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Done at the City of WashingKNOWN, That I, ANDREW JACK

ton, this fifth day of April, Son, President of the United

in the year of our Lord States of America, have caused (L. s.) one thousand eight hunthe said treaty to be made public, dred and thirtytwo, and of to the end that the same, and ey- the Independence of the ery clause and article thereof, may

United States the fiftybe observed and fulfilled with

sixth. good faith, by the United States

ANDREW Jackson. and the citizens thereof.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have By the President : hereunto set my hand, and caus

Edw: LIVINGSTON, ed the Seal of the United States

Secretary of State. to be affixed.

Treaty with the Ottoman Porte. A Proclamation by the

President of the United States of America.

WHEREAS, a treaty of commerce changed at Constantinople, on

and navigation between the the filth day of October, eighUnited States of America and teen hundred and thirtyone, by the Olioman Porte, was con

David PORTER, the Chargé cluded and signed at Constan- d'Affaires of the United States tinople by the respective Ple- near the Sublime Porte, and nipotentiaries of the two pow- Nedjie EFFENDI, Reis Effeners, on the seventh day of di of the Porte, for the ratificaMay, in the year of our Lord tion of the Sultan; which conone thousand eight hundred and vention, as ratified by the Presthirty, and the said treaty was ident, in the English version, is, duly ratified, by the President, word for word, as follows : on the part of the said United

The object of this firm instruStates, on the second day of ment, and the motive of this writFebruary, in the year of our ing well drawn up, is, that — Lord one thousand eight hun- No treaty or diplomatic and ofdred and thirtyone, in pursu- ficial convention, having, heretoance of the advice and consent fore, existed, between the Subof the Senate, as signified by lime Porte, of perpetual duration, their resolution of the first day and the United States of Ameriof that month : and whereas, ca; at this time, in consideration the ratification by the Presi- of the desire formerly expressdent, of the said treaty in the ed, and of repeated propositions Turkish language, and in a which have lately been renewed translation thereof into the Eo- by that power, and in consequence glish, annexed thereto, was ex- of the wish entertained by the

Sublime Porte to testify to the same duties and other imposts, United States of America, its that are paid by merchants of the sentiments of friendship, We, the most favored friendly Powers, Undersigned, Commissioners, in- and they shall not, in any way, be vested with the high office of vexed or molested. On both Chief of the Chancery of State sides, travelling passports shall be of the Sublime Porte, existing granted. forever, having been permitted ART. 2. The Sublime Porte by His very Noble Imperial Ma- may establish Shahbenders (Conjesty to negotiate and conclude a suls) in the United States of treaty, and having thereupon con- America ; and the United States ferred with our friend, the honor- may appoint their citizens to be able Charles Rhind, who has Consuls or Vice Consuls, at the come to this Imperial Residence, commercial places in the dominfurnished with full powers to ne- ions of the Sublime Porte, where gotiate, settle, and conclude, the it shall be found needful to superarticles of a treaty, separately and intend the affairs of commerce. jointly with the other two Com- These Consuls or Vice Consuls missioners, Commodore Biddle shall be furnished with Berats or and David Offey, now at Smyr- Firmans; they shall enjoy suitana, have arranged, agreed upon ble distinction, and shall have neand concluded, the following ar- cessary aid and protection. ticles:

ART. 3. American merchants ART. 1. Merchants of the established in the well defended Sublime Porte, whether Mussel- States of the Sublime Porte, for mans or Rayahs, going and com- purposes of commerce, shall have ing, in the countries, provinces, liberty to employ Semsars (broand ports, of the United States of kers) of any nation or religion, in America, or proceeding from one like manner as merchants of othport to another, or from the ports er friendly powers; and they of the United States to those of shall not be disturbed in their alother countries, shall pay the fairs, nor shall they be treated in same duties and other imposts that any way, contrary to established are paid by the most favored na- usages. American vessels arrivtions; and they shall not be vex- ing at, or departing from, the ports ed by the exaction of higher du- of the Ottoman Empire, shall not ties; and in travelling by sea and be subjected to greater visit, by by land, all the privileges and dis- the officers of the custom-house tinctions observed towards the and the Chancery of the Porte, subjects of other Powers, shall than vessels of the most favored serve as a rule, and shall be ob- nation. served towards the merchants ART. 4. If litigations and disand subjects of the Sublime Porte. putes should arise between the In like manner, American mer- subjects of the Sublime Porte and chants who shall come to the well citizens of the United States, defended countries and ports of the parties shall not be heard, nor the Sublime Porte, shall pay the shall judgment be pronounced

unless the American Dragoman Art. 7. Merchant vessels of be present. Causes in which the United States, in like manner the sum may exceed five hundred as vessels of the most favored napiastres, shall be submitted to the tions, shall have liberty to pass Sublime Porte, to be decided ac- the Canal of the Imperial Resicording to the laws of equity and dence, and go and come in the justice. Citizens of the United Black Sea, either laden or in balStates of America, quietly pursu- last; and they may be laden, with ing their commerce, and not be- the produce, manufactures and efing charged or convicted of any fects of the Ottoman Empire, excrime or offence, shall not be mo- cepting such as are prohibited, as lested ; and even when they may well as of their own country. have commited some offence, ART. 8. Merchant vessels of they shall not be arrested and put the two contracting parties shall in prison by the local authorities, not be forcibly taken, for the but they shall be tried by their shipment of troops, munitions and Minister or Consul, and punished other objects of war, if the Capaccording to their offence, follow- tains or proprietors of the vessels ing, in this respect, the usage ob- shall be unwilling to freight them. served towards other Franks. ART. 9. If any merchant ves

