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supervisors) of general circulation therein, except in Howard county, where the Supervisors of Elections may publish in one newspaper the notice above required, and in the city of Baltimore, by advertisement in all the daily newspapers which will publish the same at their current rate of advertising. And the Sheriff of Baltimore city and of each county shall no longer publish such notices of election. Said board shall make all necessary rules and regulations not inconsistent with this Article, with reference to the registration of voters and the conduct of elections, and they shall have charge of and make provision for all elections, general, special, local, municipal, State and county, and for all others of every description, to be held in such city or county, or any part there. of, at any time; all questions shall be decided by a majority of the board, unless otherwise expressly provided in this Article; provided, however, that in any incorporated city or town in this State (other than the city of Baltimore) in which the municipal or charter elections thereof are now regulated by the Public Local Laws of the State, the conduct of such municipal or charter elections shall continue to be so regulated as heretofore and such Public Local Laws shall continue in force therein. The provision herein above contained in reference to handbills shall not apply to Baltimore city.*

Chapter 393, Acts of 1918. 15. Each judge of election in the city of Baltimore and each of the two judges of election appointed before the first day of July in counties, as provided in Section 7, shall also be an officer of registration in the district or precinct for which he shall be appointed, and the judges so appointed when duly qualified shall for their respective districts or precincts, collectively, constitute the board of registry thereof. Said officers of registration, and each of them, in addition to the power hereinafter conferred upon them as judges of election shall have, during the respective times of the appointed sittings of said board of registry, authority to keep the peace and to preserve order and enforce obedience to their lawful commands at and around their places of registration; to keep the access to such place open and unobstructed, to prevent and suppress riots, tumult, violence and disorder, any violation of this Article, and all other improper practices at and around their place of registration tending to intimidation or to the obstruction of their work; they may compel by summons or attachment the presence of witnesses before them for any purpose connected with the duties of their office, and may commit for trial any person committing at or around their place of registration any breach of the peace or other offense forbidden by this Article; they shall have the power to issue any of said summonses, attachments or commitments when sitting in any county in this State to the sheriff of said county or to any constable thereof and when sitting in the city of Baltimore to marshal of police or to any police officer of said city; all such processes shall be served by said respective officers in the same manner as if they were issued by a court of record having jurisdiction of the subject-matter or by a justice of the peace exercising police powers within such respective jurisdictions. The sheriff or constable in any county of this State who shall serve any of said processes shall receive the same fees in like manner as it is or may be by law provided that he shall receive fees in other State cases, but no officer of police in the city of Baltimore shall charge or receive any fee for any service performed under this Article; and no officer of registration shall charge or receive any compensation for any service performed under this Article except such as is herein provided. The Board of Police Commissioners for the city of Baltimore shall detail police officers and the sheriffs for their respective counties shall detail deputy sheriffs, by them appointed, sufficient in number to preserve order at the places in said city of Baltimore and in said respective counties where said officers of registration may be sitting for the discharge of the duties of their respective offices; provided, however, that in Anne Arundel county it shall not be mandatory for the sheriff of said county to detail deputy sheriffs for duty in connection with registration in said county.

*Note-As to Carroll county, see Act of 1916, Ch. 365.

Chapter 2, Acts of 1901. 16. The Supervisors of Elections shall furnish to each Board of Registry for the purpose of such registration two registry books, which it shall be the duty of said officers of registration to protect and keep safe, and the said supervisors shall designate two of said officers appointed from different political parties, each of whom shall be charged with the custody of one of said books during the intervals between the sessions of the Board of Registry until the return of said books to the Supervisors of Elections, as herein. after provided. Such registry books shall be prepared substantially in the following form:

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40 Ohio Ave... Ames, William.

205 ( ai heilral St. Allen, John H.

40 Maryland 35 England 52 Germany

White 6 mos.12 yrs.110 yrs. Native

Yes Sept. 15, 1896 White 3 mos.13 yrs.) 17 yrs. Yes May 17, '91 City Ct. Balto. Yes Sept. 15, 1896 White 3 yrs. 16 yrs. 6 yrs.) Yes July 1, '88 Sup. Ct. Chicago Yes Sept. 22, 1896|

131 Clark St..

Ault, Christian.

