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Marimus Tyrius, caution of, against ascribing any of whatever exists necessarily, must be absolute, I answered, 245, what assurance of success, 247. ob-
thing corporeal to the Deity, 1156.

59, 64. of saints, 322. of spirits of just men, dis. ligations of the regenerate, 250. sermons on, 882.
Mead, Mr. Matthew, his character, 991.

course on, 1012. See Blessedness, Soul, Death, difference it makes between men, what it signifies
Mediator, three offices of, 197. knowiedge of God Resurrection.

as a birth, 891. what as a divine birth, 896. its con-
in the delightful, 354. design of his mediation, I Persecution, more rare for the duties of natural re- nexion with faith in Christ, 916.
496. treasury of the Spirit lodged with, 535. great ligion, than for those purely Christian, 331. resolu Rejoicing, see Joy.
necessity of a, 673. See Christ. How reconciled tions in prospect of, ib. fight in time of, 332, Religion, end and scope of, 4, 850. grounds of, see
to God by, see Reconciliation.

thoughtfulness of future sufferings under, forbid Examination. Some, practised every where, 10.
Meditation, on God, pressed, 461. on future glory, den, 335. wickedness of, to bring men to commu reason to judge it the distinguishing character of

nion, 450, the best preparative for suffering under, man, 10, 313. delighting in God, rung through the
Mercy, of God, distinguished from his grace and if called to it, 482.

whole of it, 350, those things plain and few which
goodness, 206. in preparing men for his kingdom, Perseverance, necessity of, 804. patience requisite are necessary in, 384. artificial, consequences of,
522. in us, to the distressed, an imitation of God, to, 817. grounds to hope for, $20.

526. vanity of a formal profession of, 6:29.

Person, dise of the word as applied to the Trinity, Repentance, not a sufficient compensation to the
Metella, sacrifice of, prevented, by substitution, 583. see Trinity of Christ, his Godhead of great divine government, 87. by it we become like a
Ministers, pathetic lamentation of, when unsuc weight in man's recovery, see Chrisi.

boly God, 255. pleasure attending. 359. must ac-
cessful, 245. their teaching only subordinato, 427. Pleasure, religious, see Delight, Joy, Satisfac company yielding ourselves to God, 429. necessa.
have their share of the Spirit, when plentifully tion.

ry to our peace, 437. sill of God, 856.
poured out on the church. 574. great solicitude of, Plot, gunpowder, sermon on, 956.

Resolution, importance of, 817
779. the Spirit, by his operations on their hearts, I Popery, notion of dominion in grace began in the Respecting of persons, culpable in matters of
strives with sinners, 912. reasons why they may papal church, 185. See Infallibility. Mercy of right, &c. 441.
desire to depart, 975. means they are to use in the deliverance from the effects of, on November Restoration, of fallen man, 77. fitness of it, ib. ne.
their work, 989. end of their ministry, to save 5th, 956 much greater to be delivered from the cessity of. 54. two things necessary to this end,
themselves and others, how to be understood, ib. spiritual power of, 957, the character of that inte 327. See Regeneration, Reconciliation.
to preach as they have opportunity, 999.

rest, 958, monstrous degeneracy from Christianity, Resurrection, considerable accession of happiness
Ministry, what a person should do when a faithful, 959. their doom, ib.

to saints at the. 223. completing of the body of
is withdrawn, 451. deals with men's consciences, Portion, how God capable of being a, see Delight. Christ, 224. display of the glory of his kingdom,
766. to be adapted to, 770. encouragements in, 774, Poroet, of God, proof of, 14. glory of, 206. spiritual, ib. of the body, hope of, 845.
779. means of conversion, 777. rewards those em necessary for walking in the Spirit, 543, 515. na Revelation, use and end of, 70. general proof of di-
ployed in it, 778. conscience to be engaged in, 790. tural, not sufficient for, 544.

vine original of, ib. an external and internal, 240.
Miracles, incffectual without the Spirit, 604. use Prayer. for grace, the duty of awakened sinners, God's inward, to himself, see Knowledge. Ne-

and need of, 980, those of Christ benevolent, 1006. 247, 218, 452, 455, for the Christian interest, 332, for cessity of, universally admitted, 1078. must be
Misery, of the uprighteous, 249. God cannot be a knowledge of future events, not proper, 346. written, 16. absurdity of alcoran in comparison of,

pleased with the eternal, of those who love him, Christ's, for his enemies, 445. intercession for oth 1079. confined to so few nations, considerations
407. much of future, consists in unsatisfied desire, ers a proper part of, 491. discourse on, from the on, 1082. See Oracles, Scriptures.
411. and in the self-loathings of impure sinners, name of God, 492. apostolical, 545, that the way | Revenge, vileness of a disposition to, 89. when a.s.
216. Spiritual and eternal, 136. perpetuity of fu of God may be known upon earth, 737. neglect of cribed to God in sacred Scriptures, explained, ib.
ture, 436. degrees of, in spiritual death, 1225. See secret and family, an evidence of enmity against evil of a revengeful tempor, 481.

