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Six fur- Five for.
miles. and half. One mile. longs.

Cne mile

Three yrs

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8 6

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Two yrs -
Three yrs
Four yrs •
(Five, six, and aged -
Two yrs -
Three yrs

Four yrs -
(Five, six, and aged -
Two yrs -

Four yrs -
Ë (Five, six, and aged

Two yrs -
Three yrs
Four yrs -
Five, six, and aged
Two yrs -
Three yrs
Four yrs -
Five, six, and aged -
Three yrs
Four yrs ·
Five yrs -
(Six and aged

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er or OSNO

Terce miles.

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Earl of ZETLAND.
Stewards Earl of SUFFOLK and BERKSHIRE.


His Royal Highness the Prince of WALES.
His Royal Highness the Duke of EDINBURGH.
His Royal Highness the Duke of CONNAUGHT.

His Royal Highness the Duke of CAMBRIDGE. His Royal Highness Prince CHRISTIAN of Schleswig Holstein. *His Imp. Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias. *His Majesty the King of the NETHERLANDS.

*His Majesty the King of the BELGIANS. *His Imp. Highness the Crown Prince of Germany. *His Imp. Highness the Grand Duke VLADIMIR of Russia. Lord Alington

Earl of Eglinton and Winton. Sir J. D. Astley, Bart. Earl of Ellesmere Frederic Barne, Esq.

Marquis of Exeter Duke of Beaufort

Viscount Falmouth Earl of Bradford

* Count Tasselo Festetics Earl (adogan

Ear) of Feversham
Lord Calthorpe

Earl Fitzwilliam
The Hon. R. Carington Hon. C. W. Fitzwilliam
Earl Cawdor

Hon. H. W. Fitzwilliam
Right Hon. H. Chaplin Col. Hon. H. Forester
Sir Geo. Chetwynd, Bart. Hon. W. Gerard
Lord Colville

Sir Reginald Graham, Bart.
Earl of Cork and Orrery Earl Granville
Earl of Coventry

Duke of Hamilton W. G. Craven, Esq.

Earl of Hardwicke J. S. Crawley, Esq.

Marquis of Hartington Lord Dorchester

Lord Hastings Viscount Downe

*The Hon. Sir H. Hawkins T. T. Drake, Esq.

J. H. Houldsworth, Esq. Marquis of Drogheda

Earl Howa Viscount Dupplin

Earl of Ilchester Earl of Durham

Sir R. Jardine, Bart.

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Sir F. Johnstone, Bart. *Right Hon. Sir Hercules
Captain D. Lane

Viscount Lascelles

Farl of Rosebery
W. J. Legh, Esq.

Earl of Rosslyn
Lord Henry G. Lennox Leopold de Rothschild, Esq.
Sir W. A. Lethbridge, Bart. Duke of Rutland
Marquis of Londonderry Duke of St Albans
Right Hon. James Lowther Prince D. Soltykoff
*M. Lupin

Earl of Strafford
Earl of March

Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire
Duke of Montrose

*Montagu Tharp, Esq.
G. Ernest Paget, Esq.

Lord Vivian
General Pearson

*Sir R. Wallace, Bart.
Duke of Portland

Duke of Westminster
Earl of Portsmouth

Earl of Westmorland
Lord Rendlesham

Gen. Owen Williams
Duke of Richmond and Gor- Earl of Zetland
*The President of the French Jockey Club.

*The Vice-President of the same.

*The three Stewards of the same. *The President of the American Jockey Club, New York.

December, 1885.

* Honorary Members.




H. R. H, the Prince of Purple body with gold braid, scarlet Wales

sleeves, and black velvet cap with

gold fringe. H. M. the King of the , Scarlet body and sleeves, black Netherlands

velvet cap with gold tassel H.R.H. the Duke of Black jacket, dark green stripes,

Connaught Mr Abington.

Green, plum cap Mr J. Adams.

Lemon, orange sleeves and cap Mr Adrian.

