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pared and made to agree, where there is any difference, and such revision of the registry by said Board of Registry shall then be considered closed, and no other name can be added by said board, and a certificate of the number of qualified voters shall then be made and signed on the registers. The registers shall by noon of the second day thereafter be returned to the Supervisors of Elections, with the alphabetical list, as required in Section 24.

Chapter 158, Acts of 1916. 36. The Board of Supervisors of Elections in the various counties shall, immediately upon the return of said registers, cause a suitable number of copies of the alphabetical list of names registered or erased in each precinct to be printed and written three days after such return of the list, and cause copies thereof to be posted and to be given to the judges and clerks, and to be sold, as before provided in case of general registration. The provisions of this section shall not apply to Baltimore city.

Chapter 202, Acts of 1896. 37. Any person who feels aggrieved for any of the causes mentioned in Section 25 of this Article, which may have arisen in the course of such revision, may file a petition as provided for the first general registration, and thereupon the same proceeding shall be had and the same forms and methods shall be used as in case of similar petitions under the said Section 25

Chapter 202, Acts of 1896. 38. The place of any officer of registration who may be absent on any day of registration or revision shall be filled by the other members of the board then present, always selecting a person of the same political party as the absent person, and the same oath shall be administered by one of the members of said board then present to such temporary officer of registration, as provided in the case of the regular officers of registration; whenever the regular officer shall retarn or be present the temporary incumbent shall vacate his office. The appointment and swearing in of all such substitutes, and the reasons therefor, and the time when such substitutes began and ceased to serve as officers of registration shall be noted by the board in the registers.

Chapter 202, Acts of 1896.

39. There shall not be a previous revision of the registry before any special election, but at such election the registry books as last prepared or revised shall be used. In the year eighteen hundred and ninety-seven, however, and every second year thereafter, the books of registration for the city of Annapolis shall be open by the several Boards of Registry for the wards or precincts thereof on the second Monday, and the following Tuesday in those years, for the purpose of registering new voters and for the correction of said books of registration prior to the biennial municipal elections in said city in the month of July, and of those sittings of the said Boards of Registry, ten days' previous public notice shall be given by the Board of Supervisors of Anne Arundel county, directed by Section 14.

Chapter 202, Acts of 1896.

40. The Board of Supervisors of Elections, the Board of Registry and each member of said Board of Registry shall, without fee or reward, whenever the said registers, or any one of them, in its or his custody, permit the same to be freely inspected by anyone wishing so to do, such inspection shall be made in the presence of a member or members of the said Board of Supervisors or of one of their clerks, or of the said Board of Registry, or of those members of the Board of Registry in whose custody the said registers may be, and not otherwise. Said Board of Supervisors and said Board of Registry shall, upon application, furnish a copy of any entry in said register, and said copy, under their hands, shall be evidence in any Court or before any officer, of the matters therein contained.

Chapter 177, Acts of 1910.

41. Any convention or primary meeting as hereinafter de fined, held for the purpose of making nominations to public office, and also voters to the number hereinafter specified, may nominate candidates for public office to be filled by election within the State. A convention or primary meeting within the meaning of this section is an organized assemblage of delegates or voters, representing a particular party or principle, whose highest candidate at any election held within two years next preceding the holding of such convention polled more than one per cent. and less than ten per cent. of the entire vote cast in the State, county or other division or district for which the nomination is made. Nominations may be made by means of primary elections, without the intervention of any convention by any party which at the last preceding election polled the requisite proportion of votes, as hereinbefore specified.

Chapter 124, Acts of 1912.

42. All nominations made by such conventions or primary meetings shall be certified as follows: The certificate of nomination shall be in writing, shall contain the name of each person nominated, his residence, his business, his address and the office for which he is nominated, and shall designate, in not more than one word, the party or principle which such convention or primary meeting represents. It shall be signed by the presiding officer and secretary of such convention, who shall add to their signatures their respective places of residence, their business and business address, and acknowledge the same before an officer duly authorized to take acknowledgements, who shall append a certificate of such acknowledgment thereto. If the nomination is by mea primary election, the certificate shall be signed and acknowledged by the persons whose duty it may be, by party usage, to declare the result of such election in the manner prescribed for a nomination by a convention, but no party emblem or device of any kind shall be added to said certificate; and if any such emblem or device should be added, it shall not be printed upon the ballot by the Secretary of State or any of the Boards of Supervisors of Elections.