God, 910. particular faith in, 1039.

Reward, an eye to it not unwarrantable, 247.
Mora! virtue, see Virtue.

Predetermination, of men by God to sinful actions, Righteousness, commonly in sacred Scriptures sig-
Morrono, see Thoughtfulness.

disproved, 117. pretences for it, answered, ib. 118. Difies universal rectitude, 194. sometimes more
Motion, supposes self acting being, 13. an intelli notions entertained by the Dominicans, 120. differ. limited, ib. refers to some law of God, 195. this
geni one, 14.

ence between immediate concourse and determi law requires gracious principles, ib. bow far the
Mystery, Gospel so called in Scripture, 473. "of

native, 128. objections answered, 130. the author's law of works yet in force. b. qualifies for blessed.
God and of Christ," explained, ib. of faith, ib. sentiments stated distinctly, 508. See Providence. ness, 198. man's origins, see Man Of Christ,

Premonitions, not suddenly to be rejected, 342. does not supersede homens, &c. 237. it makes not
none have reason to repine, if some should be fa the sins of believers cease to be sins, 247. God
voured with them, 1b.

imputes it, 855.
Prescience, of God, difficulty of, 51. reconcileable. Ruler, God our sovereign, 427, the Mediator as me-
Name, of God, sin of taking in vain, 200, 124. argu nesg of, 114. care to be taken not to ascribe incon. diately so, 428. See Dominion, Government,
ment in prayer frorn, 492 fitness of this, 495. re sistencies to God in, 115. universal, a perfection, Kingdom, Magistrates.
quisites to the right use of, ib. persuasion to use, 116. his word plainly asserts it, ib. his deborting
500. of Jesus, see Jesus.

no proof against, 117. supposition of, altery not the
Nature, human, capacities of, 848. divine goodness

natural goodness or evil of actions, 119.
of, to be studied, 849.
Presumption on life, 332.

Sabbath, Hebrew word for, 203. an awful regard
Necessity, of the Holy Spirit's work upon the heart, Pretence of love to God, without love to our bro due to, 1010,
to prepare for the kingdom of God, 511.

ther, cause of, 686. absurdity and falsehood of, 687. Sacrifice, of Christ, fitness of, to make way for re-
Principles, of a gracious person. 571. implanted by conciliation, 78. considered as a punishment for

the Spint, 588. of the oracles of God, see Oracles. sin, not unjust, 79. procured the Spirit, ib. necessi
Promises, all connected with that of the Spirit, 108. ty of, 84. no less recompense sufficient, 93. some-

of the covenant, under the Christian dispensation, times taken in a general sense, 413.
Oaths, his judgment about taking, X.

ib. no teniporal, absolute. 109, 410. whether any, Saint, state of, not to be judged by present appear.
Occasional conformity, letter on, xlv.

of the first grace, 247. difference between and ances, 928. See Christians.
Old Testament, saints under the, believed a life to threatening, 433, 195.

Salvation, God professes to will the, of all men,
come, 193, a Messiah to come, 437.
Prononces, to formality in religion, 661.

121. carnestly to be desired, 836. means of, not to
Omniscience, see knoidledge.
Propensities, contrary in body and mind, 846.

be separated from the end, 837. what necessary to,
Oracles of God, meaning of the term, 1017. princi Prophecy, when those, not scriptural, are unduly to be studied, ib. to save, in the highest sense,

ples of, what, 1050. necessity of teaching them, regarded, 344, gift of. not to be prayed for, 346. Sco appropriate to God, 989. in a lower sense ascribed
1051. method by which to be taught, ib. goodness Premonitions,

to faith, &c. ib., often promiscuously used, and
of God, in giving them, to be adored, 1054. suit Protestant Union, see Union.

