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CHAP 114. An Act changing the to the 'Act for the relief of certain

times of holding the Courts in the surviving officers and soldiers of the District of Columbia.

Revolution.' CHAP. 115.

Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the SenAn Act defining the

ate and House of Representatives of qualifications of voters in the Terri

the United States of America in Contory of Arkansas

gress assembled, That each of the sur. Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the Sen- viving officers, non-commissioned offiate and House of Representatives of cers, musicians, soldiers and Indian spies, the United States of America in Con- who shall have served in the continental gress assembled, That every free white line, or State troops, volunteers or milimale citizen of the United States of the tia, al one or more terms, a periol of two age of twentyone years, who shall have years, during the war of the revolution, resided in the Territory of Arkansas for and who are not entitled to any benefit the term of six months next preceding under the act for the relief of certain any general or special election, shall surviving officers and soldiers of the have the privilege of voting in the elec: revolution, passed the fifteeuth day of tion district where he shall reside, and May, eighteen hundred and twenty. not elsewhere, for all elective officers of eight, be authorized to receive, out of said Territory.

auy money in the Treasury not other

wise appropriated, the amount of his full CHAP. 116. An Act for the relief of pay in the said line, according to his

James W. Hill, Elijah Hill, and rank, but not exceeding in any case, the Philip Barnes.

pay of a captain, in the said line; such

pay to commence from the fourth day of CHAP. 117. An Act for the relief of March, one thousand eight hundred and William R. Pickett.

thirtyone, and shall continue during his

natural life ; and that any such officer, CHAP. 118. An Act for the relief of non-commissioned officer, musician, or Thomas and James Massingill. private, as aforesaid, who shall have serr.

ed in the continental line, State troops, CHAP. 119. An Act for the relief of volunteers or militia, a terın or terms in Captain John Burnham.

the whole less than the above period,

but not less than six months, shall be CHAP. 120. An Act for the relief of authorized to receive out of any unap

Robert Kaine, of Buffalo, in the propriated money in the Treasury, duState of New York.

ring bis natural life, each according to

his term of service, an amount bearing CHAP. 121. An Act for the relief of such proportion to the annuity granted James McCarty.

to the same rank for the service of two

years, as his term of service did to the CHAP. 122. An act for the relief of term aforesaid ; to cominence from the Joseph W. Torrey.

fourth day of March, one thousand eight Approved, May 31, 1832.

hundred and thirtyone. CHAP. 123. An Act making appropri: That no person, receiving any annuity

SECT. 2. And be it further enacted, ations for the Indian annuities, and other similar objects, for the year

or pension under any law of the United one thousand eight hundred and

States providing for revolutionary offthirtytwo.

cers and soldiers, shall be entitled to the

benefits of this act, unless he sliall first Approved, June 4, 1832.

relinquish his further claim to such pen. CHAP. 124. An Act making appro

sion; and in all payments under this priations in conformity with the stip- act, the amount which may have been ulations of certain treaties with the reccived under any other act as aforeCreeks, Shawnees, Ottoways, Sene- said, since the date at which the paycas, Wyandots, Cherokees, and

ments under this act shall commence, Choctaws.

shall first be deducted from such pay.

ment. CHAP. 125. An Act for the benefit of Sect. 3. And be it further enacted, Doctor Eliakim Crosby.

That the pay allowed by this act shall, Approved, June 4, 1832.

under the direction of the Secretary of

the Treasury, be paid to the officer, CHAP. 126. An Act Supplementary non commissioned office, musician or

private, entitled thereto, or his or their CHAP. 130. An Act for the re-approauthorized attorney, at such places and priation of certain unexpended haltimes as the Secretary of the Treasury ances of former appropriations; and may direct, and that no foreign officer

for other purposes. shall be entitled to said pay, nor shall any officer, non-commissioned officer, CHAP. 131. An Act to authorize the musician or private, receive the same President to raise mounted volun. until he furnish the said Secretary sat. teers tor the defence of the frontier. isfactory evidence that he is entitled to the same, in conformity to the provis- CHAP. 132. An Act for the relief of ions of this act; and the pay hereby al- the heirs and legal representatives lowed shall not be in any way transfera- of Dr Samuel J. Axson, deceased. ble or liable to attachment, levy, or seizure, by any legal process whatever, CHAP. 133. An Act for the relief of but shall inure wholly to the personal Jacob Reif, otherwise called Jacob benefit of the officer, non-commissioned Kemf. officer, musician or soldier entitled to the same.

