, upon receipt' changeling, I rest. [Draft. 1 p.)
of your Lordships' letters we have enlarged him, hoping (1606), July 14.--Particular of the charges demanded
of your favour in the maintenance of the privileges by the steward and butler for the provisions for the
granted to our college by the statutes of this land. dinners in the Star Chamber, with a list in the opposite
(1 p.)

column of what is thought sufficient. Total of all such
1605, Sopt. 6. Wells.—True bills found by the jury deductions 3011. 68., besides the deductions that might
at the assizes, held at Wells in cos. Carlow and Kil. be taken from the steward's great bills of fare, if a bill
kenny, Ireland, against the several persons named, thereof were delivered every dinner, that a true survey
with the names of the jurors. [4 pp.]

might be had of the same. (11 pp.) 1605), Nov. 5.-Description of the personal appear.

(1606, July 14).- Observations on the means to be ance or physionomy of [Thomas] Percy [one of the gun

adopted for controlling the excessive charges of the powder conspirators, as given in the proclamation for

steward for the dinners in the Star Chamber, &c. The his arrest]. [Modern copy. 1 p.]

chiefest occasion of all these abuses, as I think, are the [1605], Nov. 24. – [Henry Percy, Earl of North

patents which they pretend to have from the king, by
umberland ?] to

colour whereof they are so emboldened, that it is in
This is a point of great [importance) and therefore I vain for me to intermeddle. [fp.]
pray your Lordship look into [it that] the examinations .

1006?.—Report on the state of the question in debate
cross not, so I humbly take my leave this 24 of Nov.,

between the Attorney-General on the one part, and Sir 6 of the clock.

John Crooke and Sir Francis Bacon on the other, conP.S. Mem. That my lord of Sussex went away in the cerning the matters in question between the King's afternoon from my house before myself that 5 of Nov.

Bench and the Lord President and Council of the [Copy much burnt. }p. This letter appears to have

Marches of Wales, as to the extent of jurisdiction, the been printed, where ?7

competency of the King's Bench to examine the equity (16057, Nov. 24.-[The same to the same?] I pray

of a causė ordered or in suit in the Marches, the awardyour Lordship open this letter inclosed, albeit I know that

ing of prohibitions, &c., specifying in what points they such letters as are directed to the whole table you do

are agreed and in what they differ; also further points not ordinarily; for there is in it, concerning me, that I

touching usage, which the Council for the Marches would you should not sleep without knowing it. Your

conceive to be agreed. [1 p.] Lordship's true friend to command.

1607, April 14.-Conditions of a truce proposed to be

concluded between the Archdukes and the States [Copy. } p. On the same paper as the above, and

General of the United Provinces of the Netherlands,appears to have been printed.]

on the basis of the acknowledgment of the independence [1605], Nov. 25.--Henry Percy, Earl of Northumber

of the States, and that each party shall abide with that land ?] to

which he at present holds, unless by a common consent and the warrant to extend to the sealing up of Percy's

an exchange of some towns or places be effected. closet door at Alnwick. The reason is that I hear Sir

[3 pp.)
Henry Witherington was appointed to the looking to the

1607, June 22. James Town, in Virginia. - The
castle; there are bonds there of his to the value of one
thousand marks, which he being keeper, may dispose of

Council in Virginia, to the Council of Virginia in

England. We acknowledge ourselves accountable for
to his own advantage. Now your Lordship kuows my

our time here spent were it but to give you satisfaction desire, I refer the rest to your consideration. I have

of our industries and affections. Within less than lost enough already and loath to lose more; thus with

seven weeks we are fortified well against the Indians, my best wishes I rest, your Lordship's true friend to

we have sown good store of wheat, we have sent you a command. N.

taste of clapboard, we have built some houses, we have Copy. p. Much burnt, the first 8 or 10 lines being

spared some hands for a discovery, and intend to better entirely lost, but the letter appears to have been printed.]

our proceedings. Our easiest and richest commodity, 1605. Inventory of the goods remaining at Alnwick, being sassafras roots, were gathered up by the sailors belonging to (Thomas) Percy. [p.)

with loss and spoil of many of our tools and drawing 1605, Dec.-Account by William Wickliffe of moneys away our men, without our knowledge, from their received by Thomas Percy belonging to Henry, Earl of labour. We earnestly entreat you to see that we be not Northumberland, and remaining unaccompted for; so it thus defrauded, since they are all our waged men, yet appears he has robbed your Lordship in toto of 1,9291., we wish so that the loss fall not entirely on them nor and I dare engage my credit, when the bonds and bills on ourselves. We believe they have two tons of sassafras, left in his custody come to be examined, you will be which if thrown on the market at their pleasure, will found to be deceived of no small sums of money besides pull down the price for a long time. The land would this now appearing. [1 p.]

