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CHAP. 47. An Act for the relief of ations for the support of the army
William Williamson.

for the year one thousand eight

hundred and thirtytwo. CHAP. 48. An Act for the relief of

Nathan Towson, Paymaster-Gener CHAP. 63. An Act supplementary to
al of the army of the United States. the several laws for the sale of the

Public Lands,
CHAP. 49. An Act for the relief of
Richard S. Hackley.

Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the Sen

ate and House of Representatives of the CHAP. 50. An Act for the relief of J. United States of America in Congress P. and E. B. Penny.

assembled, That from and after the Approved, March 15, 1832.

first day of May next, all the public

lands of the United States, when offered CHAP. 51. An Act for the adjustment at private sale, may be purchased at the

and settlement of the claims of the option of the purchaser, either in entire State of South Carolina against the sections, half sections, quarter sections, United States.

half quarter sections, or quarter-quarter

sections ; and in every case of a division CHAP. 52. An Act to amend the sever: of a half quarter section, the line for the

al acts establishing a Territorial division thereof shall run east and west, Government in Florida.

and the corners and contents of quarter

quarter sections, which may thereafter CHAP. 53. An Act for the relief of be sold, shall be ascertained as nearly as John McDonough.

may be, in the manner and on the prin

ciples, directed and prescribed by the CHAP. 54. An Act for the relief of second section of an act, entitled · An Sylvester Havens.

art concerning the mode of surveying CHAP. 55.

the public lands of the United States, An Act for the relief of passed on the eleventh day of February Leonard Dennison and Elisha Ely.

eighteen hundred and five ; and fracCHAP. 56. An Act for the relief oftional sections, containing fewer or more Captain Thomas Paine.

than one hundred and sixty acres, shall

in like manner, as nearly as niay be CHAP. 57. An Act explanatory of practicable, be subdivided into quarter

the act entitled An act for the re- quarter sections, under such rules and lief of officers and soldiers of the regulations as may be prescribed by the Virginia line and Navy, and of the Secretary of the treasury: Provided, continental army, during the iev

That this act shall not be construed to olutionary war,' approved thirtieth alter any special provision made by law of May, one thousand eighi hundred for the sale of land in town lots; And, and thirty.

provided also, That no person shall be

permitted to enter more than one half CHAP. 58. An Act to add a part of the quarter section of land under this act,

southern to the northern district of in quarter quarter sections, in his own Alabama.

name, or in the name of any other per

son, and in no case unless he intends it CHAP. 59. An Act for the relief of for cultivation, or for the use of his imJohn Rodgers.

provement. And the person making

application to make an entry under this CHAP. 60. An Act for the relief of aci, shall tile his and her affidavit, unRobert Smart.

der such regulations as the Secretary

of the Treasury may prescribe, that he CHAP. 61. An Act for the relief of or she makes ihe entry in his or her Joho Menary.

own naine, for his or her own benefit,

and not in trust for another : Provided, CHAP. 62. An Act for the relief of further, That all actual setilers, be

Thomas Dennis, and the legal rep- ing house-keepers, upon the public resentative of Asa Harıfield. lands, shall bave the right of pre-emp

tion to enter, withiin six months after CHAP. 63. An Act for the relief of the pissage of this act, not exceed. Benedict Joseph Flaget.

ing the quantity of one half quarter secApproved, March, 31, 1832.

tion, under the provisions of this act, to

ir clude his or their improvements, unCHAP. 64. An Act making appropri- der such regulations as have been, or


may be prescribed by the Secretary of said Territory, and for other purpo-
the Treasury; and in cases where two
persons shall live upon the same quar-
ter section, subject to be entered under CHAP. 71. An Act making appropri-
the provisions of this act, each shall ations in conformity with the stip-
have the right to enter that quarter

ulations of certain Indian treaties.
quarter section which includes his im-

CHAP. 72. An Act providing for the

postponement of the trial of certain CHAP. 66. An Act to authorize the cases now pending in the Superior

Judges of the courts of the United courts of Arkansas Territory, and for States to take bail of the claimants of withholding from sale or entry cerproperty seized, and perform other

tain lands in said Territory. acts in vacation.