CHAP. 134. An Act for the relief of Sect. 4. And be it further enacted, the legal representatives of John That so much of the said pay as accrued McHugh. before the approval of this act, shall be paid to the person entitled to the same CHAP. 135. An Act for the relief of as soon as may be, in the manner and John Knight. under the provisions above mentioned ; Approved, June 15, 1832. and the pay which shall accrue thereafter shall be paid semi-annually, in the CHAP. 136. An Act to authorize the manner above directed; and, in case of Secretary of the Treasury to comthe death of any person enubraced by the

promise with the Trustee of the late provisions of this act, or of the act to

firm of Thomas H. Smith and Son which it is supplementary, during the

and their securities, the claims of the period intervening between the semi

United States upon the said firm and annual payments directed to be made by their securities. said acts, the proportionate amount of pay which shall accrue between the last CHAP. 137. An Act for the relief of preceding semi-annual payment, and the

the representatives of David Dardeath of such person, shall be paid to din, deceased. his widow, or if he leave no widow, to his children.

CHAP. 138. An Act for the relies of Sect. 5. And be it further enacted, Ichabod Ward. That the officers, non-cominissioned officers, mariners, or marines, who served CHAP. 139. An Act for the relief of for a like term in the naval service, du

Hopkins Rice. ring the revolutionary war, shall be entitled to the benefits of this act, in the CHAP. 140. An Act to authorize the same manner as is provided for the of.

inhabitants of the State of Louisficers and soldiers of the army of the iana to enter the back lauds. revolution. Approved, June 7, 1832.

Sect. 1. Be it enacted, by the Sen

ate and House of Representatives of CHAP, 127. An Act authorizing the the United States of America in Con

Secretary of the Treasury to permit gress assembled, That every person, a wharf to be built near the site of who, either by virtue of a French or the light-house, on Stratford point, Spanish grant, recognised by the laws in the State of Connecticut.

of the United States, or under a claim

confirmed by the commissioners appointCHAP. 128. An Act to create the of. ed for the purpose of ascertaining the

fice of Surveyor of Public Lands rights of persons claiming lands in the for the Territory of Arkansas. State of Louisiana, or by virtue of any

title derived from the United States, CHAP. 129. An Act granting to the owns a tract of land bordering on any

Territory of Arkansas, one thousand river, creek, bayou or water course, n acres of land, for the erection of a the said territory, and not exceeding in court-house and jail at Little Rock. depth forty arpans, French measure ;



shall be entitled to a preference in be- tion shall cease, and become void; and coming the purchaser of any vacant the land may, thereafter, be purchased tract of land adjacent to, and back of, by any other person, in the same man. his own tract, not exceeding forty ar- and on the same terms, as are, or pens, French measure in depth, nor in may be provided by law for the sale of quantity of land, that which is contained other public lands in the said State. in his own tract; at the same price and on the same terms and conditions, as CHAP. 141. An Act to establish cer. are, or may be, provided by law for the

tain post roads, and to alter and disother public lands in the said State. continue others; and for other purAnd the Surveyor General for the State

poses, of Louisiana, shall be, and he is hereby, Approved, June 15, 1832. authorized to cause to be surveyed the tracts claimed by virtue of this section; CHAP. 142. An Act for the benefit of and in all cases where, by reason of the Alexandria Canal Company, bends in the river, lake, creek, bayou, or water course, bordering on the tract, CHAP, 143. An Act for the relief of and of adjacent claims of a similar na- John Heard, Junior, surviving asture, each claimant cannot obtain a tract

signee of Amasa Davis, Junior. equal in quantity to the adjacent tract already owned by him, to divide the va- CHAP. 144. An Act establishing land cant land applicable to that object be- districts in the Territory of Arkantween the several claimants, in such manner as to him will appear most equitable: Provided however, That the CHAP. 145. An Act for the relief of right of preëmption granted by this sec. Richard W. Steele, a soldier in the tion, shall not extend so far in depth as late war. to include lands fit for cultivation, bordering on another river, creek, bayou or CHAP. 146. An Act for the relief of water course. And every person enti. Hannah McKim. tled to the benefit of this section, shall, within three years after the date of this CHAP. 147. An Act for the relief of act, deliver to the register of the proper Dorothy Wells. land office, a notice, in writing, stating the situation and extent of the tract of CHAP. 148. An Act to confirm cerland he wishes to purchase ; and shall tain claims to land in the Territory also make the payment and payments of Arkansas. for the same at the time and times which are or may be prescribed by law for the

