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HOUSE OF unwrought or uncut, except tanners. See 27 Eliz. c. 16. To encourage the tanning of sheepskins in England. HOUSE OF
L. J., II. 95, &c.

and to prevent damage to the skins in flaying by

butchers who "leave the best part of the skin upon
1. Copy of “ An Act against ingrossers and regrators “ the muttons, to the end the flesh may seem the

- of tanned leather, and for the true tanning of " fairer.” Endorsed, “ Touching Pelts,” and with date
“ leather.” None but tanners to sell tanned of first reading in H. C., but no further proceeding.
leather unwrought: gives special directions as to C. J. wanting.
the method of tanning, the liquor to be used, &c. 1585, May 20.-Commission for prorogation of Parlia-
Endorsed, “1584."

ment. Signed by the Queen and sealed. In extenso,
1584-5, March 10.-Draft of " An Act for the pre- L. J., II. 109.
“ servation of timber in the Weyldes of the counties 1585. June 7.-Commission for prorogation of Parlia-
of Sussex, Surrey, and Kent, and for the amendment ment. Signed by the Queen and sealed. In extenso,
" of highways decayed by carriage to and from iron L. J., II. 110.
" mills there." 27 Eliz. c. 19. L. J., II. 95, &c.

1585, Oct. 11.—Commission for prorogation of Par

liament. Signed by the Queen and sealed. See L. J.,
1. Draft of " An Act for the preservation of timber II. 111.

“ in the county of Sussex for the service of the 1586, Oct. 28.—Commission directed to John Arch-
“ navy, as also for the amendment of the high- bishop of Canterbury, William Lord Burghley, and
" ways there, and for the repeal of a proviso Henry Earl of Derby, to hold Parliament. Neither
“ limited in the Statute against converting of signed nor sealed. In extenso, L. J., II. 116.
" wood into coals or other fuel for iron mills 1586, Oct. 31.-Draft of a Bill to provide that enrol-
“ made in the xxiii. year of Her Majesty's reign.” ments of conveyances made with the deputy of the
1584, Nov. 30. Endorsed with dates of readings Custos Rotulorum and clerk of the peace sball be as

in H. C., and “ Vacat qr. nova.” C. J. wanting. valid as if made before the Custos Rot. or clerk of the
2. Draft of “A Bill for the preservation of wood peace himself.

" and timber about the towns of Rye and Win- The Bill was apparently read a first time, Feb. 17,
“ chelsea in the east part of the county of 1584-5, dropped and taken up again in 1586. It is en-
Sussex.” Provides, amongst other things, that dorsed “17 Febr. 1584. The first reading. 31 Oct?. 86.
persons cutting wood or underwood within four “ The first reading. 3 Nov?. 86. The second reading.
miles of the said towns shall enclose the “spring “7 Nov*. 1586. Dashed and rejected.” Not mentioned
“ thereof,” as a protection against cattle, for a in L. J. C. J. wanting.
period of eight years after the felling, under a 1586-7, Feb. 15.--Commission appointing Sir Edmund
penalty of 6s. 8d. a month for every rood left Anderson, Chief Justice, to be Speaker during the illness
unenclosed. Endorsed, “1584.” Not mentioned of Sir Thomas Bromley, Lord Chancellor. L. J., II. 127.
in L. J. C. J. wanting.

In extenso. [Seal wanting.]
1584-5, March 10.-Draft of “An Act touching the 1587-8, March 23.-Commission for dissolving Par-
breadth of white woollen cloths made within the liament. Signed by the Queen. In extenso, L. J., II.
counties of Wilts, Gloucester, Somerset, and Oxon, 143.
“ and elsewhere of like making." 27 Eliz. c. 17. L.J., 1588, Mar. 28.–Bill “ Against forestalling, regrating,
II. 95, &c.

“ engrossing, and like abuses.” Act of Edward VI. on
1584-5, March 11. -- Draft of “An addition to the the subject to be put in due execution, and further
“ Statute intituled for buying and selling of Roother extended to all wines, sweet oils, spices, sugar, currants,
“ beast and cattle, made anno tertio Edwardi sexti.” prunes, and corn coming from abroad; for a period of
Great evil is done to the Commonwealth by those who twenty days after importation; any persons conspiring
buy up fat cattle to be resold alive, no one to do so in to keep up prices to be fined 1001. and suffer three months
future: Act not to prevent licensed drovers from buying imprisonment; Act not to extend to anyone buying for
cattle in any of the counties of Wales, or in Cornwall, the purpose of selling again by retail. Brought from
Cheshire, Devonshire, Dorsetshire, Yorkshire, Glouces. H. O. on date. L. J., II. 167. No further proceeding
tershire, Herefordshire, Lancashire, Monmouthshire, mentioned.
Northumberlandshire, Rutlandshire, and Shropshire, 1592.-Copy of a Bill endorsed, “92. Concerning
and selling the same again at a distance of sixty miles at “cloth making in the town of Colchester.” Recites
least from the place where they were bought. Endorsed, the falling off of the trade in the said town; clothiers,
“ xi. Martij 1584. Twice read and rejected.” Not free burgesses of the town, may buy and sell wool fit
mentioned in L. J. C. J. wanting.

