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ditional revenue boats and revenue offi- sels of the United States, shall have cers as he may deem necessary for been abolished, he may direct that the that purpose, the said revenue boats to tonnage duty on the vessels of such nabe of such size and description as he tion shall cease to be levied in the ports may see proper. This act to continue of the United States; and cause any in force until the fourth of March, one duties of tonnage that may have been thousand eight hundred and thirty three. levied on the vessels of such foreign naApproved, July, 13, 1832.

tion, subsequent to the abolition of its dis

criminating duties of tonnage to be reCHAP. 205. An Act to extend the funded.

time of issuing Military Land War- Secr. 4. And be it further enacted, rants to officers and soldiers of the That the second and third sections of Revolutionary Army.

this act shall be in force and take effect

from and after the first day of January CHAP 206. An Act authorizing the next.

Secretary of War to pay to the Seneca tribe of Indians, the balance of

CHAP. 208. An Act for the relief of an annuity, of six thousand dollars, George E. Tingle. usually paid to said Indians, and remaining unpaid for the year one

CHAP. 209. An Act for the relief of thousand eight hundred and twenty

John Brickwood Taylor. nine.

CHAP. 210. An Act for the relief of CHAP. 207. An Act concerning ton

Joseph Kamber. nage duty on Spanish Vessels.

CHAP. 21. An Act for the relief of Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the Sen- Joseph Elliott. ate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Con- CHAP. 212. An Act for the relief of gress assembled, That no other or William. Dickson. greater duty of tonnage be levied in the ports of the United States on vessels

CHAP. 213. An Act for the relief of owned wholly by subjects of Spain,

Walter Cockburn. coming from a port in Spain, than shall, by the Secretary of the Treasury be as

CHAP 214. An Act for the relief of certained to have been paid on Ameri

Nathaniel A. Ware. can vessels in the ports of Spain previous to the twentieth October, one thousand

CHAP. 215. An Act for the relief of the eight hundred and seventeen.

legal representatives of Peter, Secr. 2 And be it further enacted,

Catharine, and Charles Surget. That vessels owned wholly by Spanish

CHAP. 216. An Act for the relief of subjects, coming from any of the colo

Jacob C. Jordan. nies of Spain, either directly, or after touching at any other port or place, CHAP 217. An Act confirming the shall pay, in the ports of the United claim of Maria Holliday to a tract States, the same rate of duty on tonnage of land in Louisiana. that shall be levied on American vessels in the Spanish colonial port from whence CHAP. 218. An Act for the relief of such Spanish vessel shall have last de- James W. Zachary. parted; the said amount to be ascertain ed by the Secretary of the Treasury, CHAP. 219. An Act for the relief of who is hereby authorized, from time to

the representatives of Elias Earle, time, to give directions to the officers of deceased. the customs of the United States for the collection of such duties, so as to con. CHAP. 220. An Act for the relief of form the said duties to any variation John H. Harrison. that may take place in the duties levied on American vessels in such Spanish CHAP. 221. An Act to increase and ports.

improve the Law Department of the Sect. 3. And be it further enacted, Library of Congress. That whenever the President shall be satisfied that the discriminating or coun. CHAP. 222. An Act to provide for tervailing duties of tonnage levied by completing the removal and erecany foreign nation on the ships or ves- tion of the naval Monument,

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CHAP. 223. An Act concerning cer- shall be charged in conformity with such tain officers of the Marine Corps. appraisal ; on wool, unmanufactured, the

value whereof, at the place of exportaCHAP. 224. An Act supplementary tu tion, shall exceed eight cents, shall be

the several acts inaking appropria- levied four cents per pound, and forty tion for the civil and military ser- per centum ad valorem : Provided, vice during the year one thousand That wool imported on the skin shall be eight hundred and thirtytwo. estimated, as to weight and value, as

other wool. CHAP. 225. An Act providing for the Second. On all milled and fulled

purchase by the United States of cloth, known by the name of plains, kerihe rights of the Washington Bridge

seys, or kendal cottons, of which wool company, in the District of Colum- shall be the only material, the value bia, and for the erection of a pub- whereof shall not exceed thirtyfive cents lic bridge on the site thereof.

