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At Cobham Stud Farm, Cobham, Surrey, ELL MELL (sire of Hurry, Travancore, and many other tigeur, her dam, Makeless, by St Martin-Lady Eden, by Partisan, at 10 sov, a mare.

Apply to the Stad groom, as above. At Lanwades, three miles from Newmarket, and close to Kennett Station, on the Bury Line.

of , Orlando, at 100gs. Lord Clifden was by Newminster-The Slave. Apply to Mr Williams, Lanwades, Kennett, near Newmarket.

All subseriptions to be taken in writing of Mr Williams, and all expenses to be paid to him before the removal of mares, as he is held responsible for the same. Several subscriptions have already been taken to Petrarch.


At Whitley Stud Farm, Coventry, RIVATEER, by Adventurer (by Newminst out of

, , Apply to T. Shipley, Stud-groom.

At Falmouth Paddocks, Newmarket,
ETREAT (winner of Ascot Stakes, Rous Memorial at

Ascot, and Doncaster Cup, 1882), a Bay Horse, by Hermit, out of Quick March, by Rataplan, her dam, Qui Vive, by Voltigeur; a limited number of approved mares at 30g.

Apply to Mr J. A. Dawson, Queensberry Cottage, Newmarket; all subscriptions to be paid to Messrs Weatherby, 6 Old Burlington Street, London, W.

At Beenham House,

ROSTORSCHE PODE VIL, at 50gs.-The subscription to

this horse is full.
CYMBAL, åt 10gs.
Groom's fee, 1 guinea.
Apply to Thos. Johnson, Park Farm, Beenham, Reading.

At Fairfield, York,
OSEBERY, at 15 sov, each.

NAPSBURY, by Scottish Chief, out of Mandragora, at 5 sov. each.

Groom's fee for each horse, 1 sov.
Apply to George Couchman, as above.

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, Shot (dam of

At Heath Farm, Newmarket, T SIMON, at 50gs.-Subscription full. Martini and Shotover) at 10gs a mare; Groom's fee, one guinea. Apply to Mr M. Dawson, Heath House, Newmarket.

Hinnington Stud Farm, Shifnal, IR CHARLES (winner of the New Stakes, at two years

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latter 71h), by Pero Gomez, out of Prosperity; a limited number of mares at 10gs each, three mares the property of the same owner price of two.

WISDOM; a limited number of foaling mares at 30gs each. Groom's fee, 1 guinea to each horse. Apply to Arthur Hoole.

Stud Farm, Tickhill, Rotherham. ILVESTER, by St Albans, out of Silverhair (dam of

Silvio), by Kingston, her dam, England's Beauty, at 15ys a mare.

DISCORD, by See Saw, out of Anthem, by Cathedral, out of Melody, by Windhound, at 15gs a mare; he is a big, powerful horse, and a good performer.

STRATHERN, bay, by Strathconan, out of Charmione, by Orlando, her dam, sister to Voltigeur, at 10gs; half bred mares, 5gs. He won the New Stakes and Royal Hunt Cup at Ascot, besides other races.

Groom's fee to each horse, one guinea.
Barren mares, 168 , and foaling mares, 21s. per week.
William Goode, Stud-groom.

At the Bushy PadJncks, Hampton Court, PRINGFIELD will serve a limited number of approved

mares next season at 50gs each. WINSLOW, by Lord Clifden, out of Creslow, by King Tom; a limited number of approved mares at 15gs each.

CLANRONALD, by Blair Athol, out of Isilia, by New. minster; a limited number of approved mares at 15gs each.

SWORD DANCE, by Tomahawk, out of Duvernay, by Beadsman, out of Cachuca; a limited number of approved mares at 10gs each.

The above prices include the groom's fee.
Applications can be made to Mr Edward Stevens.

At High Wycombe, Bucks,
TOUCHET, twenty mares (in addition to his owner's),
Apply to T. Robinson, as above.


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At Moulton Paddocks, one mile from Newmarket, WEETBREAD, by Brown Bread, out of Peffar, by Ad.

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1882, Stewards' Cup, Goodwood, 1884, Queen's Plate, New.
market, 1883, and many other races), a limited number of
mares at 30gs, and 1 guinea the groom.
Apply to Mr Jewitt, Bedford Cottage, Newmarket.

Kremlin Paddocks, Newmarket,
IBTHORPE will serve eight foaling mares, at 50gs a

mare, and 1 sov, to the groom.
MASK, thirty public mares, at 50gs a mare, and I sov. to
the groom.