Peacock blue body, black sleeves

black cap


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and cap

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Sir Robert Affleck . . White, black cross belt, cardinal red

сар Ld Ailesbury

Red body, yellow sleeves, black cap Mr F. Alexander Dark blue, white sleeves, black cap Ld Alington :

Chocolate, yellow sleeves Mr J. Alington. Chocolate, light blue sleeves and

cap M. L. André.

Orange, red cap Ld Anglesey

Yellow, blue sleeves, yellow cap Mr C. Archer.

Sky blue, crimson cap Mr F. Archer.

Cerise, French grey hoops Mr G. Archer

Black, white sleeves Mr G. Arden.

Violet and white hoops, white cap Prince d'Arenberg Scarlet and yellow hoops, black cap Sir G. Armytage Light blue, scarlet cap Mr Armstrong

White, purple sleeves, red cap Mr W. Arnull

Orange, blue cap Sir G. Arthur

Steel grey, crinison cap
Mr S. H. Ashton

Mr J. N. Astley. Drab, blue cap
Sir J. D. Astley . Canary, green cap
M. Aumont

White, green cap
Col. P. Bagot.

White, chocolate diamonds, chocoMr H. J. Bailey . Dark blue, gold hoops, blue cap Mr Bainbridge Yellow jacket, white cap, Mr Douglas Baird Crimson and silver braid Mr W. R. Bankes Cherry, brown sleeves and cap Mr J.F.S. Lee Barber Cherry, black cap

late cap

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Mr A. C. Barclay

French grey,

black cap
Mr H. T. Barclay French grey, violet cap.
Col. Barlow

Light blue, 'crimson stripes
Mr J. Barnard

White, red cap
Mr Barne

White, pink cap
Mr Percy Barnett Olive green, straw sleeves and cap
Mr J D. Barry Black, primrose sleeves
Mr F. Bates

White, blue belt and cap
Mr Batson.

Crimson, white stripe, black cap
Mr R. N. Batt

Black and orange hoops
Prince Batthyany

(second colour) Green, black cap
Count Elemér Batthyany Straw
Count G. Batthyany Green jacket, white belt, green cap
Mr Dixon Battye Violet, yellow sleeves and cap
Captain Bayley. Old gold, sage green sleeves, car-

dinul hoops, and quartered cap
Mr T. H. D. Bayly. Orange, blue cap, gold tasse]
Mr S. Beard

White, yellow belt, black cap
Duke of Beaufort Blue and white hoops, red cap

(second colour) Same, with blue cap
Mr Beaumont

Scarlet and drab, quartered
Mr Beckett

Black, gold facings, yellow cap
Mr C. J. Bedford White, dark blue sleeves and cap
Mr H. E. Beddington. Orange, chocolate sleeves
Mr A. Benholm. Cherry, silver grey cap

(second colour) Cherry, silver grey sleeves and cap Mr Ë. Benjamin

Red, blue sleeves, cream collar and

cuffs, red cap
Mr W. H. Bentley Pink, green sleeves, and black cap
Ld M. Beresford. Light blue, black cap
Count de Berteux Green, red cap
Mr J. T. Best

Blue, white belt, red cap
Mr W. Bevill.

Red, green cap
Mr R. M. Biddulph. Green and white stripe, black cap
Mr E. Bird

French grey, bronze sleeves and cap
Mr C. J. Blake

French grey, scarlet hoop and cap Mr W. Blake.

Bronze green, yellow belt and cap
M. E. Blanc

Orange, blue cap
Mr Blanton

Drab, red cap
Col. de Blaramberg. Blue, yellow sleeves and cap
Mr E. (). Bleackley. Cardinal, gold sleeves, black cap
Mr Bleay mire.

Chocolate and yellow, chocolate and

yellow quartered cap
Mr T. Blenkiron. Brown, white cap
Mr W. Blenkiron Purple jacket, amber belt, black cap
Lady Anne Blunt Black and yellow





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