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He that is rob'd, not wanting what is stolne,
Let him not know't, and hee's not rob’d at all.

lag. I am sorry to heare this.

Oth. I had bin happy if the generall campe,
Pyoners, and all, had tasted her sweete body,
So I had nothing knowne : O now for euer
Farewell the tranquile mind, farewell content:
Farewell the plumed troope, and the big warres :
That makes ambition vertue: O farewell,
Farewell the neighing steed, and the shrill trumpe,
The spirit-stirring drumme, the eare-peircing fife;
The royall banner, and all quality,
Pride, pompe, and circumstance of glorious warre.
And O ye mortall engines, whose wide throates,
The immortall loues great clamor counterfeit ;
Farewell, Othello's occupation's gone.

lag. Ist possible my lord ?

Oth. Villaine, be sure thou proue my loue a whore,
Be sure of it, giue me the oculer proofe,
Or by the worth of mans tt eternall foule,
Thou hadît bin better haue beene borne a dog,
Then answer my wak'd wrath.

lag. Ist come to this ?

Oth. Make me to fee't or at the least so proue it,
That the probation, beare no hinge, nor loope,
To hang a doubt on : pr woe vpon thy life.

lag. My noble lord.

Oth. If thou doeft Nander her, and torture me, Neuer pray inore, abandon all remorce. On horrors head, horrors accumilate : Do deeds, to make heauen weepe, all earth amaz’d, For nothing canst thou to damnation ad If greater then that.

Jag. O grace, O heauen defend me,

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Are you a man, haue you a soule or fence ?
God buy you, take mines office, wretched foole
That liuest to make thine honesty a vice,
O monstrous world, take note, take note, O world,
To be direct and honest, is not safe,
I thaoke you for this profit, and from hence,
l'le loue no friend, since loue breedes such offence.

Oth. Nay stay, thou shouldlt be honest.

lag. I should be wise, for honestie's a foole,
And looses that it workes for : *
I see fir, you are eaten vp with passion,
I doe repent me that I put it to you,
You would be satisfied.

Oth. Would, nay, I will.

lag. And may, but how, how satisfied my lord ? Would you, the fuperuifort grossely gape on, Behold her topt?

Oth. Death and damnation-oh.

lag. It were a tedious difficulty I thinke,
To bring em to that prospect, dam em then,
If euer mortall eyes did see them boulster
More then their owne ; what then, how then?
What shall I say? where's satisfaction?
It is impossible you should see this.
Where they as prime as goates, as hot as monkies,


* Uth. By tbe world
I tbinke my wife is boneft, and thinke she is noi,
1 tbinke ebat thou art juji, and tbinke ebou art not ;
Ile baue fome proofe : ber name ebat was as fresh
As Dians uisage, is now begrimd, and blacbe
As mine owne face: if there be cords or knizes,
Poyfon, er fire, or fuffocaring freames,
Ile not endure it : would I were satisfied.

lag. I see fir, &c.
+ Supervison.

A a 4


As salt as wolues, in pride ; and fooles as grosse,
As ignorance made drunke: but yet I say,
If imputation and strong circumstances,
Which leade directly to the doore of truth,
Will giue you satisfaction, you may ha’t.

Oth. Giue me a liuing reason, that shee's disloyall.

lag. I doe not like the office,
But fith I am enter'd into this cause so farre,
Prickt to't hy foolish honesty and loue,
I will goe on: I lay with Caffio lately,
And being troubled with a raging tooth, I could not sleep.
There are a kinde of men so loose of soule,
That in their sleepes will mutter their affaires,
One of this kinde is Gallio :
In sleepe I heard him say. Sweete Desdemona, ,
Let vs be merry, let vs hide our loues ;
And then sir, would he gripe and wring my hand,
Cry out, sweete creature, and then kiffe me hard,
As if he pluckt vp kisses by the rootes,
That grew vpon my lips, then layed his leg
Ouer my thigh, and figh'd, and kissed, and then
Cried, cursed fate, that gaue thee to the Moore,

Oth. O Monstrous, monstrous,
lag. Nay, this was but his dreame.
Oth. But this deuoted * a fore-gone conclusion,

† lag. Tis a shrewd doubt, tho it be but a dreame,
And this may helpe to thicken other proofes,
That doe demonstrate thinly.

Oth. I'le teare her all to peeces.

lag. Nay, but be wise, yet we see nothing done, She may be honest yet, tell me but this,

* deneted. 7 Tậis line is added to Orbello's speech, the next two are continued to lage.


Haue you not sometimes seene a handkercher,
Spotted with strawberries in your wiues hand.

Oth. I gaue her such a one, twas my first gift.

lag. I know not that, but such a handkercher, I am sure it was your wives, did I to day See Casio wipe his beard with.

Oth. If't be that.

lag. If it be that, or any, it was hers,
It speakes against her, with the other proofes.

Oth. O that the llaue had forty thousand lives,
One is too poore, too weake for my reuenge :
Now doe I see tis time, looke here lago,
All my fond loue, thus doe I blow to heauen,- tis gone.
Arise blacke vengeance from thy hollow cell,
Yeeld vp O loue thy crowne, and harted throne,
To tirranous hate, swell bosome with thy fraught,
For tis of aspecks tougues.
lag. Pray be content.

he kneeles, Oth. O blood, Iago, blood. lag. Patience I say, your mind perhaps may change.

Oth. Neuer :
In the due reuerence of a sacred vow,
I here ingage my words.

Iag. Doe not rise yet :


Neuer lago ;
Like tbe Pontick sea
W bose icy current and compulfiue course
Ne'r feels retiring ebbe, but keepes due on,
To tbe Propontick and the Hellefpont:
Euen so my bloody thoughts, witb violent pace,
Sball ne're looke backe, ne're ebbe to bumble loue,
Till that a capeable and wilde reuenge
Swallow ibem up, Now by yond marble beduen,
Jin, &c.


Witnesse you * euer-burning lights aboue,
You elements that clip vs round about,

Iago kneeles.
Witnesse that here, lago doth giue vp
The excellency † of his wit, hand, heart,
To wrong'd Othello's seruice : let him command,
And to obey, shall be remorce,
What bloody worke so euer.

Oth. I greete thy loue:
Not with vaine thankes, but with acceptance bounteous,
And will vpon the instant put thee to't,
Within these three dayes, let me heare thee say,
That Caffio's not aliue.

lag. My friend is dead :
Tis done as you request, but let her live.

Oth. Dam her lewd minks : 0 dam her,
Come, goe with me apart, I will withdraw
To furnish me with some swift meanes of death,
For the faire diuell: now art thou my leiutenant.
lag. I am your owną for euer.


Enter Desdemonia Emilla and the clowne. Des. Do you know sirra, where the leiutenant Caffio lies? Cle. I dare not say he lies any where. Def. Why man? He is a fouldier, and for one to say a souldier lies, is

stabbing. Def. Go to, where lodges he?

Clo. I know not where he lodges, and for me to deuife 2 lodging, and say he lies there, were to lie in my || throate

ibe. + execution.

Clo. He it, &c.
$ Clo. To tell you wbere be lodges, is to tell you wbere I lie,
Des. Can any ibing be made of tbis?
I mine owne.


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