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with that celebrated playwright is perhaps the most prominent feature of his life: Jonson lashes him, as Crispinus, in his Poetaster; and Decker amply repays him, in his Satiromastir, under the title of young Horace. He was but a very moderate poet, yet poets esteemed him; Richard Brome was accustomed to call him father: William Wynstanley says he was a high-flier in wit; a great s painstaker in the dramatick strain, and as highly " conceited of those pains he took."

Decker's theatrical productions, arranged according to their respective dates, are the following; of which such as are marked with an asterisk were never published, and, I believe, are not at present in existence: * Phaeton, P. acted 1597. -* Orestes' Furies, P. acted 1598.—* Triplicity of Cuckolds, P. acted 1598,-* Bear a Brain, P. 1599.-* Gentle Craft, P. acted 1599.-* Truth's Supplication to Candlelight, P. acted 1599.-Old


Fortunatus, C. 4to. 1600.-Satiromastix, or The Untrussing of the humorous Poet, 4to. 1602; reprinted 1610.-* Christmas comes but once a Year, acted 1602.- _* Medicine for a curst Wife, P. acted 1602. -Honest Whore, with the Humours of the patient Man, and the longing Wife, C. 4to. originally printed, and acted, 1602, under the title of the Converted Courtezan, 1604; reprinted 1615, 1616, and 1635. Thomas Middleton is said to have assisted in this piece.-Westward Hoe, C. 4to. 1607.Northward Hoe, C. 4to. 1607.-Wyat’s History, 4to. 1607. In these three last Decker had the assistance of John Webster.-JVhore of Babylon, Hist. 4to. 1607.Roaring Girl, C. 4to. 1611. Written in conjunction with Thomas Middleton.If it be not good, the Devil is in it, P. 4to. 1612.

Guy of Warwick, P. entered in the books of the Stationers' company, Jan. 15, 1619. It was written in conjunction with John Day.--Virgin Martyr, T. 4to. 1622. Decker did but assist



Philip Massinger in writing this play.--Second Part of the Honest Whore, with the Humours of the patient Man, the impatient Wife, fic. C. 4to. 1630,-Match me in London, T. C. 4to. 1631.-* Spanish Soldier, T. entered in the books of the Stationers' company, May 16, 1631. One copy of this play has the initials S. R. which some imagine designate Samuel Rowley.-Wonder of a. Kingdom, C. 4to. 1636.—* Jew of Venice, entered in the books of the Stationers' company, Sept. 9, 1653.--Sun's Darling, Masque. 4to. 1656. Decker joined with John Ford in writing this piece.--Witch of Edmonton, T. C. 4to. 1658. Written likewise in conjunction with John Ford, and William Rowley also ; but it was not published, nor was the preceding masque, till after the death of the authors.--* Gustavus King of Swithland, entered in the books of the Stationer's company, June 29, 1660.-* Tale of Jocondo and Astolfo, entered, as the preceding, June 29, 1660. These two


last, it is said, were once in the possession of Mr. Warburton, and destroyed in the fatal fire by his servant,

The four following plays have been attributed 10 Decker and Webster jointly, but without foundation : Weakest goes to the Wall, T. C. 4to. 1600. Anonymous,~-Woman will have her Will, entered on the Stationers' books by W. White, Aug. 3, 1601.--New Trick to cheat the Devil, C. 4to. 1639, Robert Davenport.— Noble Stranger, C. 4to. 1649, Lewis Sharpe,

Of Decker's tracts we have: The Wonderful Year, wherein is shewed the Picture of London being sick of the Plague ; 4to. 1603. This is reprinted in the Phænix Britannicus, Vol. 1; a collection of tracts made by J. Morgan, gent. and published in 4to. 1732. No second volume, I believe, ever came out. -Batchelor's Banquet ;


wherein is prepared sundry dainty Dishes, fc. pleasantly discoursing the variable Humours of Women, fc. 4to. 1603. It seems to have been reprinted, with a frontispiece, 1677. Both original, and reprint are very rare.Magnificent Entertainment given to K. James, Q. Anne his Wife, and Henry Frederick P. of Wales ; with the speeches, and songs in the pageants ; 4to. 1604.-Seven deadly Sins of London ; 4to. 1606.-News from Hell, brought by the Devil's Carrier ; 4to. 1606.-A Knight's Conjuring done in Earnest, discovered in Jest ; 4to. 1607. Jests to make you merrier, with some other Things of like Nature, fc. 4to. 1607.-Dead Term, or Westminster's Complaint for long Vacations, and short Terms ; by Way of Dialogue between London and IVestminster ; 4to. 1608.-Work for Armourers, or the Peace is broken. Open Wars likely to happen this Year; 1609.—Raven's Almanack'; 4to. 1609.-Gulls Hornbook; 4to. 1609.-0 per se 0, or a new Crier of Lantern and Candlelights ; 4to.


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