CHAP. 149. An Act for the relief of disposal of the other public lands in the

the inhabitants of Terre JUS said State, the time of his delivering

Bæufs. the notice aforesaid being considered as the date of the purchase : Provided,

Approved, June 25, 1832. also, That all notices of claims shall be entered, and the money paid thereon,

CHAP. 150. An Act to increase the at least three weeks before such period

nuinber of surgeons and assistant as may be designated by the President surgeons in the army of the United of the United States, for the public sale

States. of the lands in the township in which such claiios may be situated, and all CHAP. 151. An Act further to extend claims not so entered shall be liable to the pension heretofore granted to the be sold as other public lands. When- widows of persons killed, or who ever it shall be necessary to resur- died in the naval service. vey the public lands, in order to enable persons entitled to avail them- Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the Sen. selves of the provisions of this aet, the ate and House of Representatives of expenses of such re-survey shall be paid the United States of America in Conby the person or persons, who shall en- gress assembled, That in all cases ter the lands so re-surveyed under this where provision has been made by law, act, at the time he or they shall pay the for the five years half pay 10 widows price of such land to the Receiver of and children of officer, seamen, and Public Money. And if any such person marines, who were killed in battle, or shall fail to deliver such notice within who died in the naval service of the the said period of three years or to make United States; and, also, in all cases such payment or payments at the time where provision has been made for ex. above mentioned, his right of pre-emp

tending the term for five years, in addition to any term of five years, the said America and the United Mexican provision shall be, and is hereby, fur. States. ther extended for an additional term of five years, so far as respects widows CHAP. 162. An Act concerning pa only, to commence at the end of the tents for useful inventions. current or last expired term of five years in each case, respectively; which Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the Sen. pension shall be paid out of the fund ate and House of Representatives of heretofore provided by law. And the the United States of America in Con. pension herein continued shall cease for gress Assembled, That it shall be the the causes mentioned in the laws grantduty of the Secretary of State, annualing the same, respectively.

ly, in the month of January, to report Sect. 2. And be it further enacted, to Congress, and to publish in two of That the provisions of this act shall be the newspapers printed in the city of extended to the widows of all those who Washington, a list of all the patents for may have died by reason of wounds re- discoveries, inventions, and improveceived during the war.

ments, which shall have expired within

the year immediately preceding, with CHAP. 152. An Act making provision the names of the patentees, alphabetical

for the sale and disposition of the pub- ly arranged.
lic grounds in the cities of St Au- Sect. 2. And be it further enacted,
gustine and Pensacola, and to re- That application to Congress to prolong
serve certain lots and buildings for or renew the term of a patent, shall be
public purposes, and to provide for made before its expiration, and shall be

their repair and preservation. notified at least once a month, for three Approved, June 28, 1832.

months before its presentation, in two

newspapers printed in the city of Wash. CHAP. 153. An Act making appropri- ington, and in one of the newspapers in

ations for certain internal improve which the laws of the United States ments for the year one thousand shall be published in the State or Terrieight hundred and thirtytwo. tory in which the patentee shall reside.

The petition shail set forth particularly CHAP. 154. An Act to authorize the the grounds of the application. It shall

President of the United States to di- be verified by oath; the evidence in its rect transfers of appropriations in support may be taken before any judge the naval service, under certain or justice of the peace. it shall be accomcircumstances.

panied by a statement of the iscertained

value of the discovery, invention, or CHAP. 155. An Act to authorize the improvement, and of the receipts and

Legislature of the State of Indiana expenditures of the patentec, so as to to sell and convey certain lands exhibit the profit or loss arising there. granted to said State for the use of from. the people thereof.

Sect. 3. And be it further enacted,

That wherever any patent which has CHAP 156. An Act for the relief of been heretofore, or shall be hereaster, Ephraim Whitaker.

granted to any inventor in pursuance of

the act of Congress, entitled · An act CHAP. 157. An Act for the relief of to promote the progress of useful arts, John Lacy.

and to repeal the act heretofore made

for that purpose, passed on the twentyCHAP. 153. An Act for the relief of first day of February in the year of our William McCormick.

