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authorities of the place where be held personally responsible for they may be. Nor shall it be the same; and the harniony and lawful, under any pretext whatev- good correspondence between the er, for the citizens of either of two nations shall not be interruptthe contracting parties to purchase ed thereby; each party engaging or hold captive prisoners made in no way, to protect the offendby the Indians inhabiting the ter- er, or sanction such violation. ritories of the other.

Thirdly. If (what indeed canArt. 34. The United States not be expected) any of the arof America and the United Mex- ticles contained in the present ican States, desiring to make as treaty shall be violated or infracdurable as circumstances will per- ted in any manner whatever, it is mit, the relations which are to be stipulated that neither of the conestablished between the two par- tracting parties will order or auties by virtue of this treaty or thorize any acts of reprisal, nor general convention of amity, com- declare war against the other, on merce, and navigation, have de- complaints of injuries or damages, clared solemnly, and do agree to until the said party considering itthe following points:

self offended, shall first have preFirst. The present treaty shall sented to the other a statement remain and be of force for eight of such injuries or damages, veryears from the day of the ex- ified by competent proofs, and change of the ratifications, and demanded justice and satisfaction, until the end of one year after and the same shall have been either of the contracting parties either refused or unreasonably shall have given notice to the oth- delayed. er of its intention to terminate the Fourthly. Nothing in this treasame; each of the contracting ty contained, shall however be parties reserving to itself the right construed to operate contrary to of giving such notice to the other, former and existing public treaat the end of said term of eight ties with other Sovereigns or years. And it is hereby agreed States. between them, thai, on the ex- The present treaty of amity, piration of one year after such commerce, and navigation, shall notice shall have been received be approved and ratified by the by either of the parties from the President of the United States other party, this treaty, in all its of America, by and with the adparts, relating to commerce and vice and consent of the Senate navigation, shall altogether cease thereof, and by the Vice-Presiand determine, and in all those dent of the United Mexican parts which relate to peace and States, with the consent and apfriendship, it shall be permanently probation of the Congress thereand perpetually binding on both of; and the ratifications shall be the contracting parties.

exchanged in the city of WashSecondly. If any one or more ington, within the ierin of one of the citizens of either party year, to be coupted from the date shall infringe any of the articles of the signature hereof; or soonof this treaty, such citizens shall er, if possible.

In witness whereof, We, the ports of the United States of Plenipotentiaries of the United America, and all articles, the States of America and of the growth, produce, or manufacture, United Mexican States, have of the United Mexican States, signed and sealed these presents. imported in such vessels, shall Done in the city of Mexico, on pay no other or higher duties than the fifth day of April, in the year are, or may hereafter be, payable of our Lord one thousand eight in the said ports by the vessels hundred and thirty-one, in the fif- and the like articles, the growth, ty-fifth year of the Independence produce, or manufacture of the of the United States of America, most favored nation; and that no and in the eleventh of that of the higher duties shall be paid, or United Mexican States.

bounties or drawbacks allowed,

on the exportation of any article, A. BUTLER.

[L. S.]

the growth, produce, or manuLucas ALAMAN. [L. S. facture of either country, in the RAFAEL MANGINO. (L. S.] vessels of the other, than upon

the exportation of the like articles

in the vessels of any other foreign Additional Article.


The present additional article Whereas, in the present state shall have the same force and of the Mexican shipping, it would value as if it had been inserted, not be possible for Mexico to re- word for word, in the treaty cieve the full advantage of the re- signed tbis day. It shall be raticiprocity established in the fifth fied, and the ratification exchangand sixth articles of the treaty ed at the same time. signed this day, it is agreed that In witness whereof, We, the for the term of six years, the stip- respective Plenipotentiaries, have ulations contained in the said ar- signed and sealed the same. ticles shall be suspended; and Done at Mexico on the fifth in lieu thereof, it is hereby agreed, day of April, one thousand eight that, until the expiration of the hundred and thirty-one. said term of six years, American vessels entering into the ports of

A. BUTLER. [l.. s.]

LUCAS ALAMAN. Mexico, and all articles, the prod

(L. S.]

