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or where previously registered. Under the column headed “Remarks” they shall note whether the applicant is male or female. (J) Under the column “Court” the designation of the Court in which, if naturalized, such naturalization was had. (K) Under the column “Qualified Voter," the word “Yes” if the fact shall appear or be determined by a majority of the Board of Registry, or the word "No," if such fact be not established to the satisfaction of the majority of the Board. (L) Under the column “Date of Application," the month,

, day and year when the applicant presented himself. (N) After the answers of the applicant to the questions under the heads of each and all of the above mentioned columns have been properly entered by the officers in his presence in both registers, and not until then he shall be asked to sign his name upon the same line under the column “Signature,” in each of them, and shall sign his name, if he can do so. If, however, he shall state his inability to do so, or decline to do so, the officers shall make the entry "Cannot Write," or "Declines," as the case may be, in the place for such signature. The Board of Registry shall be entitled to receive from the officers having custody thereof the last preceding registration books, for the purpose of comparison and assistance in identification, and if anyone shall apply for registration who appeared in such former registry as disqualified, his name shall be entered in the new register, but he shall be marked "Disqualified," unless such grounds of disqualification shall have been removed. At the end of the day's registry said officers shall compare the two registers so kept, and cause any errors in either of them to be corrected, by the aid of the entries in the other, so as to make the same agree where there is any difference between them. Each of the said officers having the custody of any of said registers shall then sign his name or initials immediately under the last name registered under each letter in the book kept by him, so that no new names can be added without discovery. The said board of Registry shall keep, on blanks to be provided for that purpose by the Board of Supervisors of Elections, an alphabetical list of names, addresses and color of all persons registered, and a separate list of all persons refused registration, and of all persons whose names are erased from the registry. In the City of Baltimore, at the end of each ses-sion, they shall deliver these lists to the police officers on duty at the registration office, and the list shall be delivered by the said officer to the Police Board, and by the Police Board to the Board of Supervisors of Election in the forenoon of the day following the said sitting. Nothing in this Section 17 shall affect the registration in the counties heretofore made under this Article.

Chapter 569, Acts of 1916. 17A. On the Tuesday preceding any primary election to be held in any year in this State and which shall occur after the enactment of this law, each Board of registration shall meet at the place designated by its Board of Supervisors of Election, and shall proceed in the manner set forth in Section 17 hereof, to make a registration of all the voters in its precinct or district, as the case may be, who have not previously registered and who may be entitled to vote at the next general election and shall present themselves before said Board for registration, and such person or persons so registered shall be entitled to vote at all primary and general elections held thereafter; provided that nothing in this section shall apply to Baltimore city, nor affect the law now in effect governing the registration of voters therein.

Chapter 202, Acts of 1896. 18. It shall be the duty of the Board of Police Commissioners of Baltimore city, between the first day of September and the commencement of registration in each year, to cause a census, as nearly as possible accurate, to be made by members of the force under their command, of the legal voters resident in each precinct of the said city. The said census shall give the address of each person known or supposed by the officer of police taking it to be a legal voter of the city, and a copy thereof for their precinct shall be furnished by the said Police Commissioners to each Board of Registry when they meet on the first day of their sessions, as hereinbefore provided. And the officer of police taking the said census shall in every case be assigned to duty at the office of registration in the precinct where he took the said census, unless, for reasons stated in writing by the marshal of police, and furnished to the Board of Registry in question, such assignment shall be impracticable or against the public interest.

Chapter 202, Acts of 1896. 19. Any voter shall be permitted to be present at the place of registration in any precinct of his county or city, and shall have the right to challenge any applicant, and when challenged such applicant shall be carefully questioned by the Board of Registry touching the facts which entitle him to register in such precinct, and thereupon, if a majority of the board is convinced that such applicant is a qualified voter, he shall be entered as qualified. Any person claiming to be a voter of any precinct, and who, upon application, is denied the right to be registered as a qualified voter in said precinct may make and sign an application in writing, un der oath, to the Court, as hereinafter provided, in substance in the following form : "I,

.., do solemnly swear that I did, on...

make application to the Board of Registry of the... precinct or district of.... ...county (or the...

.precinct ward of the city of..

..), and that said board refused to register me as a qualitied voter in said precinct; that I am a duly qualified voter entitled to vote in said precinct at the next election."

of the...

Chapter 726, Acts of 1914.

