Choyce Drollery: Songs and Sonnets Being a Collection of Divers Excellent Pieces of Poetry of Several Eminent Authors to which are Added the Extra Songs of Merry Drollery, 1661, and an Antidote Against Melancholy, 1661

Joseph Woodfall Ebsworth
R. Roberts, 1876 - 426 páginas

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Página 274 - Next Marlowe, bathed in the Thespian springs, Had in him those brave translunary things That the first poets had ; his raptures were All air and fire, which made his verses clear ; For that fine madness still he did retain Which rightly should possess a poet's brain.
Página 375 - Sir Harry Vane, Sir Harry Vane! The Lord deliver me from Sir Harry Vane!
Página 156 - Jog on, jog on, the foot-path way, And merrily hent the stile-a : A merry heart goes all the day, Your sad tires in a mile-a.
Página 313 - I'LL sing you a good old song, Made by a good old pate, Of a fine old English gentleman, Who had an old estate; And who kept up his old mansion At a bountiful old rate; With a good old porter to relieve The old poor at his gate. Like a fine old English gentleman, All of the olden time. His hall, so old, was hung around With pikes, and guns, and bows, And swords, and good old bucklers, That had stood against old foes; 'Twas there "his worship...
Página 421 - Questi non hanno speranza di morte, E la lor cieca vita è tanto bassa, . Che invidiosi son d
Página 348 - True; a new Mistresse now I chase, The first Foe in the Field; And with a stronger Faith imbrace A Sword, a Horse, a Shield. Yet this Inconstancy is such, As you too shall adore; I could not love thee (Deare) so much, Lov'd I not Honour more.
Página 348 - Tell me not, Sweet, I am unkind That from the nunnery Of thy chaste breast and quiet mind, To war and arms I fly. True, a new mistress now I chase, The first foe in the field; And with a stronger faith embrace A sword, a horse, a shield. Yet this inconstancy is such As you too shall adore; I could not love thee, dear, so much, Loved I not honour more.
Página 169 - After that, the King led a lady a single Coranto; and then the rest of the lords, one after another, other ladies; very noble it was, and great pleasure to see. Then to country dances ; the King leading the first, which he called for; which was, says he, "Cuckolds all awry,
Página xix - Ay, now am I in Arden ; the more fool I ; when I was at home, I was in a better place : but travellers must be content.
Página xxxi - Stay for me there; I will not fail To meet thee in that hollow vale: And think not much of my delay; I am already on the way, And follow thee with all the speed Desire can make, or sorrows breed.

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