How with milk and honey if so seconded by your careful [11605 P].-Notes apparently written by some person wisdoms and bountiful hands. We are set down 80 [not named but] who had been committed to prison for miles within a river, for breadth, sweetness of water, his heterodox opinions in matters of religion, justifying length navigable up into the country, deep and bold his refusal to take the required oaths, and calling in channel so stored with sturgeon and other fish, as no question the right of the authorities to interfere with man's fortune has ever possessed the like. The soil their meetings. [p.]

most fruitful, covered with good oak, ash, walnut tree, 1605 ?—Reasons in favour of the project for restoring poplar, pine, sweet woods, cedar, and others yet withgood moneys again to Ireland, consisting of harps of out names, that yield gums pleasant as frankincenso stirling silver and some small copper moneys, in place and experienced amongst us for great virtues in healing of the base money lately coined during the reign of green wounds and aches. We entreat your succours for

[blocks in formation]


our seconds with all expedition lest that all devouring Moore, widow, against Robert Jacksonne, co. Middlesex,
Spaniard lay his ravenous hands upon these gold shew- and others, for perjury, riot, &c. Albane Stepneth, co.
ing mountains, which if it be so enabled he shall never

Pembroke, against William Warren, for perjury, mainte-
dare to think on. This note makes known where our

nance, &c. William Warren against Albane Stepneth,
necessities most strike us; we beseech your present for perjury, extortion, &c. Sir Nicholas Hyde, co.
relief accordingly, otherwise to our greatest and last Hereford, against Matthew Chase for perjury. 11 p.)
griefs we shall against our wills, not witl that which

that which 1607, Nov. 4.-Notes of the proceedings in the Star
we most willingly would. Captain Newport has seen Chamber in the case of Richard Roughley against
all and knows all, he can fully satisfy your further Thomas Penketh. [On the same paper as the preceding.
expectations and ease you of our tedious letters. Signed 1 p.)
by Edward Maria Wingfield, John Smith, John Mar-

1607, Nov. 6. — Notes of the proceedings in the Star
tine, Bartholomew Gosnold, John Rattcliffe, George Chamber in the case of Albane Stepneth against William
Kendall. [Copy. 2 pp.]

. Warren.
1607 July 29. Plymouth. - Captain Christopher 1607, Nov. 20.-List of causes specially appointed to
Newporte to Robert Cecill, Earl of Salisbury. I arrived be heard in the Star Chamber this sitting day, specifying
here in the sound of Plymouth this day from the dis- the names of the plaintiffs and defendants in each suit
covery of that part of Virginia imposed upon me and

and the matter wherewith charged: viz., William Warren,
the rest of the colony for the south part, in which we co. Pembroke, against Albane Stepneth, for perjury.
have performed our duties to the utmost of our powers, extortion, &c. William Ashe, co. Devon, against John
and have discovered into the country near 200 miles, and Hole, for forgery, &c. William Wheelows, co. North-
a river navigable for great ships 150 miles. The country ampton, against Edward Mercer and others, for con-
is excellent and very rich in gold and copper. Of the spiracy, riot, &c. Christopher Lewes, co. Suffolk,
gold we have brought a say, and hope to be with your against John Lanye and others, for perjury, extortion,
Lordship shortly to shew it his Majesty and the rest of &c. In the margin and on the reverse, notes are added
the Lords. I will not deliver the expectance and of the judgments and proceedings in several of these
assurance we have of great wealth, but will leave it to causes. [14 p.]
your Lordship’s censure when you see the probabilities.

[1607, Nov. 20].-Similar to the preceding. [1 p.]
I wish I might have come in person to have brought

©1607, Nov. 20].-Notes of the proceedings in the these glad tidings; but my inability of body, and the not Star Chamber in the cases of William Warren, co. Pemhaving any man to put in trust of the ship and that in broke, against Albane Stepneth, and of Christopher her, makes me to defer my coming till wind and weather

Lewes, co. Suffolk, against John Lanye and others. be favourable. [Copy. p.]

