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claims contained therein, although un- CHAP. 177. An Act for the relief of
confirmed, are embraced in the intent Edward 3. Meeder.
and meaning of the previous laws for
the adjustment of land claims as afore- CHAP. 178. An Act granting a pen-
said, he is hereby authorized to repay sion to William Scott.
to the persons, or the legal representa-
tives of the persons who purchased, CHAP. 179. An Act for the relief of
such sum or sums as they may have John Bryant and George W. How-
paid for lands of this description, bought ard,
by them at the said public sale.

Sect. 5. And be it further enacted, CHAP. 180. An Act for the final ad.
That, in addition to the compensation justment of private land claims in
herein before provided, the said register Missouri.
and receiver shall receive, for the ser-
vices required of them by this act, the

Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the Sensum of five hundred dollars each, to be

ute and House of Representatives of paid by the Secretary of the Treasury the United States of America in Conout of any moneys in the Treasury not gress assembled, That it shall be the otherwise appropriated.

duty of the Recorder of land titles in

the State of Missouri, and two commisCHAP. 167. An Act for the relief of sioners to be appointed by the President David Brooks.

of the United States, by and with the

advice and consent of the Senate, to exCHAP 168. An Act for the relief of amine all the unconfirmed claims to land Samuel Dale.

in that State, heretofore filed in the of.

fice of the said Recorder, according to CHAP. 169. An Act for the relief of law, founded upon any incomplete Aaron Snow.

grant, concession, warrant, or order of

survey, issued by the authority of CHAP. 170. An Act for the further France or Spain, prior to the tenth day

relief of John H. Wendell, a cap- of March one thousand eight hundred tain in the Revolutionary war.

and four; and to class the same so as to

show, first, what clains, in their opinCHAP. 171. An Act for the relief of ion, would in fact have been confirmed,

Williain P. Gibbs, executor of according to the laws, usages, and cusBenjamin Gibbs, of Kentucky, de- tonis of the Spanish Government, and ceased.

the practice of the Spanish authorities

under them, at New Orleans, if the CHAP. 172. An Act to authorize the Government under which said claims

Governor of the Territory of Ar- originated had continued in Missouri; kansas to select ten sections of land and secondly what claims in their opingranted to said territory for the pur. ion, are destitute of merit, in law or pose of building a legislative house equity, under such laws, usages, cusfor said Territory, and for other toms, and practice of the Spanish authorpurposes.

ities aforesaid; and shall also assign Approved, July 4, 1832.

their reasons for the opinions so to be

given. And in examining and classing CHAP. 173. An Act to provide for such claims, the Recorder and Commis

liquidating and paying certain sioners shall take into consideration, as claims of the State of Virginia. well the testimony heretofore taken by

the Boards of Commissioners and RecordCHAP. 174. An Act to provide for the er of land titles upon those claims, as such

appointment of a commissioner of other testimony as may be admissible Indian Affairs, and for other purpo- under the rules heretofore existing for

taking such testimony before said boards

and Recorder : and all such testimony CHAP. 175. An Act to enable the shall be taken within twelve months af.

President to extinguish Indian ter the passage of this act.
title within the State of Indiana, Il- Sect. 2. And be it further enacted,
linois, and Territory of Michigan. That the office of the Recorder shall be

open for the purposes of such examinaCHAP. 176. An Act to extend the pe- tion for the term of two years from the

riod to which the charter of the date of the organization of the board of Provident Association of clerks was Commissioners and no longer; and the limited.

Recorder and Commissioners shall pro


ceed in the examination in a summary pensation, to be allowed by the Secretamanner, with or without any new ap- ry of the Treasury, and paid by the plication of the claimants; and shall at United States. ihe commencement of each session of Secr. 5. And be it further enacted, Congress during said term of examina. That it shall be lawful for the heirs of tion, lay before the Coinmissioner of the Carlos de Villemont to submit the eviGeneral Land Office a report of the dence of their claim to a tract of land in claims so classed, stating therein the date Arkansas Territory, to a place called and quantity of each, whether there be • Chicot point' to the said Recorder and any, and wbat, conflicting claims, and Commissioners, and it shall be the duty the evidence upon which each claim of said Recorder and Commissioners to depends, and the authority and power report upon said claim in the mapner under which the said claim was granted that other claims provided for in this act, by the Spanish or French Governor, are to be reported and proceeded upon. Commandant or sub-delegate, to be Jaid before Congress for their final de- CHAP. 181. An Act to amend an act cision upon the claims contained in such entitled · An act for the relief of first class.