CHAP. 73. An Act for the relief of
Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the Sen- Jefferson College in the State of
ate and house of Representatives of the Mississippi.
United States of America in Congress

Approved, April 20, 1832.
assembled, That in any cause of adıni-
rality and maritimne jurisdiction, or other CHAP. 74. An dct making appropria-
case of seizure, depending in any court tions for the support of Government
of the United States, any judge of the for the year one thousand eight hun-
said court, in vacation, shall have the dred and thirtytwo.
same power and authority to order any
vessel, or cargo, or other property, to
be delivered to the claimants, upon bail,

CHAP. 75. An Act to provide the or bond, under the statute as the case

means of extending the benefits of

vaccination, as a preventive of the may be, or to be sold when necessary

Small Pox, to the Indian tribes, and as the said court now has in term lime,

thereby, as far as possible, to save and to appoint appraisers, and exercise

them from the destructive ravages of every other incidental power necessary that disease. to the complete execution of the authority herein gravted; and the said recog. Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the Sen. nizance of bail or bond, under such or. ate and House of Representatives of the der, may be executed before the clerk, United States of America in Congress upon the party's producing the certifi- assembled, That it shall be the duty of cate of the collector of the district, of the several Indian Agents and Subthe sufficiency of the security offered ; Agents, under the direction of the Secand the same proceedings shall be had retary of War, to take such measures as in case of said order of delivery, or of he shall deem most efficient, to convene sale, as are now had in like cases when the Indian tribes in their respective ordered in term time: Provided, That towns, or in such other places and num. upon every such application either for bers, and at such seasons as shall be an order

delivery or of sale, the col- most convenient to the Indian popula. lector and the attorney of the district tion, for the purpose of arresting the shall have reasonable notice in cases of

progress of small pox among the several the United States, and the party or tribes by vaccination. counsel in all other cases.

Sect. 2 And be it further enacted,

That the Secretary of War be, and he CHAP. 67. An Act providing for the hereby is, empowered to employ as ma. organization of the Ordnance De

ny Physicians or Surgeons, from the arpartment.

my or resident on the frontier near the

point where their services shall be reCHAP. 68. An Act for the relief of quired, as he may find necessary for the the sureties of Amos Edwards.

execution of this act; and, if necessary,

two competent persons to conduct the CHAP. 69. An Act to change the Physicians to the remote Indians who

time of holding the United States are infected, or may be in immediate district court, at Staunton, in the danger of being ipfected, with the small western district of Virginia. pox, whose compensation shall be six

dollars per day, and six men, whose CHAP. 70. An Act authorising the compensation shall be twentyfive dollars

Governor of the Territory of Arkan-
sas to lease the Salt Springs, in SECT. 3. And be it further enacted,

per toonth.

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That it shall be the duty of the Secreta- SECT. 3. And be it further enacted, ry of War, to cause all Indian Agents to That if the President of the United be supplied with genuine vaccine mat- States shall at any time receive satisfacter; and all Agents and Sub-agents tory information that the privileges al. shall use all proper means to persuade lowed or which may be allowed to Amerthe Indian population to submit to vac- ican vessels and their cargoes in the cination.

ports of Colombia, corresponding with Secr. 4. And be it further enacted, those, extended, or to be extended by That all Agents, Sub-Agents, Physicians this act, to Colombian vessels and their and Surgeons, employed in the execution cargoes in the ports of the United States, of this act, shall make inonthly returns have been revoked or annulled, he is or reports of their proceedings to the hereby authorized, by proclamation, to War Department. And the Secretary suspend the operation of either or both thereof shall submit to Congress, on or of the provisions of this act, as the case before the first of February next, a gen- may be, and to withhold any or all the eral report of all proceedings in the privileges allowed, or to be allowed, to premises.

Colombian vessels or their cargoes, Sect. 5. And be it further enacted, That, to carry this act into effect, the CHAP. 80. An Act authorizing the sum of twelve thousand dollars be ap- revision and extension of the rules propriated out of any moneys in the and regulations of the Naval service. Treasury not otherwise appropriated.

CHAP. 81. An Act to revive and conCHAP. 76. An Act confirming to Josh- tinue in force · An act for the relief

ua Kennedy, his claim to a tract of the representatives of John Doof land in the city of Mobile.

nelson, Stephen Heard, and others.' CHAP. 77. An Act for altering the

CHAP. 82. An Act for the relief of time of holding the District Court Richard G. Morris. of the United States for the District of Indiana.

CHAP. 83. An Act for the relief of

Joseph Bogy.
CHAP. 78. An Act to extend the Pa-
tent of Jethro Wood.

