Bradshaw's illustrated travellers' hand book in [afterw.] to France, Edição 19


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Página 4 - HOTEL DE ROME, under the Tilleuls, 39, corner of Charlotten Street. This great and beautiful Hotel, the largest and best situated of the capital, combines real English comfort with reasonable prices, and is kept in a very fashionable manner. Two hundred Rooms, Twenty-five Saloons, Three large Dining Rooms for more than 600 persons. Reading Rooms, supplied with all foreign Newspapers. Music Saloon, and conversation Room, Ac. Restaurant "ilia Francaise.
Página 36 - IMPERIAL, AND PLACE DE LA BOURSE, LYONS. TWO HUNDRED BED-ROOMS AND TWENTY SALOONS, in every Variety ; Large and small Apartments for families, elegantly furnished ; Saloons for Official receptions; Conversational and Reading Rooms; Coffee and Smoking Divim; Baths; Private Carriages; Omnibuses; Restaurant; Service in the Apartments, a la carte, or at fixed prices.
Página 63 - CANTOVA D'HYOS. — This first-rate Establishment, situated on the Villarroza Square, No. 5, has been entirely refurnished with every modern comfort and luxury, and now offers the most desirable residence to English travellers visiting this fine climate. Suites of Apartments for Families from the lowest prices to 60 frs.
Página 36 - Salons de reunion ; an English chapel ; and one of the most beautiful Gardens in the country. The Hotel is very agreeably situated for the two seasons. During the winter the Hall and landings are warmed.
Página 29 - ABLER (or EAGLE) HOTEL, in the Grand Place, commands a beautiful view of the celebrated Castle of Heidelberg, and is close to it. English and American Families and single Gentlemen will find this house one of the most comfortable, combining excellent accommodation with cleanliness and moderate charges.— (See "Murray," page 631.) The Readingroom is supplied with the London Times and American papers.
Página 31 - VICTORIA HOTEL.— First-rate for Families and single Gentlemen, close to the Springs and the Kursaal; one of the finest and best situated Hotels in the town. Newly enlarged (115 Rooms 14 Balconies, some overlooking the fine Taunus Mountains).
Página 14 - CARLSBAD. ANGER'S HOTEL (BRANCH, RHEIN HOTEL), THESE two First-class Hotels offer special comfort to English travellers, who will find them most desirable residences.
Página 118 - For ten minutes we walked backwards and forwards through the room, hardly saying a word, while he looked at me, with a steadfast, keen and penetrating eye, as if he searched my very soul.
Página 4 - Ac.; it is most elegantly furnished, and offers good accommodation for all classes of travellers. Saloons and large Apartments for Families. Waterworks and Baths in the Hotel. Carriages. Table d'Hote at three.
Página 43 - HOTEL DE BAVIERE.— This first-rate and superior Hotel, situated in the centre of the town, close to the River, is highly spoken of by English and American travellers for its general comfort and moderate charges.

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