purchasers of the public lands that Sect. 3. And be it further enacted, have reverted for non-payment of That from and after the final report of the purchase money,' passed twen. the Recorder and Commissioners the tythird day of May, one thousand Jaods contained in the second class shall eight hundred and iwentyeight. be subject to sale as other public lands; and the lands contained in the first class

SECT. 1. Be it enacted by the Sen. shall continue to be reserved from sale ate and House of Representatives of as heretofore, until the decision of Con- the United States of America in Congress shall be made thereon : and if the gress assembled,

That in all cases decision of Congress shall be against the where public lands have been purchasclaims, or any of them, the lands so de- cd, on which a further credit has been cided against shall be, in like manner, taken under the provisions of the act of subject to sale as other public lands :

the second March, one thousand eight Provided, That actual settlers being

hundred and twentyone, or under any housekeepers upon such lands as are re- other act of Congress granting relief to jecied. claiming to hold under such re- the purchasers of the public lands, and jected claim, or such as may waive their have reverted to the United States for grant, shall have the right of pre-emp

failure to pay the purchase money, or tion to enter within the time of the ex- have been sold by the United States by istence of this act not exceeding the reason of such failure to pay, it shall be quantity of their claim, which in the duty of the Register of the land ofcase shall exceed six hundred and forty fice where the purchase was made, to acres, to include their improvements, issue upon application, to the person or who shall give notice and prove their persons legally entitled to the benefit of right of pre-emption, and in all things payments made previous to such reverconform to the regulations as have been

sion or sale, his, her or their legal repor may be prescribed by the Secretary resentatives or assigns, a certificate for of the Treasury under the existing laws the amount so paid and not refunded, relative to pre-emption; and it shall be which shall be received and credited as the duty of the Secretary of the Trea- cash in payment of any public lands that sury immediately to forward to the sev- may hereafter be sold by the United eral land offices in said State, the man- States, in the State or Territory in ner in which all those who may wish to which such original purchase was waive their several grants or claims and made. avail themselves of the right of pre- SECT. 2. And be it further enacted, emption, shall renounce or release their That it shall be the duty of the Comsaid grants.

missioner of the General Land Office Sect. 4. And be it further enacted, and of the Registers as aforesaid, to That the Recorder and Commissioners conform to, and be governed by, the shall each receive the sum of filteen provisions of the act aforesaid, to wbich hundred dollars per annum, to be paid this is an amendment, passed the twen. quarter yearly by the United States, in tythird day of May, one thousand eight full compensation for their services un- hundred and tweniyeight as aforesaid. der this act; and may, when necessary,

SECT. 3. And be it further enacted, employ an interpreter of the French or That where the lands have been relinSpanish language, for a reasonable com- quished to the United States under the


in part.

provisions of the act of second March, Norfolk, and the Navy Asylum at one thousand eight hundred and twenty- Philadelphia, and to furnish them one, as aforesaid, or other acts of Con. gress, and the money paid thereon has, in part been applied in the payment of CHAP. 190. An Act authorizing the other lands, if the payment so made on construction of Naval Hospitals at lands retained be less than the amount the Navy Yards at Charlestown, paid on the relinquished lands when such Massachusetts, Brooklyn, New excess exceeds the sum of ten dollars, it York, and Pensacola. shall be the duty of the Register of the land office where the transfer of pay- CHAP. 191. An Act to carry into efment was made, to issue a certificate for fect the act to provide for a survey such excess to the person or persons en

the coast of the United States. titled thereto, and in the manner pointed out in the first section of this act; which CHAP. 192. An Act to provide iron certificate shall be received in payment tanks for the use of the Navy of the of the purchase of the public lands as United States. pointed out in said section.

Sect. 4. And be it further enacted, CHAP. 193. An Act to establish addi. That on proof being made, satisfactory tional land districts in the State of to the Secretary of the Treasury, that Alabaina, and for other purposes. any certificate issued under this act, or that has been, or may be, issued under CHAP. 194. An Act for the regulation the said act of the twenty third of May, of the navy and Privateer Pension Anno Domini one thousand eight hun- and Navy Hospital Funds. dred and twentyeighi, has been lost or destroyed by accident, he is hereby au- CHAP. 195. An Act for the relief of thorized to issue to the legal owner, John Anderson, assignee of Jean thereof, a duplicate of such original B. Jerome and George McDougall. certificate, which shall be, in all respects as available to the owner, as the origi- CHAP. 196. An Act to extend the nal certificate would have been.

provisions of the act, entitled ' An

act regulating commercial interCHAP. 182. An Act to alter the timnes

course with the islands of Martinof holding the district court of the

ique and Guadaloupe,' approved United States for the State of Illi

the ninth of May, one thousand nois.

eight hundred and twentyeight,

and to refund the tonnage duties on CHAP 183. An Act for the relief of

the French ship Victorine. Timothy Risley.

