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Pupil. You have spoken of Putnam's Elocution as a textbook for reading and speaking: will our teacher have the goodness to tell us something of Elocution, as a science and art ?

Teacher. I am happy, my young friends, to answer this reasonable and interesting question. Elocution is a noble and sublime science; and I trust my pupils of both sexes, will take a lively interest in it. The work I have recommended will guide you to nature's teachings, make you happy in its study, and greatly aid you in the most important portion of your education-the art of communicating thought and knowledge. To do this with elegance, force and effect, should be the ambition of every reader or speaker. The advantages you may derive from a persevering study and practice of the science and art, are many and important. They may be mostly included in a single paragraph :

A correct Articulation, a full musical Voice, graceful and appropriate Gestures, self-confidence, a reliable knowledge of

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