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tion and in the manner which we eration, and submissively commushall prescribe by a separate or- nicate the result of their deliberdinance, by the proprietors in ations. towns and in the country : in con- 5. If the Provincial States sideration also of the established should find occasion to wish for right of possession which our

our any change in the general laws or laws grant to lease-holders, we institutions of the country, or will likewise give them access to those immediately affecting the a participation in the elections. province, or if they should find it In like manner the possession of requisite to bring forward any landed property is to be a requi- complaint of the manner in which site condition to elligibility; and the laws are conducted, they may although, generally speaking, we represent the same to us and are not willing to preclude those make their proposals, whereupon of our subjects holding official we will take such proposition into situations, who are at the same consideration, and ihen make time landed proprietors, from known our determination. having a seat in the Assemblies 6. As we consider it useful to of the States, when they are allow the provincial states to take elected thereto, no person in office a part in the affairs of the parishwho is provided with a cornmis- es (communes,) we will take into sion, or charge, or confirmation consideration how this may be subscribed by us, is allowed to executed, and then further deteraccept of such appointment, with- mine respecting it. out having first obtained our su- 7. The provincial states will

assemble when we summon them. 3. It is our determination to This will take place every second appoint members of the Univer- year, but when it may be found sity and of the clergy to a seat necessary, we will also appoint in the Assemblies of Provincial extraordinary meetings of the States, and, according to circum- States. With respect to the dustances, some few others whom ration of the sittings, we will, each we, in consideration of their sit- time, according to circumstances, uations and merits, might consid- determine how long they are to er particularly adapted for it. last, after which we will bave the

4. Before we give out any law dissolution of the meeting proto alter either the personal or claimed. possessive rights of our subjects, 8. We will make known the necor the taxes and public imposts, essary further determinations, not we will cause the plan of such a only respecting the number of law to be laid before the Assem- those persons who are to be electblies of both States, or, if it ed as members of each of the should only relate to one or more Provincial Assemblies, but also of the Provinces, then before the the distribution of the number in Provincial States to which it be- each of the districts, and of the longs, that the States may be en- further stipulations for the right abled to take the law into consid- of election and elligibility, togeth

preme sanction.

er with the manner of proceeding change in these ultimate decisat the elections and in the Assem- ions, such will, however, not take blies of the States. But previ- place, until we, in accordance with ously to the plan for these legal paragraph four, have obtained arrangements being laid before us, the opinions of the States. we will assenible some enlighten- Given at our Royal Residence, ed men, from different parts of Copenhagen, the 28th of May, the kingdom, for the purpose of 1231, under our royal hand and taking into consideration those seal. objects which will be laid before

(Signed) FREDERICK R. them and acquaint us with their opinions, founded upon knowl- STEMANN, MONRAD, edge of place and legal circuin- ORSTED, LASSEN,

If it in time should be KJERULFF, LANGE. found requisite to make any Hansen,



Passed at the First Session of the Twentysecond Congress of the

United States.

N. B. The tiiles only of private acts and appropriation bills are given; and the dates of ap

proval refer back to the last preceding dates. Andrew Jackson, President. J. C. Calhoun, Vice President, and President of the

Senate. Andrew Stevenson, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

CHAP.1, An Act to authorize the or final receipts, and patents may issue

State of Illinois to sell twenty thous- in the name of such assignee, any thing and acres of the saline lands in said in the act aforesaid to the contrary notState.


CHAP. 2. An Act for the relief of CHAP. 10. An Act to direct the

William J. Quincy and Charles E. manner of issuing patents on con-

firmed land claims in the Territory

of Florida. CHAP. 3. An Act for the relief of

Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the SenHenry H. Tuckerman.

ate and House of Representatives of

the United States of America in ConCHAP. 4. An act for the relief of gress assembled, That all patents that Robertson and Barnwell.

are, or may be, by law, directed to be is

sued on private land claims confirmed by CHAP. 5. An Act for the relief of the commissioners of private land claims, Lewis Anderson.

and by the several acts of Congress ap

proving their reports and confirming the CHAP. 6. An Act for the relief of

titles to lands in the Territory of FloriWilliam Forsythe.

ida, shall be, and they are hereby, re

quired to be issued to the confirmees, or CHAP. 7. An Act for the relief of to the assignee, or present owner, where Charles Cassedy.

