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RULES OF RACING. AT A SPECIAL MEETING OF THE JOCKEY CLUB, held in London on Monday, the 18th of December, 1876. to take into consideration the new Rules of Racing as submittted by the Committee appointed for that purpose, and discussed during the preceding Houghton Meeting, it was resolved that the following Rules should come into operation on the 1st of January, 1877, and that all former rules be repealed on and from that day.

*** The alterations made in the Rules during the year 1885 are printed in italies.



I. Interpretation and Application of these Rules. II. Management of Race Meetings and Powers of Stewards. III, General Conditions and Restrictions. IV. Entry and Subscription for Races.

V. Stakes and Forfeits. VI. The Race. VII. Objections and Complaints. VIII. Special Cond tions (Claiming and Selling Races; Produce

Races; Post Races; Handicaps; Sale with Engagements) IX. Miscellaneous.


PART I. INTERPRETATION AND APPLICATION OF THESE RULES. 1. “ Race” includes plate, match, or sweepstakes, General

definitions, but does not include or refer to a steeple chase or hurdle race, or a hunters race on the flat.

[This definition of a race must be modified by the eighth paragraph of the same rule?.

“ Horse” includes mare or gelding.

“ Plate” means a race to be run for money or other prize given without any stake being made by the owners of the horses engaged co go to the winner.

“ Sweepstakes means a race in which stakes are to be made by the owners of three or more horses to go to the winner; and any such race is still a sweepstakes, even although the number is reduced by death to two subscribers, or although noney or any other prize be added, and although the word "plate" be used in the official or ordinary name or description of such race.

A private sweepstakes under these Rules, is one to which no money is added, and which has not been advertised previous to closing,

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A Cup, under these rules, meads a piece of plate or any prize not given in money.

Recogpised meeting recognised race,” means a meeting or race held in accordance with Rule 57.

A“ maiden” means a horse which has never won a plate or public sweepstakes at any meeting in Great Britain, or at any recognised meeting in any other country.

A match at “catch weights” means a match in which the riders need not weigh before or after the race.

Catch weights are permissible only for matches

Registry office means such office as is for the time being appointed as the registry office by the Jockey Club; and expressions in these Rules or in the programme or conditions of any meeting or race referring to Messrs Weatherby's mean the registry office as herein defined.

The “Racing Calendar” and the “Stud Book” mean the works published under those dames respectively for the time being authorized by the Jockey Club.

The “Sheet Calendar," the “ Monthly Calendar,” and the “Book Calendars” of “ Races Past” and of “Races to Come" mean the parts or editions of the “ Racing Calendar as published under or usually known by those names respectively.

The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are not included in the expression “Great Britain,” but they are included (with Ireland) in the expression "the United Kingdom.” “ Month

means a calendar month. Application 2. (ii These Rules apply to all meetings held under

these the control of the Jockey Club, or advertised in the Rules.

“Racing Calendar” to be held subject to these Rules;

(ii) If a horse run in a race at any meeting in Great Britain which is not so advertised, he is perpetually disqualified for all races to which these Rules apply;

iii) The Stewards of the Jockey Club may at their discretion prohibit the advertisement of any

meeting in the “Official Racing Calendar.” Commence- 3. These rules shall come into operation on the first ment of these day of January, 1877, and any other Rules of Racing Rules.

shall be annulled as from that day, without prejudice to then existing rights or liabilities.


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STEWARDS. 4. (i) The full programme of every meeting before Meetings it takes place, and every race before closing, must be advertised in the “ Racing Calendar;"

This rule shall not prelude the addition of a new race to the programme of a meeting subsequent to the publication of the last Calendar issued previous to the meetiug being held.

(ii) The advertisement must state, as soon as the sanction of the Stewards of the Jockey Club has been obtained, the days on which the meeting is to begin and end, the dates for closing the stakes (which shall always be on a Tuesday, except for races closing within six days of, or during, a meeting), and, before the time fixed for closing (races for future years exceptel), the names of two or more persons as Stewards, and of the Judge, Starter, Clerk of the Course, Handicapper, Stakeholder, and Clerk of the Scales, and all fees payable at the Meeting. The Clerk of the Course, or corresponding official, shall be the sole person responsible to the Stewards for the general arrangements of the meeting.

