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Signed at London on the 22d October. His majesty the king of the and the King of the United kingFrench, and his Majesty the dom of Great Britain and IreKing of the United Kingdom of land, have appointed for their Great Britain and Ireland, hav- Plenipotentiaries, namely, his ing been invited by his Majesty Majesty the king of the French, the King of the Belgians to car- M. Ch. Maurice de Talleyrand ry into execution the articles of Perigord, etc. etc. and his Majthe treaty relative to the Nether- esty the king of the United Kinglands, concluded at London on dom of Great Britain and Irethe 15th of November, 1831, the land, the Right Hon. Henry execution of which, according to John Viscount Palmerston, etc. the terms of the 25th article of Who after having exchanged the said treaty, has been con- their full powers, which were jointly guaranteed by their said found in good and due form, have Majesties the Emperor of Aus- agreed upon and signed the foltria, the King of Prussia, and the lowing articles. Einperor of all the Russias ; ART. 1. His Majesty the King Having moreover recognised of the French,

and his Majesty the that all the efforts made in com- King of the United Kingdom of mon by the Five Powers who Great Britain and Ireland, will signed the said treaty to arrive at notify to bis Majesty the King of its execution by means of nego- the Netherlands, and his Majesty tiation have hitherto failed to ef- the King of the Belgians respecfect;

tively, that their intention is to Agreeing besides that further proceed immediately to the exedelay in its execution, will se- cution of the treaty of the 15th of riously compromise the general Nov. 1851, conforınably to enpeace of Europe, have deter- gagements which they have conmined, notwithstanding the re- tracted; and as a first step towgret they experience at finding ards the accomplishment of this that their Majesties the Emperor end, their said Majesties will reof Austria, the King of Prussia, quire his Majesty the King of the and the Emperor of all the Rus- Netherlands to enter into an ensias, are not at this moment pre- gagement by the 2d of Novempared to concur in the active ber, at the latest, to withdraw on measures which are called for in the 12th of the said month, all order that the treaty may be car- his troops from the territories ried into effect, on fulólling, in which, by the first and second arthat respect, without any further ticle of the said treaty, ought to delay, their own engagements, form the Kingdom of Belgium, and on carrying on by mutual of which the contracting parties consent the measures best calcu- to that treaty have guaranteed lated for that purpose, their Maj- the independence and neutrality. esties the King of the French, And their said Majesties will also require his Majesty the King vember, the Netherland troops of the Belgians to enter into an shall be still in the Belgian terriengagement on the 2d of Nov. tory, a French corps shall enter of the present year, at the latest Belgium for the purpose of comto withdraw on or before the 12th pelling the Netherland troops to of the said month of Nov. bis evacuate the said territory, it being troops from the territories of his well understood that the king of Majesty the King of the Nether- the Belgians shall have previouslands, so that after the 12th in- ly expressed his wish for the enstant, there shall be no Nether- trance of the French troops upland troops within the limits of on his territory for the purpose the Kingdom of Belgium, nor any above stated. Belgian troops in the territory of Art. 4. If the measure pointthe King of the Netherlands. ed out in the preceding article And their Majesties the King of becomes necessary, its objects the French and the King of the shall be limited to the expulsion United Kingdom of Great Britain of the Netherland troops from the and Ireland, declare at the same citadel of Antwerp, and the forts time to his Majesty the King of and places dependent upon it

, the Netherlands, and to his Maj- and his Majesty the King of the esty the King of the Belgians re- French, in bis lively solicitude spectively, that if this requisition for the independence of Belgium to their Majesties is not complied as for that of all established Govwith, they shall proceed without ernments, expressly undertakes any further notice or delay in the not to occupy any of the fortified measures which shall appear to places of Belgium by the French them necessary to compel the iroops, which shall be employed execution of it.

in the above service, and when Art. 2. If the king of the the citadel of Antwerp and the Netherlands refuses to agree to ports and places dependent upon the engagement mentioned in the it, shall have been evacuated by preceding article, their Majesties the Netherlands troops, they will the King of the French, and the be immediately delivered up to king of the United Kingdom of the military authorities of the Great Britain and Ireland will or- King of the Belgians, and the der an embargo immediately to French troops will immediately be put upon all the Netherland retire upon the French territory. vessels in the ports of their res- Art. 5. The present convenpective dominions, and they will tion shall be ratified and the ratalso order their respective cruis. fications exchanged at London, ers to stop and bring into their within eight days or sooner if ports all the Netherland vessels possible. which they may meet with at sea, In testimony of which the reand a French and English squad- spective Plenipotentiaries have ron combined will be stationed signed the preceding articles, on the coasts of Holland for the and have affixed the seals of their more efficacious execution of this arms.

(Signed) TALLEYRAND. ART. 3. If, on the 15th of No



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By the grace of God, we,

Art. 5. The freedom of wor-
Nicholas, 1., Emperor and Anto- ship is guaranteed; every one is
crat of all the Russias, King of at liberty to exercise bis religion
Poland, &c. &c.

openly, under the protection of In our constant solicitude for government, and the difference the happiness of the nations which of christian faiths shall never Providence has confided to our prove a pretext for the violation government, we are occupied in of the rights and privileges which fixing the basis for the future or are allowed to all the inhabitants. ganization of the Kingdom of Po- The Roman Catholic religion, Jand, having regard to the true being that of the majority of our interests and positions of the Polish subjects, shall be the obcountry, and to the local wants ject of especial protection of the and manners of the inhabitants. government.

