In the Fringe

Trafford Publishing, 2006 - 240 páginas
'I do not pretend to know what the meaning of life is, but I do know that it is a strange existence for those people who live in the fringe of our social fabric. This is the story of such a person. At its base, it is a tale of survival; at its best it is an amusing story of tenacity. If I could, I would leave the story untold. But I cannot. It will not leave my head, and so I write, in an attempt to remove the disillusionment of Americana, once and for all, from my mind.'
Narrating in a docu-drama style, Ellen, like a coroner performing an autopsy, gives us a cold dissection of Lena's unforgivable life. Lena, our villain and victim, lives a life that makes you take a second look at reality and the courage it takes to face it.

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