why, 999.
ableness of, to intelligent creatures, ib, rashness Providence, God the conserving cause of all other Sampson, Dr. Henry, his character, 303.
of persons professing religion without seeking to beings. 33. Epicurean notion of, see Epicurus. Sanctification, see Holiness, Regeneration.
understand them, 15. folly of such. 1065. nature of, Thoughtfulness for the future events of, forbidden, Satan Jus artifice, 612
show the excellency of the Christian religion, ib. 332. providential restraints from sin, to be thank. Satisfaction, of Christ, see Sacrifice of the bless-
teaching of, not to be opposed, ib. temper neces. fully owned, 489. God's over his creatures, uni ed in heaven, 203. how vision of God contributes
gary for learning thetn, l.
versal, 130. vindicated, 1035.

to, see Blessedness. Of the soul, derived from
Order, family, 576. restored in man, by regenera Prudence, prudent forethought about future events, knowledge of God, and conformity to him, 233.
tion, 659.
see Thoughtfulness.

Christians should endeavour to grow in, 256.
Orthodocy, in fundamental doctrines, necessary, Punishoncne, how Christ's sufferings a, nee Sacri- Schism, want of charity the most destructive, 482,

232. vanity of a religion which is placed in mere fice. Sinners are liable to, by violation of the See Charity, Union.
speculative, 475. without charity, mischievous, ib. law of nature, 110. how released from it, by par Scriptures, general proof of their divine origin, 70.
not too great strens to be laid on, 1091.

don, id. for sin, how required by divine justice, see several passages of, said to be brought to pass,
Owner, God our, 425. and first to the mediator, 428. Justice In what sense to be accounted a debt, 1030. divine authority of, 1069. undertaking to prove

196. God hath reserved to himself a latitude in in it, justified, 1071. of the Old Testament, 1072. of
flicting temporal, 432. the unalterable connexion the Now, 1073. books of, which we have, same as
of, in another world, with sins unrepented of, 433. in early times, 1074. impossible to have been al-

of magistrates, for the good of mankind, see Ma tered. 1075. objection to this answered, 1076. style
Paradise, felicity of, 1188.

gistrates. The sting of future, 835. God's chas of, 1080. matter of, sublime, id comprehensiveness
Pardon, difference between God's and man's. 87. | tisements of his people, properly penal, 951.

of, 10. its correspondence to the spirit of man, ib.
obtained by Christ, 94. connected with the com- | Purposc o God, see Will of God.

want of more distinct method in, no objection to,
munication of the Holy Spirit, 110. See Recon.

1083. inquiry if we have suitable temper towards,

ib. proper use of, exhortations to, 1084. See Re-
Parents, duty of, 1244. advice to, 1249.

velotion, Word.
Parly, in religion, 350. vanity of that religion which

Sell government, 364. activity, 18. inspection, 1b
consists in forms chosen by a, 391, 488. mischie Qualifications, how righteousness qualifies for selfish prayers reproved, 500. set up since the apos-
vous to the church, 158. love to, a hinderance of blessedness, see Righteousness.

tacy, 292, effect of camality, 469. love, God works
union, 475. See Union, Communion. Unreason.

on, 805. See Dedication, Examination
ableness of rejoicing at the sins of others, because

Sensuality, enjoyment in, not man's blessedness,
not of our, 189.

225. debases the honour of the human species, 274.
Passions, ascribed to God, how to be understood,

not fit for man's chief end, 279. dishonourable, 23.
89, 122, 416. 155. to be kept under commaud, 285. Reason, use of, in religion, 9. of little service io men the reason of men's enmity to religion, see Car:
patience, a conquest of disorderly, 295. furious, 692. who deny a future state, 279.

Patience, a prime glory of the divine majesty, 265. Reconciliation, between God and man, 447. neces Serrant, faithful, rewarded, discourse on, 965. See
waiting for the blessedness of future life, 262. dis sity of, 943. surprising that it should be allowed Usefulness.
course on sane subject, nature of it, &c. 292. after enmity, 944. discourse upon, ib. ours to God, Sheol, signification of, 310.
God's, what it is, 294.