[2 pp.] 1607, Oct. 13.-Notes made by William Mill of the

11607, Nov. 27].-List of causes specially appointed sentences passed by the Star Chamber on various persons

to be heard in the Star Chamber this sitting day specifynamed during the reigns of Henry VIII. and Elizabeth ing the names of the plaintiffs and defendants in each for slander and seditious speeches. (13 p.]

suit and the matter wherewith charged : viz., William (1607, Oct. 29 P7.- List of causes specially appointed

enlly appointed Warren, co. Pembroke, against Albane Stepneth, for to be heard in the Star Chamber this sitting day, specify.

perjury, riot, &c. William Wheelowes, co. Northampton,
ing the names of the plaintiffs and defendants to each against Edward Mercer and others, for conspiracy, riot,
suit and the matter wherewith charged: viz., Philip &c. George Pomphrey, co. Gloucester, against Richard
Prosser of co, Brecon, against John Gibbons and others Wytt, for practise, extortion, &c. Richard Maynard, co.
named, for confederacy, conspiracy, riot, &c. John Sussex, against William Moone and others, for riot.
Gibbons against Philip Prosser and others, for practise unlawful assemblies, &c. With notes in the margin
and other misdemeanors. James Standish of co. Lincoln, relative to the proceedings in the case of William
against Gregory Wolmer and others, for riot, &c.

Wheelowes against Edward Mercer. [1 p.]
William Carter of co. Northampton against John Walley

1607, Nov. 27.-Notes of the proceedings in the Star
and others, for riot, unlawful assemblies, &c. [1 p.]

Chamber in the case of William Wheelowes, against
[1607, Oct. 29 ?].-Notes of the various sentences pro-

Edward Mercer and others, endorsed “ conspiracy to
posed by the several members of the Star Chamber to be " hang an innocent for rape.” [23 pp.]
passed on some person named [Robert] Holland for In this volume are several accounts of diets for the
building new houses in London contrary to the King's Star Chamber and several papers and petitions about
proclamation. [On the same paper as the preceding woollen cloths.

[ocr errors]

1607, Oct. 29.-Notes of the proceedings in the Star Chamber against Robert Holland and others, builders,

for infringing the proclamation prohibiting new build-

ings in London; with references to previous proclama-
tions and sentences of the time of Elizabeth, amongst

[1603 ?].- MS. Book, on the fly-leaf of which are
other reasons assigned for prohibiting new buildings are

entered some brief notices of historical events in the “ dangerous for infection, decay of other towns and reigns of Queens Mary and Elizabeth; then follows a 66 cities, increase of dearth, enhancing of prices.” (1 p.] brief treatise on the advantages and instruction to be [1607, Oct. 30).--List of causes specially appointed to

obtained by a study of history, apparently intended as be heard in the Star Chamber this sitting day, specifying

a preface or introduction to some larger work, perhaps the names of the plaintiffs and defendants in each suit

the following treatise on the Art of War, in which the and the matter wherewith charged : viz., Sir John writer first treats of the duties of the captain, and the Stafford, of co. Gloucester, against Henry Parmyter, for

formation of an army, the choice of a camping ground, practise, &c. John Peck of co. Rutland against Kenelme the duties of the marshal and other officers, the conHill, for perjury in a court baron. John Gosse of co. ditions of giving or accepting battle, the order of battle Essex against Thomas Badcocke and others, for riot and and address to the troops, mode of conducting a siege, unlawful assemblies. Thomas Russe, co. Norfolk, against

ordinances upon oath, penal ordinances for the main. Robert Francklyn, for forgery, &c. Richard Roughleytenance of discipline, &c. Sayings of philosophers with of co. Lancaster, against Thomas Penketh and others,

regard to war, plans exhibiting the formation of troops for riot and unlawful assemblies. [1 p.) •

in marching, and for battle, directions for judging of 1607, Oct. 30.-Notes of the proceedings in the Star the quality of powder and the making of shot for Chamber in the case of Sir John Stafford against Henry ordnance, gunnery practice, tables of distances, and use Parmyter. p.]

of the quadrant in determining the distance and direc1607, Oct. 31.-Notes of proceedings in the Star

tion of shot. At the end of the volume is a prayer or Chamber relative to the manor of Havering, parcel of complaint addressed to God by some one (Jh. H...] the Queen's jointure, where certain lands appear to

who appears to have been at that time prisoner in the have been disafforested and certain persons proceeded

Fleet. This volume is in several hands and about a
against for the killing of deer. (4 p.]

third of the leaves are blank.]
1607, Nov.5.-The like, relative to a riot in which
John Haton, John Halwood, and Thomas Vernon appear
as the principal actors. Order made in this case, 5 Nov.