Lord, one thousand seven hundred and

ninetythree, or of any of the acts supCHAP. 159. An Act for the relief of plementary thereto, shall be invalid or Horatio Gates Spafford.

inoperative, by reason that any of the

terms or conditions prescribed in the CHAP. 160. An Act directing letters third section of the said first mentioned

patent to be issued to Thomas act, have not, by inadvertence, accident Knowles, James Lang, and William or mistake, and without any fraudulent Steels, repectively.

or deceptive intention, been complied

with on the part of the said inventor, it CHAP. 161. An Act to provide for shall be lawful for the Secretary of State,

carrying into effect the treaty of upon the surrender to him of such paliinits between the United States of tent to cause a new patent to be granted unlocated lots in the fifty quarter Secretary of the Treasury, be laid be. townships in the United States fore Congress as soon as practicable, military district, in the State of with his opinion touching the validity of Obio, reserved to satisfy warrants the respective claims: Provided, That granted to individuals for their mil- no claim shall be therein recommended itary services.

to the said inventor for the same inven- of the Territory of Orleans or State of lion for the residue of the period then Louisiana, but whose titles have not unexpired, for which the original pa. been heretofore confirmed, may, at any tent was granted, upon his compliance time prior to the first day of July, one with the terms and conditions prescribed thousand eight hundred and thirtythree in the said third section of the said act. present their claims, together with the And, in case of his death, or any as- written evidence and other testimony in signment by him made of the same pa. support of the same to the register and lent, the like right shall vest in his ex- receiver of the land office at New Orecutors and administrators, or assignee leans ; and it shall be the duty of the or assignees : Provided however, That said register and receiver to record, in such new patent, 'o granted, shall, in a book to be kept for that purpose, the noall respects, be liable to the same ypat- tice of every claim so preferred, togeth. iers of objection and defence as any er with the evidence; for which service original patent granted under the said they shall receive a conipensation from first mentioned act. But no public use the claimants, at the rate of twenty five or privilege of the invention so patented, cents for every hundred words. derived from or after the grant of the Sect. 2. And be it further enacted, original patent, either under any special That the said register and receiver shall license of the inventor, or without the at or before the beginning of the next consent of the patentee that there shall session of Congress thereafter, make to be a free public use thereof, shall, in the Secretary of the Treasury a report any manner, prejudice his right of re- of the claims which may have been precovery for any use or violation of his ferred before them, together with the invention after the grant of such new testiinony, their opinion of the validity patent as aforesaid.

of the claims, and such other informa

tion respecting them as may be in their CHAP 163. An Act for the sale of the possession ; which report shall, by the

for confirmation, for more than the quan. Approved, July 3, 1832.

tity contained in a league square.

Sect. 3. And be it further enacted, CHAP. 161. An Act to authorize the That the sales of land in the said south

surveying and laying out a road castern district, by public auction or from Detroit to the mouth of Grand private entry, shall be suspended until River of Lake Michigan, in the after the first day of July, one thousand Michigan Territory, and for the eight hundred and thirtythree. survey canal routes in the Sect. 4. And be it further enacted, Territory of Florida.

That all persons who, before the first

Monday of November, one thousand CHAP. 165. An Act to authorize the

eight hundred and thirty, held lands in surveying and making of a road the said southeastern district, by claims from La Plaisance Bay, in the Ter- unconfirmed, but which were embraced ritory of Michigan, to intersect the in the principles of the previous laws Chicago road.

for the adjustment of claims in that part

of the territory of Orleans or State of CHAP. 166. An Act for the final ad

Louisiana, which lands may have been justment of the claims to lands in sold at the public sale which took place the southeastern land district of the at New Orleans on the first Monday State of Louisiana.

of November, one thousand eight hun. Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the Sen- dred and thirty, under the President's ate and House of Representatives of the proclamation of the fifth June, one United States of America in Congress thousand eight hundred and thirty, may assembled, That any person or persons, avail theniselves of this act as though cairning lands within the limits of the their lands had not been sold ; and the southeastern land district of the State said Register and receiver shall make a of Louisiana, agreeably to the provisions separate report of the cases of this class ; of the laws heretofore enacted for the and if it shall appear to the Secretary of adjustment of land claims in that part the Treasury that all or any of the

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