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do jointly and severally certify that, at the general registration of voters in said precinct, closed on of....

.., there were registered by us, in said precinct, the names which in this book are entered, and that the number of registered and qualified voters was and is the number of

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During the next day the Board of Registry shall return the two registers to the Board of Supervisors of Elections, and in the counties the said Board of Registry shall, at the same time, return the alphabetical list of names, party affiliation, color and addresses of the persons registered and erased by them, and in Baltimore City the Boards of Registry shall, at the same time, return the lists made by them, at their last session; and in the counties the said Boards of Supervisors of Elections shall at once cause said alphabetical lists to be printed in handbill form in long-primer type, and copies thereof posted, within three days after the return of said lists, as aforesaid, in such manner that they may be easily read, in at least ten prominent places in the respective precincts. The Board of Supervisors in the several counties shall cause to be printed at least ten extra copies of all the handbills prepared by them, respectively, under this Article, and as many more copies as may be required to supply all demands for any of them made, with the tender of the price before the printing thereof, which copies they shall sell to the public at five cents per copy, the proceeds of said sales to be applied towards paying the expenses of printing the same. The said Boards of Supervisors in the counties and in the City of Baltimore shall furnish to any one making written application therefor, within ten days after such application has been received, or in less time, if practicable, a certified copy, under their hands, of the names, addresses, color and ages of all persons registered in any ward in said city, or in any election precinct or district of said county, for the sum of two dollars for a precinct, and for the sum of half a cent for each voter's name on said reg. istry in the counties, which said sum shall be applied towards paying the expenses of making said certified copies. It shall be the duty of the said supervisors to make proper provisions in advance, so that they will be able to make and furnish such copies when ordered, as hereinbefore required. But the provisions of this section in reference to the printing and posting of copies of the alphabetical list of registered voters and the names erased from the books of registry shall not apply to Baltimore City.

Chapter 202, Acts of 1896.

25. Any person who feels aggrieved by the action of any Board of Registry in refusing to register him as a qualified voter, or in erasing or mis-spelling his name, or that of any other person on the registry, or in registering or failing to erase the name of any fictitious, deceased or disqualified person, may at any time, either before or after the last session of the Board of Registry, but not later than the Saturday next preceding the election, if in the city of Baltimore, and not later than the Tuesday next preceding the election, if in the counties, file a petition, verified by affidavit, in the Circuit Court for the county, or, if the cause of complaint arises in Baltimore city, in any Court of Baltimore city, setting forth the ground of his application, and asking to have the registry corrected. The Court shall forthwith set the petition for hearing, and direct summons to be issued requiring the Board of Registry to attend at the hearing or by counsel; and when the object of the petition is to strike off the name of any person alleged to be fictitious, deceased or disqualified, summons shall also be issued to such person, which shall be served by the sheriff within the time therein designated, at his place of residence given in the registry. If the petition shall allege that any person registered in any precinct does not reside in such precinct, it shall be sufficient for the petitioner to show that the person to whose registration he objects did not at the time when he was so registered reside at the particular house or place described as his residence on the registry; but the person to whose registration objection is so made shall have the right to show by affirmative proof that, although he may not have had a legal residence at the place described by him as his residence at the time of his registration, he had at such time a legal residence in the said precinct. In determining whether any person is or is not a resident of any voting precinct, it shall be presumed that if a person is shown to have acquired a residence in one locality, he retains the same until it is affirmatively shown that he has acquired a residence in another locality, and it shall also be presumed that if a person is shown not to reside at the dwelling given in the entries relating to him on the registration books, he is not a resident of the said precinct, unless it should be affirmatively shown that he is such resident, and the entries made in such registration books shall not be considered by the Court as evidence of any fact therein stated, but the case shall be heard de novo. At the hearing, evidence subject only to the ordinary rules of evidence (as modified by the provisions of this section), may be introduced for or against the application, and the judge shall

dispose of the matter summarily by granting or refusing the order prayed, and the clerk of the court shall make a minute of the proceeding. The cost of proceedings in all such appeal cases shall from and after the twenty-ninth (29th) day of March, 1902, be one-half of those provided for and usual under existing law. If the Board of Registry shall have returned the registers to the Supervisors of Elections, a certified copy of any such order granted by the Court shall be delivered to said supervisors, who shall thereupon make the required correction upon the proper registers, and under the head of “Remarks” note that the same was made under such order of the Court. The Court may enforce any such order by attachment as in proceedings for contempt. No person admitted to the registry by the order of Court shall be protected by such order if prosecuted for false registration or false voting. In all such cases the petitioner may be represented by counsel, and in disposing of the petition the Court shall have discretion to impose the costs upon the petitioner, the County Commissioners or the Mayor and City Council of Baltiniore, or the Board of Registry, or any member or members thereof as justice and equity may require; but no attorney's appearance fee shall be taxed as part of such costs. In Baltimore city the Supreme Bench shall from time to time assign a judge or judges before whom or any of whom such petitions shall be heard, and neither party shall have any right of removal. Exceptions may be taken to any ruling of the Court at the hearing of any such petition and appeal allowed to the Court of Appeals, as in other cases; all such appeals shall be taken within five days from the date of the decision complained of, and shall be heard and decided by the Court of Appeals as soon after the transmission of the record as may be practicable.