3 Jac. I. [1 p.)

23RD SEPTEMBER 1608-1611.
1607, Nov. 4.- List of causes specially appointed to
be heard in the Star Chamber this sitting day, specifying 1607-8, Feb. 10.—List of causes specially appointed
the names of the plaintiffs and defendants in each suit to be heard in the Star Chamber this sitting day, specify.
and the matter wherewith charged: viz., Richard ing the names of the plaintiffs and defendants in each
Roughley, of co. Lancaster against Thomas Penketh suit, and the matter wherewith charged: viz., Alexander
and others, for riot and unlawful assemblies. Johane Haithwaite, co. Berks, against Anthony Jeninges and


DUER OP others, for riot, &c. Reginald Hedge, co. Suffolk, against for riot, &c. Andrew Osborne, co. Kent, against John DUKE OF NORTHUN- Arunger Browne and others, for riot, &c. Henry Earl Blechenden and others, for riot, &c. With marginal NORTHUM

of Lincoln, co. Lincoln, against Sir Edward Dymock and notes of the proceedings in the Star chamber in the
others, for riot, unlawful assemblies, &c. Robert Gage, two first causes. [14 p.) i
co. Northampton, against Michell Pickering and others, [1608, June 3]. - List of causes specially appointed to
for riot, unlawful assemblies, &c. Thurston West, co. be heard in the Star Chamber this sitting day : viz.,
York, against Thomas Inman and others, for perjury, Attorney-General, co. Surrey, against Thomas Mollineux
maintenance, &c. With marginal notes of the proceed and others, for riot, &c. Andrew Osborne, co. Kent,
ings in the Star Chamber in the case of Alexander against John Blechenden and others, for riot, &c.
Haithwaite against Anthony Jeninges. [3 pp.]

William Veisez, co. Norfolk, against William Stanhawe,
1607-8, Feb. 13.-Notes of decisions in the Star and others, for forging of a deed, riot, &c. William
Chamber, and punishments awarded for contempts of Veisey, co. Norfolk, against William Stanhawe, for
court, and for slandering and false accusing of coun- forging of a deed and publishing thereof. With mar-
sellors, noblemen, judges, magistrates, and other great ginal notes. [1 p.)
officers of state. [1 p.)

1608, June 3.-Notes of the proceedings in the Star
1608, April 5.-Notes concerning the punishment of Chamber in the case of the Attorney-General against
contempts for slanders and false accusations of judges Thomas Mollineux for a riot, and other misdemeanors,
and magistrates, supported by examples or precedents in the marriage of the daughter of Mr. Brooke against
recorded in English history and by former statutes. his will, &c. [1 p.]
(1 p.]

[1608, June 3?).-Notes of the punishments decreed
(1608, April 5 P].-Notes concerning the punishment for several offences cognisable in the Star Chamber.
of such as speak falsely or scandalously of noblemen or All who are fined are to be committed during the
great officers of state, supported by references to the pleasure of the court, except great persons who are to be
civil law and statutes. [} p.]

committed during the pleasure of the king. Amongst
(1608, April 19?].-List of causes specially appointed other cases mentioned is that of Mollineux, who married
to be heard in the Star Chamber this sitting day, Mr. Brook's daughter. [See above the proceedings of
specifying the names of the plaintiffs and defendants in the Star Chamber under date June 3, 1608.] (1 p.]
each suit, and the matter wherewith charged: viz., [1608, Nov, 11 ].-List of causes specially appointed
Thomas Dutton, co. York, against Ralph Hirde and to be heard in the Star Chamber this sitting day : viz.,
others, for perjury, conspiracy, &c. Thomas Small. John Hole, co. Somerset, against Matthew Lancaster
brook, co. Warwick, against Thomas Colmore and others, and others, for contriving and publishing of infamous
for contriving and publishing of slanderous libels, riot, libels, prophanations, riots, &c. John Adgore and
&c. William Ashe, co. Devon, against John Hole and William Allen, co. Middlesex, against William Lake and
others, for forgery, &c. And William Wheelows, co. others, for forging of a will, riot, perjury, &c. William
Northampton, against Edward Mercer and others, for Lake, co. Middlesex, against Sir John Brett and others,
practise, confederacy, and riot. With marginal notes of for riots, &c. John Fooke against Anthony Palmer and
the proceedings in the Star Chamber in the case of others, for riots, &c. With marginal notes in the case
Thomas Smallbrook against Thomas Colmore and of John Hole against Matthew Lancaster, Robert
others. [1} p.]

Attwell and the other defendants, specifying the names
[1608, April 19?].-Notes of the proceedings in the of the actors in the show, and the punishments awarded
Star Chamber in the case of Thomas Smalbrook against to the several defendants in this suit. [2 pp.]
Thomas Colmore and others. [24 pp.]