Sect. J. Be it enacted by the Senate CHAP. 184. An Act to authorize the and House of Representatives of the

Secretary of the Treasury to com- United States of America in Congress promise the claim of the United Assembled, That the privileges which States on the Farmers and Me. are extended by the act, entitled · An chanics Bank of Indiana.

act regulating commercial intercourse

with ihe islands of Martinique and CHAP. 185. An Act for the relief of Guadaloupe,' approved the ninth of Joseph Chamberlain.

May, one thousand eight hundred and

twentyeight to French vessels laden CHAP. 186. An Act to finish the re- and coming direct from those islands, building of the frigate Macedonian. shall be extended to vessels coming in

the same manner, in ballast, subject, CHAP. 187. An Act to provide for nevertheless, to the proviso contained paying certain arrearages for sur

in said act. veys made by naval officers, and Sect. 2. And be it further enacted, for other purposes.

That the Secretary of the Treasury is

hereby authorized to refund, out of any CHAP. 188. An Act to provide for re- money in the Treasury not otherwise

building the frigate Java and the appropriated, such amount of tonnage sloop Cyane.

duty as may have been collected, by the

collector of the port of New York, upon CHAP. 189. An Act to provide for the French ship Victorine, and which

completing the Navy Hospital at is referred to in the letter of the French


Minister to the Secretary of State, da- That the board so constituted shall meet ted the fourth of November last. on the first Monday of August next at Approved, July 13, 1832.

the city of Washington; and, within

two years from the time of its meeting, CHAP. 197. An Act giving the assent shall terminate its duties. And the

of Congress to an act of the Legis. Secretary of State is required forthwith
lature of North Carolina, entitled after the passing of this act, to give no.
"An act to incorporate a company tice of the said meeting ; to be published
entitled the Roanoke Inlet Compa- in two newspapers in Washington, and
ny, and for other purposes ;' and in such other papers as he may think
also, to an act ainendatory thereof, proper.
which passed in one thousand eight Sect. 4. And be it further enacted,
hundred and twentyeight.

That all records, documents, or other

papers, which now are in, or hereafter, CHAP. 198. An Act making appropri- during the continuance of this commis

ations for a custom-house in the sion, may come into the possession of city of New York, and for other the Department of State, in relation to purposes.

such claims, shall be delivered to the

commission aforesaid. CHAP. 199. An Act to carry into ef- Sect. 5. And be it further enacted,

fect the convention between the That the compensation of the respective United States and his Majesty the officers, for whose appointment provi. King of the French, concluded at sion i. made by this act, shall not exceed Paris on the fourth of July, one the following sums, namely: to each of thousand eight hundred and thirty the said commissioners, at the rate of

three thousand dollars per annum; to Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the Sen

the secretary of the board at the rate of ate and House of Representatives of the clerk at the rate of fifteen hundred

two thousand dollars per annum; and to the United States of America in Congress assembled, that the President of dollars per annum. And the President the United States, by and with the ad

of the United States shall be, and he vice and consent of the Senate, shall

is hereby, authorized to make such appoint three commissioners, who shall

provision for the contingent expenses form a board, whose duty it shall be to

of the said commission, as shall appear receive and examine all claims which

to bim reasonable and proper; and the may be presented to them under the

said salaries and expenses shall be paid convention between the United States out of any money in the Treasury not and France, of the fourth of July, one

otherwise appropriated. thousand eight hundred and thirtyone,

Sect. 6. And be it further enacted, which are provided for by the said con

That the said commissioners shall re. vention, according to the provisions of port to the Secretary of State a list of the same, and the principles of justice,

the several awards inade by them; a equity, and the law of nations. The certified copy whereof shall be by him said board shall have a secretary, versed

transınitted to the Secretary of the in the English, French, and Spanish

Treasury,who shall thereupon distribute, languages, and a clerk, both to be ap

in rateable proportions, among the per: pointed by the President, by and with

sons in whose favor the awards shall the advice and consent of the Senate;

have been made, such moneys as may and the commissioners, secretary, and

have been received into the Treasury clerk, shall, before they enter on the

in virtue of this act, according to the duties of their offices, take oath well proportions which their respective and faithfully to perform the duties

awards shall bear to the whole amount thereof.

