House Documents, Otherwise Publ. as Executive Documents: 13th Congress, 2d Session-49th Congress, 1st Session, Volume 1


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Página 139 - Department, the duties of which consist in providing, preserving, distributing, and accounting for every description of artillery, smallarms, and all the munitions of war which may be required for the fortresses of the country, the armies in the field, and for the whole body of the militia of the Union. In these duties are comprised that of determining the general principles of construction and of prescribing in detail the models and forms of all military weapons employed in war. They...
Página 4 - That it shall be the duty of the secretary of the treasury to digest, prepare, and lay before Congress, at the commencement of every session, a report on the subject of finance, containing estimates of the public revenue and public expenditures, and plans for improving or increasing the revenues, from time to time, for the purpose of 1 Stevens' Gullatin, p. 130. giving information to Congress in adopting modes of raising the money requisite to meet the public expenditures.
Página 271 - In obedience to the directions of the " Act supplementary to the Act to establish the Treasury Department," the Secretary of the Treasury respectfully submits the following report : 1st.
Página 4 - Bank is an institution of primary importance to the prosperous administration of the finances, and would be of the greatest utility in the operations connected with the support of the public credit...
Página 8 - ... that this business may at once be closed, which our minister has been instructed strongly to express, will very soon be gratified. I have the better ground for this hope, from the evidence of a friendly disposition which that government has shown by an actual reduction in the duty on rice, the produce of our Southern States, authorizing the anticipation that this important article of our export will Soon be admitted on the same footing with that produced by the most favored nation.
Página 12 - ... within the limits of the States, embarrassed by their internal regulations. Now, subject to no control but the superintending agency of the General Government, exercised with the sole view of preserving peace, they may proceed unmolested in the interesting experiment of gradually advancing a community of American Indians from barbarism to the habits and enjoyments of civilized life. Among the happiest effects of the improved relations of our republic, has been an increase of trade, producing...
Página 10 - ... shall enjoy all the privileges stipulated in their favor, by the treaty lately made between the two Powers, all which, the good intelligence that prevails between* our Minister at Rio Janeiro and the Regency, gives us the best reason to expect.
Página 13 - Constitution which we now present is the result of a spirit of amity, and of that mutual deference and concession which the peculiarity of our political situation rendered indispensable.
Página 135 - Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky...
Página 3 - Seventeen years ago our country emerged from an expensive war, encumbered with a debt of more than one hundred and twenty-seven millions, and in a comparatively defenceless state. In this short period, it has promptly repealed all the direct and internal taxes which were imposed during the war, relying mainly upon revenue derived from imposts, and sales of the public domain.

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