a square yard, five per centum ad valor

em; on worsted stuff goods, shawls and CHAP. 226. An Act for the discharge other manufactures of silk and worsted, of sundry judgments against the

ten per centum ad valorem; on worsted former Marshal of the Eastern Dis.

yarn, twenty per centum ad valorem; trict of Pennsylvania, and for the

on woolen yarn, four cents per pound, relief of J. and W. Lippincott and and fifty per centum ad valorem; on Company.

mits, gloves, bindings, blankets, hosiery,

and carpets and carpeting, twentyfive CHAP. 227. An Act to alter and amend

per centum, except Brussels, Wilton and the several acts imposing Duties on treble ingrained carpeting, which shall Imports.

be at sixty three cents the square yard, Sect. 1. Be it enacted by the Sen

all other ingrained and Venetian carpetate and House of Representatives of ing, at thirtyfive cents the square yard; the United States of America in Con- and except blankets, the value whereof, gress assembled, That from and after at the place from whence exported, shall the third day of March, one thousand not exceed seventyfive cents each, the eight hundred and thirtythree, so much duty to be levied upon which, shall be of the act entitled · An act in alteration five per centum ad valorem ; on flanof the several acts imposing duties nels, bockings, and baizes, sixteen cents on imports,' approved the nineteenth the square yard; on coach laces, thirty May, one thousand eight hundred and five per centum; and upon merino twentyeight, as is herein otherwise pro

shawls made of wool, all other manufacvided for, shall be repealed, except so

tures of wool, or of which wool is a far as the same may be necessary for component part, and on ready inade the recovery and collection of all duties clothing, fifty per centum ad valorem. which shall have accrued under the said

Third. On all manufactures of cotact; and for the recovery, collection, ton, or of which cotton shall be a comdistribution, and remission of all,fines, pe- ponent part, twentyfive per centum ad nalities, and forfeitures, which may have valorem, excepting cotton twist, yarn, been incurred under the same.

and thread, which shall remain at the Sect. 2. And be it further enacted, rate of duty fixed by the act to amend That, from and after the third day of the several acts imposing duties on imMarch, one thousand eight hundred and ports, of twentysecond May, one thouthirtythree, in lieu of the duties now

sand eight hundred and twentyfour; imposed by law, on the importatior of And provided, That all manufactures the articles hereinafter mentioned, there of cotton, or of which cotton shall be, a shall be levied, collected, and paid, the component part, not dyed, colored print. following duties, that is to say :

ed, or stained, not exceeding in value First : Wool, unmanufactured, the thirty cents the square yard, shall be value whereof, at the place of exporta

valued at thirty cents per square yard, tion, shall not exceed eight cents per and if dyed, colored, printed, or stained, pound, shall be imported free of duty; in whole or in part, not exceeding in val. and if any wool so imported shall be fine ue thirtyfive cents the square yard, shall wool mixed with dirt or other material,

be valued at thirtyfive cents per square and thus reduced in value to eight cents yard; and on nankeens, imported direct per pound, or under, the appraisers shall from China, twenty per centum ad val. appraise said wool at such price as in their opinion it would have cost had it Fourth. On all stamped, printed or not been so mixed, and a duty thereon painted floor cloths, fortythree cents a


square yard; on oil cloths of all kinds, dollars and fifty cents each ; on all other other than that usually denominated pa. firearms, thirty per centum ad valorem. tent floor cloth, iwelve and a half cents Tenth. On axes, adzes, hatchets, the square yard; and on floor matting, drawing knives, cutting knives, sickles usually made of flags or other materials, or reaping hooks, scythes, spades, shov. five per centum ad valorem.

els, squares of iron or steel, plated, brass Filth. On iron, in bars or bolts, not

and polished steel saddlery, coach and manufactured in whole or in part by roll- harness furniture, of all descriptions, ing, ninety cents per one hundred and steelyards and scalebeams, socket chistwelve pounds.

els, vices and screws of iron, called Sixth. On bar and bolt iron made woodscrews, thirty per centum ad valor. wholly or in part by rolling, thirty dol

em; on commion linned and japanned lars per ton : Provided, That all iron in saddlery of all descriptions, ten per cen: slabs, blooms, or other form less finished

tum ad valorem ; Provided, That said than iron in bars or bolts, and more ad- articles shall not be imported at a less vanced than pig iron, except castings, rate of duty than would have been shall be rated as iron in bars or bolts, and chargeable on the material constituting pay duty accordingly.