15. God's to us, 950. way by which it is brought Sin, consistent and inconsistent with Christianity.
Peace, civil, God the author of it, ya. blessing of,
.ahout, 962

182. against the Holy Ghost, not final impeni-
16. with God, sec Reconciliation. Things ne Redeemer, see Mediator, Sacrifice. His tears over tency and infdelity, 199. whether all the actions
cessary to be known as belonging to our, see souls, see Tears. Dominion, sce Dominion.

of the unregenerate are. 246. a distinction be-
Knoroledge On earth, effect of Christ's underta. Reformation of manners, discourse on, 1002.

tween what is substantially evil, and circumstan-
king, 1257. between God and man, 1260

Regenerate, the, born to great things, 520. duty to tially, ib. known and gross, what they produce,
People of God, not impossible for God to reject a

mind their eternal state, ib. love to God churac. 408. unto death, whether any person has commit.
people once his own. 492. good men dread it, ib. teristic of, 527. obligations to love each other, ib. ted it, 445. what conviction of, included in recon-
argument in prayer from the name of God against means of their new birth very dear to, 16. great ciliation, see Reconciliation. Its nature deter-
this, see Name.
ness of mind in, 830.

mined in sacred Scripture, 453. not all blasphemy
Perfection, of God, see God and particular attri Regeneration, new creature hath a perfection of or malice unpardonable, 454. See U'r pardonable

bules. Absolute, what it imports, 31. can never parts, 213. necessity of, 227 what unconverted sin sin. A three-fold degree of mercy in preserving
belong to a creature 34. difficulties about it, 35. ners should do in order to this change, 214. doubts from, 188. and danger of forsaking the Lord, 741.

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state. Food and may be allo

Sinccre love, directions to those who feel them. | Temptation, evil of tempting others, 487. threefold | Uprightness, what it signifies, 132. selves destitute of, 679.

preservative from, 488.

Usefulness, considerations for submission at there Sincerity, of God, see Prescience. In us, the term Testimony of the Spirit, see Assurance.

moval of useful persons, 320. on earth trapsitory, of salvation, 195. imitation of God's truth, 25. Thoughtfulness for the morrow, discourse on, term 322 pleu for unwillingness to die from apprehen Sleep, see Soul.

morrow explained, 329. what prohibited, 330, rea sion of greater, 974, 1025. See Servant. Sobriety, faith the parent of, 286.

sons against such, 337. directions against, 340. apSorrow, when immoderate, Bee Letter to Lady pendix to, against immoderate desires of knowing

W Russell. .

things to come, ib. when a faulty distemper, 341. Sovereignty of God, in sending his Gospel to some considerations for cure of, 344.

Walking an expression in Scripture for converse, nations, 120. in fixing the length of the day of Threatenings, God refers to himself a latitude of 250. what it denotes, 539. of the Christian to be cir grace, 441. examples of, in severity and grace, ib. acting in reference to temporal, 432. difference be- cumspect, 850. Soul, its excellent powers, 23. carries marks that tween promises and, 433. See Punishment, I War, horror of it, represented, 926. in its causes, ib. it is a caused being, ib. not a part of God, io Judgments.

in itself, 927. in its destructive consequences, the must have an intelligent efficient, 27. unworthy of Time, redeeming of, pressed, 316. one character of Warning, 797. God to believe its mortality, 191, this life but a sleep the faithful servant, 967.

Wicked, the, turned into bell, 747. to it, 221. awakes at death, 222. reflections on a Tranquillity, perfection of, in heaven, 217.

Will of God, debates whether end or means are to passage of Parker de scensit, ib. excellency of, Trial, man created in a state of, 292. man, after his be reckoned first in the intention of, 85. no purposes 278. seem to be made for no valuable end, if only apostacy, put upon a new, 315, this makes it pro of, necessary in reference to creatures, but what for this life, ib. separate state of, see Death. Re ver that the other world should be to us unseen, ib. arise from essential rectitude, ib. distinctions in, deemer's tears over lost, see Tears. God the fa that we should not know future events, 347.

between the, of good pleasure, and the sign, 123. ther of, 333. neglect of, degrading to our nature, Trinity, presence of, with believers, 107. calm and his, which Christians are to do, 283. primary in832. provoking to God, ib. must be accounted for, sober inquiry into the possibility of a, in the God tention of, in giving the Gospel, is salvation, 444. ib. duty of loving our own, 847.

head, 136. questions about the three persons waived, secondary punishment of the impenitent, ib. his, Spinosa. his inconsistencies, 58. his scheme of one ib. postscript to ditto, 145. letters to Dr: Wallis against some things which he does not see fit to

only substance, 69. weakness and absurdity of his on, 146, 150. ditto to the defender of Dr. Sher hinder, 446. in favour of some which he does not opinions, 60.

lock's notion, 151. considerations about, 157. diffi see fit to effect, ib. See Predetermination, PreSpirit, evil of an ungovernable, 333. produced by culties about three infinites, 163. how far neces science of man, see Man. What is the, that the holy, 504. begotten, what it implies, 509.

sary to be conceived of, for practical purposes, sinners have an enmity to, 939. of his secret and Spirituality of mind, Christians pressed to seek 425.

revealed, ib. after, 401.

| Wisdom, of God, proofs of, 14. glory of, 206. recon. Stilling fleet, Dr. answer to his sermon against dis

cileableness of God's prescience of sin with, see sentera, 168.

