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March 23, 1882.

HORACE H. THOMAS, of Chicago, Cook county. .

Chief Clerk,
JOHN A. REEVE, of Cairo. Alexander county.

Second Assistant Clerk,
FRANK W. LATIMER, of Abingdon, Knox county.

Third Assistant Clerk,
B. D. DAWSON, of Chicago, Cook county.

J. H. MELVIN. of Equality, Gallatin county.

Assistant Postmaster, Miss MOLLIE MCCABE, of Springfield, Sangamon county.

P. W. WILCOX, of Mendota, LaSalle county.

. First Assistant Doorkeeper,
ISAAC H. KELLEY, of Alton, Madison county.

Second Assistant Doorkeeper,
W. F. WILTON, of Clement, Clinton county.

Third Assistant Doorkeeper,
JAMES H. ROBINSON, of Walnut, Bureau county.

Engrossing and Enrolling Clerk,
BENJ. IVES, of Springfield, Sangamon county.

First Assistant Engrossing and Enrolling Clerk, Miss CLARA PATTON, of Quincy, Adams county.

Second Assistant Engrossing and Enrolling Clerk,
C. H. NOEL, of Cherry Valley, Winnebago county.

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At a special session of the Thirty-second General Assembly of the State of Illinois, begun and held in the city of Springfield on Thursday, the 23d day of March,· 1982, at the hour of twelve, noon, the Hon. Horace H. Thomas, Speaker, called the House to order, in pursuance of the proclamation of the Governor; whereupon,

Prayer was offered by the Rev. Mr. Hale.
After which, the following proclamation of the Governor was read :

PROCLAMATION. I, Shelby M. Cullom, Governor of the State of Tuinois, do hereby convene the General Assembly at Springfield, on Thursday, the 23d day of March, 1882, at 12 M., for the following purposes :,,,

First. To apportion the State into Senatorial districts.:

Second.—To apportion the State into Congressional districts, and provide for the election of Representatives therein. .

Third.—To provide for submitting to a vote of the people of the State, at the next general election, the proposition for the transfer of the Illinois and Michigan Canal to the United States..

Fourth.-To provide for the appointment of a commission to report to the next General Assembly a revision of the law in relation to criminal jurisprudence.

Fifth. To appropriate one-half of the interest of the College and Seminary Fund for the ordinary expenses of the State Normal University.

Sixth-To make appropriation for the expenses of the special session of the General Assembly. . In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set' my hand

and caused the seal of the State to be affixed. [SEAL]

Done at the city of Springfield, this seventh day of

March, A. D. 1882.
By the Governor:

HENRY D. DEMENT, Secretary of State.

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