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Enter one with Romeos man,

1. Heeres Romeos man.
Capt. Keepe him to be examinde.

Enter Prince with others.

Prin. What early mischiefe calls vs vp so soone.

Capt. O noble prince, see here Where Juliet that hath lyen intoombd two dayes, Warme and fresh bleeding, Romeo and countie Paris Likewise newly Naine.

Prin. Search seeke about to finde the murderers.

Enter olde Capolet and his wife.

Capo. What rumor's this that is so early vp?

Moth. The people in the streetes crie Romeo,
And some on Iulict : as if they alone
Had been the cause of such a mutinie.

Capo. See wife, this dagger hath mistooke :
For (loe) the backe is emptie of yong Mountague,
And it is sheathed in our daughters breast.

Enter olde Montague.

Prin. Come Mountague, for thou art early vp, To see thy fonne and heire more early downe.

Mount. Dread souereigne, my wife is dead to night, And yong Benuolio is deceased too : What further mischiefe can there yet be found ?

Prin. First come and see, then speake.

Mount. O thou vataught, what manners is in this To presse before thy father to a graue.

Prin. Come seale your mouthes of outrage for a while,
And let vs seeke to finde the authors out
Of such a hainous and feld seene mischaunce.
Bring forth the parties in suspicion.

Fr. I am the greatest able to doo least.
Most worthie prince, heare me but speake the truth.
And Ile informe you how these things fell out,
Juliet here Naine was married to that Romeo,
Without her fathers or her mothers grant :
The nurse was priuie to the marriage.
The balefull day of this vnhappie marriage,
Was Tybalts doomesday: for which Romeo
Was banished from hence to Mantua.
He gone, her father sought by foule constraint
To marrie her to Paris : but her soule
(Loathing a second contract) did refuse
To giue consent; and therefore did she vrge me
Either to finde a meanes she might auoyd
What so her father fought to force her too :
Or els all desperately she threatned
Even in my presence to dispatch her selfe.
Then did I give her, (tutord by mine arte)
A potion that should make her seeme as dead :
And told her that I would with all post speed
Send hence to Mantua for her Romeo,
That he might come and take her from the toombe.
But he that had my letters (frier John)
Seeking a brother to associate him,
Whereas the ficke infection remaind,
Was stayed by the searchers of the towne,
But Romeo vnderstanding by his man,
That Iuliet was deceafde, returnde in post
Vato Verona for to see his loue.


What after happened touching Paris death,
Or Romeos is to me vnknowne at all.
But when I came to take the lady hence,
I found them dead, and the awakt from sleep :
Whom faine I would haue.taken from the tombe,
Which she refused seeing Romeo dead.
Anone I heard the watch and then I fled,
What after happened I am ignorant of.
And if in this ought haue miscaried.
By me, or by my meanes let my olde life
Be facrificd some houre before his time.
To the most strickest rigor of the law.

Pry. We still haue knowne thee for a holy man,
Wheres Romeos man, what can he fay in this?

Balth. I brought my maister word that shee was dead,
And then he poasted straight from Mantua,
Vnto this toombe. These letters he deliuered me,
Charging me early giue them to his father.

Prin. Lets see the letters, I will read them ouer.
Where is the counties boy that calld the watch?

Boy. I brought my master vnto Iuliets graue,
But one approaching, straight I calld my, master.
At last they fought, I ran to call the watch.
And this is all that I can say or know.

Prin. These letters doo make good the fryers wordes,
Come Capolet, and come olde Mountagewe.
Where are these enemies,? see what hate hath done,

Cap. Come brother Mountague giue me thy hand,
There is my daughters dowry: for now no more
Can I bestowe on her, thats all I haue.

Moun. But I will giue them more, I will erect
Her statue of pure goldc:
That while Verona by that name is knowne.


There shall no statue of such price be set,
As that of Romeos loued Iuliet.

Cap. As rich shall Romeo by his lady lie,
Poore sacrifices to our enmitie.

Prin. A gloomie peace this day doth with it bring. Come, let vs hence, To haue more talke of these sad things. Some shall be pardoned and some punished : For nere was heard a storie of more woe, Than this of Iuliet and her Romeo.


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