Poems, Volume 1


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Página 371 - He tore out a reed, the great god Pan, From the deep, cool bed of the river; The limpid water turbidly ran, And the broken lilies a-dying lay, And the dragon-fly had fled away Ere he brought it out of the river.
Página 372 - Then, dropping his mouth to a hole in the reed, He blew in power by the river. Sweet, sweet, sweet, O Pan, Piercing sweet by the river ! Blinding sweet, O great god Pan The sun on the hill forgot to die, And the lilies revived, and the dragonfly Came back to dream on the river.
Página 354 - The Age culls simples, With a broad clown's back turned broadly to the glory of the stars. We are gods by our own reck'ning, and may well shut up the temples, And wield on, amid the incense-steam, the thunder of our cars. ' For we throw out acclamations of selfthanking, self-admiring, With, at every mile run faster, — " O the wondrous wondrous age...
Página 331 - And the first time, I will send A white rosebud for a guerdon, — And the second time, a glove ; But the third time — I may bend From my pride, and answer — ' Pardon, If he comes to take my love.
Página 330 - Then, ay, then he shall kneel low, With the red-roan steed anear him Which shall seem to understand, Till I answer, 'Rise and go! For the world must love and fear him Whom I gift with heart and hand.
Página 310 - Oh, the little birds sang east, and the little birds sang west, Toll slowly. And I smiled to think God's greatness flowed around our incompleteness, — Round our restlessness, His rest.
Página 329 - I will have a lover Riding on a steed of steeds : He shall love me without guile, And to him I will discover The swan's nest among the reeds. "And the steed shall be red-roan, And the lover shall be noble, With an eye that takes the breath : And the lute he plays upon shall strike ladies into trouble As his sword strikes men to death.
Página 6 - I used to be, it is my fancy thus to seem to return to a visible personal dependence on you, as if indeed I were a child again ; to conjure your beloved image between myself and the public, so as to be sure of one smile ; and to satisfy my heart, while I sanctify my ambition, by associating with the great pursuit of my life its tenderest and holiest affection.
Página 332 - Xv. Little Ellie, with her smile Not yet ended, rose up gaily, Tied the bonnet, donned the shoe, And went homeward, round a mile, Just to see, as she did daily, What more eggs were with the two. Pushing through the elm-tree copse, Winding up the stream, light-hearted, Where the osier pathway leads, Past the boughs she stoops — and stops. Lo, the wild swan had deserted, And a rat had gnawed the reeds ! XVII.
Página 355 - SOULS as nobly as our iron, Or if angels will commend us at the goal of pilgrimage. ' Why, what is this patient entrance into nature's deep resources, But the child's most gradual learning to walk upright without bane ? When we drive out, from the cloud of steam, majestical white horses, Are...

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