The Action of medicines in the system

Churchill, 1855 - 396 páginas

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Página 397 - It would be unjust to conclude this notice without saying a few words in favour of Mr. Churchill, from whom the profession is receiving, it may be truly said, the most beautiful series of Illustrated Medical Works which has ever been published." — Lancet. "All the publications of Mr. Churchill are prepared with so much taste and neatness, that it is superfluous to speak of them in terms of commendation.
Página 414 - Fcap. 8vo. cloth, 2s. 6d. MR. JOSEPH MACLISE, FRCS SURGICAL ANATOMY. A Series of Dissections, illustrating the Principal Regions of the Human Body. Second Edition, folio, cloth, £3. 12s.; half-morocco, £4. 4s. „. ON DISLOCATIONS AND FRACTURES. This Work is Uniform with "Surgical Anatomy; "folio, cloth, £2.
Página 406 - MR. JOHN DALRYMPLE, FRS, FRCS PATHOLOGY OF THE HUMAN EYE. Complete in Nine Fasciculi: imperial 4to., 20s. each; half-bound morocco, gilt tops, 91. 15s. DR. DAVE Y. THE GANGLIONIC NERVOUS' SYSTEM : its Structure, Functions, and Diseases.
Página 427 - Steel, accurately coloured. 8vo. cloth, 34s. in. HEALTHY SKIN : A Treatise on the Management of the Skin and Hair in relation to Health.
Página 411 - DR. HINDS. THE HARMONIES OF PHYSICAL SCIENCE IN RELATION TO THE HIGHER SENTIMENTS; with Observations on Medical Studies, and on the Moral and Scientific Relations of Medical Life. Post 8vo. cloth, 4s.
Página 408 - Pulmonary, and other Chronic Affections; with an Account of the most Eligible Places of Residence for Invalids in Spain, Portugal, Algeria, &c., at different Seasons of the Year; and an Appendix on the Mineral Springs of the Pyrenees, Vichy, and Aix les Bains. Post 8vo. cloth, 8s. 6d.
Página 397 - We have before called the attention of both students and practitioners to the great advantage which Mr. Churchill has conferred on the profession, in the issue, at such a moderate cost, of works so highly creditable in point of artistic execution and scientific merit."— Dublin Quarterly Journal.
Página 428 - DR. HANDFIELD JONES, FRS, & DR. EDWARD H. SIEVEKING. A MANUAL OF PATHOLOGICAL ANATOMY, illustrated with numerous Engravings on Wood. Foolscap 8vo. cloth, 12s. 6d.
Página 422 - A MANUAL FOR THE COLLEGE OF SURGEONS; intended for the Use of Candidates for Examination and Practitioners. Second Edition. 12mo. cloth, 10s.
Página 401 - Minutiae of Chemical and Pharmaceutic Routine, together with the generality of Secret Forms of Preparations; including Concentrated Solutions of Camphor and Copaiba in Water, Mineral Succedaneum...

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