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W.Howitt's Visits to Remarkable Hunt's Researches on Light in Places : Old Halls, Battle-Fields, and its Chemical Relations; embracing a Scenes illustrative of Striking Passages Consideration of all the Photographic in English History and Poetry. With Processes. 8vo. 10s. 6d. about 80 Wood Engravings. New Edition. 2 vols, square crown 8vo. 25s.

Hunter. - Introduction to the

Writing of Précis or Digests, as apWilliam Howitt's Boy's Coun. plicable to Narratives of Facts or try Book : Being the Real Life of a

Historical Events, Correspondence, Country Boy, written by himself; ex Evidence, Official Documents, and hibiting all the Amusements, Pleasures,

General Composition: With numerous and Pursuits of Children in the Coun Examples and Exercises. By the Rev. try. With 40 Woodcuts. Fcp. 8vo. 6s. / JOHN HUNTER, M.A. 12mo. 2s.

KEY, 12mo.just ready. William Howitt's Rural Life of

England. With Woodcuts by Bewick Hutchinson's Impressions of and Williams. Medium 8vo. 21s.

Western Africa: With a Report on the

Peculiarities of Trade up the Rivers in The Abbe' Huc's Work on the the Bight of Biafra. Post 8vo. 8s. 6d. Chinese Empire, founded on Fourteen

Idle's Hints on Shooting, FishYears' Travel and Residence in China. People's Edition, with 2 Woodcut ing, &c., both on Sea and Land, and Illustrations, Crown 8vo, 5s.

in the Fresh-Water Lochs of Scotland.

Fcp. 8vo.5s. Hudson's Executor's Guide,

Mrs. Jameson's Two Lectures on New and improved Edition: with the Statutes enacted, and the Judicial the Social Employments of Women, Decisions pronounced since the last Sisters of Charity and the Communion

Edition, incorporated. Fcp. 8vo. 6s. of Labour. New Edition. Fcp. 2s. Hudson's Plain Directions for Mrs. Jameson's Legends of the Making Wills in conformity with the Saints and Martyrs, as represented in Law. New Edition, corrected and re Christian Art. Third Edition : with vised by the Author; and practically 17 Etchings and upwards of 180 Woodillustrated by Specimens of Wills con cuts, 2 vols, square crown 8vo. 31s. 6d. taining many varieties of Bequests, also Notes of Cases judicially decided Mrs. Jameson's Legends of the since the Wills Act came into opera Monastic Orders, as represented in tion. Fcp. 8vo. 2s. 6d.

Christian Art. Second Edition, enHudson and Kennedy's Ascent

larged; with 11 Etchings by the Author

and 88 Woodcuts, Sq. crown 8vo. 28s. of Mont Blanc by a New Route and Without Guides. Second Edition, with Mrs. Jameson's Legends of the Plate and Map. Post Svo. 5s, 6d.

Madonna, as represented in Christian Humboldt's Cosmos. Translated, Art. Second Edition, corrected and enwith the Author's authority, by Mrs.

larged; with 27 Etchings and 165 Wood SABINE. Vols. I. and il. 16mo.

Engravings, Square crown 8vo. 28s. Half-a-Crown each, sewed; 3s. 64. each, cloth; or in post 8vo. 12s. each, cloth.

Mrs. Jameson's CommonplaceVOL. III. post 8vo. 128, 6d. cloth: or Book of Thoughts, Memories, and Fanin 16mo. Part I. 2s. 6d. sewed, 3s. 6d. cies, Original and Selected. Second cloth; and Part II. 35. sewed, 4s. cloth. Edition ; with Etchings and Woodcuts. Vol. IV, PART I. post 8vo. 15s, cloth; Crown 8vo. price 18s. 16mo. 78, 6d. cloth.

Jaquemet's Chronology for Humboldt's Aspects of Nature.

Schools : Containing the most imporTranslated, with the Author's autho tant Dates of General History, Politirity, by Mrs. SABINE, 16mo. price 6s. : cal, Ecclesiastical, and Literary, from or in 2 vols. 3s. 6d. each, cloth; 2s.6d. the Creation of the World to the end of each, sewed.

the Year 1857. Fcp. 8vo. 3s. 6d. Humphreys.- Parables of Our Lord Jeffrey's Contributions to

Lord, illuminated and ornamented in The Edinburgh Review. A New Edithe style of the Missals of the Renais tion, complete in One Volume, with sance by H.N. HUMPHREYS. Square Portrait and Vignette. Square crown fcp. 8vo. 218. in massive carved covers; 8vo. 21s. cloth; or 30s. calf. Or in or 30s, bound in morocco, by Hayday. I 3 vols. 8vo. prité 42s.