the land has been sold or transferred

since the confirmation of the title ; and CHAP. 8. An Act for the relief of it shall be the duty of the commissioner Dixon Spears.

of the General Land Office, upon the Approved, January 19, 1832.

production of satisfactory proof of the

death of the confirmee, or upon the proCHAP. 9. An Act supplementary to

duction of a regular chain of title from an Act to gri'nt pre-emption rights to

the contirmee, to cause the patent to be

issued to the heirs and legal represen. settlers on Public Lands.

tatives, or to the assignees of the conSect. 1. Be it enacted by the Sen- firmee, as the case may be. ate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress CHAP. 11. An Act for the relief of assembled, That from and after the Robert A. Forsythe. passage of this act, all persons who have purchased under an act, entitled 'An CHAP. 12. An Act for the relief of act to grant pre-emption rights to settlers William D. King, James Daviess, on the public lands,' approved the and Garland Lincicum. twentyninih of May, one thousand eight hundred and thirty, may assign, CHAP. 13. An Act for the relief of and transfer their certificates of purchase

Stephen Hook.

CHAP. 14. An Act for the relief of CHAP. 29. An Act for the relief of Henry Kilbourn.

William Tharp. Approved, January 23, 1832. CHAP. 15. An Act to alter the time of CHAP. 30. An Act for the relief of holding the spring term of the cir.

the representatives of Doctor Hancuit court of the United States for

son Catlett. the southern district of New York.

CHAP. 31. An Act for the relief of CHAP. 16. An Act to authorize the the heirs of William Robertson, de.

Secretary of the Treasury to com- ceased, and Daniel S. Leonard.
promise the claim of the United
States in the Commercial bank of CHAP. 32. An Act for the relief of
Lake Erie.

John Sapp.
Approved, February 10, 1832.

CHAP. 33. An Act for the relief of CHAP. 17. An Act for the relief of Peter Peck. John Proctor.

CHAP. 34. An Act for the relief of CHAP. 18. An Act for the relief of Cornelius Overton. Lawrence L. Van Kleeck.

Approved, February 24, 1832. CHAP. 19. An Act for the relief of CHAP. 35. An Act for the relief of James Lucius Sawyer.

Edward Lee.

CHAP. 20. An Act granting a pension CHAP. 36. An Act for the relief of to Jared Cone :

Eber Hubbard.

CHAP. 21. An Act for the relief of CHAP. 37. An Act for the relief of the Andrew H. Richardson, executor of

legal representatives of Samuel Valentine Richardson.

Wagstaff. CHAP. 22. An Act for the relief of CHAP. 38. An Act for the relief of Ariel Ensign.

Percia Tupper, executrix of Samuel

Tupper, deceased.
CHAP. 23. An Act for the relief of
Adam Peck.

CHAP. 39. An Act for the relief of

Jane Muir.
CHAP. 24. An Act for the relief of

Approved March 7, 1832.
Antoine Dequindre, Richard Smith,

and others, Michigan volunteers. CHAP. 40. An Act for the relief of Approved, February, 18, 1832.

Elward Livingston.
CHAP. 25. An Act to provide for the CHAP. 41. An Act for the relief of

payment of arrearages in the naval William Owens.
service, chargeable to the enumera-
ted contingent prior to the first day CHAP. 42. An Act for the relief of
of January, one thousand eight

åmariah Squirrel, administrator of hundred and thirty-two.

Jacob Squirrel, deceased. CHAP. 26. An Act making appropria- CHAP. 43. An Act for the relief of

tions for the revolutionary and other Robert Jones and William A. Flempensioners of the United States, for

ing the year one thousand eight hun. dred and thirtytwo.

CHAP. 4. An Act for the relief of

the legal representatives of Samuel CHAP. 27. An Act making appropria- Keep. . tions for fortifications for the year

thousand eight hundred and CHAP. 45. An Act for the relief of thirtytwo.

Anthony Foreman, John G. Ross,

Cherokee Delegation. CHAP. 28. An Act making appropria

tions for the naval service for the CHAP. 46. An Act for the relief of
year one thousand eight hundred
and thirtytwo.

Bernard Marigny, of the State of


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