Art. 5. American merchant sel of either of the contracting vessels that trade to the domin- parties, should be wrecked, assistions of the Sublime Porte, may ance and protection shall be afgo and come in perfect safety forded to those of the crew that with their own fag; but they may be saved ; and the merchanshall not take the flag of any oth- dise and effects, which it may be er Power, nor shall they grant possible to save and recover, shall their flag to the vessels of other na- be conveyed to the Consul, neartions and Powers, nor to the ves- est to the place of the wreck, to sels of rayahs. The Minister, be, by birn, delivered to the proConsuls, and Vice Consuls of the prietors. United States, shall not protect,

[CONCLUSION.] secretly or publicly, the rayahs of the Subline Porte, and they The foregoing articles, agreed shall never suffer a departure upon and concluded, between the from the principles here laid Riasset (Chancery of State,) and down and agreed to by mutual the above mentioned Commisconsent.

sioner of the United States, when Art. 6. Vessels of war of signed by the other two Commisthe two contracting parties, shall sioners, shall be exchanged. In observe towards each other, de- ten months from the date of this monstrations of friendship and Temessuck, or instrument of treagood intelligence, according to ty, the exchange of the ratificanaval usage ; and towards mer- tions of the two Powers shall be chant vessels they shall exhibit made, and the articles of this the same kind and courteous treaty shall have full force and be manner.

strictly observed by the two Con- United States, and all others, cittracting Powers.

izens or inhabitants thereof, or Given the fourteenth day of the being within the same, faithfully

moon Zilcaade, and in the to observe and fulfil the said trea-
year of the Hegira, 1245, ty, and every clause and article

corresponding with the sev-
enth day of May, of the year

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have one thousand eight hundred caused the Seal of the United and thirty of the Christian States to be hereunto affixed, and Æra.

have signed the same with my (Signed)

MOHAMMED HAMID, Done at Washington, this fourth

(Reis Effendi.)

day of February, in the

year of our Lord one Now, THEREFORE, to the end [L. s.] thousand eight hundred that the said treaty may be ob

and thirtytwo, and of the served and performed with good

independence of the Unifaith on the part of the United ted States the fiftysixth. States, I have caused the

premises to be made public, and I do By the President:

ANDREW Jackson. hereby enjoin all persons bearing EDW: LIVINGSTON, office, civil or military, within the

Secretary of State.

Articles of a Treaty made at the City of Washington between Lewis

Cass, thereto specially Authorized by the President of the United States, and the Creek Tribe of Indians.



ART. 1. The Creek tribe of be reserved from sale for their Indians cede to the United States use for the term of five years, unall their land, East of the Missis- less sooner disposed of by them. sippi river.

A census of these persons shall be ART. 2. The United States taken under the direction of the engage to survey the said land President, and the selections shall

as the same can be be made so as to include the imconveniently done, after the rati- provements of each person withfication of this treaty, and when in his selection, if the same can be the same is surveyed to allow so made, and if not, then all the ninety principal Chiefs of the persons belonging to the same Creek tribe to select one section town, entitled to selections, and each, and every other head of a who cannot make the same, so as Creek family to select one half to include their improvements, section each, which tracts shall shall take them in one body in a


proper form. And twenty selec- removed from these selections for tions shall be selected, under the the term of five years from the direction of the President for the ratification of this treaty, or until orphan children of the Creeks, and the same are conveyed to white divided and retained or sold for their benefit as the President may ART. 6. Twentynine sections direct. Provided however that in addition to the foregoing may no selections or locations under be located, and patents for the this treaty shall be so made as to same shall ther issue to those perinclude the agency reserve. sons, being Creeks, to whom the

Art. 3. These tracts may same may be assigned by the be conveyed by the persons se- Creek tribe. But whenever the lecting the same, to any other grantees of these tracts possess persons for a fair consideration, in improvements, such tracts shall such manner as the President be so located as to include the may direct. The contract shall be improvements, and as near as certified by some person appoint- may be in the centre. And there ed for that purpose by the Pres- shall also be granted by patent ident, but shall not be valid till to Benjamin Marshall, one section the President approves the same. of land, to include bis improveA title shall be given by the ments on the Chatahoochee river, United States on the completion to be bounded for one mile in a of the payment.

direct line along the said river, Art. 4. At the end of five and to run back for quantity. years, all the Creeks entitled to There shall also be granted to these selections, and desirous of Joseph Bruner, a colored man, remaining, shall receive patents one half section of land, for his therefor in fee simple from the services as an interpreter. United States.

ART. 7. All the locations auArt. 5. All intruders upon thorised by this treaty, with the the country hereby ceded shall exception of that of Benjamin be removed therefrom in the same Marshall shall be made in conformanner as intruders may be re- mity with the lines of the

surveys; moved by law from other public and the Creeks relinquish all land until the country is survey- claim for improvements. ed, and the selections made ; ex- ART. 8. An additional annucepting however from this provis- ity of twelve thousand dollars shall ion, those white

persons who bave be paid to the Creeks for the made their own improvements, term of five years, and thereafand not expelled the Creeks from ter the said annuity shall be retheirs. Such persons may re

duced to ten thousand dollars, main till their crops are gather- and shall be paid for the term of fifed. After the country is survey- teen years.

All the annuities due ed and the selections made, this to the Creeks shall be paid in such article shall not operate upon that manner as the tribe may

direct. part of it not included in such se- Art. 9. For the purpose of lections. But intruders shall, in paying certain debts due by the the manner before described, be Creeks, and to relieve them in

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