their chief value, if imported in an unSeventh. On iron in pigs, fifiy cents manufactured state. per one hundred and twelve pounds on Eleventh. On steel, one dollar and vessels of cast iron, not otherwise speci- fifty cents per one hundred and twelve fied, one and a half cents per pound : on

pounds. all other castings of iron, not otherwise Twelfth. On Japanned wares of all specified, one cent per pound.

kinds, on plated wares of all kinds, and Eighth. On iron or steel wire, not ex- on all manufactures, not otherwise specceeding number fourteen, five cents per ified made of brass, iron, steel, pewter, pound; exceeding number fourteen, or uin, or of which either of these met. nine cents per pound; on silvered or als is a component material, a duty of plated wire, five per centum ad valorem; twentyfive per centum ad valorem; on cap or bonnet wire covered with silk, Provided, That all articles manufactured cotton, flaxen yarn or thread, manufac- in whole of sheet, rod, hoop, bolt, or bar tured abroad, twelve cents per pound. iron, or of iron wire, or of which sheet,

Ninth. On round iron or brazier's rod, hoop, bolt or bar iron, or iron wire, rods, of three-sixteenths to eight-six shall constitute the greatest weight, and teenths of an inch diameter, inclusive, which are not otherwise specified, shall and on iron in nail or spike rods, or nail

pay the same duty per pound that is plates, slit, rolled, or hammered, and on

charged by this act on sheet, rod, hoop, iron in sheets, and hoop iron, and on iron, bolt, or bár iron, or on iron wire, of the slit, rolled, or hammered for band iron,

same number, respectively : Provided scroll iron, or casement rods, three cents

also, That the said last mentioned rates per pound; on iron spikes, four cents

shall not be less than the said duty of per pound, on iron nails, cut or wrought, twentyfive per centum ad valorem. five cents per pound; on tacks, brads, Thirteenth. That all scrap and old and sprigs, not exceeding sixteen ounces

iron shall pay a duty of twelve dollars to the thousand, five cents per thousand ; and fifty cents per ton; that nothing exceeding sixteen ounces to the thou- shall be deemed old iron that has not sand, five cents per pound; on square been in actual use, and fit only to be rewire used for the manufacture of stretch

manufactured; and all pieces of iron ers for umbrellas, and cut in pieces not

except old, of more than six inches in exceeding the length used therefor, lengih, or of sufficient length to be twelve per centum ad valorem ; on an- made into spikes and bolts shall be rated vils and anchors, and all parts thereof, as bar, boll, rod or hoop iron, as the case manufactured in whole or in part, two may be, and pay duty accordingly; all cents per pound; on iron cables or

manufactures of iron partly finished, shall chains, or parts thereof, manufactured

pay the same rates of duty as if entirely in whole or in part, three cents per finished ; all vessels of cast iron, and all pound, and no drawback shall be allowed castings of iron, with handles, rings, on the exportation of iron cables or parts hoops, or other addition of wrought iron, thereof; on mill cranks and mill irons of shall pay the same rates of duty as if wrought iron,four cents per pound; on mill made entirely of cast iron. saws, one dollar each ; on blacksmith's

Fourteenth. On unmanufactured hammers and sledges, two and a half hemp, forty dollars per ton : sail duck, cents per pound; on muskets, one dollar fifteen per centum ad valorem; and on and fifty cents per stand; on rifles, two

cotton bagging, three and a half cents a flats, braids, or plaites for making hats square yard, without regard to the or bonnets, thirty per centum : on the weight or width of the article : On felts following articles twelve and a half per or hat bodies made wholly, or in part of centum ad valorem, namely, whalebone, wool, eighteen cents each.

the product of foreign fishing, raw silk, Fifteevth. On all manufactures of and dressed furs; and on the following silk, or of which silk shall be a component articles twentyfive per centum ad valor part, coming from beyond the Cape of em, namely, boards, planks, walking Good Hope, ten per centum ad valorem, canes and sticks, frames or sticks for and on all other manufactures of silk, or umbrellas and paras Is, and all manufacof which silk is a component part, five tures of wood oot otherwise specified ; per centum ad valorem, except sewing copper vessels, and all manufactures of silk, which shall be forty per centum ad copper, not otherwise specified: all valorem.