for making “bayes, sayes, mockadoes, fringes, &c.,” to
1584-5, March 13.-Draft of a Bill against the mer- strangers and others makers of bayes, &c., and to them
chants suspected to have poisoned Ralph Scudamore. only. Not mentioned in L. J. C. J. wanting.
Recites the common report that Ralph Scudamore, sent 1592.-Draft of " An Act concerning the town of Ban-
on Her Majesty's business to the King of Morocco, had “ bury in the county of Oxenford, for wool and yarn to
been there murdered by English merchants; enacts “ be bought and sold in the markets and fairs there :"
that the suspected persons shall be tried, and, if found poverty has greatly increased in Banbury, and the in-
guilty, punished, as if the offence had been committed habitants desire that they may be allowed to buy and
at Westminster. Endorsed with date of lst reading in sell wool in their markets, as a means of providing
H. C. Not mentioned in L. J. C. J. wanting.

employment for the poor. Not mentioned in L. J.
1584-5, March 13.-Draft of “ An Act for the main C. J. wanting.
“ tenance of the Pier and Cobb of Lyme Regis in the 1592.-Copy of “ An Act of addition to an Act made
“ county of Dorset.” 27 Eliz. c. 1. in list of private “ in the Session of Parliament in the 23d year of the
Acts, folio edition. L. J., II. 97, &c.

“ reign of our Sovereign Lady the Queen's Majesty, in-
1584–5, March 15.-Draft of “An Act for nailing “ tituled An Act for the abolishing of certain deceitful
" and making of nails within the counties of Stafford, “ stuff used in dying cloths, &c." Recites Act of 23d
". Worcester, and Salop.” Nailing to be a trade of itself Eliz. against the use of " logwood alias blockwood,"
in the said counties, and none but those apprenticed and which applies only to dyers, and extends its provisions
trained to it to practise it, and no apprentice to set up to sellers of gouds so dyed. Not mentioned in L. J.
shop as a nailer unless he be 30 years old or married. C. J. wanting
Every nailer having two apprentices to have also cne 1592.-Copy of“ An Act for the avoiding of stealing
journeyman. Endorsed, “ Lunæ, 15o Martij 1584. The “ of apparel, household stuff, and such like things forth
“ first reading and rejected upon the question.” Not " of the dwelling houses and lodgings of Her Majesty's
mentioned in L. J. C. J. wanting.

“ subjects within the cities of London and Westminster
1584-5, March 16.-Draft of “ An Act for the establish “ and the suburbs thereof and in Southwark and within
ment of the Company of curriers of London.” No “ other places within two miles thereunto adjoining :"
person in the city of London or within three miles against dealers in old clothes and second-hand goods;
thereof, except freemen and members of the curriers requires them to keep any goods brought to them for
company, to practise the “trade of dressing, working, 16 days before disposing of the same, and to make a
" and currying of leather tanned with oak bark." return of them to Ralph Smythe “one of your highness
Endorsed with dates of lst and 2nd readings and com- “ ordinary yeomen waiters," and John Ellis of London,
mitment in H. C., but no further proceeding. C. J. appointed registers of the brokers, &c. Not mentioned

in L. J. C. J. wanting.
1584-5, March 18.-“ An explanation of a branch of a

1592.-Copy of “An Act for the maintenance of Eng.
“ Statute made in the 5th year of Her Majesty's reign “ lish artificers and handicraftsmen.” English handi-
against the carrying of sheepskins over the sea, craftsmen have great difficulty in finding shops or work
" together with an Act that sheepskins be not cut, in and about London and other places in consequence of
" slaughtered, nor spoiled by butchers in flaying them.” the number of foreign handicraftsmen; every foreigner


HOUSE OF before practising any handicraft to serve 4 years as Endorsed with dates of proceedings in H. C. Not
LORDS. apprentice to the same. Not mentioned in L. J. C. J. mentioned in L. J. C. J. wanting.

1592–3, March 7.-Draft of “An Act for the natural-
1592.-Copy of “ An Act for the altering of the market “ izing and making free of William Sidney, eldest son
" day now used in the town of High Barnet in the “ of Sir Robert Sidney, Knight, governor of Flushing,
" county of Hertford, and reducing it unto the old and “ and Dame Barbara his wife, and of Peregrine Wing-
" accustomed day.” The inhabitants of Leighton Buz- " field, son and heir of Sir John Wingfield, Knight,
zard complain that a cattle market for the supply of " and Dame Susan Countess of Kent his wife.” 35 Eliz.
meat to London and other places having been held in c. 7. in list of Private Acts, 8vo edition. L. J., II.
their town for many hundred years on Tuesdays, a market 174, &c.
has lately been started or renewed at Barnet on Mondays, 1592–3, March 8.-Draft of “ An Act for the repeal of
the right day being Thursday, by this their sale is fore. “ a branch of a Statute made in the 4th and 5th years of
stalled and they likely to be ruined. No market to be “ King Philip and Queen Mary, intituled An Act touch-
held at Barnet except on Thursday. Not mentioned in “ing the making of woollen cloths.” Permits inhabi-
L. J. C. J. wanting.

tants of Devonshire, though not living in any town, to
1592.--Copy of " An Act for the avoiding of certain exercise the “feat or mystery of making, weaving, or
“ conveyances and assurances of divers manors, lands, “ rowing of any cloth.” Endorsed with dates of pro-
" and tenements by undue and indirect means procured ceedings in H. C. Not mentioned in L. J. C. J.
“ to be conveyed and assured by Richard Smyth of wanting.
“ Shelford in the county of Warwick, esquire, to Wm. Annexed,
“ Lyttleton, one of the sons of Sir John Lyttleton of 1. Proviso: Surrey included in Act.
“ Franckly in the county of Worcester, knight.” Not 2. Proviso: No person not resident in a town, if prac-
mentioned in L. J. C. J. wanting.

