A Guide to Training and Horse Management in India: With a Hindustanee Stable and Veterinary Vocabulary and the Calcutta Turf Club Tables for Weight for Age and Class

Thacker, Spink, and Company, 1878 - 298 páginas

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Página 28 - Carrots also improve the state of the skin. They form a good substitute for grass, and an excellent alterative for horses out of condition. To sick and idle horses they render grain unnecessary. They are beneficial in all chronic diseases of the organs connected with breathing, and have a marked influence upon chronic cough and broken wind.
Página 52 - The chemist frequently employs water as a like means of preparing substances; but saliva in much better adapted than water for blending with many substances used as food. The numerous air bubbles for which saliva is remarkable have their special purpose ; since the presence of atmospheric air in the stomach is accessory to digestion.
Página 28 - This root is held in much esteem. There is none better, nor perhaps so good. When first given, it is slightly diuretic and laxative ; but as the horse becomes accustomed to it, these effects cease to be produced.

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