Chapter 236, Acts of 1910. 26. In the counties a new general registration shall be made by each Board of Registry in the year 1914; such new general registration shall be made in the same way, at the same time, and under the same rules and provisions in all respects as are in this Article made for the first general registration; and the respective Boards of Supervisors of Elections in the several counties are hereby authorized and required to furnish, whenever in the judgment of said board it may be necessary or expedient, new books of registry for use in any of the districts or precincts in the said several counties, for the transcribing of the names of qualified voters residing therein from the registration books in use. The said transcribing shall be done in the office of the Board of Supervisors of Election by two clerks to be selected, one by the supervisors representing the majority party, and one by the supervisor representing the chief minority party, as the said parties are now constituted in this State. The transcribing shall be done by the said clerks, both present at the same time, and new books, after being transcribed, shall correspond in all respects, and if they do not correspond at the conclusion of the work or if any error in the transcribing be alleged to exist, either of said clerks or any citizen or voter in any of said counties may file a petition in the Circuit Court within twenty days after said work is finished, naming the said two clerks and the Board of Supervisors of Elections as defendants, and the said Court shall have the power to make such order for correction of said books as may be proper; any political party that polled more than one per cent. of the votes cast at the last election may, through its political committee, if it has one, or by citizens representing the said party, if there be no political committee, name a watcher and substitute watcher, who shall be permitted to attend at the transcribing of said names and have power to examine the said books during the sittings of the said clerks for the said work and for a period of five days thereafter, in the presence of said Board of Supervisors.

Chapter 157, Acts of 1922. 27. In the city of Baltimore there shall be a general registration in the year 1922 and quadrennially thereafter. Before the November election in the year 1923 and in every year thereafter, except in years of general registration, the last general registration shall be revised by the Board of Registry in each precinct where such election was to be held, and for that purpose a Board of Registry shall meet on the Tuesdays respectively, six and four weeks preceding the regular election in November and shall hold a session from 12 o'clock M. to 8 o'clock P. M., and names may be added to the registers in the same way, upon sworn application, as in the case of a general registration, and all the same forms and requirements shall be observed. If it shall appear that any applicant had been upon the registers in any other precinct in the city of Baltimore at any time since the beginning of the last general registration for such precinct, his name shall not be added to the registers when application is made until he produces a certificate of removal given him by the Board of Registry for such other precinct, which certificates shall be in substance as follows: ...precinct,

.ward. This is to certify that the name of. heretofore residing at...

.in this precinct, has been stricken from the registry of the precinct and proper erasures made, and that upon the registers of this precinct, the following entries appear with reference to him: Name, ..; age, ; color,.... . ;

; residence,.... ; nativity,

time of residence in precinct,

; time of residence in city,... .; time of residence in State,.

; naturalized,.... ; date of papers,

; Court,

; qualified,

; voter,. ; date of application,

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Board of Registry. The foregoing certificate shall be granted by the Board of Registry when in session, under the following regulations; that is to say, if at the time of application for said removal certificate is made the name of said voter is already erased from the registers, then it shall be the duty of the said Board of Registry to grant the certificate to the voter himself or to any other person making application therefor, but if at the time such application is made, the name of the voter be still upon the registries of voters as a qualified voter, the removal certificate shall be granted and the name stricken off only upon the personal application of such voter to the said Board of Registry, and after his taking and subscribing an oath substantially as follows: "I,..

do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I now reside at.

in the city of...... county. of...

that I am the same person who is entered by that name as a qualified voter in the registers of the... ... ..precinct of the.. city; that I have removed from said last-mentioned residence and that I do request that the proper entries and records be made and that my name be erased from the registers of said last-mentioned precinct, and that a certificate of removal be furnished me at this time."

The foregoing affidavit shall be written or printed on the back of such certificate of removal and when presented to the Board of Registry in the precinct in which such applicant resides, it shall be taken by said Board and returned to the office of the Supervisors of Elections. When such certificate shall be granted by the Board of Registry the name of such applicant shall be erased from the register of the precinct from which he removed. At the end of each such sessions the registers shall be made to agree where there is any difference between them, and then the officers of registration having the custody thereof shall sign their names or initials in their

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