tising cloth making, to hold more than 20 acres of
1592.-Copy of "An Act for the maintenance of the

“ bridge and streets of the town of ‘Estretford' in 1592–3, March 8.-Draft of “ An addition to an Act
" the county of Nottingham.” Great poverty exists " made in the 31st year of the Queen's Majesty's reign
in the town, the roads and "the bridge of stone of five “ intituled An Act for the avoiding of privy and secret
“ arches over the River Idle " are in a ruinous state in " outlawries of Her Majesty's subjects, added and pro-
consequence of the through traffic of carts, &c.: great “ vided for the due execution of Her Majesty's process."
damage is likely to be done to certain mills belonging The Act of 31st Eliz. contained no penalty on sheriffs,
to the Crown, if the bridge should be carried away. &c. for not making due proclamation in actions per-
One penny toll to be taken for every cart, &c. coming sonal, by which means many persons were unduly out-
into the town. Not mentioned in L. J. C. J. wanting. lawed ; violent resistance is frequently offered to sheriffs,

1592.—Copy of “ An Act for explanation and enlarging bailiffs, and other officers when serving or executing
“ of a statute made in the 27th year of the Queen's any writ, process, or precept: provides for due pro-
Majesty's reign, intituled An Act for redress of erro- clamation of actions, and for peaceable serving and
neous judgments in the court commonly called the executing of writs. Endorsed with dates of proceed-
“ King's Bench.” Not mentioned in L. J. C. J. ings in H. C. “2° Aprilis 93. The third reading and

“ dashed upon the question." C. J. wanting.
1592. Copy of “An Act for the increase and preserva- 1592-3, March 10.-Draft of “An Act for the main-
* tion of woods within the county of Sussex." Recites "tenance of clothing within the parish of Cranbrooke
the Act of 35 Hen. VIII. on the same subject, and " in the county of Kent and within eight miles of the
extends its application to lords of manors and owners "same parish.” Cloth making and dying in and near
of woods, &c. Not mentioned in L. J. C. J. wanting. Cranbrook has fallen into decay in consequence of the

1592.-Draft of “ An Act for confirmation of a lease amount of timber used in ironworks. No new iron mills
" made by Seth Holland and others to Edward Morrice.” to be erected; millowners only to use for fuel timber
The lease was made by the Dean (Seth Holland) and growing on their own lands; recites and amends various
Chapter of Worcester, 4th May, 4th & 5th Philip and Acts on the subject of clothmaking. Endorsed with
Mary, to the father of Edward Morrice (now servant to dates of proceedings in H. C. Not mentioned in L. J.
Lord Cochrane) and Richard Morrice, and had been C. J. wanting.
fraudulently surrendered during their absence “in the 1592–3, March 10.-Draft of “ An Act for the ease of
parts beyond the sea attending (by your Majesty's “ the charge of the jurors returned for the trial of any
" commandment) your honorable Commissioners in the " issue in any of the Courts at Westminster.” Jurors
“ last treaty of peace begone (begun) at Ostend.” Not appearing out of their proper counties to receive such
mentioned in L. J. C. J. wanting.

sum as the justices shall award, to be paid by the suitors
1592-3, Feb. 26.-Draft of “An Act for reducing of under pain of committal, provided that no baron or peer
“ disloyal subjects to their due obedience." Disloyal be committed. Rejected after third reading in H. L.
subjects had entertained “Jesuits, seminaries, and mass L. J., II. 166.
“ing priests,” yielding "themselves to that usurped Annexed,
" power and authority of the Bishop of Rome whereby 1. Engrossment of preceding.
“ he hath presumed most falsely and wickedly to 2. Draft of amendments.
denounce Her Majesty to be deprived of Her Royal 1592–3, March 10.-Draft of “ An Act for the expedi-
“ Estate and government and Her Highness' subjects tion of Justice in real actions at Common Law.”
" to be discharged of their loyalty and obedience:” Endorsed with dates of proceedings in H. C. March 16,
enacts penalties against those convicted of recusancy, “ The second reading, and upon the question was
that is of" not repairing to some church, chapel, or usual “ rejected.” C. J. wanting.
“ place of common prayer;" and on the abettors of such 1592–3, March 12.-Draft of “ An Act concerning the
offenders. Endorsed with dates of proceedings in H.C. “ exemplification of fines and recoveries." Fines and
and “ vacat gr. nova.” Not mentioned in L. J. C. J. recoveries to be enrolled pursuant to Act 23 Eliz. c. 3,

and the “ exemplification" of any such enrolment under

the seal of the Court of Common Pleas to be evidence
1. Another draft of a Bill with the same object. in law. Endorsed, “ Lunæ, 12° Martij 92. Twice read

Endorsed “Nova,” with dates of proceedings “ and committed. Dashed.” C. J. wanting.
in H. C. (C. J. wanting). 1593. March 12.