1608, Nov. 11.-Notes of the proceedings in the Star
1608, April 20.- List of causes specially appointed to Chamber in the case of John Hole against Matthew
be heard in the Star Chamber this sitting day, specify. Lancaster, Robert Attwell and others; interspersed
ing the names of the plaintiffs and defendants and the with references to Scripture, and passages from classic
matter wherewith charged: viz., John Roper, co. Lan writers bearing on the subject of libel, together with
caster, against James Anderton and others, for riot, con- the names of the publishers of the libel and of the actors
tempts, &c. Henry Townsend, co. Gloucester, against in the scandalous show. (13 p.]
Sir John Stafford and others, for riot, &c. Thomas 1608, Nov. 13.-Notes of the proceedings in the Star
Cliffe, co. Kent, against Warham Jemmet, for perjury Chamber in the case of the Lord Balmerino, and of the
at the assises. Sir Thomas Waller, co. Kent, against speeches used by the Lords at his trial, with his answers.
Thomas Stilleon, for riot in hunting and killing of deer. The Lord Treasurer began, “A deadly wound stricken
(1 p.]

" into the king's heart, whose judgment, piety, religion,
. (1608, April 20].—List similar to the preceding, but " and sincerity lieth yet in bleeding." "A secretary
with marginal notes relative to the case of John Roper " in whom the breach of trust reposed in him is most
against James Anderton and others. (1 p.)

“ dangerous and damnable.” “It is in the power (of a
[1608, April 20].—Notes of the proceedings in the Star " minister] to wound a king and state more than an army
Chamber in the case of John Roper against James “ of men, for against an army there is defence, against
Anderton and others. [2 pp.]

" trust there is none.”—The king's proceedings in the
1608, April 20.-List of causes specially appointed to process of this cause.- The king spoke with them and
be heard in the Star Chamber this sitting day: viz., commanded him to keep his house.-If that letter had
Thomas Park, co. Middlesex, against Thomas Cockshott been the king's, he had assuredly bowed his knee to
and others, for riot, &c. Sir James Bourchier and Baal.-If counterfeiting his seal be treason then this
others, co. Wilts, against David Waterhouse and others, counterfeiting his majesty's mind much more.--The
for forgery, perjury, &c. John Rooper, co. Lancaster, king's defence [his book entitled An Apology for the
against James Anderton and others, for riot, contempt, Oath of Allegiance ?]—The reply of Bellarmine (the
&c. Henry Townsend, co. Gloucester, against Sir John Cardinal] in the name of Matheus Tortus.
Stafforde and others, for riot, practise, &c.

(1608, Nov. 13?].-Further notes of the proceedings
1608, April 27.-Notes of the proceedings in the Star in the Star Chamber in the case of the Lord Balmerino,
Chamber in the case of the Attorney-General against The king often dealt with in Scotland to change his
Edward Lee and others, for conspiracy, subornation of faith, but refused it. Watson examined by the Earl of
perjury, and false accusation of his own brother. Northampton a little before his death denied that the
[24 pp.)

king gave him any hope, though he told it to strengthen 11608, April !).- List of causes specially appointed to the Papists' hope. The Duke of Lorraine's messenger, be heard in the Star Chamber this sitting day: viz., a gentleman of the Pope's chamber tempting the king William Saunders, co. Bedford, against John Bell and in matter of religion, but the king refused it. Sir Edothers, for confederacy, unlawful maintenance, &c. ward Dromond a Cardinal's servant. The king's Robert Fernley, co. Gloucester, against Edmond Cham- memory so happy as that he was able to charge the berleyn and others, for riots, oppressions, &c. Thomas Lord Balmerino with so many interrogatories. The Farren, co. Leicester, against Barnard Addanieshed Lord Balmerino dallied the first day; considered better; and others, for unlawful maintenance, &c. Katherine confessed the truth. The Council of England have Moore, widow, co. Worcester, against Sir Arnold done nothing herein to prejudice the proceeding of Liggon and Sir William Welshe, for misdemeanors Scotland. Now the cause [is] in the hands of noble. in justices of peace. With marginal notes. (1 p.) , men of Scotland who are more jealous to admit mere

1608, June 1.--List of causes specially appointed to upstarts to be noblemen than we are. The Lord be heard in the Star Chamber this sitting day : viz., Balmerino confesses again the abuse of the king's trust. Attorney-General, co. Essex, against Robert Quarles and The greatness of his offence. His want of hope of others, for the unlawful hunting and killing of deer in pardon. The king's great virtues and favours to him. Waltham forest. Attorney-General, co. Surrey, against À lamentation of his [Balmerino's] own faults and Thomas Molleneux and others, for riot. Reginald overtakings in this cause, especially to deal with his Hedge, co. Suffolk, against Arunger Browne and others, Majesty's conscience which he knew to be so clear.

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