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16. A Member of the Jockey Club may be admitted a Member of the New Rooms without ballot, byapplying to Mr Weatherby, Keeper of the Match-book, and paying the same sum for his admission, and the same subscription, as are required of Members chosen by ballot.

17. For the New Rooms and Coffee Room each For the New candidate must be proposed and seconded by a Mem- Rooms and

Coffee-rouin. ber of the Jockey Club, and the name of the candi. date, with his usual place of abode, as well as the name of the Member proposing him, must be put up in the Coffee Room on the day preceding the Ballot.

Honorary Members of the New Rooms are elected for the current year only, and shall not be liable for any adınission fee, but for the subscription only for

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that year.

Members abroad from the 1st of January to the end of the year, on giving notice, shall continue to be Members without paying subscription.

18. A person, though chosen, shall not be considered Arrears of as a Member of any of these Clubs until he shall have subscription. paid the usual sums for the admission and subscription of a new Member. The subscription shall be payable on the first of January in every year, and the name of every Member whose subscription is not paid by the July Meeting shall be placed over the chimneypiece in the New Rooms and in the Coffee-room at Newmarket, in that meeting; and if such arrear be not paid by the end of the Houghtou Meeting, he shall cease to be a Member, and shall not be again admitted as a Member until his arrears be paid, and until he be again chosen by ballot.

any Member of the Rooms or Stands at Newmarket shall leave his bill for household expenses unpaid two months after the same shall have been delivered to him, the Keeper of the Rooms is to report his default to the Stewards, who will cause notice to be sent to him, that if it be not cleared by a time to be mentioned in the said notice (not to exceed three months), his name will be erased from the list of Members, and he will be warned off the Heath.

19. Gentlemen not Members of the New Rooms or Admission to Coffee-room

may be admitted to the Stands on New. the Standa. market Heath, for any one meeting on the nomination of the Stewards, provided that they he ballotted for in the same manner as the Members of the New Rooms at the next ensuing meeting of the Club.

All annual subscriptions to the Stands are payable on the first of January, and if not paid before the Craven Meeting the weekly admission will have to be paid for each meeting.

A list of Members who have used the Stands without having paid for admission shall be posted at the entrance to the stand at the conimencement of the following Meeting, and if not paid by the end of that Meeting, their names will be struck off the List of Members.

20. If any Member of the Jockey Club, or of the New Rooms or Coffee Room at Newmarket, should appear in the published Forfeit List as a defaulter for stakes or forfeits, or be reported by the Committee of the Subscription Rooms at Newmarket or at Messrs Tattersall's, as being a defaulter for bets lost on horse racing, the Stewards shall cause notice to be sent to him that if his default be not cleared by a time to be stated in the said notice (not to exceed three months) his name will be erased from the list of Members; and if a Member of any of these Clubs should be convicted of fraudulent practices on the Turf, or should compound with his creditors, he shall cease to be a Member.

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Trials. 21. The day, with respect to the engaging of the ground for trials, is divide l into four periods during the racing season-viz., from five to six o'clock, and from six to seven in the morning; from halfpast twelve to two, and after six in the afternoon, and during the rest of the year into three periodsviz., previous to half-past eight in the morning, from one to two, and after half-past four in the afternoon.

No trainer shall have the ground for trying horses more than one portion of the morning and one portion of the afternoon in the same week, and trainers having less than ten horses shall be allowed to have the ground only for one period of time. A trainer not having more than five horses in training can only have his Lame down once at the same time; a trainer not having more than ten horses only twice; and a trainer with more than ten only three times.

Notice for engaginz the ground shall, at least one day before the day it is used, be entered in a book to be kept for that purpose at the Keeper of the Matchbook's Office in Newinarket. And no notice or warning shall be deemed sufficient unless given as before directed.

For the future the ground will be kept clear during trials by a person appointed by the Stewards, unless he is requested to retire by the owner or trainer of the horses being tried.