1592-3, Feb. 27.-Draft of “ An Act made touching 1. List of Committee on the Bill in H.C. March 12.
" the transporting of certain woollen cloths beyond the 1592-3, March 15.-Draft of “ An Act for the relief of
* seas, called vesses, rayes, sailing cloths, park cloths, “ the cities, towns corporate, boroughs, and market
"* or sorting cloths made in Somersetshire, Wiltshire, " towns within the realm of England.” London possesses
“ Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, or elsewhere of like great blessings in the residence of the Queen, the hold
" making.” The said cloths may be exported “un- ing of the Courts of Law, the River Thames, and the
“ barbed, unrowed not first coursed nor shorn," several resort of people from all parts of England to buy goods
recited Acts to the contrary notwithstanding. Endorsed to be sold in their own towns; great injury is done to
with dates of proceedings in H. C. Not mentioned in country towns by inhabitants of London who go down
L. J. C. J. wanting.

to markets and fairs with goods for sale : this practice

forbidden. Endorsed, “ 150 Martis 92. The first read1. List of Committee on the Bill in H. C. March 9, ing, and rejected upon the Question.” C. J. wanting. 1592-3.

1592-3, March 15.-Draft of “ An Act for the true 1592-3, March 1.-Draft of " An Act to avoid the “ assizing, marking, and measuring of timber.” Dis“ stealing of oxen, kine, sheep, and lambs." Thieves to honesty is caused by sale of unsized timber, and unjust have no benefit of clergy, but to suffer “ death in such gains are made by wharfingers who buy up all timber * manner and form as they shd if they were no clerks." coming to their wharves and elsewhere; timber to be


measured and marked, and no one to purchase timber for the purpose of selling the same again unwrought. The master and wardens of the Company of Carpenters of London, or their deputies, or persons appointed by the justices of the peace for the county, to have power to search for timber bought up by wharfingers. Endorsed with dates of proceedings in H. C. Č. J. wanting. Not mentioned in L. J. Annexed,

1. List of Committee on the Bill in H.C. April 5. 1592–3, March 19.-Draft of “ An Act touching the “ true and lawful assizing of bread.” Bakers make and sell at more than the just value odd-shaped, great and unsized loaves, which the magistrates and others have no means of weighing; sized bread only to be made for sale, certain kinds of bread excepted. Endorsed, “Nova, 19° Martij 92. The first reading and rejected, “ 92 no, 65 yea." Not mentioned in L. J. C. J. wanting. Annexed, 1. Draft of an Act with same title. Endorsed with

dates of first and second reading and commitment

in H. C. and “ Vacat qr. nova." Feb. 27. . 1592-3, March 19.-Draft of “ An Act for the main“ tenance of the wire works at Tintern in the county “ of Monmouth, and of the iron wire drawers, iron " wire cardmakers, and iron wire workers throughout “ England and Wales :" against the importation of foreign wire; regulates the making of iron wire in Monmouthshire, the price of wire, &c. Endorsed with dates of proceedings in H. C., and “not agreed upon “ by the Committees.” C. J. wanting. Annexed,

1. List of Committee on Bill in H. C. March 28.
2. Copy of a Bill differing very slightly from above,

with a Breviate attached and a list of objections

answered seriatim. 1592–3, March 20.-Draft of a Bill endorsed “For “ fish and herring.” The Bill is called in the Journal An Act for repeal of a statute made in the 23d year of Her Majesty's reign, intituled “ An Act for increase of " mariners and for maintenance of navigation, and con“ cerning the bringing of salted fish and salted herrings “ into this realm." See 39 Eliz. c. 10, with which this draft is nearly identical. Brought from H. C., L. J., II. 179. Passed through all its stages, but did not receive the royal assent.

1592-3, March 20.- Draft of “ An Act to confirm the sale of certain manors, lands, and tenements made by “ Sir Richard Knightley, Knight, Valentine Knightley “ and Edward Knightley, Esquires, unto Charles Hales, “ Esquire, Thomas Brickett and John Lamberd, gentle“ men, and others.” 35 Eliz. c. 8. in list of Private Acts, 8vo editio) L. J., II. 179, &c. Annexed,

1. Draft of provisoes and amendments. 1592–3, March 20.--Draft of " An Act concerning the “ assurance of certain lands and tenements to Reade Stafford, Esquire, and Mabell his wife, and to the “ heirs of the said Reade.” (Mutilated). 35 Eliz. c. 9. in list of Private Acts, 8vo edition. L. J., II. 179, &c. Annexed, 1. Paper endorsed “Committee's notes and amend

“ments, Mr. Stafford's Bill.” 1592–3, March 20.-Draft of “ An Act for the explanation and true interpretation of a Statute made in “ the 27th year of the Queen's Majesty's reign, intituled An Act for the preservation of the haven at Plymouth.” Under the Act 27 Eliz. the Mayor and “Cominalty" of Plymouth were authorised to make a trench or watercourse to supply the town and shipping with water; this they had turned to their own profit by erecting corn mills on it, to the damage of millowners on the river “ Mewe alias Mevie.” Mills to be removed within two years. Endorsed with dates of proceedings in H. C. C. J. wanting. Not mentioned in L. J.

1592–3, March 24.-Draft of “An Act for the grant of three entire subsidies and six fifteenths and tenths “ granted by the temporalty.” 35 Eliz. c.13. Brought from H. C. L. J., II. 180.

1592–3. Maroh 24.-Draft of “ An Act that the site of “ the late dissolved house of the Gray Friars in or near “ Cambridge may be sold or let in fee farm or other. " wise for the erection of a new college in the University " of Cambridge.” 35 Eliz. c. 2. in list of Private Acts, 8vo edition. Brought from H. C. L. J., II. 181.