RAFAEL MANGINO. (L. s.] uce, growth, or manufacture of the United States of America, The said ratifications exchangimported in such vessels, shall ed at Washington on the fifth day pay no other or higher duties, of April, one thousand eight liunihan are or may hereafter be pay- dred and thirty-two, by Edward able in the said ports by the ves- Livingston, Secretary of State sels and the like articles, the of the United States of America, growth, produce, or manufacture and Jose Montoya. Chargé d' of the most favored nation; and, Affaires of the United Mexican reciprocally, it is agreed that States, on the part of their respecMexican vessels entering into the tive Governments.

A Proclamation by the President of the United States of


WHEREAS, a treaty of Limits dent of the United States of between the United States of America has appointed Joel RoAmerica, and the United Mexi- berts Poinsett their Plenipotentiacan States was concluded and ry; and the President of the signed by the Plenipotentiaries of United Mexican States their exthe two countries, at Mexico, on cellencies Sebastian Camacho the twelfth January, one thousand and José Ygnacio Esteva : eight hundred and twentyeight: And the said Plenipotentiaries

Whereas, also, an additional ar- having exchanged their full powticle thereto was concluded and ers, have agreed upon and consigned by the Plenipotentiaries of cluded, the following articles: the two countries, at Mexico, on ART. I. The dividing limits of the fifth April, one thousand the respective bordering territories eight hundred and thirtyone, of the United States of America which treaty and additional arti- and of the United Mexican States, cle are word for word as fol- being the same as were agreed lows :

and fixed upon by the abovemenThe limits of the United States tioned treaty of Washington, conof America with the bordering cluded and signed on the twentyTerritorities of Mexico having second day of February, in the been fixed and designated by a year one thousand eight hundred solemn treaty, concluded and and nineteen, the two high consigned at Washington, on the tracting parties will proceed forthtwentysecond day of February, with to carry into full effect the in the year of our Lord one thous- third and fourth articles of said and eight hundred and nineteen, treaty, which are herein recited, between the respective Plenipo- as follows: tentiaries of the Government of Art. 2. The boundary line the United States of America, on between the two countries, west the one part, and of that of Spain of the Mississippi, shall begin on on the other : And whereas, the the gulf of Mexico, at the mouth said treaty having been sanctioned of the river Sabine, in the sea, at a period when Mexico consti- continuing north along the westuted a part of the Spanish Mon- tern bank of that river, to the archy, it is deemed necessary 32d degree of latitude; thence, now to confirm the validity of the by a line due north, to the degree aforesaid treaty of limits, regard- of latitude where it strikes the ing it as still in force and binding Rio Roxo of Natchitoches, or between the United States of Red river; then, following the America, and the United Mexi- course of the Rio Roxo westward, can States :

to the degree of longitude 100 With this intention, the Presi- west from London, and 23 from Washington; then, crossing the all his rights, claims, and pretensaid Red River, and running sions to any territories east and thence by a line due north, to the north of the said line; and for river Arkansas ; thence, follow- himself, his heirs, and successors, ing the course of the southern renounces all claim to the said bank of the Arkansas, to its territories forever. source, in latitude 42 north ; and ART. 3. To fix this line with thence, by that parallel of lati- more precision, and to place the lude, to the South sea : the whole landmarks which shall designate being as laid down in Melish's exactly the limits of both nations, map of the United States, pub- each of the contracting parties lished at Philadelphia, improved shall appoint a commissioner and to the first of January, 1818. a surveyor, who shall meet before But, if the source of the Arkan- the termination of one year from sas river shall be found to fall the date of the ratification of this north or south of latitude 42, treaty, at Natchitoches, on the then the line shall run from the Red river, and proceed to run said source due south or north, as and mark the said line, from the the case may be, till it meets the mouth of the Sabine to the Red said parallel of latitude 42; and river, and from the Red river to thence, along the said parallel, to the river Arkansas, and to ascerthe South sea.

