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This volume contains a brief narrative of the principal events in the History of the World, from the earliest ages to the present time. With the view of facilitating the researches of the student, as well as of rendering the work more available for the purposes of tuition, the compiler has adopted the novel arrangement of a division into periods of centuries, preserving at the same time such distinctness and continuity in the narrative, that the annals of each country may be separately studied. This plan appeared to him likely to simplify the study of history, by its enabling the unpractised reader to syn. chronize facts, to group round one common centre the events occurring at the same time in various and sometimes widely distant countries, and to prevent that confusion of dates and occurrences so common with those who have read history in detached portions. As an initiatory work, he trusts that it will be found valuable in promoting a knowledge of one of the most useful branches of learning ; and it is accordingly presented to the Public, not without hope of indulgence and approbation.

The writer lays no claim to originality: if he shall be pronounced fortunate in the choice and condensation of his materials, he will have attained the object of his wishes. He has consulted the best works in the English language, and acknowledges his great obligations to several of the more recent French and German writers. The references introduced into the body of the work serve to indicate the main sources from which his information has been derived ; and it is hoped they will also be serviceable to the student, by directing the course of his further researches, as well as inducing him to continue them in a more extended field.

As to the method to be pursued in using this manual for the purposes of tuition, the compiler deems it unnecessary to offer any lengthened directions; the experienced teacher will

readily adopt that best suited to the capacities of those under his charge. The work may be used simply as a reading-book ; but a certain portion should be given out for the attentive study of the pupil, after which he should be questioned closely, not only as to the more general facts, but also the most trivial circumstances recorded. With this view, he might be required occasionally to return written answers to a series of questions somewhat like the following, which are selected from a list the Compiler has drawn up for the use of his own classes :Origin of the Wars of the Roses, describing also the principal events ?-Attacks on the power of the English and Scotch aristocracy from 1450 to 1513 ?-Obstacles that Henry VII. encountered on ascending the throne ?-Number of wars between Charles V. and Francis I., with their principal events ?—Causes that led to and favoured Reformation in Germany ?-Defects and good qualities of Elizabeth's administration ? and similar subjects. In these exercises, the pupil will of course be aided by the explanations and directions of the teacher, with reference to the authorities to be consulted.

The importance of combining geographical with historical information will be readily appreciated, and the pupils should at all times be able to give at least a general description of the various countries and cities mentioned under each century. Those more advanced may from time to time be required to construct maps of—1. The world, immediately after the dispersion, indicating the parts settled by the sons of Noah and their descendants ; 2. Empire of Alexander ; 3. Roman Empire under Augustus; 4. Roman Empire at period of Barbarian Invasion ; 6. World in time of Charlemagne ; 6. Europe at Ottoman Invasion ; 7. Europe at breaking out of French Revolution. They may also be advantageously employed in forming synoptical tables, as indicated in the body of the Work. These may be increased or diminished in number at the option of the teacher ; but the design should ever be to make the scholar his own historian, and so to interest and exercise him in the study, as to impress the facts and dates permanently on his memory..







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