1593, March 27.-Draft of “ An Act to retain the “ Queen's Majesty's subjects in their due obedience,35 Éliz. c. 1. Read 1°. L. J., II. 182, &c. Annexed,

1. Draft of amendments. 31st March.
2. Draft of provisoes.

1593, March 28.-Draft of " An Act touching power HOUSE OF

LORDS. “ and liberty to repeal certain uses of a deed tripartite herein mentioned of and in certain manors, lands, and “ tenements of Anthony Cooke of Romford in the county " of Essex.” Endorsed, “Nova," with dates of proceedings in H. C. C. J. wanting. Brought from H.C. L. J., II, 182. 35 Eliz. c. 12. in list of Private Acts, 8vo edition. Annexed, 1. Another draft. Endorsed with dates of 1st and

2nd reading in H. C. and “yacat qr. nova."

March 14. C. J. wanting. 1593, March 28.-Draft of “ An Act for making free " certain children born beyond the sea, and to put the " same children in the nature of mere Englishmen.” 35 Eliz. c. 13. in list of Private Acts, 8vo edition. Brought from H. C. L. J., II. 182. Annexed,

1. Rider adding Daniel Sealiett to Bill.

2. Rider adding Wm. Litelton and Elizth. Knowles. 1593, March 28.-Draft of " An Act against strangers “ born to sell by way of retail foreign wares brought " into this realm.” For the protection of English retail dealers, no foreigner, unless he has served seven years apprenticeship, to sell foreign wares by retail ; saving rights of denizens now trading. Brought from H. C. L. J., II. 182. Read 2a, 31st March, but no further proceeding.

1593, April 2.-Draft of " An Act for the reviving, continuance, explanation, and perfecting of divers "statutes.” 35 Eliz. c. 7. Brought from É. C. L.J., II. 185. Annexed,

1. Draft of proviso to the Bill.

2. Draft of the amendments. 1593, April 2.-Draft of “An Act for bringing of “fresh water to the town of Stonehouse in the county “ of Devon." 35 Eliz. c. 10. in list of Private Acts, Svo edition. Brought from H. C. L. J., II. 185. Annexed, 1. Proviso added in H. C. March 31. C. J.

1593, April 2.-Draft of " An Act to avoid the great
“ loss and prejudice that groweth to Her Majesty and
" Her subjects through the over length of broad
“ cloths." Great injury is done to the revenue by the
making of cloth in pieces of greater length than that
prescribed by Statute; length of every piece limited
to 32 yards; Act not to extend to Worcester, Essex, or
Suffolk. Brought from H.C. L. J., II. 185. Read 1°,
April 3d, but no further proceeding.

1. Draft proviso introduced into Bill.
2. ,, amendments.
3. List of Committee on the Bill in H.C. March 14.

C. J. wanting.
1593, April 2.- Draft of “An Act touching the
“breadth of plunkets, azures, and blues and other
“ coloured cloths made within the county of Somerset
" and elsewhere of like making." 35 Eliz. c. 9. Brought
from H.C. L. J., II. 185.
1. Proviso to the Bill, noted “ The Statute of the

“ fifth and sixth year of King Edward the Sixth
“ is false imprinted, for by the roll in Mr. Mason's
“ office those cloths should contain in weight
“ 68 pounds, and by the printed book they are

" made to contain 88 pounds."
2. A copy of the Bill.
1593, April 2.-Draft of " Amendments to be made
" in the Act for explanation and confirmation of the
" Queen's Majesty's title to the lands and tenements
“ late of Sir Francis Englefield, Knight, attainted of
“ high treason." (35 Eliz. c. 5). Bill brougbt from
H. C. L. J., II. 185. The draft is wrongly endorsed
“ Continuance of Statutes Amendments."

1593, April 3.-Draft of a Bill endorsed “Touch“ ing coopers and brewers.” 30 Aprilis 93. The first reading. 7° Aprilis 93. The “ Second reading and com“ mitted. 100 Aprilis 93. Brought in again.” The provisions of the Act of 23 Hen. 8, relating to the size of barrels, &c., and providing that brewers may keep one or two servants of the craft of cooper's and no more for repair of their barrels, are constantly evaded, for brewers keep as many as 8 or 10 coopers to “staff and ". trim alter and translate foreign and usual casks " for their beer; a beer brewer in future to have in his house two coopers at the most, an ale-brewer one. Not mentioned in L. J. C. J. wanting.

1593, April 3. — Draft of “ An Act touching iron mills, steel mills, and glass houses near unto any

[blocks in formation]

Horse Of " navigable or portable river.” No wood growing beer to be brewed; only two kinds of beer and ale to be

within 8 miles of a navigable river, where navigable, to brewed in future, viz., strong and small; and the strong
be converted into fuel for the making of iron, steel, or and small not at the same brewing; county and town
glass; saving Act of 23 Eliz. respecting iron mills, no officery to have power to enter brewhouses for the pur-
new iron, steel, or glass works to be erected within pose of enforcing the Act. Bill brought from H. C. and
8 miles of a navigable river. Endorsed, “For preser read 14. L. J., II. 189., but no further proceeding.
“ vation of woods. Martis, 3o Aprilis 93. The first Annexed,
“ reading.” C. J. wanting. Not mentioned in L. J.