manufactures of hemp or flax, except Sixteenth. On brown sugar and syrup yarn and cordage, tarred, and untarred, of sugar cane, in casks, two and a half ticklenburgs, osnaburgs, and burlaps, cents per pound; and on white clayed not otherwise specified ; fans, artificial sugar, three and one third cents per flowers, ornamental feathers, ornaments pound.

for head dresses, caps for women, and Seventeenth. On salt, ten cents per millinery of all kinds ; comfits and fiftysix pounds.

sweet-meats of all kinds, preserved in Eighteenth. On old and scrap lead, sugar or brandy, umbrellas and parasols, two cents per pound.

of whatever materials inade ; parchNineteenth. On teas of all kinds, im- ment and vellum, wafers and black lead ported from places this side the Cape of pencils, and brushes of all kinds. And Good Hope, or in vessels other than on the following articles thirty per centthose of the United States, ten cents per um ad valorem, viz: cabinet wares; pound.

hats and caps of fur, leather, or wool, Twentieth. On slates of all kinds, leather; whips, bridles : saddles; and on twentyfive per centum ad valorem. all manufactures of leather not other

Twenty first. On window glass not wise specified ; carriages and parts of abo ve eight by ten inches is size, three carriages, and blank books; on boots dollars per hundred square feet; not and bootees, one dollar and fifty cents above ten by twelve inches, three dol. per pair; shoes of leather, other shoes lars and histy cents per hundred square and slippers of prunella, stuff or nankin; feet; and if above ten by twelve inches, also porcelain, china, stone, and earthen four dollars per hundred square feet: ware ; musical instruments ; and manProvided, That all window glass im- ufactures of marble, shall pay the presported in plates, uncut, shall be charged ent rates of duties. with the highest rates of duty hereby Twentysecond. On olive oil, in imposed. On all apothecaries' vials and casks, twenty cents a gallon, bottles, exceeding the capacity of six Twentythird. On the wines of and not exceeding the capacity of six- France, namely, red wines, in casks, six teen ounces each, two dollars and twen- cents a gallon; white wines, in casks, tyfive cents the groce; all perfumery ten cents a gallon, and French wines of and fancy vials and boltles, not exceed- all sorts, in bottles, twentytwo cents a ing the capacity of four ounces each, gallon ; until the third day of March, two dollars and fifty cents the groce; eighteen hundred and thirtyfour; and and those exceeding four ounces, and from and after that day one half of those not exceeding sixteen ounces each, sates respectively; and on all wines oththree dollars and twentyfive cents the er than those of France one half of their groce: on all wares of cut glass not present rates of duty, respectively, from specified, three cents per pound, and and after the day last aforesaid, Provided, thirty per centum ad valorem: on black That no higher duty shall be charged unglass bottles not exceeding one quart, two der this act, or any existing law on the red dollars per groce: on black glass bottles wines of Austria than are now, or may exceeding one quart, (wo dollars and be, by this act levied upon red wines of fifty cents per groce, on demijohns, Spain when the said wines are imported twentyfive cents each, and on all other in casks. articles of glass, not specified, two cents Twentyfourth. On the following arper pound and twenty per centum; on ticles an ad valorem duty of fifteen per paper hangings forty per centum : on all centum, namely, barley, grass or straw Leghorn hats or bonnets, and all hats or baskets, composition, wax, or amber bonnets of straw, chip, or grass, and all beads; all other beads not otherwise enumerated, lamp black; indigo bleach- instruments, flints, kelp, kermes, pins, ed and unbleached linens; shell or pa- needles, niother of pearl, hair unmanu. per boxes, hair bracelets, hair not made factured, hair pencils, Brazil paste, tarup for bead dresses, bricks, paving tiles, tar crude, vegetables such as are used brooms of hair or palm leaf, cashmere principally in dyeing and in composing of Thibet, down of all kinds, feathers dyes, weld, and all articles used princifor beds.

