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Sandown PARK—The Course is situate at Esl er, is oval, and rather over one mile and a half in circumference. The T.Y.C. is five furlongs, and is perfectly straight.

SCARBOROUGH—Is a round Course, about one mile and a quarter in extent, the last three furlongs being quite straight; from the T.Y.C. five furlongs post, there is a gradual rise, antil within two furlongs of the winning post, which is then almost flat to the finish. The Half-mile Course is straight, and runs into the other portion of the Course, about three furlongs below the winning post.

SHREWSBURY.—The Old Course is an oval of about one mile and a furlong, with a slight ascent from the last turn. The New Course joins the Round Course at the top turn as at Ascot; it is a straight Course of one mile, less about 100 yards, and is called the New Mile; the first 300 yards is an ascent, then level for 300 yards, afterwards a very slight descent till the Old Course is reached, when the ground slightly rises to the winning post.

STOCKBRIDGE—Is nearly a round Course, somewhat hilly, the last three-quarters of a mile straight for the run in; and there is also a straight mile. The T.Y.C. is threequarters of a mile; the Bush in, about five furlongs.

STOCKTON.—The Course is about three-quarters of a mile from the town, on Mandale Bottoms; it is perfectly level, oblong in shape, the turf peaty and excellent, and one mile, 6 furlongs, and 110 yards in length. The T.Y.C. is 6 furlongs, and nearly straight.

THIRSK.-The main body of the Old Course is oval and flat, being about one mile, one furlong, and 40 yards in length. The turns are easy and the ground well levelled all round. The New Straight Six-furlongs Course joins the round, or oval Old Course at the last turn, and has the excellent width of 60 yards at the starting line. The New Five-furlong Course is a portion of the New Straight Six-furlong Course, and being formed over fine old grass land, the going is good in all weather.

WARWICK-Is nearly circular, and the distance once round is one mile, six furlongs, and 60 yards. There is a strong hill about half a mile from the Starting-post. The Leamington Stakes Course is one mile and 44 yards. The T.Y.C. is five furlongs. The “straight run in” is about three furlongs and a half.

WEYMOUTH-Is a round Course of one mile, quite flat, and excellent running ground, with a straight run nearly half a mile. It is situate on Lodmoor, half a mile from the town. The T.Y.C. is five furlongs.


WINCHESTER- The Course is two miles round, starting at the Winning chair. There is a straight run in of about five furlongs, the first furlong of which is flat and then a strong hill. The Queen's Plate Course is two miles.

WINDSOR-Is a flat Course of about 160 acres, one mile from Windsor Castle. For the Two-mile Course the horses start opposite the Stand and run a figure of 6, as at Worcester, the last three-quarters of a mile being quite straight.

WORCESTER-Is a dead flat, and of irregular shape. The Five furlongs Course is straight. The Mile-and-quarter Course is a figure of 6, the first and last half-mile being straight. The Two-mile Course is a figure of 8, the last half-mile straight.

YARMOUTH.—The Course, onee round, is one mile, two furlongs, and 200 yards, perfectly level, and on a sandy soil. The T.Y.C. is 5 furlongs, 80 yards, straight. The other Courses are portions of the whole round.

YORK.- The Race Course is about a mile from the city, on a plain called Knavesmire; it is quite flat, rather oval in shape, and about two miles in length. The T.Y.C. is 5 furlongs and 44 yards. The Great Yorkshire Stakes Course is one mile and three-quarters, and is run over the New Course. The Old and New Two-mile Courses are exactly two miles. The Queen's Plate and Ebor Handicap are each two miles, and are run over the Old Course.

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D. for Duke
E. for Earl
M. for Marquis
Ld for Lord

B.C. før Beacon Course
R.C. for Round Course
Ab. M. for Abingdon Mile
An.M. for Ancaster Mile
B.M. for Bunbury Mile
R.M. for Rowley Mile
D.I. for Ditch in
D.M. for Ditch Mile
T.M.M. for the Two Middle

Miles of B.C.
A.F. for Across the Flat
T.Y.C. for Two yrs old Course
A.E.C. for Audley End Course


d. for dun
bl. for black

br. for brown
ch. for chesnut
ro. for roan
Y. for Young
h.-b, for half-bred
yrs for years old
gs for guineas
sov. for sovereigns
h. ft. for half forfeit
pd for paid
p.p. for play or pay
recd. for received
ft. for forfeit
agst for against
w. o. for walked over
alld. for allowed
app. for appendix
dr. for drawn
dis. for distanced
disq. for disqualified
incl. for including
subs, for subscribers

h. for horse
g. for gelding
m. for mare
c. for colt
f. for filly
b. for bay




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LINCOLN SPRING MEETING. MONDAY, March the 23rd.—The Trial Plate of 150 sov.; horses entered to be sold by auction for 100 sov. allowed 10lb; entrance 3gs; a mile, on the Round Course (1461. 178.) Mr R. C. Naylor's Forethought, by Forerunner, 3 yrs, 7st 610

F. Barrett
Mr A. Drace's bl. f. by Rosicrucian, out of Man-
tilla, 3 yrs, 6st 71b (1001.) -

T. Loates 2
La Ellesmere's Abbotsford, aged, 8st 8lb (1001.) G. Barrett 3
Capt. G. Moore's Ben-my-Chree, 5 yrs, 8st 6lb Gallon
Mr S. Platt's St Keyne, 3 yrs, 7st 6fb

W. Day
Mr T. Jennings, jun.'s Melita, 3 yrs, 6st ilib

Mr J. Coates's Almeria, 3 yrs, 6st 71b (1001.) Wall
Mr A. Gaunt's Carsethorne, 5 yrs, 8st 8lb (1001.) Platt
Mr R. Howett's Humility, 3 yrs, 6st 71b (1001.) G. Skelton
Mr P. Price's Silver Shoe, 3 yrs, 6st 7lb (1001.) E. Martin
100 to 30 agst Silver Shoe, 4 to 1 agst Abbotsford, 9 to 2

agst Forethought, 6 to 1 agst the Mantilla filly, and
10 to 1 each agst the others. Won by two lengths, half

a length between the second and third.
The Tathwell Plate of 100gs, for two yrs old; if entered
to be sold by auction for 100 sov. allowed iofb; entrance 3gs;
five furlongs (1011. 178.)
Mr Leopold de Rothschild's Chartreuse, by Dutch
Skater, 8st 91b

Cannon 1
Mr P. Price's br. f. by Cardinal York, out of
Lethargy, 7st 13B (1001.)

G. Sopp 2
Mr T. Jennings, jun.'s Indignity, 7st 13 (1007.) Tomlisson 3
Mr R. Williamson's b.f. by Standard, out of
Marionette, 7st 13 (1001.).

F. Barrett
D. of Portland's Lady of the Manor, 7st 1310

J. Day Ld Ellesmere's Gavotte, 7st 13f1b (1001.). G. Barrett Baron L. de Hirsch's Manana, 7st 13fb (1001.) Morgan VOL. CXIII.


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