Prescience. Of a righteous man's choice, 239 Stoics, bow far they reckoned pity a disease of the Vink, Mr. Peter, his character, 1002.

Word of God, obedience to be mixed with hearing mind, 73. whether they charged sin on God, ib. Virtue, moral, when saving, 232.

of, 720. efficacy of 1081. Submission, to God of the concems of his honour, Vision, of God, sensible, such as shall gratify the | Words, should confine ourselves to the plain, of

to his own judgment, 497, and of all our secular! bodily eye after the resurrection, 199. intellectual, Scripture, about the doctrine of the Trinity, 144. concerns, 499.

199. reflections on the question of the schoolmen, carnality in laying stress upon unscriptural, 466. Supreme excellence of God, to be studied, 674. 1b. act of, 201. knowledge of saints on earth called or indulgence to mistakes in the use of Scripture,

by this name, 283. ingredient of heavenly perfec-
tion, 1015.

World, eternity of, disproved, 13, 64. invisible, incluUnbelief, inefficacy of the Gospel ascribed to, 515. ding heaven and bell, 309. Christ has dominion Teacher, God our, 425. vain pretence of the pope to unconcer, effect of, ib. unreasonableness and per

over both, 311. discovery of the invisible, 313. conbe an infallible, 426. advantages of having God for versity of, 517.

formity to, repugnant to the Holy Spirit, 558, spiour, ib. how far ministerial teaching to be regard Union, of the three persons, see Trinity. Hypos rit of, effect on religion, 560. its great wickedness, ed, see Ministers.

tatical, see Person With God, 220. complete in 672. conviction of, will be deep, ib. patience and Tears, of Christ, over lost souls, 431. his weeping heaven, ib. of the church, 453. among protestants, bounty of God to, 673. forsaken on a discovery of over Jerusalem, 435.

discourse on, 472. end proposed, 473. means con God, 866. Temper, blessedness begins in a right, 253, 440. evil ducing to this end, ib. mutual love, ib. forbear | Worship, see Temple. Chosen by any party a dead of a morose, 691. an unmerciful, 692.

ance in things, in which we differ, necessary to, | religion, 381. mere attendance upon the solemniTemple, the living, a good man the, of God, 7. two 475. a clear faith of the Gospel necessary to, 481. ties of, no mark of a good man, 395. things supposed in this notion, 10. reason teaches and order produced by the Spirit, what kind we that God should have a temple, 69. Scripture more may expect in the church, 593. upon the outpour

Y fully, 70. many doubts respecting worship thus ing of the Spirit, 596. to Christ, 810. disposition of solved, ib. temple defiled and desolated, 71. unfit believers in want of, 843. between soul and body, | Yielding to God, under what notions to consider for the divine presence, 74. God withdrawn from, 1023. mysterious, ib.

God in this matter, 494. as he is in himself, ib. ac. 75. restitution of by Emmanuel, 77. Christ himself Unty of God, proved by reason, 37. a distinct thing cording to the relations he bears, 13. as transactthe primary, 82. necessity of his constitution to the from simplicity, see Trinity. Of the Godhead, ing with us through the Mediator, 428. under what erecting of God's, in the world, 84. why no more 1085. ineffectual belief of, condemned, 1099. effect notions to consider ourselves, ib. in what manner temples raised, 100. state of the whole Christian of faith in, on devils, 1090. what universal belief we should yield ourselves to God, 429. See Dedscommunity as making up one, waived, 112. men of, will effect in the world, 1091.

cation. addressed to become the, of God, 113. dedication Unpardonable sin, why sins of fallen angels so, 95. Youth, removal of hopeful persons in, 320. this an. of, see Dedication.

why sins of the impenitent under the Gospel so, 97, L ill presage to a land, 828


bank of these in the chur the Spinnecessari sary to

for the di temple definits respectin, Scri


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