In the counties a sufficient number of columns headed "Voted” should be provided to last until the next general registration, and in all registry books one or more extra columns should be provided to be used in case of special elections.

.Register of voters,


.precinct ....county (or city).

or district,

Chapter 488, Acts of 1922. 17. On Tuesday six weeks preceding the election to be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, 1896, which shall occur after the enactment of this Article, each Board of Registry shall meet at the place designated by the Board of Supervisors of Elections, and shall proceed to make a general registration of all voters in its precinct or district, as the case may be. The proceedings of each Board of Registry shall be as follows: (1) They shall open the registry in the City of Baltimore at 12 o'clock M., and continue in session until 8 o'clock P. M., on the Tuesday aforesaid. In the counties the hours of session shall be from 8 o'clock A. M. to 8 o'clock P. M. One of the officers of registration shall administer to all persons who shall personally apply to register the following oath or affirmation: “You do solemnly swear (or affirm) that you will fully and truly answer all such questions as shall be put to you touching your place of residence, name, place of birth, your qualifications as a voter, and your right as such to register and vote under the laws of this State.' (2) The two officers of registration designated by the Supervisors to have custody of the two registry books, or such of their colleagues as such of them may respectively ask to temporarily replace him in the discharge of his duty, shall make the entries therein required by this Article, and the questions as to qualifications shall be asked by the other officers of said Board.

(3) The name and age of every applicant shall be entered in such registry book and all the facts of his application shall be therein stated as herein provided, whether he be entitled to vote or not. If it shall be determined by the Board that he is not a qualified voter in the precinct, then an entry shall be made in the appropriate column “No,” and a line shall be drawn in red ink through his name and through all the other entries on the line on which his name is written, but so that the name and said other entries shall remain legible; and if qualified, the entry shall be made in the same column “Yes." (4) Only persons constitutionally qualified to vote in the

precinct at the next election and personally applying for registration shall be registered as qualified voters. (5) The headings to the registry books shall be so prepared that the registry shall be made alphabetical, according to the surname of each person applying, and so that the residence and post office address of such persons shall appear in the first column. The registers shall be ruled, and one name shall be written on each line, but no name shall be written between the lines. The entry shall be as follows: (A) Under the column “Residence and Postoffice address, the name and number of the street, avenue or other location of the dwelling if there be a definite number, and if there shall not be a number, or if there shall be duplicate numbers, such clear and definite description of the place of such dwelling as shall enable it to be readily ascertained; if there shall be more than one house at the number given by the applicant as his place of residence, it shall be stated in which house he resides and if there be more than one family residing in said house, either the floor on which he resides, or the number or location of the room or rooms occupied by him shall be stated, every floor below the level of the street or ground being designated as the basement; the floor upon or first above such level being designated as the first floor, and each floor above that as the second, or such other floor as it may be. In county precincts it shall only be necessary to give such general description as may be sufficient for identification. (B) Under the column "Name" the name of the applicant, writing the surname first, and full given or Christian name after. (C) Under the column “Age,' the age of the applicant. (D) Under the column "Nativity” the State, Country, empire, Kingdom or dominion, as the fact shall be. (E) Under the column “Color” the words “White” or “Colored,'' as the case may be. (F) Under the sub-divisions of the general column “Terms of Residence,” the period by day, month or year stated by the applicant. (G) Under the column “Naturalized,'' the word “Yes” or “Noor “Native,' as the facts may be. (H) Under the column Date of Naturalization," the date of naturalization, if naturalized. No naturalization papers need be produced if a majority of the board are satisfied that for three years next preceding the applicant claiming to be naturalized has been a registered voter in this State, and has actually voted on such previous registration; but they shall note his answers to the questions, when and in what Court he was naturalized, and also in the column headed “Remarks” where and when he was so previously registered. In the case of a woman who claims citizenship by marriage, the Board shall note the name of the person to whom married and where and in what court he was naturalized,

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