Bishop Jeremy Taylor's Entire | Latham. - The English LanWorks: With Life by Bishop HEBER. guage. By R.G. LATHAM, M.A., M.D.. Revised and corrected by the Rev. F.R.S., late Professor of the English C. P. EDEN. Now complete in 10 vols. Language in University College, Lon8vo. price 10s, 6d, each,

don. Fourth Edition. 2 vols. 8vo. 288. Kane's Wanderings of an Artist

Dr. Latham's Handbook of the among the Indians of North America ;

English Language for the Use of Stu

dents of the Universities and Higher from Canada to Vancouver's Island

Classes of Schools, Third Edition. and Oregon, through the Hudson's Bay

Post 8vo. 78. 6d.
Company's Territory, and back again.
With Map, Ilustrations in Colours,

| Mrs. R. Lee's Elements of Na. and Wood Engravings. 8vo, 21s,

tural History; or, First Principles of

Zoology : Comprising the Principles of Kemble. — The Saxons in Eng Classification, interspersed with amus

land: A History of the English Com ing and instructive Accounts of the monwealth till the Conquest. By J.M. most remarkable Animals. New EdiKEMBLE, M.A. 2 vols. 8vo. 285. tion; Woodcuts. Fep. 8vo. 7s. 6d.

L.E.L. —The Poetical Works of Keith Johnston's Dictionary of

Letitia Elizabeth Landon; comprising Geography, Descriptive, Physical, Sta the Improvisatrice, the Venetian Bracetistical, and Historical:Forming a com let, the Golden Violet, the Troubadour, plete General Gazetteer of the World.

and Poetical Remains. 2 vols, 16mo. Third Edition, revised to April 1860.

10s. cloth ; morocco, 21s. In 1 vol. of 1,360 pages, comprising about 50,000 Names of Places, 8vo, 30s. Dr. John Lindley's Theory and cloth; or half-bound in russia, 35s.

Practice of Horticulture; or, an At

tempt to explain the principal OperaKesteven. - A Manual of the tions of Gardening upon Physiological Domestic Practice of Medicine

Grounds. With 98 Woodcuts. 8vo. 218. W. B. KESTEVEN, F.R.C.S.E. Square post 8vo. 7s. 6d.

Dr. John Lindley's Introduction to Botany. New Edition, with correc

tions and copious Additions, 2 vols. Kirby and Spence's Introduction 8vo. with Plates and Woodcuts, 24s. to Entomology; or, Elements of the Natural History of Insects: Compris Dr. Lindley's Synopsis of the ing an Account of Noxious and Useful British Flora arranged according to the Insects, of their Metamorphoses, Food, Natural Orders; containing Vasculares Stratagems, Habitations, Societies, or Flowering Plants, Fcp. 8vo. 6s. Motions, Noises, Hybernation, Instinct, &c. Seventh Edition, with an Appen- | Linwood's Anthologia Oxoni. dix relative to the Origin and Progress of the work. Crown 8vo, 5s.

ensis, sive Florilegium e Lusibus poeticis diversorum Oxoniensium Græcis

et Latinis decerptum. 8vo. 14s. A Lady's Tour round Monte

Rosa ; with Visits to the Italian Valleys | Lorimer's Letters to a Young of Anzasca, Mastalone, Camasco, Sesia, Master Mariner on some Subjects conLys, Challant, Aosta, and Cogne. With nected with his Calling. Fop. 8vo. Map, 4 Illustrations from Sketches by price 5s, 6d. Mr. G. Barnard, and 8 Woodcuts. Post 8vo. 14s.

Loudon's Encyclopædia of Gar

dening: Comprising the Theory and Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopædia of Practice of Horticulture, Floriculture, History, Biography, Literature, the

Arboriculture, and Landscape-GardenArts and Sciences, Natural History,

ing. With 1,000 Woodcuts, 8vo.31s. 6d. and Manufactures. A Series of Original Works by EMINENT WRITERS. Com

Loudon's Encyclopædia of Trees plete in 132 vols, fcp. 8vo, with Vignette and Shrubs, or Arboretum et FructiceTitles, price £19. 19s, cloth lettered. tum Britannicum abridged: Containing

the Hardy Trees and Shrubs of Great The Works separately, in single Britain, Native and Foreign, ScientiVolumes or Sets, price $s. 60, each fically and Popularly Described. With Volume, cloth lettered.

about 2,000 Woodcuts. 8vo, 50s.

