Marrakech: Living on the Edge of the Desert

Images Publishing, 2005 - 239 páginas
Marrakech, that magically mysterious place in Southern Morocco - just the sound of the name gives birth to visions of intrigue, romance, secrets. It is, perhaps, the city many of us dream of visiting. Well, if Marrakech is not included in your vacation plans this year you can enjoy an in-depth colorful tour through the pages of this beautiful volume. Readers will find a telling description of the glories of this city: "With the coming of twilight Marrakech gives itself up to all manner of seduction, the senses discover the thrill of happiness. On the horizon it seems that all the purple in the world, in its infinite shades, has chosen the Atlas chain as its domicile ..." Thanks to the spectacular photography by Florentine artist Massimo Listri we know this to be true. His camera takes us behind the high walls and enormous cedar doors of Moroccan houses to discover magnificently decorated interiors, with a melange of colors, fabrics and lighting all reflecting the blend of cultures found in the city - Berber, French, Spanish and Arab. One finds traditional homes called Dar as well as the magnificent palaces with interior gardens known as Riad. Some 27 residences are featured as well as twelve outside of the city. Each is unique, delightful with shaded yards, fountains and pools enhancing the lives of those who dwell on the edge of the desert. Where else would we find a pool with mother-of-pearl lining the bottom or a home in which artists have used "what might be called chiffon painting," which involves "processing the layers of plaster with a thin fabric, the only way to obtain certain faded blues and linen grays ..."

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Living on the Edge of the Desert 6
Riad Obry
Riad el Mezouar
Riad Frans Ankone
Dar Mouassine
Douiria Yves Morgant
Dar Marzotto 1 1 0
Riad Pinco Pallino
Villa Maha 1 70
Dar Ahlam 1 90
Dar Alhind
Palais Rhoul 2 1 8
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