then received, first deducting such sums Secr. 2. And be it further enacted, of money as may be due the United That the said commissioners shall be, States from said persons in whose favor and they are hereby, authorized to said awards shall be made ; and shall make all needful rules and regulations, also cause certificates to be issued by not contravening the laws of the land, the Secretary of the Treasury, in such the provisions of this act, or the provi- form as he may prescribe, showing the sions of the said convention, for carrying proportion to which each may be entitled their said commission into full and com- of the amount that may thereafter be replete effect.

ceived; and, on the presentation of the Sect. 3. And be it further enacted,

said certificates at the Treasury, as the

net proceeds of the general instalments entry of vessels and merchandize payable by the French Government, arriving from the Cape of Good shall have been received, such propor- Hope, or beyond the same, at the tions thereof shall be paid to the legal port of Edgartown, in Massachuholders of the said certificates.

setts, Secr. 7. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the Secreta- CHAP. 203. An Act concerning the tary of the Treasury to cause the sever- issuing of patents to aliens, for useal instalments, with the interest thereon ful discoveries and inventions. payable to the United States in virtue of the said convention, to be received

Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate from the French Government, and trans

and House of Representatives of the

United States of America in Congress ferred to the United States, in such man

assembled, That the privileges granted ner as he may deem best, and the net

to the aliens described in the first sec. proceeds thereof to be paid into the

tion of the act, to extend the privilege Treasury; and, on the payment of the

of obtaining patents for useful discove. proceeds of each of the said instalments

ries and inventions to certain persons there shall be set apart of the money therein mentioned, and to enlarge and in the Treasury, such further sum as would have been received from the net

define the penalties for violating the proceeds of such instalment, if the res.

rights of patentees, approved April sev. ervation stipulated by the fourth article enteenth, eighteen hundred; be exof the said convention had not been de.

tended, in like manner, to every alien, ducted, and the moneys w bich may be

who, at the time of petitioning for a pa.

tent, shall be resident in the United thus set apart, together with those which

States, and shall have declared his inmay be received into the treasury under this act, shall be, and the same

tention, according to law, to become a

citizen thereof: Provided, That every are hereby, appropriated, to satisfy the awards herein provided for.

patent granted by virtue of this act and Sect. 8. And be it further enacted,

the privileges thereto appertaining, That all communications to or from absolutely void without resort to any le

shall cease and determine and become the secretary of the board of commissioners, on the business of the cons

gal process 10 annul or cancel the same mission, shall pass by mail free of post- patentee for the space of one year from

in case of a failure on the part of any age. SECT. 9. And be it further enacted,

the issuing thereof, to introduce into That, as soon as said commission shall public use in the United States the be executed and completed, the records, invention or improvement for which documents, and all other papers, in the

the patent shall be issued ; possession of the cominission or its offi.

case the same for any period of six cers, shall be deposited in the office of months after such introduction shall not

continue to be publicly used and applied the Secretary of State. Sect. 10. And be it further enact

in the United States, or in case of ed, That, for the term of ten years, from

failure to become a citizen of the United and after the second day of February, earliest period within which he shall be

States, agreeably to notice given at the one thousand eight hundred and thirty; entitled to become a citizen of the Unitwo, wines, the produce of France, shall be admitted into the United States on

ted States. paying duties not exceeding the follow

Approved, July 13, 1832. ing rates ou the gallon, (such as is at

CHAP. 204. An Act to enforce the present used in the United States,) that is to say : six cents for red wine in

Quarantine Regulations. casks, ten cents for white wine in casks, Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the Senand twentytwo cents for wine of all ate and House of Representatives of sorts in bottles.

the United States of America in Con

gress assembled, That if in the opinion CHAP. 200. An Act to carry into of the Secretary of the Treasury, the effect certain Indian treaties.

revenue cutters, revenue boats, or reve.

nue officers, employed or authorized to CHAP. 201. An Act extending further be employed for the purposes of the rev

the right of debenture to the port enue, should be insufficient to aid in the of Key West, and altering the lim- execution of the quarantine and health its of the district of Key West. laws of any State, or the regulations

made pursuant thereto, the said SecretaCHAP. 202. An Act authorizing the ry niay cause to be employed such ad

or in

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