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67 This is the first Edition of Romeo and JULIET

before it received the Alterations and Improvements to be found in the Copy that follows.

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P R O L O G U E.


WO houshold frends alike in dignitie,

(In faire Verona, where we lay our Scene)
From ciuill broyles broke into enmitie,
Whose ciuill warre makes ciuill hands yncleane.
From forth the fatall loynes of these two foes,
A paire of starre-croft louers tooke their life :
Whose misaduentures, piteous ouerthrowes,
(Through the continuing of their fathers strife,
And death-markt passage of their parents rage)
Is now the two howres traffique of our stage.
The which if you with patient eares attend,
What here we want wee'l studie to amend.

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The Moft Excellent




Enter 2. feruing-men of the Capolets.


REGORIE, of my word Ile carrie no coales.

2 No, for if you doo, you should be a collier. i If I be in choler, Ile draw.

2 Euer while you liue, draw your Decke out of the the collar.

i I strike quickly being moou'd.
2 I, but you are not quickly mou'd to strike.
i Dog of the house of the Mountagues moues me.

2 To mooue is to stirre, and to bee valiant is to stand to it : therefore (of my word) if thou be mooud thou't runne away.

1 There's not a man of them I meete, but Ile take the wall of.

2 That shewes thee a weakling, for the weakest goes to the wall.

I Thats true, therefore Ile thrust the men from the wall, and thrust the maids to to the walls : nay, thou shalt see I am a tall peece of Aesh.

2 Tis well thou art not fish, for if thou wert thou wouldit be but poore lohn.

i lle

A 3

i Ile play the tyrant, Ile first begin with the maids, and off with their heads.

2 The heads of the maids ?

1 I the heades of their maides, or the maidenheades, take it in what fence thou wilt.

2 Nay let them take it in fence that feele it, but heere comes two of the Mountagues.

Enter two feruingmen of the Monntagues. i Nay feare not me I warrant thee. 2 I feare them no more than thec, but draw.

i Nay let vs haue the law on our side, let them begin first. Ile tell thee what Ile doo, as I goe by Ile bite my thumbe, which is disgrace enough if they suffer it.

2 Content, goe thou by and bite thy thumbe, and Ile come after and frowne.

1 Moun. Doo you bite your thumbe at vs ?
1 I bite my thumbe.
2 Moun. I but i'lt at vs ?
i I bite my thumbe, is the law on our side?
2 No.
i I bite my thumbe.
I Moun. I but i'lt at vs ?

Enter Beneuolio. 2 Say I, here comes my masters kinsman.

They draw, to them enters Tybalt, they fight, to them the

Prince, old Mountague, and his wife, old Capulet and his wife, and other citizens and part them.

Prince. Rebellious subiects enemies to peace,
On paine of torture, from those bloody handes
Throw your mistempered weapons to the ground.
Three ciuell brawles bred of an airie word,



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