The Confederate Secession

Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012 - 130 páginas
Purchase of this book includes free trial access to where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: CHAPTER III. THE BATTLE OP THE TARIFFS?NULLIFICATION AND COMPROMISE. The history of the long battle on the subject of the tariffs, which was so fiercely waged between the Northern and Southern sections of the Union for upwards of a quarter of a century, deserves to be narrated with a greater abundance of detail than I either can or wish to bestow upon it. But in making an attempt to account for the disruption of the Union, it is impossible to avoid dwelling for a short time on this, the most powerful of the causes of which that disruption has been the result. The antagonism between North and South on this point had been signalled at the time of the Convention as one of the greatest dangers which the young Eepublic was likely to be called upon to face; but it was not till the second decade of this century that the antagonism found its expression in Congress, and inFederal legislation. Since that time it lias gone on increasing. When once it had been started, it could hardly avoid doing so. What one party fancied to be its life, was in no fancy, but in reality, the death of the other. The former, the Protectionist party, was perhaps the strongest at first, and its strength was continually increased. The people among whom it existed had a hereditary character for being hard, selfish, intolerant, and merciless beyond probably any other that has existed on the face of the earth. They had known too little adversity to have learnt moderation, and been fed too long upon bunkum to have learned modesty. They would not yield an inch out of respect for the rights and feelings of others, and if they had an advantage, would not refrain from pressing it to the uttermost. There will be people in every state who will do this; and it is the duty of governments to keep them from encroachi...

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