CHAP. 84. An Act for the relief of

the Miami Exporting Company. CHAP. 79. An Act for giving effect to

a commercial arrangement between CHAP. 85. An Act for the relief of the United States and the Republic

Allen W. Hardie. of Colombia.

CHAP. 86. An Act for the relief of Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the Sen

Prosper Marigny. ate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Con- CHAP. 87. An Act for the relief of gress assembled, That vessels of the

Arnaud Lanaux.
Republic of Colombia, and their cargoes,
whether of foreign or domestic produce CHAP. 88. An Act for the relief of
or manufacture, which shall come direct

Joseph Soniat Dufossat.
from the ports of that nation to the Unit-
ed States, shall pay no greater duties on

CHAP. 89. An Act for the relief of importation, anchorage, tonnage, or any

John H. Thomas, claiming under other kind, than are now, or hereafter

Antoine Patin.
may be, levied on the vessels of the
United States.

CHAP. 90. An Act for the relief of
SECT. 2 And be it further enacted,

Celestin Chiapella.
That the restriction of coming direct
from a port in Colombia, contained in

Approved, May 19, 1832.
the preceding section, shall be taken off, CHAP. 91. An Act for the apportion-
as soon as the President shall receive

ment of Representatives among the satisfactory evidence, that a like restric

several States, according to the fifth tion is taken off from vessels of the United States in the ports of the Republic of Colombia, and shall make Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the Senknown the same by his proclamation ate and House of Representatives of declaring the fact.

the United States of America in Con




gress assembled, "That from and after CHAP. 99. An Act for the relief of the third day of March, one thousand the legal representative of Rignald, eight hundred and thirtythree, the House alias Reynold, Hillary. of Representatives shall be composed of Approved, May 25, 1332. members, elected agreeably to a ratio of one representative for every fortyseven CHAP. 100. An Act for the relief of thousand and seven hundred persons in the heirs and residuary legatees of each State, computed according to the William Carter, late of the State of rule prescribed by the Constitution of Virginia, deceased. the United States, that is to say, within the State of Maine, eight; within the CHAP. 101. An Act for the relief of State of New Hampshire, five; within John Hughes. the State of Massachusetts, twelve; within the State of Rhode Island, two; CHAP. 102. An Act for the relies of within the State of Connecticut, six; Ana D. Baylor. within the State of Vermont, five; within the State of Nev York, forty ; with CHAP. 103. An Act for the relief of in the State of New Jersey, six; with- Edmund Brooke. in the State of Pennsylvania, twentyeight; within the State of Delaware, CHAP. 104. An Act to exempt the one; within the State of Maryland, vessels of Portugal from the pay. eight; within the State of Virginia, ment of duties on tonnage. twentyone ; within the State of North Carolina, thirteen ; within the state of

Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the Sen. South Carolina, nine ; within the State

ate and House of Representatives of of Georgia, nine; within the State of the United States of America in Cor. Kentucky, thirteen ; within the State

gress assembled, That no duties upon of Tennessee, thirteen; within the tonnage shall be hereafter levied' or State of Ohio, nineteen; within the collected of the vessels of the kingdom State of Indiana, seven; within the of Portugal : Provided always, That State of Mississippi, two; within the

whenever the President of the United State of Illinois, three; within the States, shall be satisfied that the vessels State of Louisiana, three; within the

of the United States are subjected in the State of Missouri, two; and within the ports of the kingdom of Portugal, to State of Alabama, five.

payment of any duties of tonnage, he

shall, by proclamation declare the fact, CHAP. 92. An Act to alter the time

and the duties now payable by the ves. of holding the District Court of the

sels of that kingdom, shall be levied and United States for the western dis- paid, as if this act had not been passed. trict of Louisiana.

CHAP. 105. An Act to extend the CHAP. 93. An Act to authorize the limits of Georgetown, in the District removal of the Land Office from

of Columbia. Mount Salusin the State of Mississippi, and to remove the Land Office CHAP. 106. An Act for improving from Franklin to Fayette in the State

Pennsylvania Avenue, supplying the of Missouri.

Public Buildings with water, and for

paving the walk from the western CHAP. 94. An Act for the relief of

gate to the Capitol with flagging. De Garmo Jones.

