Museums, Their History and Their Use: With a Bibliography and List of Museums in the United Kingdom, Volume 2

James MacLehose and Sons, publishers to the University, 1904 - 341 páginas

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Página 74 - Gift of the State of New York. 13034, 0. 5. Sixth annual report of the Regents of the University of the State of New York on the condition of the State Cabinet of Natural History, &o.
Página 113 - POTTERY AND PORCELAIN, and other Objects of Vertu. Comprising an Illustrated Catalogue of the Bernal Collection of Works of Art, with the prices at which they were sold by auction, and names of the possessors.
Página 56 - To which are added, Short Directions for Collecting, Preserving, and Transporting, all Kinds of Natural History Curiosities.
Página 154 - Testimony of different Authors respecting the colossal statue of Ceres, placed in the vestibule of the public library at Cambridge, with an account of its removal from Eleusis, Nov. 22, 1801," 1803, 8vo.— " The Tomb of Alexander, a Dissertation on the Sarcophagus, brought from Alexandria, and now in the British Museum...
Página 174 - Description de la pièce d'ambre gris que la chambre d'Amsterdam a reçue des Indes orientales, pesant 182 livres, avec un petit traité de son origine et de sa vertu...
Página 199 - Putnam," which is a vindication of the authenticity of the elephant pipes and inscribed tablets in the museum of the Davenport Academy of Natural Sciences from the accusations of the Bureau of Ethnology of the Smithsonian Institution.
Página 324 - Hon. the Earl of Aberdeen, KT, President of the Society of Antiquaries, on the Expediency of attaching a Museum of Antiquities to that Institution.
Página 316 - Those visitors who now consider it rather an affront to be required to give up their cane or umbrella at the...
Página 316 - Acts and Votes of Parliament relating to the British Museum, with the Statutes and Rules thereof, and the Succession of the Trustees and Officers ; with a Supplement.
Página 101 - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Antiquities and Miscellaneous Objects preserved in the Museum of Thomas Bateman at Lomberdale House, Derbyshire, Bakewell, privately printed for Thomas Bateman, 1855.

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