pally for dyeing coming under the duty Twentyfifth. All articles not herein of twelve and a half per centum, exspecified, either as free or as liable to a cept bichromate of potash, prussiate of different duty, and which, by the exist- potash, chromate of potash and bitrate of ing laws, pay an ad valorem duty higher lead, aquafortis, and tartaric acids; all than fifteen per centum, to pay an ad other dyeing drugs, and materials for valorem duty of fifteen per centum, composing dyes, all other medicinal frum and after the said third day of drugs, and all articles not eoumerated in March, onc thousand eight hundred and this act nor the existing laws, and which thirtythree.

are now liable to an ad valorem duty of Sect. 3. And be it further enacted, fifteen per centum, except tartar emet. That, in addition to the articles exempled ic and Rochelle salts, sulphate of quifrom duty by the existing laws, the tol- nine, calomel and corrosive sublimate, lowing articles, imported from and after sulphate of magnesia, glauber salts : the third day of March, one thousand Provided, That nothing in this act coneight hundred and thirtythree, shall be tained shall be so construed as to reduce exempted from duty; that is to say, teas the duties upon alum, copperas, manga: of all kinds imported from China or other nese, muriatic or sulphuric acids, refined places east of the Cape of Good Hope, salt petre, blue vitriol, carbonate of soda, and in vessels of the United States, cof- red lead, white lead or litharge, sugar of lee, cocoa, almonds, currants, prunes, lead or combs. figs, raisins in jars and boxes, all other Sect. 4. And be it further enacted, raisins, black pepper, ginger, mace, nut- That from and after the third day of megs, cinnamon, cassia, cloves, pimento, March aforesaid, so much of any act of campbor, crude saltpetre, flax unmanu- Congress as requires the addition of ten factured, quicksilver, opium, quills un- or twenty per certum to the cost or prepared, tin in plates and sheets, un. value of any goods, wares, or merchanmanufactured marble, argol, gum arabic, dise, in estimating the duty thereon, or gum senegal, epaulettes of gold and sil- as imposes any duty on such addition, ver,

lac dye, maduer, madder root, nuts shall be repealed. and berries used in dyeing, saflion, 14- Sect. 5. And be it further enacted, meric, wood or pastel; aloes, ambergris, That from and after the third of March burgundy pitch, bark, peruvian, cochi- aforesaid, where the amount of duty on neal, capers, chamomile Ilowers, corian- merchandise, except wool, manufactures der seed, cantharides, castanas, catsup, of wool, or of which wool is a compochalk, coculus indicus, coral, dates, til- nent part, imported into the United berts, filtering stones, frankincense, States, in any ship or vessel, on account grapes, gamboge, hemlock, henbane, of one person only, or of several per. horn plates for lanthorns, ox horns, oth- sons jointly interested, shall not exceed er horns and tips, india rubber, ipecacu. two hundred dollars, the same shall be anha, ivory unmanufactured, juniper paid in cash, without discount ; and if it berries, musk, nuts of all kinds, olives, shall exceed that suni, shall, at the opoil of juniper, paintings and drawings, tion of the importer or importers, be paid rattans unmanufactured, reeds unmanu- or secured to be paid, in the inanner factured, rhubarb, rotten stone, tama- now required by law, one hall in three, rinds, tortoise shell, tin foil, shellac, and one half in six calendar months; sponges, sago, lemons, limes, pine ap- and that, from and after the said third ples, cocoa nuts aud shells, iris or orris day of March, so much of the sixtysec. root, arrow root, bole ammoniac, colom- ond section of the act entitled • An act bo root, annotio, annise-seed, oil of an- to regulate the collection of duties on nise-seed, oil of cloves, cummin-seed, imports and tonnage,' approved the seco sarsaparilla, balsam tolu, assalætida, ond day of March, one thousand seren ava root, alcornoque, canella alba, caso hundred and ninetynine, as authorizes corilla, haerlem oil, hartshorn, manna, the deposite of reas under the bond of senna, tapioca, vanilla beans, oil of at the importer or importers, shall be remonds, pux vonica, aiber, platina, pealed : and that so much of any exist, busts of marble, metal or plaster, casts ing law as requires teas, when imported of bronze or plaster, strings of musical in vessels of the United States, from pla

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