1. Draft of amendments.
1593, April 3.-Draft of a Bill endorsed “92. Re. 1593.-Draft of a Bill “ For suppressing of pedlers
" gister of marriages, christenings, and burials. Martis, " and petty chapmen.” By colour of licenses under
“ 3o Aprilis 93. The first reading.” Act of 30 Hen.8, the Act of 14o Eliz. pedlars and petty chapmen wander
for the registration of christenings, marriages, and all over the country carrying letters from one traitorous
deaths is neglected, and many papists have their subject to another, and display their goods in church
children christened by massing and seminary priests; porches and church yards on the Sabbath day; the Bill
a register book to be kept at every parish church by the enacts that they shall forfeit all their wares unless law.
minister, curate, or churchwardens, and a yearly return fully licensed in the open sessions within the county
of all entries to be made to the Bishop. Not mentioned wherein they shall utter and sell the said wares. Not
in L. J. C. J. wanting.

mentioned in L. J. C. J. wanting. 1593, April 6.-Draft of “ An Act for the bringing 1593.-Draft of a Bill “ Against the carrying of tin “ in clapboard from the parts beyond the seas, and the " unwrought out of this realm.” The pewterers' trade “ restraining of transporting of wine cask, for the has decreased in England, and the export of tin in“ sparing and preserving of timber within the realm.” creased, especially to Flanders, to be there wrought and 35 Eliz. c. 11. Brought from H. C. L. J., II. 188. sold as English pewter; no merchant to export un. Annexed,

wrought tin unless he export in the same ship an equal 1. Draft of amendments.

weight of pewter vessels; no beer to be sold by retail
2. Draft Bill endorsed, “ 24° Martij. Twice read except in standard pewter pots. Not mentioned in L. J.

“ and committed. Vacat gr. alia.” Not men- C. J. wanting.
tioned in L. J. C. J. wanting.

1596-7, Jan 27.-Copy of a Decree of the Court of
3. Another draft endorsed “ 92. For preservation Exchequer in a cause between John Welby and Gamaliel
" of timber.”

Cruys. About July 1595 John Welby was lawfully pre1593, April 6.—Draft of “ An Act for the rating of sented by Her Majesty to the vicarage of Fotheringhey in “ the wages of spinners and weavers, and to reform the the county of Northampton, and duly inducted by the “ falsities of regrators of woollen yarn." The Act of Bp., but Gamaliel Cruys of Fotheringhey, under pre5th Eliz, touching divers orders for artificers, labourers, tence that there was no vicarage, as proprietor of the servants of husbandry, and apprentices, to apply to wages parsonage, claimed and took all the tithes and eccle. of spinners and weavers. No person to buy woollen siastical dues arising within the parish, and when called yarn unless for the purpose of working the same except upon to answer in the Court of Exchequer, alleged that in the county and city of York. Brought from H. C.. there had been in ancient time a college at FotheringL.J., II. 188. Read 1", April 7th. No further proceeding. hey of 1 master, 12 chaplains, 8 clerks, and 13 choristers, Annexed,

having perpetual succession to celebrate divine service 1. Draft of “ An Act as well to avoid deceipts done for ever, who were seised in fee of the rectory of Fother" by spinners of woollen yarn and weavers of inghey, and that there was no vicarage, but they held " woollen cloths and to increase their wages, as the whole rectory impropriate, and received the profits, “ also to reform the great abuses and oppressions one of the said chaplains being annually chosen as done to Her Majesty's good subjects by regra- curate, until the college was dissolved, and the rectory “ tors of woollen yarn commonly called yarn and all the profits passed into the possession of King " choppers or jobbers of yarn." Spinners to Hen. VIII. or Edw. VI.; that Her Majesty granted return the same weight in yarn as they receive the said rectory and church with all their rights to in wool, to be paid a fixed rate per pound spun; Richard Okeham and Richard Bittinson, and the heirs weavers to use all the yarn they receive or to and assigns of the said Okeham for ever, free of all return surplus; to be paid at a fixed rate; cloth charges except 81. for a curate; that Okeham and to be of stated breadth; judges, justices, &c. to Bittinson conveyed the premises to Jeffery Cruys have authority in offences under the Act; none and James Cruys the father of the defendant: that but persons requiring yarn for the purposes of after the death of the said Jeffery, the said James trade or business to be allowed to buy, that Cruys conveyed the premises to the defendant; and regrating or buying to sell again at a profit may that a sufficient curate had always been provided to the be checked. March 9. Endorsed with dates of satisfaction of the Bp. of the diocese; but on the other first and second reading and commitment in H.C., hand it was proved that a vicarage of Fotheringhey and “ Vacat qr. nova." C. J. wanting.

existed before the foundation of the said college. It 1593, April 6.-Draft of “ An Act for the reforma- was therefore adjudged that the said John Welbye “ tion of sundry abuses in cloths called Devonshire should enjoy the profits of the vicarage and have pos“ kerseys or dozens, according to a proclamation of the session of the vicarage house, and 15 acres of land “ 34th year of the reign of our sovereign lady the therewith, and that a commission should be issued to " Queen's Majesty that now is.” 35 Eliz.c. 10. Brought the Bp. of Peterborough and others to allot the said from H.C. L. J., II. 188.

house with convenient yard, garden, &c., and the said
1593, April 6.- Draft of “An Act for the necessary 15 acres of land.
" relief of soldiers and mariners.” 35 Eliz. c. 4. Annexed,
Brought from H.C. L. J., II. 188.

1. Fair copy of part of above Decree.

2. Copy of further Decree in the cause. 1. Draft of amendments made in H. C.

Endorsed, “An Order in the Exchequer, 18° Aprilis,
2. Do.