Loudon's Encyclopædia of Agri- | Lord Macaulay's Miscellaneous

culture: Comprising the Theory and Writings; comprising his ContribuPractice of the Valuation, Transfer, tions to Knight's Quarterly Magazine, Laying-out, Improvement, and Ma Articles contributed to the Edinburgh nagement of Landed Property, and of Review not included in his Critical the Cultivation and Economy of the and Historical Essays, Biographies Animal and Vegetable Productions of written for the Encyclopædia BritanAgriculture. With 1,100 Woodcuts. nica, Miscellaneous Poems and Inscrip8vo. 31s. 6d.

tions. 2 vols. 8vo. with Portrait, 21s. Loudon's Encyclopædia of Plants: Macaulay. The History of

Comprising the Specific character, England from the Accession of James Description, Culture, History, Applica

II. By the Right Hon. Lord MAtion in the Arts, and every other de CAULAY. New Edition. VOLS. I. and sirable Particular respecting Plants

II. 8vo. 328.; VOLS. III, and IV, 36s. found in Great Britain. With above 12,000 Woodcuts. 8vo. 73s. 6d.

Lord Macaulay's History of EngLoudon's Encyclopædia of Cot land from the Accession of James il. tage, Farm, and Villa Architecture and

New Edition of the first Four Volumes Furniture.' New Edition, edited by

of the Octavo Edition, revised and Mrs. LOUDON; with more than 2,000

corrected. 7 vols. post 8vo. 6s. each. Woodcuts. 8vo. 63s.

Lord Macaulay's Critical and Loudon's Hortus Britannicus : Historical Essays contributed to The

or, Catalogue of all the Plants found in Edinburgh Review, Four Editions : Great Britain. New Edition, corrected

1. A LIBRARY EDITION (the Eighth), in by Mrs. LOUDON. 8vo. 31s.6d.

3 vols. 8vo. price 36s.

2. Complete in ONE VOLUME, with PorMrs. Loudon's Lady's Country

trait and Vignette. Square crown Companion; or, How to Enjoy a

8vo. price 21s. cloth; or 30s. calf. Country Life Rationally. Fcp. 8vo. 5s. 3. Another New EDITION, in 3 vols. scp.

8vo. price 21s. cloth. Mrs. Loudon's Amateur Gar

4. The PEOPLE'S EDITION, in 2 vols.

crown 8vo. price 88. cloth. dener's Calendar, or Monthly Guide to what should be avoided and done in a Garden, Crown 8vo. Woodcuts, 78, 6d.

Lord Macaulay's Lays of Ancient

Rome, with Ivry and the Armada. Love's Art of Cleaning, Dyeing, 16mo. price 4s. 6d. cloth; or 10s. 6d. Scouring, and Finishing on the most

bound in morocco. approved English and French Methods: Being Practical Instructions in Dyeing

Lord Macaulay's Lays of Ancient Silks, Woollens, and Cottons, Feathers, Rome. With Illustrations, Original Chip, Straw, &c.; Scouring and Clean and from the Autique, drawn on Wood ing Bed and Window Curtains, Carpets, by G. Scharf, jun. Fcp. 4to. 21s. Rugs, &c.; French and English Clean boards; or 42s, bound in morocco. ing any Colour or Fabric of Silk, Satin, or Damask. Post 8vo. 7s, 6d.

Macaulay. - Speeches of the Lowe. - Central India during

Right Hon. Lord MACAULAY. Corrected

by HIMSELF. 8vo. 12s. the Rebellion of 1857 and 1858: A Narrative of Operations of the British

Mac Donald.Poems. By George Forces from the Suppression of Mutiny in Aurangabad to the Capture of Gwa

MAC DONALD, Author of Within and lior under Major-General Sir HUGH

Without. Fcp. 8vo. 7s.
ROSE, G.C.B., &c., and Brigadier Sir

Mac Donald. - Within and M.R.C.S. E. Post 8vo. with Map, Without: A Dramatic Poem. By price 9s, 6d.

GEORGE MAC DONALD. Fcp.8vo. 4s.6d. Lowndes's Engineer's Handbook; Mac Dougall. - The Theory of explaining the Principles which should War illustrated by numerous Examples guide the young Engineer in the Con from History. By Lieutenant-Colonel struction of Machinery, with the neces P. L. MAC DOUGALL, Commandant sary Rules, Proportions, and Tables. of the Staff College. Second Edition, Post 8vo. 5s.