All the islands in tain the latitude of the source of the Sabine, and the said Red and the said river Arkansas, in conArkansas rivers, throughout the formity 10 what is agreed upon course thus described, to belong and stipulated, and the line of latto the United States; but the use ilude 42, to the South sea. They of the waters, and the navigation shall make out plans, and keep of the Sabine to the sea, and of journals of their proceedings; the said rivers Roxo and Arkan- and the result agreed upon by sas, throughout the extent of the them shall be considered as part said boundary on their respective of this creaty, and shall have the banks, shall be common to the re- same force as if it were inserted spective inhabitants of both na- therein. The two Governments tions.

will amicably agree respecting The two high contracting par- the necessary articles to be furties agree to cede and renounce nished to those persons, and also all their rights, claims, and pre- as to their respective escorts, tensions to the territories describ- should such be deemed vecessary. ed by the said line; that is to ART. 4. The present treaty say: the United States hereby shall be ratified, and the ratificacede to his Catholic Majesty, and tions shall be exchanged at Washrenounce forever, all their rights, ington, within the term of four claims, and pretensions to the ter- months, or sooner is possible. ritories lying west and south of Io witness whereof, we, the rethe above described line; and, in spective Plenipotentiaries have like manner, his Catholic Majesty sigued the same, and have herecedes to the said United States unto affixed our respective seals. Done at Mexico, this twelfth have agreed, and do hereby agree, day of January, in the year of on the following article: our Lord one thousand eight hun- The ratifications of the Treaty dred and twenty-eight, in the fifty- of Limits, concluded on the 12th second year of the Independence January, 1828, shall be exchanof the United States of America, ged at the City of Washington, and in the eighth of that of the within the term of one year, United Mexican States.

counting from the date of this J. R. POINSETT. [L. s.

agreement, and sooner should it S. Camacho.

be possible.

[L. s. J. Y. ESTEVAN. (L. S.

The present Additional Article shall have the same force and effect as if it had been inserted

word for word in the aforesaid Additional Article to the Treaty 1828, and shall be approved and

treaty of the 12th of January, of of Limits concluded between ratified in the manner prescribed the United States of America by the Constitutions of the reand the United Merican States, on the 12th day of January,

spective States.

In faith of which, the said Plen1828.

ipotentiaries have bereunto set The time having elapsed which their hands and affixed their rewas stipulated for the exchange spective seals. Done in Mexiof ratifications of the Treaty of co, the fifth of April, of the year Limits between the United Mex- one thousand eight hundred and ican States and the United States thirtyone, the fiftyfifth of the Inof America, signed in Mexico on dependence of the United States the 12th of January, 1828; and of America, and the eleventh of both Republics being desirous that of the United Mexican that it should be carried into full States. and complete effect, with all due

A. BUTLER. [L. s.] solemnity, the President of the LUCAS ALAMAN. (L. S.] United States of America has ful

RAFAEL MANGINO. (L. S.] ly empowered, on his part, An- AND WHEREAS, the said Treathony Butler, a citizen thereof, ty has been duly ratified on both and Chargé d'Affaires of the said parts, and the respective ratificaStates in Mexico; And the Vice- tions of the same were exchangPresident of the United Mexican ed at Washington on the fifth States, acting as President there- day of April, one thousand eight of, has, in like manner, fully em- hundred and thirtytwo, by EDpowered on his part their Excel

LIVINGSTON, Secretary lencies Lucas Alaman, Secretary of State of the United States of State and Foreign Relations, of America, and Jose Monand Rafael Mangino, Secretary TOYA, Chargé d'Affaires of the of the Treasury who after having United Mexican States, on the exchanged their mutual powers, part of their respective Governfound to be ample and in form, ments.


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