H. L.,

“ ano 1597, for the establishing of such house-room,
1593, April 6.-Copy of an order of the House of “yards and grounds as shd be laid to the vicarage of
Commons committing to the Tower Wesselen Weblen, “ Fotheringhey.” 597, April 18.
beer brewer, and John Lightbone, serjeant-at-mace, 3. Copy of award made in the cause under commis.
for breach of privilege in arresting Francis Neale,

sion from the Court of Exchequer.
Esquire, a member. C. J. wanting.

Endorsed, “ The return of an inquisition between
1593. April 9.-Draft of “ An Act for the natural. " Gamaliel Cruys and John Welbye for the grounds
“ izing of Justine Dormer and George Sheppie, being “allott to Welbye out of the demesnes of the College
“ born beyond the seas of English parents, and to put

I the seas of English parents, and to put " of Fotheringhey, ano 39 Eliz."
" them in the nature of mere English.” Lawrence 4. Plan, &c. endorsed, “ The plot for the Vicarage.”
Humphry and Jane his wife fled to Geneva for con 5. Account of Richard Hedde, Bailiff of “ Fodryng.
science sake in Queen Mary's reign, where a daughter,

hey," for one year from Michaelmas 1542 to
now the said Justine Dormer, was born to them ; George

Mich. 1543. Sheppie, while in the service of Sir Richard Windebank 1597, Nov. 19.-Draft of "An Act for the making at Antwerp, there married, and had a son, the said " and continual keeping of Somersham Bank betwixt George Sheppie. Bill brought from H. C. and read 1* “ Sornersham and Chatteris.” The bank, about three and 24, but no further proceeding. L. J., II. 189. miles long, extends from Somersham in the county of

1593, April 9. - Draft of “An Act concerning Huntingdon to Chatteris in the Isle of Ely, and is in“ brewers and the brewing of beer and ale.” The Act tended to keep the fresh water out of certain fen lands; of 23 Hen. 8, regulating the price of beer, is evaded, is much damaged from being used by drovers and others because it contains no provisions as to the quality of as a road ; tolls may be levied on horses and cattle using





the bank, after it has been put in repair by the inhabi. tants of Somersham.

Endorsed, “19 Nov 1597. The first reading. Vacat qr, nova.” C. J. wanting. Not mentioned in L. J. Annexed,

1. Reasons in favor of the Bill. 1597, Dec. 7.-Engrossment of “ An Act of Parlia“ ment for Arthur Éatch, Her Majesty's ward, for the “ enjoying of the rectory and parsonage of South “ Molton, according to an agreement thereof had be. “ tween him and the Dean and Canons of the King's “ Free Chapel of St. George within his castle of Wind. “ sor.” Endorsed, “ } rejected, and a new Bill in place “ hereof proposed to the House.” L. J., II. 203, 210.

1597, Dec. 8.--Draft of “ An Act for the enabling of “ Edmund Molineux, Esquire, to sell lands for the pay“ ment of debts and legacies." Read 1a. L. J., II. 204. Counsel ordered to be heard, 19th Jan, 1597-8, but no further proceeding. L. J., II. 219. Annexed,

1. Draft of amendments to the Bill. 1597, Dec. 9.-Draft of “ An Act for the better maintenance and well keeping of Staines Bridge and “ Egham 'Causey,' being the highway from London unto the west parts of England." Brought from H. C. L. J., II. 205. See 39 Eliz. c. 11. in list of Private Acts, 8vo edition.

1597, Dec. 13.--Draft of “ An Act for the recovering " of three hundred thousand acres the more or less of “ wastes 'marish' and watery grounds in the Isle of “ Ely and in the counties of Cambridge, Huntingdon, Northampton, Lincoln, Norfolk, and Suffolk.” Com missions to be issued for ascertaining rights of the Crown and neighbouring inhabitants, and all having rights of common in the fens to be rated proportionably towards the expenses of draining. Brought from H.O. L.J., II. 208. Ordered to be engrossed, Feb.4, 1597-8, but no further proceeding. L. J., II. 223.

1597, Dec. 14.---Draft of “An Act to restrain the “ sowing of 'Oade' (oats) in meadows and cow pas" tures.” Hay is scarce in some places in consequence of pasture lands being sown with “oade.” No person to sow “oade" on land which within 20 years has been employed as pasture. Endorsed, with date of first reading in H. C. C. J. wanting. Not mentioned in L. J.

1597, Dec. 16.—Draft of “ An Act for confirmation of “ Statutes Merchants acknowledged in the city of Lin“ coln and the town corporate of Nottingham." Doubts have been raised as to the validity of Statutes Merchant duly sealed, &c. within the said city and town, they are declared valid ; saving judgments in actions at law decided or depending. Brought from H. C. L. J., II. 211. Committed, Feb. 4, 1697-8. L. J., II. 223., but no further proceeding. Annexed,

1. Abstract of preceding in law French. . 1597, Dec. 19.--Petition of the farmers of the possessions of the Bishoprick of Norwich lately belonging to the monastery of St. Bennett's, to Sir Wm. Periam, Knight, Lord Chief Baron. Are in danger of being disturbed in the possession of their farms by Theophilus Adams and others, who have fraudulently obtained the fee farm of these possessions for a yearly rent of 40s. when the lands are worth 2,0001. a year. Petitioners pray for the Lord Chief Baron's support to a Bill they have“ put up to the present Parliament.” See L. J. II. 213. Annexed, 1. “A brief of the Act for the establishing of the

“ Bishoprick of Norwich." 39 Eliz. c. 22. 1597, Dec 19.-Draft of “ An Act of Parliament for “ the relieving of clothiers concerning the weight of “ sbort broad and coloured cloths to be made within “ the counties of Suffolk and Essex." These cloths are required by statute to be of a size and weight now found inconvenient; for the trade in them which used to be with Spain and Antwerp now goes to “ the East Countries and Barbaria," for which a coarser kind of cloth is required; prescribes future weight of these cloths. Brought from H. C. on date. L. J., II. 213. Dropped after Report, and a new Bill brought in, Jan. 24, 1597-8. L. J., II. 220.