I revised. Post 8vo. with Plans, 10s, 60 .

Mac Dougall. - The Campaigns | Martineau. - Studies of Chris

of Hannibal, arranged and critically tianity: A Series of Original Papers, considered, expressly for the use of Stu now first collected, or New. By JAMES dents of Military History. By Lt. Col. MARTINEAU. Crown 8vo. 78. 6d, P.L. MACDOUGALL. Post 8vo. 78. 6d.

Martineau. - Endeavours after Sir James Mackintosh's Miscel

the Christian Life: Discourses. By laneous Works : Including his Contri JAMES MARTINEAU. 2 vols, post 8vo. butions to the Edinburgh Review, price 7s, 6d. each. Square crown 8vo, 21s. cloth; or 30s. bound in calf: or in 3 vols. fcp. 8vo. 21s.

Martineau. - Hymns for the

Christian Church and Home. ColSir James Mackintosh's History lected and edited byJAMES MARTINEAU.

of England from the Earliest Times to Eleventh Edition, 12mo. 38. 60. cloth, the final Establishment of the Reform

or 5s, calf; Fifth Edition, 32mo. ls. 4d. ation, 2 vols, 8vo, 218,

cloth, or is. 80. roan; an Edition in

18mo. price 2s, 10d, cloth. M‘Culloch's Dictionary, Practical, Theoretical, and Historical, of

Martineau. Miscellanies: ComCommerce, and Commercial Navi. prising Essays chiefly religious and gation. Illustrated with Maps and controversial. By JAMES MARTINEAU. Plans. New Edition. 8vo. price 50s. Crown 8vo. 9s, cloth; or 558. half-russia. SUPPLEMENT to the Edition published in 1859, containing the late Commercial Treaty

Maunder's Scientific and Litewith France, the New Indian Tariff, rary Treasury : A new and popular &c. price 2s, 6d.

Encyclopædia of Science and the Belles-
Lettres, including all Branches of

Science, and every subject connected M‘Culloch's Dictionary, Geo with Literature and Art. Thoroughly

graphical, Statistical, and Historical, revised Edition, with Corrections and of the various Countries, Places, and Additions. Fcp. 8vo. 10s. principal Natural Objects in the World. With 6 Maps. 2 vols. 8vo. 63s.

Maunder's Biographical Trea

sury; consisting of Memoirs, Sketches. Maguire, Rome; its Ruler and brief Notices of above 12,000 Emi.

and its Institutions. By JOHN FRANCIS nent Persons of All Ages and Nations, MAGUIRE, M.P. Second Edition, en from the Earliest Period of History: larged, Post 8vo. 108.6d.

Forming a complete Dictionary of Uni

versal Biography. Eleventh Edition, Mrs. Marcet's Conversations on

corrected and extended. Fcp. 8vo. 10s. Natural Philosophy, in which the Elements of that Science are familiarly ex

Maunder's Treasury of Knowplained. With 34 Plates, Fcp. 8vo. ledge and Library of Reference: Comprice 108. 60.

prising an English Dictionary and Grammar, a Universal Gazetteer, a

Classical Dictionary, a Chronology, a Mrs. Marcet's Conversations on

Law Dictionary, a Synopsis of the Chemistry, in which the Elements of Peerage, numerous useful Tables, &c. that Science are familiarly explained New Edition, reconstructed by B. B. and illustrated. 2 vols, fcp. 8vo. 148. WOODWARD, B.A.; assisted by J.

MORRIS, Solicitor, and W. HUGHES,

F.R.G.S. Fcp. 8vo. 10s.
Marshman's Life of General

Havelock.-Memoirs of Major-General
Sir Henry Havelock, K.C.B. By JOHN Maunder's Treasury of Natural
CLARK MARSHMAN. With Portrait, History; or, a Popular Dictionary of
Map, and 2 Plans. 8vo. 12s. 6d.

Animated Nature : In which the
Zoological Characteristics, that dis-

tinguish the different Classes, Genera, Marshman. The Life and Times

and Species, are combined with a of Carey, Marshman, and Ward : Em variety of interesting Information illusbracing the History of the Serampore trative of the Habits, Instincts, and Mission. By John CLARK MARSHMAN, General Economy of the Animal King2 vols. 8vo. 258.

dom. With 900 Woodcuts. Fcp. 10s.

