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December 10, 1816 - March 3, 1817





Indian tribes with whom treaties have been

made since the last session of Congress Army officers; Nominations of King of Sweden and Denmark; Treaty of

commerce with
Consular officers; Nominations of
Various Indian tribes: Resolutions

Civil officers; Nominations of
Marine Corps officers; Nominations of
Judicial and consular officers;

Nominations of
Army officers; Nominations of
King of Sweden and Denmark; Treaty of

commerce with
Naval officers; Nominations of

527-31 531-2,534-5


537 539-40



March 4 - 6, 1817




Presidential message calling special session
Oath of office; Vice President of U.S.,

Daniel D. Tompkins
Inaugural address of Vice President

Inaugural address of President James

546 552 552


547-52 553-4 556-7

Oath of office of President Monroe
Naval officers; Nominations of
Executive Branch officers; Nominations of
Army officers; Nominations of
Judicial and civil officers; Nominations of


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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1816. The following written message was received from the President of the United States, by Mr. Tould, his Secretary : To The Sonale of the l'nited States:

I lay before the Scnate, for their consideration and advice, as to a ratification, creatics concluded with the several Indian tribes, according to the following statement: A List of Indian (ribes with whom Ircalies have been made, since the

last session of Congress, vi:: Ilans, and kickapoos, tribes of Indians. — Treaty concluded at Fort Harrison, between Benjamin l’arke and the chiefs and hcadmen of thosc tribes, thc 11h Junc, 1810.

Ollarroas, Chipperous, and Pollocrotomecs. —Treaty concluded at St. Louis, between Governors Clarke, tdwards, and Col. Cholcan, and the chiefs and headmcn of those tribes, on the 2412 August, 1816.

Il'innebago Iribes.- Made by the same persons on port United States, anil tho hcailman of this tribe, at St. Louis, 3d June, 1916.

Sucks of Rock river.- Made by samc, at St Louis, 13th May, 1816.

Siours, composing three tribes: the Siours of the Leas, the Siours of The Brond Leul, and the Siours who Shool on The Pine-tops. -Made and concluded by the samc, at St Louis, 1st June, 1816.

Chickusawo Iribe. -Trcaty maulc by Gen. Jackson, David Merrewether, Exq, and Jessc Franklin, txq., and ihc headmen of that nation, at Chick. nanin Council-housc, 2011. September, 1816.

Cherokee. Iribe. - Treaty made by Gen. Jackson, David Merrewether, Fø. and Jesse Franklin, Esq., and the headmen of that nation, at Turkep 'lown, on the 1th October, 1816.

Choclavo tribe. — Treaty made by Gen. John Coffee, John Rhca, and John McKec, Esqrs. and the locadincn and warriors of that nation, at the Choctaw trading-house, on thc 24th of October, 1816.

JAMES MADISON. Deccinber 10th, 1816. The measago, and treatics were rcad. Ordered, That the Ircatics severally pass to a second reading..

The following written message was also received from the President of the United Sualus, by Mr. Todd, his Sccrctary: To ihe Senale or the United Stales:

Commissions haring insucd during the recess of the Senato, to the persons whose names and stated in the lists anncxcd to the enclosed letter from the Department of War, I nominate the mme for the appointments and promotions respectively attached to their names.

JAMES MADISON. December 10th, 1918.


December 9th, 1316. Sir: I have the honor to lay before you a list of sclections mailc on the 17th of May last, to complete the army organization, and a list of promotions and appointments which have been made during the recess of the Senatc.

I have the honor to bc, Sir,

With perfect respect,
Your most obedient servant,


Acling Secretary of War. 'The PRESIDENT of the United Statcs. Selections from the deranged Oficers, to fill vacancies, and lo complete

The organization of the Army, on the 171h of May, 1816. J. N. Barker, late Assistant Adjutant General, to bc Assistarit Adjutant General, 8th April, 1814.

G. H Manigault, latc Assistant Inspector General, to be Assistant In. spector General, 9th Scptember, 1811.

S. Walsh, latc Surgeon, to be Post Surgcon, 9th August, 1813.

German Scnter, late Surgeon, 29th Infantry, to bc Post Surgeon, oth July, 1814

B. Delcvan, latc Surgeon's Mate, 16th Infantry, to be Hospital Surgcon's Mate, 15th Apri, 1814.

For the Ordnance Department. Joseph S. Nelson, Captain, 36th Infantry, 30th April, 1813, to be 1st Licutenant, 30th April, 1813.

William Anderson, 1st Lieutenant, 13th Infantry, lot October, 1814, to be 1st Licutenant, 1st October, 1814.

John W. Thompson, 1st Licuitenant, 14th Infantry, 26th June, 1813, to bc 2d Licutenant, 6th July, 1812.

T. P. McMahon, 1st Lieutenant, 16th Infantry, 1st January, 1814, to bo 20 Lieutenant, 19th May, 1813. Charlcs Ward, acting Lieutenant, to be 3d Licutenant, 17th May, 1816.

For the Regiment of Light Artillery. Luther Leonard, Captain, to be Captain, 6th July, 1818.

J. L. Eastman, Capiain, 4th Infantry, 31st July, 1813, lo be Captain, 31st July, 1813.

John A. Shaw, 1st Lieutenant, 1st Infantry, 21st February, 1814, lo be Ist Licutenant, 21st February, 1914.

For the Corps or Artillery. Matthew M. Payne, Caplain, 20th Infantry, ed March, 1814, to be Captain, 2d March, 1814.

Ethan A. Allen, Captain, to be Captain, 25th July, 1814.

Samuel Arnistrong, 1st Lieutenant, 4th Infantry, 9th March, 1814, to be 1st Licutenant, 9th March, 1814.

Robert McClelland, 1st Lieutenant, 6th Infantry, 1st May, 1814, to be Ist Liculenant, 1st May, 1914.

George D. Snyder, lat Licutenant, 5th Infantry, 25th Jude, 1814. to ho 2d Licutenant, 1st September, 181?.

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