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Oth. He has confest.
Def. What, my lord ?
Oth. That he hath-uds deathl.
Def. How, vnlawfully?
Oth. I.
Def. He will not say so.

Oth. No, his mouth is stop'd,
Honest Iago hath tane order for't.

Def. My feare interprets then,-what is he dead?

Oth. Had all his haires bin liues,
My great reuenge had stomacke for 'em all.

Des. Alas he is betraid, and I vndone.
Oth. O strumpet, -weepest thou for him to my face?
Des. O bannish me, my lord, but kill me not.
Oth. Downe strumpet.
Def. Kill me to morrow, let me liue to night.
Oth. Nay, an you striue.
Def. But halfe an houre, * but while I say one prayer.
Oth. Tis too late.

He stifles her. Def. O Lord, Lord, Lord t.

Emillia calls within

Em. My lord, my lord, what ho, my lord, my lord.

Oth. What voyce is this? not dead? not yet quite dead?
I that am cruell, am yet mercifull,
I would not haue thee linger in thy paine, -o, fo.

Em. What ho, my lord, my lord.
Oth. Who's there?
Em. O good my lord, l’de speake a word with you.

Husde obce.
• Oth. Being done there is a poufe.
Def. But while, &c.
| Def. &c. &c. omitted.


Oth. Yes, tis Emillia, by and by : fhce's dead : Tis like she comes to speake of Cafios death ; The noyse was here; ha, no more mouing, Still as the graue : fhall fhe come in ! were't good ? I thnike she stirres againe ; no, what's the best? If she come in, shee'll sure speake to my wife. My wife, my wife, my wife ; I ha no wife ; O insupportable : O heauy houre, Me thinks it should be now a huge ecclips Of sunne and moone, and that the affrighted globe, Should yawne at alteration. Em. I doe beseech you I may speake with you, good my

lord. Oth. I had forgot thee : O come in Emillia. Soft, by and by ; let me the curtaines draw,

Ent. Emil.

Where art thou ? what's the matter with thee now?

Em. O my good lord, yonder's foule murders done.
Oth. What now ?
Em. But now my lord.

Oth. It is the very error of the moone,
She comes more neere the earth, then she was wont,
And makes men mad.

Em. Calio my lord has kil'd a yong Venetian,
Cald Roderigo.

Oth. Roderigo kild, and Casio kild?
Em. No, Cassio is not kild.

Oth. Not Casio kild, then murders out of tune,
And sweete reuenge growes harsh.

Def. O fallly, fallly murdered.

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Em. O Lord *, what cry is that?
Oth. That? what ?

Em. Out and alas, it is f my ladyes voyce.
Helpe, helpe, ho helpe, O lady speake againe,
Sweete Desdemona, O sweete mistresse speake.

Def. A guiltlefTe death I die.
Em. O who has done this deed ?

Des. No body, I my selfe, farewell :
Commend me to my kinde lord, O farewell.

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Oth. Why, how should she be murdered?
Em. Alas, who knowes ?
Otb. You heard her say, her selfe, it was not I.
Em. She fayd so, I must needes report a truth.

Oth. She's like a lyer, gone to burning hell, 'Twas I that kild her.

Em. O the more angell she,
And you the blacker diuell.

Oth. She turn’d to folly, and Me was a whore.
Em. Thou dost bely her, and thou art a diuell.
Oth. She was false as water.

Em. Thou as rash as fire,
To say that she was false: 0 she was heauenly true.

Oth, Galio did top her, aske thy husband else,
O I were damn'd beneath all depth in hell,
But that I did proceed, vpon iuft grounds,
To this extremity, thy husband knew it all.

Em. My husband ?
Oth. Thy husband.
Em. That The was false to wedlocke?

Oth. I, with Casio : nay, had the bin true,
If heauen would make me such another world,

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Of one intire and perfect crisolite, l'de not haue fold her for it.

Em. My husband !

Oth. I, twas he that told me first,
An honest man he is, and hates the lime,
That sticks on filthy deedes.

Em. My husband ?
Oth. What needes this iteration ? woman, I say thy hus-

band. *
Em. If he say so, may his pernitious foule
Rot halfe a graine a day: he lies to’th heart,
She was too fond of her most filthy bargaine.

Oth. Ha?

Em. Doe thy worst,
This deed of thine is no more worthy heauen,
Then thou wast worthy her.

Oth. Peace, you were best.

Em. Thou hast not halfe the power to doc me harme,
As I haue to be hurt: O gull, dolt,
As ignorant as dirtt; thou hast done a deed
I care not for thy sword, l'le make thee know,
Tho I lost twenty liues: helpe, helpe, O helpe;
The Moore has kild my mistresse, murder, murder.

Enter Montano, Gratiano, lago, and others. Mon. What is the matter, how now generall ?

Em. O, are you come lago? you haue done well, That men must lay their murder on your neck,

All. What is the matter ?

* Em. Ob miffres, villainy barb made mockes with love :

My busband say ibat she was falje?
Oth. He woman, I say thy husband; doft under and the word?

My friend, thy busband, bonefi, bonejl lago.



Em. Disproue this villaine, if thou bee'st a man;
He sayes thou toldft him that his wife was false,
I know thou didst not, thou art not such a villaine :
Speake, for my heart is ful).

lag. I told him what I thought, and told no more, Then what he found himselfe was apt and true.

Em. But did you euer tell him she was false?
Iag. I did.

Em. You told a lie, an odious damned lie;
V pon my foule, a lie, a wicked lie:
She false with Callio; did you say with Callio?

lag. With Casio mistresse ; go to, charme your tongue. Em. I will not charme my tongue, I am bound to

speake. t
lag. What are you mad, I charge you get you home.

Em. Good gentlemen let me haue leaue to speake,
Tis proper I obey him, but not now:
Perchance lago, I will ne're goe home.
Oth. Oh, oh, oh.

Oth. fals on the bed.
Em. Nay, lay thee downe, and rore,
For thou hast kild the sweetest innocent,
That ere did lift vp eye.

Oth. O she was foule :
I scarce did know you vncle, there lies your niece,

+ My mistresse bere lies murdered in ker bed.

All. Ob beavens forefird.
Em. And your reports bave fetibe murderer on.
Oth. Nay, fare not masters, it is true indeed.
Gra. Tis a frangetrulb.
Mon. Ob monstrous at !
Em. Villainy, villany, villany ;

I thinke upon't, I ibirike, I smell a villany ;
I thougbe jo tben ; Ile kill my self for griefi,
O villany, villany.


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