ART. 6. The funds which

the Roman Catholic clergy posArt. 1. The kingdom of Po- sess, and those of the Greek land is to be forever re-united to church united, shall be considered the Russian empire, and form an as the common and inviolable inseparable part of that empire. property of the hierarchy of each It shall bave a particular admin- of those creeds. istration conformably to its local

Art. 7. The protection of necessities, as well as a civil and the laws is assured to all the inmilitary code. The statutes and habitants without distinction of the laws of cities and towns re- rank or class. Each shall be main in full vigor.

empowered to assume dignities or Art. 2. The crown of the to exercise public functions, ackingdom of Poland is hereditary cording to his personal merits or in our person and in our heirs and talents. successors, agreeably to the or- Art. 8. Individual liberty der of succession to the throne is guaranteed and protected by prescribed by all the Russias. the existing laws. No one shall

ART. 3. The coronation of be deprived of his liberty, or the Emperors of all the Russians called to justice, if he be not a and kings of Poland shall be one transgressor of the law in all the and the same ceremonial, which forms prescribed. Every one shall take place at Moscow, in detained shall be apprised of the the presence of a deputation from motive of arrest. the kingdom of Poland, which Art. 9. Each person arrestshall assist at that solemnity with ed must submit to a delay of the deputies from the other parts three days to be heard and judgof the empire.

ed of, according to the forms of Art. 4. Jo the possible event law, before competent tribunals; of a regency in Russia, the pow- if he be found innocent, he will iner of the regent or regentess of stantly obtain his liberty. He will the empire will extend over the be equally restored to liberty who kingdom of Poland.

shall furnish a sufficient surety.

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Art. 10. The form of judi- ART. 16. The treasury of cial inquests directed against the the kingdom of Poland, and all superior functionaries of the king- the other branches of the admindom, and against persons accused istration, shall be separated from of high treason, shall be deter- the administration of the other mined by a particular law, the parts of the kingdom. foundation of which shall be ac- Art. 17. The public debt cordant with the other laws of our of Poland, acknowledged by us, empire.

shall be guaranteed as formerly

, Art. 11. The right of prop- by the government, and indemnierty of individuals, and of cor- fied by the receipts of the king. porations, is declared sacred and dom. inviolable, inasmuch as it will be ART. 18. The bank of the conformable to the existing laws. kingdom of Poland, and the laws All the subjects of the kingdom respecting credit, shall continue of Poland are free to quit the under the protection of Governcountry, and to carry away their ment. goods, provided they conform to ART. 19. The mode of comthe regulations published to that mercial transactions between the effect.

Russian empire and kingdom of Art. 12. The penalty of Poland shall be regulated accordconfiscation shall not be enforced ing to the respective interests of but against state crimes of the the two countries. first class, as may be hereafter Art. 20. Our army in the determined by particular laws. empire and in the kingdom shall

Art. 13. Publication of sen- compose one in common, without timents, by means of the press, distinction of Russian or Polish shall be subjected to restrictions troops. We shall reserve 10 our which will protect religion, the selves a future decision of this, inviolability of superior authority, by an especial law, in which arthe interests of morals, and per- rangement, and upon whose basopal considerations. Particular sis, the kingdom of Poland shall regulations to this effect will be participate with our army. The published according to the prin- number of troops which shall ciples which serve as a basis to serve as the military defence of this object in the other parts of the kingdom, will be also ultiour empire.

mately determined upon by law. Art. 14. The kingdom of Art. 21. Those of our subPoland shall proportionably con- jects of the empire of Russia, tribute to the general expenditure who are established in the king. and to the wants of the empire. dom of Poland, who possess or The proportion of taxes will be shall possess, real property in stated hereafter.

that country, shall enjoy all the ART. 15. All contributions rights of natives. It shall be the and all taxes which existed in same with those of our subjects November 1830, shall be levied of the kingdom of Poland, who after the manner formerly settled shall establish themselves, and till the new fixing of taxes. shall possess property, in the oth

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er provinces of the empire. We Poland is confided to a council
reserve to ourselves to grant of administration, which shall
hereafter letters of naturalization govern the kingdom in our name,
to other persons, as well to under the presidency of the Gov-
strangers as to Russians, who are ernor of the kingdom.
not yet established there. Those ART. 23. The council of
of our subjects of the Russian administration is composed of the
empire who may reside for a cer- Governor of the kingdom, of su-
tain time in Poland, and those of perior directors, who superintend
our subjects of the kingdom of the commissions, and among
Poland, who may sojourn in oth- whom are divided the interests of
er parts of the empire, are sub- the administration, of comptrol-
jeci to the laws of the country ler, presiding over the supreme
where they reside.

chamber of finance, and of other ART. 22. The superior ad- members, whom we shall appoint ministration of the kingdom of by special orders.

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We, Frederick the Sixth, by passed into a complete law, we the Grace of God King of Den- have still found it proper now 10 mark, &c, make known that we, notify the general basis, which in order to enable us and our suc- will be the foundation of the orcessors on the Throne, always to ganization which we are about to obtain the most certain informa- confer on the Provincial States in tion respecting everything that our kingdom of Denmark. may promote our dear and faith- With respect to the above, we ful people's welfare, and, at the have niost graciously ordained as same time, to knit those ties the

follows: closer which unite the Royal 1. There are to be in our House with the people, and give Kingdom of Denmark iwo Asanimation to the public spirit, we semblies of Provincial Consultahave resolved to establish Delib- tive States, one for the district of erative Provincial States in our Zealand Funen and Lolland FalKingdom of Denmark, as well ster, ogether with Iceland, and as in our Duchies of Sleswig and another for the four provinces in Holstein. In order to prepare North Jutland. the fulfilment of this our paternal 2. In each of these Assemblies determination, we have previously are admitted such a number of had the case examined, and al- members elected by their fellow though it has not yet attained that burghers as we further shall dedegree of persection which is termine. The right of election necessary previous to its being is to be exercised on the condi

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