Chapter 399, Acts of 1922. 43. A candidate for public office, including candidates for the office of United States Senator from Maryland, may be nominated otherwise than by a convention or primary election in the manner following: A certificate of nomination containing the names of a candidate for office to be filled with such information as is required to be given in certificate provided for in Section 42 of this Article, with the additional statement that the persons signing the same intend to vote for the person nominated thereby shall be signed by voters in numbers follows residing in the political division in and for which the officer is to be elected—that is to say: The number of signatures so required shall not be less than two thousand when the nomination is for an office to be filled by an election participated in by the voters of the entire State, and not less than fifteen hundred when the nomination is for an office to be filled by an election to be participated in by the voters of an entire Congressional district or of the City of Baltimore, and not less than seven hundred and fifty when the nomination is for an office to be filled by an election to be participated in by the voters of the entire cities of Annapolis, Frederick, Cumberland, or Hagerstown, and not less than five hundred for nominations for all other elections; and provided also, that the said signatures need not all be appended to one paper, but if the signatures be appended to more than one paper, all such papers must be fastened together and filed as one certificate. Each signer shall append to his signature his residence, occupation and place of business, and every such paper shall be accompanied by an affidavit or affidavits made before a justice of the peace by one or more persons known personally to the justice and so certified by him and signed by the affiant or affiants to the effect that the signers are known to such affiant or affiants to be registered voters of the district or precinct in which they respectively reside and that the said affiant or affiants personally saw the signers, in regard to whom he or they make others, sign such paper; and any wilfully false statement in such affidavit or affidavits or affirmation shall be deemed a misdemeanor and shall subject the person making the same to the fines and penalties prescribed by the law of this State for the crime of perjury. No person who has been a candidate for nomination by a political party at the primary elections preceding a general election shall be nominated for an office to be filled at such general election in the manner prescribed by this section.

Chapter 447, Acts of 1922. 43A. No petition for the election of a charter board, under the provisions of Article XIA of the Constitution of Maryland, title “Local Legislation,” shall be accepted or filed by the Board of Supervisors of Elections of Baltimore City or any of the counties, as the case may be unless all of the signatures attached to any such petition shall have been written thereon by the signers within six months of the date when such petition is laid before the Board of Supervisors of Elections of Baltimore City or any of the Counties, as the case may be. In signing any petition in accordance with the manner prescribed in Section 7 of said Article XIA of the Constitution, every signer thereto shall place to the right of his or her name as and when signed, the date of such signature in his or her own handwriting, and no action thereon shall be taken by any Board of Supervisors of Elections unless the petition is filed within six month of the date of the first signature.

Chapter 202, Acts of 1896.

44. Certificates of nomination shall be filed with the Secretary of State for the nomination of members of Congress or of candidates for offices to be filled by the voters of the entire State or of any division of a greater extent than one county For all other nominations to public offices certificates of nomi nation shall be filed with the Supervisors of Election of the respective counties or of Baltimore city, as the case may be, wherein the offices are to be filled by the voters.

Chapter 202, Acts of 1896. 45. No certificate of nomination shall contain the name of more than one nominee for each office to be filled. No person shall join in nominating more than one nominee for each office to be filled and no person shall accept a nomination to more than one office.

Chapter 202, Acts of 1896. 46. The Secretary of State and the several boards of Supervisors of Elections shall cause to be preserved in their respective offices for two years all certificates of nomination filed with them under the provisions of this Article. All such certificates shall be open to public inspection.

Chapter 133, Acts of 1902. 47. Except in cases provided for by Section 51 and cases of special election to fill vacancies in office caused by death, resignation or otherwise, such certificates of nomination shall be filed respectively with the Secretary of State not less than twenty-five days, and with the Board of Supervisors of Elections not less than fifteen days before the day of election.

Chapter 202, Acts of 1896.

48. Not less than eighteen days before an election to fill any public office, the Secretary of State shall certify to the Supervisors of Elctions of each county within which any of the voters may, by law, vote for candidates for such office, the name and description of each person nominated for such office, as specified in the certificates of nomination filed with the Secretary of State, and shall certify the same to the Supervisors of Elections of Baltimore city, if any of the voters of said city may by law vote for candidates for such office.

Chapter 51, Acts of 1918. 49. At least eight days before an election to fill any public office, the Supervisors of Elections of each county and in the city of Baltimore shall cause to be published in two or more newspapers within such county, except in Howard County, where the Supervisors of Elections may publish in one newspaper, and in all the daily papers published in said city which will publish the same at the current rate for advertising, the nominations to office which have been filed with or certified to

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