Apply to W. Clark, Stud groom, as above, or Messrs Weatherhy, 6 Old Burlington Street, London, W.

At The Durdans, Epsom,
TOWN MOOR, at 20gs a mare.

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Apply to J. Griffiths, as above.

At Sheffield Lane Paddocks. Sheffield, NYNEDALE, by Warlock, out of Queen of Tyne, by

TY .


FITZ-JAMES, by Scottish Chief, out of Hawthorn Bloom, by Kettledrum, dam, Lady Alice Hawthorn, by Newminster, at 15gs a mare.

ISHMAEL, by Adventurer, out of Lina, by Stockwell, her dam, Selina, by Orlando, at 15gs a mare. Ishmael won, besides many other races at all distances, the Great Yorkshire Stakes, beating Tristan and Cameliard ; Newmarket Stakes, beating Great Carle and Maskelyne; and Liverpool Cup. In 1884 he won the Ascot Stakes, by twenty lengths, beating Thebais and others; also, at the same meeting, High. weight Handicap, carrying 10st, Newcastle Handicap, and six Queen's Plates, beating Hagioscope and other good horses. Apply to Messrs Weatherby, or Mr Joy, as ahove.

The Warren Stud, Epsom Downs. CALOUR, a limited number of approved mares at 15gs. ing four Queen's Plates and the Manchester Cup, value over 2500 sov., carrying 8st 9lb, top weight but two, over one mile and three-quarters. defeating Peter (second), Fernandez, Cylinder, Teviotdale, and a large field of good horses ; he also won the Manch ster November Cup, by six lengths, carrying 9st 1011, beating Lucy Gltters, Strathblane, and others. Each scacon his subscription has been full.

Apply to Stud Groom, or Mr Ellam, 213 Piccadilly, London.


At Burghley Paddocks, Stamford,
ENLOCK, by Lord Clifden, out of Kisber's dam, by

guinea the groom.

Also, PHILAMMON, by Solon (sire of Barealdine, and son of West Australian), out of Satanella, by Wild Oxyrell, out of Malvoisie, by Bay Middleton. Wild Dayrell's dam was also by Bay Middleton, Philammon won many Queen's Plates and long distance races in Ireland, and at 7 years old, carrying 9st 71b, won the Esher Stakes, beating Valour, and a large field of horses; he is already, in his first season, the sire of winners; at 15gs a mare, and 1 guinea the groom.

Also, THURIO (sire of Proteus, and winner of the Grand Prix de Paris, Alexandra Plate, and many other races), by Tibthorpe, or Cremorne, out of Verona, by Orlando ; at 20gs, and 1 guinea the groom.

All expenses to be paid before the 'mares are removed.

Apply to the Stud-groom, or W. A. Southwell, Esq., as above.





St Leger.* 1778

Hollandaise 1779


Tommy 1780 Diomed


Ruler 1781 Young Eclipse Faith

Serina 1782 Assassin


Imperatrix 1783 Saltram

Maid of the Oaks Phenomenon 1784 Serjeant


Omphale 1785 Aimwell


Cowslip 1786 Noble

The Yellow Filly Paragon 1787 Sir Peter Teazle Annette

Spadille 1788 Sir Thomas Nightshade Young Flora 1789 Skyscraper Tag

Pewett 1790 Rhadamanthus Hippolyta Ambidexter 1791 Eager


Young Traveller 1792 John Bull Volante

Tartar 1793 Waxy


Ninety-three 1794 Pædalus

Hermione Beningbrough 1795 Spread Eagle Platina

Hambletonian 1796 Didelot


Ambrosio 1797 Br. c. by Fidget Niké

Lounger 1798 Sir Harry Bellissima Symmetry 1799 Archduke Bellina

Cockfighter 1800 Champion Ephemera Champion 1801 Eleanor


Quiz 1802 Tyrant


Orville 1803 W.'s Ditto Theophania Remembrancer 1804 Hannibal


Sancho 1805 Cardina]Beaufort Meteora

Staveley 1806 Paris


Fyldener 1807 Election


Paulina 1808 Pan


Petronius * In 1776 a sweepstakes on exactly the same conditions of that which was afterwards named the St Leger was won at Doncaster by Ld Rockingham's br. f. by Sampson, and in 1777 by Mr Sotheron's Bourbon; but the first St Leger, so calied at the time, was won by Hollandaise.

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