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11 be reckoned as a whole week in computing fines.

ARTICLE VI. Every Book shall be returned in good order (regard being had to the necessary wear thereof with proper usage,) and if any Book shall be lost ar injured, the person to whom it stands charged shall, at the election of the Committee on the Library, replace it by a new volume or set, or pay for it at its value to the Society.

ARTICLE VII. All Books shall be returned to the Library, for examination on or before the first Saturday in July, annually, and remain till after the third Saturday of said month, and every person neglecting to return any Book or Books, charged to him as herein required, shal pay a fine of twenty cents per week, for every volume so retained. And if at the re-opening of the Library, any Book shall still be unreturned, the person by whom it is retained shall pay for

the said Book or set, as provided in article 6th, together with any fines which may have accumulated thereon; and a notice to this effect shall be forth with mailed to him by the Librarian.

No member shall loan a Book to any other person, under the penalty of a fine of $1.00.

ARTICLE IX. When a written request shall be left at the Library, for a particular Book then out, it shall be retained for the person requiring it, for one week after it shall have been returned.

ARTICLE X. Every Book shall be numbered in the order which it is arranged in the Books of Record, and also have a copy of the foregoing regulations affixed to it.

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