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Maunder's Historical Treasury; | Minturn. - From New York to

comprising a General Introductory Delhi by way of Rio de Janeiro, Aus. Outline of Universal History, Ancient tralia, and China. By ROBERT B. and Modern, and a Series of Separate MINTURN, Jun. With coloured Route Histories of every principal Nation Map of India. Post Svo. 78, 6d, that exists; their Rise, Progress, and Present Condition, the Moral and Social Character of their respective Inhabi

Thomas Moore's Memoirs, Jourtants, their Religion, Manners, and nal, and Correspondence. New Edi. Customs, &c. New Edition, carefully tion for the People, with 8 Portraits revised throughout; with a new INDEX and 2 Vignettes on Steel. Edited and now first added. Fcp. 8vo. 10s.

abridged from the First Edition by the

Right Hon. LORD JOHN RUSSELL, Maunder's Treasury of Geogra M.P. Uniform with the People's Ediphy, Physical, Historical, Descriptive,

tion of Moore's Poetical Works. Square

crown 8vo. 128. 6. cloth, gilt edges. and Political ; containing a succinct Account of Every Country in the World: Preceded by an Introductory Outline Thomas Moore's Poetical Works : of the History of Geography; a Familiar Inquiry into the Varieties of Race

Comprising the Author's Autobiograand Language exhibited by different

phical Prefaces, latest Corrections, and

Notes. Various Editions of the sepaNations; and a View of the Relations of Geography to Astronomy and the

rate Poems and complete Poetical Physical Sciences. New Edition, care

Works, as follows: fully revised throughout; with the

LALLA ROOKH, fep. 4to, with Wood. Statistics throughout the volume

cut Illustrations by TENNIEL....... brought, in every instance, up to the LALLA ROOKH, 32mo, ruby type .... latest date of information. With 7 LALLA ROOKH, 16mo. Vignette Maps and 16 Steel Plates. Fop, 8vo. LALLA ROOKH, square crown 8vo. price 10s.

Plates ...

IRISH MELODIES, 32mo. ruby type.. I Merivale (Miss). - Christian

IRISH MELODIES, 16mo. Vignette .. 2

IRISH MELODIES, square crown 8vo. Records : A Short History of Apostolic Plates ....................::::::: Age. By LOUISA A, MERIVALE, Fcp. IRISH MELODIES, illustrated by MAC8vo. price 7s.6d.

LISE, super-royal 8vo.......

SONGS, BALLADS, and SACRED Merivale. - The Fall of the

SONGS, 32mo. ruby type ....

Roman Republic: A Short History of SONGS, 16mo. Vignette .....
Last Century of the Commonwealth. POETICAL WORKS, People's Edition,
By Rev, C, MERIVALE. 12mo. 78, 6d. 10 PARTS, each.......

POETICAL WORKS, Cabinet Edition,
Merivale. - A History of the

10 VOLS. each.....

POETICAL WORKS, Traveller's EdiRomans under the Empire. By the

tion, crown 8vo.. Rev. CHARLES MERIVALE, B.D., late POETICAL WORKS, Library Edition, Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, medium 8vo. .... 8vo. with Maps :

SELECTIONS, « POETRY and PICVols. I, and II. comprising the History to


fcp. 4to. Wood Engravings. the fall of Julius Cæsar. Second Edition, 28s.

Vol. III. to the Establishment of the Mon nette................................
archy by Augustus. Second Edition......14s.
Vols. IV. and V. from Augustusto Claudius,

Editions printed with the Music, B.C. 27 to A.D. 54 .....

.........32s. IRISH MELODIES, People's Edition, Vol. VI. from the Reign of Nero, A.D. 54, to

small 4to.. the Fall of Jerusalem, A.D. 70.............168.

IRISH MELODIES, imperial 8vo. small

music size ..

HARMONISED AIRS from IRISH Miles.--The Horse's Foot and

MELODIES, imperial 8yo........ How to Keep it Sound. Eighth Edition; NATIONAL AIRS, People's Edition, with an Appendix on Shoeing in general,

small 4to. and Hunters in particular. 12 Plates

NATIONAL AIRS: imperijos 12 and 12 Woodcuts. By W, MILES, Esq.

music size ..

SACRED SONGS and SONGS from Imperial 8vo. 12s, 6d.

SCRIPTURE, imperial 8vo. ........ 16 0 Miles's Plain Treatise on Horse- No Edition of Thomas Moore's Poetical

Shoeing. With Plates and Woodcuts. Works can be published complete except Second Edition. Post Svo. 2s.

by Messrs. LONGMAN and Co.



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