(1597 ?].--Engrossment of “An Act for the stablish “ ing an award made between Edmond Colton, gent., “ and Thomas Harvey, yeoman, for the assurance of “ certain lands in the county of Norfolk to one Thomas Ponyett and his heirs for ever." Noted, “ Soit baillé aux seigneurs.” The Bill, therefore, passed through the House of Commons, and as it is not mentioned in the journals, must belong to the period at which the

journals are wanting (1580 to 1603). The award is dated 1589, July 9. The Bill is evidently later than this, and was found amongst papers belonging to 1597.

1597–8, Jan. 19.-Draft of " An Act to take away “ future uses creating perpetuities of lands in special “ cases.” Forbids limitation of future uses to arise on the happening of some accidental circumstance. Endorsed with date of first Reading in H. C. C. J. wanting. Not mentioned in L. J.

1597-8, Jan. 21.-Draft of “An Act prohibiting the “ shipping of corn in some ports and places, and giving “ authority to justices of peace to appoint ports and “ places for shipping and embarking of corn and grain.” Corn is shipped “upon the open sea shore and other " creeks and places,” to the evasion of the customs : justices of the peace in maritime counties to appoint not more than six places in each county for the shipping of corn. Endorsed with dates of proceedings in H.C. C. J. wanting. Not mentioned in L. J. Annexed,

1. Another draft.
2. Abstract or Brief of the Bill.
3. List of Committee on the Bill in H. C.“ to meet

“in the Middle Temple Hall.” 1597-8, Feb. 3. 1597-8, Jan. 21,-Draft of “ An Act for restraint of “ carrying of corn or grain out of this realm for certain " times." Corn is scarce in consequence of exportation and bad harvests; no wheat, rye, barley, beans, peas, or oats of the growth of this realm to be put on board ship for exportation to any foreign country or to Scotland within one whole year after the reaping. Endorsed with dates of proceedings in H. C. C. J. wanting. Not mentioned in L. J.

1597-8, Jan. 24.-Draft of “ An Act for the settling " and disposing of certain lands within the county of York, being the inheritance of Thomas Knyvett, “ Esquire, one of Her Majesty's Privy Chamber." Endorsed with dates of proceedings, in H. C. C. J.wanting. Not mentioned in L. J.

1599, Nov. 26.— Exemplification or certified copy of the Act 35 Hen. 8, concerning the King's award for certain controversies between the Lord Dacre and the heirs general.of Sir James Strangwisshe.

1601, July 23.-Petition of George Bishop of Here. ford. The Bps. of Hereford have been acquitted under the great seal from payment of all tenths and dismes in consideration of divers lands and manors conveyed to the Crown Prays that it may be declared whether the Bp., “by this Act of Pole money," is to pay more than 601., at which he is taxed in the Bill, “and not a double " tenth, seeing he is discharged from paying any tenths " at all."

1601, Nov. 14.--Draft of “ An Act for reformation of “ brokers and pawntakers.” They are the chief receivers of stolen goods, and thereby encourage thieves and rogues. Number of brokers to be limited to two hundred in London, Westminster, and Southwark, to be men assessed at 51. in land or 101. in goods ; 160 brokers to be appointed for the city of London by the mayor and aldermen, 20 for Westminster to be appointed by the Dean or Steward of Westminster, and 20 for Southwark to be appointed by two justices : registrars to be also appointed and registers kept of goods pawned. Read 1°, L, J., II. 232. Read 2a, and committed, April 16, but no further proceeding. L. J., II. 233.

[1601, Dec. 3].—Writ of error in the case of Vaughan against Anderson and Glover. Not traceable in Journal. Annexed,

1. Answer of Anderson and Glover. 1601, Dec. 12.-Draft of“ An Act for redress of cer“tain abuses and deceipts used in painting.” The Company of Painters have been time out of mind an ancient company within the city of London, and have lately been incorporated by letters patent, under which none but those duly apprenticed may practise the art or mystery of painting or painter-staining; but of late the plasterers have begun to infringe this law, to the injury of duly apprenticed and skilled painters, and the increase of bad work. No plasterer in future shall exercise the art of painter-staining unless he have duly served an apprenticeship to a painter; plasterers, however, may use certain colours mixed with size but not with oil. The Bill was brought from H, C., Dec. 14, (L.J., II. 248) and counsel was ordered to be heard both for the painters and plasterers. The Bill was read 2a, Dec. 16 (254), and the matters in dispute were referred to the Lord Mayor and judges to decide, Dec. 18 (257). No further proceeding is mentioned.

1603-4, Jan. 26.-Writ of summons to Parliament to Bishop of St. Asaph.

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