The Challenge Cup and Whip. 22. The Cup may be challenged for on the Tuesday The Cup. or Wednesday in the July Meeting in each year, to be run for over the B.C. on Thursday in the Houghton Meeting following, by horses, &c., the property of Members of the Jockey Club or of the Rooms at Newmarket; four years old carrying 8st 7lb, five years old, 9st 1 lb, six years old and aged, 9st 4ih. Each person, at the time of challenging, is to subscribe his name to a paper to be hung up in the Coffee-room at Newmarket, and deliver to the Keeper of the Match-book the name or description of the horse, &c., sealed up, which shall be kept till six o'clock on the Saturday evening of that week; and if not accepted, or only one challenger, to be returned unopened: but if accepted, or if more than one challenger, to be then opened and declared a match, or sweepstakes of 200 sov. each, play or pay. If the challenge be not accepted, the Cup to be delivered to the Keeper of the Match-book in the Meeting ensuing the challenge, for the person who may become entitled to the same, but in no case shall the Cup leave the United Kingdom,

23. The Whip may be challenged for twice in each The Whip. rear, viz.: on the Tuesday after the July Meeting, when the acceptance must be signified or the Whip resigned on the Tuesday following, or challenged foron Tuesday in the Houghton Meeting, when the acceptance must be signified, or the Whip resigned, by the Tuesday following. If challenged for and accepted in July, to be run for on the Fridav in the Second October Meeting following; and if in the Houghton, on the Thursday in the First Spring Meeting following; B.C. weight 10st, and to stake 200 sov. each, play or pay, but in no case shall the Whip leave the United Kingdom.

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Charges at Newmarket. 24. Five pounds per cent. shall be allowed on all forfeits under 1001, and not less than 201. declared to the Keeper of the Matıb-book, at or before ten o'clock the evening before running; and if the forfeit amount to 1001. and upwards, 101. per cent. shall be allowed. All forfeits shall be paid before twelve o'clock at night of the day fixed for the race, and on those forfeits which shall not be so paid, the deduction for the timely declaration of such forfeit shall not be allowed.

No horse shall be considered as struck out of his engagement, unless the owner, or some person authorised by him, shall give notice to the Keeper of the Match-hook, or to his Clerk, or to one of the Stewards present.

25. The Stakeholder at Newmarket is allowed to retain, out of the stakes in his hands, the following fees for his trouble, viz.

For every match, one pound.
For every plate, one pound.

For every subscription or sweepstakes where the lowest forfeit amounts to 20 sov. i per cent. on the whole stake, and on all other races 1 per cent.

26. The Keeper of the Match-book is entitled to charge a fee of 2s. 6d. on all nominations at Newmarket, if published in the Racing Calendar before running, but not on the entries which are made at Newmarket during the week of running.

27. Towards defraying the expense of repairing the Course and Exercise-ground, five guineas annually shall be paid in respect of every horse that shall be trained at Newmarket. Any horse remaining at Newmarket more than a week before or after any Race meeting there, shall be considered as trained at Newmarket, and his trainer shall apply for a licence under Rule 28. All yearlings broken on the Heath and Exercise Ground to be charged two guineas. And the same shall be paid by the stablekeeper or servant having the care of such horse, and be charged by him to the owner of such horse. The Stewards shall make such orders as they think fit relative to the returns to be made by the stable-keepers or servants of horses under their care, and if any stable-keeper or servant shall fail to make a true return according to this order, he will be surcharged one guinea for each horse omitted in his list.

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N.B.-At present all trainers are required to send in on the 1st of February, a list of the horses which have been un l r their charge from the 1st of January, and on the 1st of every succeeding month a list of any additional horses that have been under their care since the preceding return.

The amount of the tax sball be due at the same time that the return is made, and must be paid within one month after that date.


28. Every trainer who wishes to train horses on the Licence lands belonging to, or in the occupation of, the train at New

. Jockey Club, must apply annually to the Stewards for a licence, and on making such application must specify the horses then under his charge, and the names of their owners, and shall not take horses from any other owner without first obtaining the permissiou of the Stewards.

A trainer shall be liable to have his licence withdrawn for breaking the rules laid down by the Stewards for the management of the ground, or for any misconduct on the Turf, or in matters connected with it, and the prohibition to use the lands of the Jockey Club attached to the refusal or withdrawal of a licence shall extend to the Race meetings.

The payment of Heath Tax shall not be taken to confer on the person paying the same any legal rights which shall interfere or be inconsistent with the absolute control the Club now has over all persons using or going on to their grounds.

Should the Stewards find it necessary to refuse or withdraw a licence from any trainer, they will report that they have done so at the next General Meeting of the Club.

29. When fewer than three horses, the property of Plates and persons having different interests, start for any plate Swcepstakes

walked over or race in which money is advertised to be given by for. the Club, only half the amount shall be paid, and in case of a walk-over for a Sweepstakes, no money shall

be given.

Relating to other matters not before specified.

30. No races for gentlemen riders are allowed at Races for Newmarket during the regular meetings without the Gentlemen sanction of the Stewards, and, that accorded, such races must be the first or last of the day.


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