CHAP. 107. An Act to amend an act, CHAP. 95. An Act for the relief of

entitled • An act to enlarge the pow. George J. Knight.

ers of the several corporations of

the District of Columbia.' CHAP. 96. An Act for the relief of CHAP. 108. An Act supplementary to the heirs of William Vawlers.

'An Act to incorporate the Trustees

of the Female Orphan Asylum of CHAP. 97. An Act for the relief of the heirs of Doctor Samuel Kennedy.

Georgetown, and the Washington

City Asylum, in the District of CoCHAP. 98. An Act for the relief of


Approved, May 25, 1832. John Roberts, late Major of Infantry, in the war of the Revolution. CHAP. 109. An Act making appro

priations for the Indian Department grantors shall be certified upon, or anfor the year one thousand eight hun- nexed to, such deed, under the hand dred and thirtytwo.

and seal of any such judge, chancellor,

master or master extraordinary, or notaCHAP. 110. An Act to aid the vestry ry public, and such deed, so executed,

of Washington parish in the erec- acknowledged and certified in the severtion of a keeper's house, and the im. al and respective modes aforesaid, shall provement and security of the be recorded among the land records of the ground allotted for the interment of county of Washington, or the county of members of Congress, and other Alexandria in the District of Columbia, public officers.

within six calendar months from the day

of its date, if executed and acknowledged CHAP. 111. An Act in relation to the

within the United States or the TerritoPenitentiary for the District of Co.

ries thereof, or within twelve calendar lumbia.

months from the day of its date, if exe

cuted and acknowledged in some foreign CHAP. 112. An Act for quieting possessions, enrolling conveyances and

country; such deed shall be good and

effectual for the purpose or purposes securing the estates of purchasers

therein mentioned. within the District of Columbia.

Sect. 2. And be it further enacted, Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate That if any feme covert in whom such and House of Representatives of the estate or interest may be, shall be a par. United States of America in Congress ty with her husband, executing such assembled, That if any person or per

deed, or shall only be relinquishing her sons, seized or possessed of, or holding right of dower, in or to such estate or any estate or interest in any lands, tene- interest, and the judge, chancellor, justiments or hereditaments, lying and being ces, master or master extraordinary in within the District of Columbia, shall chancery or notary public, aforesaid, beexecute and acknowledge a deed for the fore whom the saine may be executed conveyance of such estate or interest, and acknowledged, shall make the conor for declaring or limiting any use or tents thereof known to her, and shall extrust in and of the same, before any judge

amine her, out of the presence and hearof a court of record and of law of the ing of her husband, whether she doth make State and county in which such person her acknowledgment of the samewoluntaor persons may be, or before any chan- rily, and without being induced to do so cellor of any such State, or before any by fear or threats of, or ill usage, by her Judge of the Supreme, Circuit, District husband, or fear of his displeasure; and or Territorial Courts of the United States, such examination and acknowledgment, or before any two Justices of the Peace and also the identity of the party shall of the State, District or Territory and he certified in the mode prescribed in county in which such person or persons

the first section of this act, according to may be; and such Judge, Chancellor or the place or country where such feme Justices shall annex to such a deed, a

covert shall be at the time of such excertificate, under his or their hands of amination and acknowledgment, and the execution and acknowledgment

such deed shall be recorded within the thereof, and that the grantor or grantors

several and respective periods herein was or were known to him or them, or before mentioned; the same shall be that his, her or their identity had been good and available for the purposes satisfactorily proved, and the Register, therein mentioned, and thereby intended. Clerk or Prothonotary of such Court or Sect. 3. And be it further enacted, county, shall also certify under his hand That the clerks of the circuit court of and the seal of his office, that the Judge, the District of Columbia for the counties Chancellor, or Justices, is or are, was or of Washington and Alexandria, respec. were such at the time of the execution tively, are hereby, authorized to record and acknowledgment thereof; or if any any deed or conveyance, executed and such person or persons, seized or possess- authenticated agreeably to the provisions ed as aforesaid, shall be in some foreign of this act country, and shall execute and acknowl. Approved, May 31, 1832. edge any such deed before any Judge or Chancellor of any Court, master or mas

CHAP. 113. An Act vesting in the ter extraordinary, in chancery, or notary Corporation of the City of Washingpublic, in such foreign country; and ton, all the rights of the Washington such execution and acknowledgment, Canal Company; and for other purand also the identity of the grantor or poses.

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