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Oth. Come, let vs to the castle:
Newes friends, our warres are done, the Turks are drownd:
How doe our old acquaintance of the isle;
Honny, you shall be well desir'd in Cypres;
I haue found great loue amongst them : O my sweete,
I prattle out of fashion, and I do:e,
In mine one comforts : I preethee good lago,
Goe to the bay, and difimbarke my coffers;
Bring thou the master to the cittadell ;
He is a good one, and his worthinesse,
Does challenge much respect : come Desdemona,
Once more well met at Cypres.

Exit. lag. Doe thou meete me presently at the habour : coms hither, if thou beest valiant, as they say, base men being in loue, haue then a nobility in their natures, more then is natiue to them-list me, the leiutenant to night watches on the court of guard; first I will tell thee, thiş Desdemona is directly in loue with him.

Rod. With him ? why tis not possible,

lag. Lay thy finger thus, and let thy foule be instructed : marke me, with what violence the first lou'd the Moore, but for bragging, and telling her fantasticall lies; and will the loue him still for prating? let not the discreet heart thinke fo*. Her eye must be fed, and what delight shall the haue to look on the diuell ? when the blood is made dull with the act of sport, there should be againe † to inflame it, and giue faciety a fresh appetite. Love lines in fauous, sympathy in yeares, manners and beauties; all which the Moore is defectiue in : now for want of these requir'd conueniences, her delicate tendernelle will finde it felie abus'd, beginne to heaue the gorge, difrelih and abhorre the Moore, very nature will instruct her to it, and compell her to some second choyce : now sir, this granted, as it is a most pregnant and vnforced position, who

ta gaine,


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stands so eminently in the degree of this fortune, as Casio does ? a knaue very voluble, no farder conscionable, then in putting on the meere forme of ciuill and hand-seeming, for the better compassing of his salt and hidden affections: a subtle flippery knaue, a finder out of occasions; that has an eye, can stampe and counterfeit the true aduantages neuer present themSelues * Besides, the knaue is handsome, yong, and hath all those requisites in him that folly and green mindes look after ; a pestilent compleate kuaue, and the woman has found him already.

.Rod. I cannot beleeue that in her, shee's full of most blest condition.

lag. Blest figs end: the wine shee drinkes is made of grapes: if she had beene blest, she would neuer haue lou'd the Moore. Didst thou not see her paddle with the palme of his hand ?

Rod. Yes, but that was but courtefie.

lag. Lechery, by this hand : an index and + prologue to the history of lust and foule thoughts: they met so neere with their lips, that their breathes embrac'd together. I When these mutualities fo marshall the way, hand at hand, comes the maine exercise, the incorporate conclusion. But sir, be you rul'd by mee, I haue brought you from Venice: watch you to night, for your g command Ile lay't vpon you, Caffio knowes you not, l’le not be farre from you, do you finde some occasion to anger Casio, either by speaking too loud, or tainting his discipline, or from what other cause you please ; which the time shall more fauourably minister, Rod. Well.

ag. Sir he is rash, and very suddain in choler, and haply with his trunchen may strike at you ; prouoke him that he may, for euen out of that, will I cause these of Cypres to mutiny, whose

advantages, tbotrue advantage never presents itselfe. + end ebscure. Villainous eboughts when, &c. || comes on Roderigo, ebe mafter, and tbe, &c,

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quallification shall come into no true trust * again't, but by the displanting of Caffio : so thall you haue a shorter iourney to your desires by the meanes I shal then haue to prefer them, and the impediment, molt profitably remou'd, without which there were no expectation of our prosperity.

Rod. I will doe this, if I can bring it to any opportunity.

lag. I warrant thee, meete me by and by at the cittadell ; I must fetch his necessaries alhore.-Farewell. Rod. Adue.

Exit. lag. That Calio loues her, I doe well beleeue it; That she loues him, tis apt and of great credit; The Moore howbe't, that I indure him not, Is of a constant, noble, louing nature; And I dare thinke, hee'le proue to Desdemona, A most deere husband: now I doe loue her too, Not out of absolute luft, tho peraduenture, I land accountant for as great a fin, But partly lead to diet my reuenge, For that I doe suspect the lustfull Moore, Hath leap'd into my seate, the thought whereof Doth like a poisonous minerall gnaw my inwards, And nothing can, nor shall content my soule, Till I am euen with him, wife, for wife : Of failing so, yet that I put the Moore, At least, into a iealousie so strong, That iudgement cannot cure; which thing to doe, If this poore trash of Venice, whom I crush, For his quicke hunting, stand the putting on, I'le haue our Michael Casio on the hip, Abuse him to the Moore, in the ranke garbe, (For I feare Cafio, with my night cap to) Make the Moore thanke me, loue me, and reward me, For making him egregiously an asse, tafte.


And practising vpon his peace and quiet,
Euen to madnesle: tis here, but yet confus’d,
Knaueries plaine face is neuer seene, till vs'd.


Enter a gentleman * reading a proclamation.

It is Othello's pleasure; our noble and valiant generall, that vpon certaine tidings now arriued, importing the meere per. dition of the Turkish fleete; that euery man put himselfe into triumph : fome to dance, fome make bonefires; each man to what sport and reuels his minde † leades him ; for besides there beneficiall newes, it is the celebration of his nuptialls : so much was his pleasure should bee proclaimed. All offices are open, and there is full liberty, from this present houre of fiue, till the bell hath told eleuen. Heauen blesse the isle of Cypres, and our noble generall Othello.

Enter Othello, Caffia, and Desdemona.
Oth, Good Michael, looke you to the guard to night,
Lets teach our felues the † honourable stoppe,
Not to out sport discretion.

Caf. Iago hath dircited ) what to doe :
But notwithstanding with my personall eye
Will I looke to it.

Oth. lago is most honest,
Michael good night, to morrow with your earliest,
Let me haue Speech with you, come my deare loue,
The purchase made, the fruits are to ensue,
The g profits yet to come twixt me and you,
Good night,

Exit Othello and Desdemona,

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Enter lago.
Caf. Welcome lago, we must to the watch.

lag. Not this houre leiutenant, tis not yet ten a clock : our generall cast vs thus early for the loue of his Desdemona : who let vs not therefore blame, hee hath not yet made wanton the night with her; and she is sport for Ioùe.

Caf. She is a most exquisite lady.
lag. And I'le warrant her full of game.
Caf. Indeede she is a most fresh and delicate creature.

lag. What an eye she has ?
Mc thinkes it sounds a parly of prouocation.

Caf. An inuiting eye, and yet me thinkes right moddest.
lag. And when she speakes, tis an alarme to loue.
Caf. It is indeede perfection.

lag. Well, happinesse to their sheetes-come leiutenant, I haue a stope of wine, and heere without are a brace of Cypres gallants, that would faine haue a measure to the health of the blacke Othello.

Caf. Not to night, good lago; I haue very poore and vnhappy braines for drinking : I could well wish courtesie would inuent some other custome of entertainement. lag. O they are our friends,—but one cup: I'le drink for

you. Caf. I ha drunke but one cup to night, and that was craftily qualified to, and behold what innouation it makes here: I am vnfortunate in the infirmity, and dare not taske my weakenesse with any more. lag. What man, tis a night of reuells, the gallants desire

it. Caf. Where are they? lag Here at the dore, I pray you call them in. Caf. I'le do't, but it dislikes me.

Exit. lag

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