20. On the Tuesdays, respectively, six and four weeks preceding such regular election, and on the Wednesday next following said Tuesdays, respectively, said Board of Registry shall again meet at the place designated, and shall remain in session during the hours prescribed in Section 17, for the purpose of registering all qualified voters not before registered who shall apply in person to be registered, and also for the purpose of noting the names of any persons on such registry whom they suspect not to be qualified voters. The same forms shall be observed as to the applications made on these days as were required on the former days of registration. If any voter of the ward or county shall go before the Board of Registry during such sessions and make oath that he believes any specified person upon such registry is not a qualified voter, such fact shall be noted. At the end of the registration for each of these days the registers shall be examined, compared and made to agree, and they shall then be signed immediately, under the last name registered, under each letter, in the same way as hereinbefore provided.

Chapter 133, Acts of 1902.

21. Before separating on the last day said Board of Registry shall make out and deliver to two of their number of opposite politics a list of the registered address of all those who liave been registered as qualified voters, whom either one of the officers of registration suspects not to be qualified voters, or against whom any voter of the ward or county may have made complaint, as above provided. If said Board of Registry shall, however, know that any person so complained of is a qualified voter, then such name need not be put upon the list of suspected persons, unless required by a member of the board. The officers of registration to whom such list has been delivered shall, on or before Friday next following, sign a notice, and send the same through the mail, duly stamped, to the address as given in the registry of each person who is upon the suspected list, requiring such person to appear before the Board of Registry upon the Tuesday following, giving the time of such session and show cause why his name should not be erased from. such registers; proper blanks and postage stamps shall be furnished for this purpose by the Board of Supervisors. A similar notice shall also be served by said officers upon such person before the following Tuesday and if he cannot be found at the place designated upon said registers, the notice may be left there, if such place can be found. Any officer of registration, or other person acting temporarily as such, as hereinafter provided, who wilfully neglects to perform his duty touching such scrutiny, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction shall be imprisoned in jail not less than six months nor more than twelve months. In case of temporary disability on the part of said officers, the Board of Registry may appoint a temporary clerk belonging to the same party, and administer to him the usual oath of office, and said temporary clerk shall perform all the duties of the office until the disability of the other officer is removed. And it shall also be the duty of each of the other officers of registration, so far as may be in his power, to inform himself as to all persons whose names may be on such suspected list.

22. Repealed by Chapter 156, Acts of 1922.

Chapter 133, Acts of 1902. 23. On Tuesday three weeks preceding such regular election said Board of Registry shall again meet at the place designated and they shall remain in session during the hours prescribed in Section 17 for the sole purpose of revising their registry, and no new name shall be added. At the beginning of the session the officers of registration to whom such suspected list was delivered shall make affidavit as to the mailing of the notices sent by them, and to whom directed and where and as to the personal service upon such person or as to the leaving of the same at his place of residence so desig. nated, and if any person to whom such notice was sent shall appear before the Board of Registry during that session he shall make and sign an affidavit in substance as follows: "I do solemnly swear that I am a citizen of the United States and that I have resided in the....

.precinct of the ward in the city of. (or... .. district of....

.county), in the State of Maryland, from the.

day of .. up to the..... of...

19..., and that I have not since acquired a legal residence giving me

the right to vote elsewhere." If it is charged that he has been convicted of any infamous crime and has not been par doned he shall further make oath that he has never been so convicted, or if convicted, that he was pardoned at a time stated. This affidavit shall be signed and sworn to before one of such Board of Registry and it shall be preserved and filed in the office of the said Board of Supervisors of Elections. Thereupon said Board of Registry shall further examine him and shall also swear the officer of registration who has made the inquiry and hear him upon the question, and they shall also have the power to examine on oath any other witness that may appear or be produced before them in regard to the matter and make any further examination or inquiry that they may deem proper; and if after such further examination and hearing the majority of said board are of the opinion that such person is not a qualified voter in such precinct they shall draw a line in red ink through his name and through all other entries on the line on which said name is written, but so that the name and said other entries shall remain legible, which memorandum in case of any registration shall indicate that the name of such person is erased from the registry and such person shall not be entitled to vote unless his name is restored as hereinafter provided. During the last hour of said session if any person so notified to appear at such session has not yet appeared and shown cause why his name should not be erased from the registry the name shall be so erased in the manner aforesaid, unless a majority of the board are satisfied of their own knowledge or upon competent testimony that such person is entitled to have his name retained on the registry, and under the head of "Remarks," opposite each name erased, shall be stated the facts as to such erasure, the date of the making the same and the grounds and evidence on which it is made.

Chapter 155, Acts of 1922. 24. At the end of the last session above provided for, the said Board of Registry shall compare and correct the two registers and make them agree, and the officers having them respectively in their custody shall then immediately under the last name registered under each letter of the registers sign their names, so that no other names can be added without discovery; all of said officers of registration shall then subscribe, at the end of each register, a certificate, in substance, in the words following: “We, the undersigned, constituting the Board of Registry in.

.. precinct or district of .county, or in. precinct of the ward of the city of...

in the State of Maryland,

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