(ii) No meeting shall be advertised in the “ Racing Calendar " unless the money added be not less than 300 sov. per day, 150 of which at least shall be added to races of a mile and upwards, and the minimum so required to be added shall be given notwithstanding any condition to the contrary, if there be five entries, and three horses the property of different owners start, and at each meetivg so advertised, there shall be not less than two races per day of a mile or upwards, not being selling handicaps, and of races con. fined to three yrs old and upwards, not more than two per day of less than six furlongs. At each meet. ing advertised in the Racing Calendar, there shall be not less than one weight-for-age race, with or without penalties or allowances, not being a selling race or confined to two yrs old, provided there are five entries, and three horses, the property of different owners, start. and at every meeting of more than two days, one such race each day.

(iv) No race shall be run earlier than in the week which includes the 25th of March, or later than in the week which includes the 22nd of November. Exception.- If the week including the 25th of March be the week next before Easter Sunday, races may be ron in the week next but one before Easter Sunday.


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powers of

(v) A meeting shall be deemed to commence at ten in the morning of the day for which the first race is advertised, and to conclude at ten in the evening of the last day of the races;

(vi) The Stewards in case of urgent necessity may
from iime to time put off any races from day to day
until a Sunday intervenes.

Powers of Stewards.
5. (i) The Stewards of a meeting shall have full
power to make all such arrangements for the conduct
of the meeting as they think fit; and to regulate and
control the conduct of all officials, and of all jockeys,
grooms, and persons attendant on horses; and to
determine all questions or disputes arising between
any persons at or in relation to anything done or
omitted in reference to racing, except only disputes
or claims relating to bets.

(ii) They shall have power to punish at their dis-
cretion any official or jockey or other person subject
to their coutrol with fine or with suspension from
acting or riding at the same meeting, and to report
to the Stewards of the Jockey Club any further
punishment which they consider necessary :

Provided that they shall not fine any person more than £50 (unless they are Stewards of the Jockey Club, in which case they may impose any fine not exceeding £100).

(iii) They shall exclude from the stands, enclosures, saddling paddocks, weighing rooms, and other places under their control, every person who has been warned off Newmarket Heath. and every person whose name is in the Unpaid Forfeit List, and which has been twice so published in the Racing Calendar, also every jockey who has been suspended for corrupt practices on the turf, so long as the sentence against such person or jockey remains in force. They shall in like manner exclude any person who has been declared by the Turf Club in Ireland, or by the stewards of any recognised meeting in any country to have been guilty of any corrupt or fraudulent practice on the turf. They shall further have power to exclude at their discretion any person from all or any places under their control.

(iv) If any case occur which is not, or which is alleged not to be, provided for by these Kules, it shall be determined by the Stewards in such mavner as they think just, and they shall report the case with their decision to the Stewards of the Jockey Club for confirmation,

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(v) The decision of the Stewards, or of the Stewards of the Jockey Club in case of appeal, shall be final, and shall not be questioned in any court except by leave of the Stewards by whom it was made.

(vi) The Stewards of a meeting, shall have free access to all stands and enclosures ati that meeting, and the Stewards of the Jockey Club to all stands, enclosures, &c., at all meetings under these Rules:

Stewards, 6. A Steward may appoint a deputy. at any time. and deputies

7. The powers of the Stewards or their deputies Powers of continue after the meeting for all purposes relating Stewards to disputes, objections, penalties, and disqualifications, after conclu. and the Clerk of the Course shall at once report such sion of meet

ing. matters to the Stewards, either verbally, or by letter. Should no decision have been arrived at by the Stewards, within seven days of such objection being lodged, the Clerk of the Course shall then report the case to the Stewards of the Jockey Club. who may at their discretion decide the matter, and, if they consider there has been any negligence, order any addi. tional expense which may thereby arise to be de. frayed ont.of the funds of the meeting at which the case occurred.

Judges, Starters, and other Officiale. 8. The Schwards shall appoint an adequate staff of Judgas, officials for every meeting.

starters, &c. The following officials shall require a lieence to be granted by the Stewards of the Jockey Club annually before they can act, viz., Judge Starter, Clerk of the Course, Handicapper, Clerk of the Scales, and Stakeholder, and one of each shall be named for each meeting advertised in the Calendar; but, in case of emergency. the Stewards may, during a meeting, appoint ar nnlicensed deputy to fill any of such offices, in wbieh case they shall make a special report to the Stewards of the Jockey Club.

A race cannot be decided unless the judge or his authorize i deputy or substitute, or a steward, oeeupy the judge's box at the time when the horses pass the winning post.

The judge shall send a report of the result of the race, signed by him, to the registry office.

Any complaints against the above-named officials shall be made in writing to the Stewards of the meeting only. who, if they think fit, sball forward the same to the Stewards of the Jockey Club.

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