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DR MʻKENZIE, in a small book on bees, says he was induced to study the subject from the fact that one of his two labouring men having found a swarm of bees in a hedge, and therewith commenced bee-keeping, was enabled afterwards to go without his wages till they were earned. Previously, both labourers got their wages in advance. The lift given to the one man by the possession of this fugitive swarm was so great and pleasing to the Doctor, that he commenced to read works on bees, and study their management both in this country and on the Continent. By - and - by a small fourpenny book on the subject fell from his pen, which received no patronage.

This little incident is mentioned to show what a swarm or two of bees may do for a poor labourer. Indeed, if there is anything more profitable to cottagers living in the country or on the skirts of towns, than a few swarms of bees, and can be more easily managed by them, all we can say is, we have never seen that thing, or known what it is. “Bees,” says Cobbett,“ are of great use in a house, on account

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