Life of Honoré de Balzac

W. Scott, 1890 - 145 páginas

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Página vi - of matter that has been printed relating to Dickens and his works ... we should, until we came across this volume, have been at a loss to recommend any popular life of England's most popular novelist as being really satisfactory. The difficulty is removed by Mr. Marzials's little
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Página vii - in a more handy form than any English, or even French handbook gives, the summary of what, up to the moment in which we write, is known or conjectured about the life of the great poet."—Saturday
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Página vi - LIFE OF DANTE GABRIEL ROSSETTI. By J. Knight. " Mr. Knight's picture of the great poet and painter is the fullest and best yet presented to the public.' —Tin Graphic. LIFE OF SAMUEL JOHNSON.

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